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Hi there! Want a free Interactive Mood Diary? Sign up now! iPhone Mood Diary You can also choose to unlink your mood diary from Facebook/Twitter again if you so wish. Your privacy is absolutely important to us and you have total control.Mood Panda, More Info Moodpanda also works as an iPhone mood logger, letting you "rate my mood" and "track my mood" over time to create an interactive iPhone mood diary. You will see mood graphs showing your mood history, and you can update your mood journal on the move! You can enable "Privacy" mode which will prevent anybody seeing your mood diary ratings on the MoodPanda website, and your name and details will not be listed anywhere on the MoodPanda website.Will anyone be reading my mood ratings?Rate and "Tag" your mood • View graphs of your mood changing over time (hourly, daily, monthly) • View a coloured "calendar" of your moods • Post your ratings to Facebook and Twitter (see Facebook above) • See your Facebook Friends' moods on MoodPanda • Compare your moods against the world's moods • See what makes you happy/unhappy With Mood Panda you can rate and track your mood online! Rate your mood Allow you to rate and track your mood • Keep an interactive Mood Diary / Mood Journal • Show graphs of your mood over time • Post your mood to Facebook/Twitter Note - you have control of your privacy and can restrict your Mood Diary Ratings to be visible only by you • Share your Mood/Mood Journal with friends • Compare your Mood Diary to the rest of the world • See what makes you happy!

Yes! You can use Mood Panda on your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android device or Blackberry iPhone Mood Diary

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What is Mood Panda

Mood Panda is an Interactive Mood Diary

Mood Panda on your iPhone

Yes! You can use Mood Panda on your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android device or Blackberry iPhone Mood Diary

This means you have a mobile mood diary, and when something makes you happy or sad, you can immediately update your mood, and even post it to your friends via Facebook and Twitter

Free Interactive Mood Diary

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