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  1(7) We've been coding late nights to get MoodPanda design changes out, am tired now! Time for a beer2(7) 3(7) https://youtu.be/FngDSOuCNAA4(7) 30 new bronze supporters or 10new gold supporters a month would go a long way to funding this community for the month. Consider gifting medals if u want to share the <3 (tell us who for when donating)5(7)
6(5) Dentist went very well (root canal) but now headache and tired
(7) We have a new gold supporter, everyone :-) thanks Manda!
7No Reasons8No Reasons9No Reasons10(5) sleepy
11(7) Hopefully you'll notice a bit of a speed boost on the app
(7) If you love this community, you can support it by writing a short review of MoodPanda on the Apple or Google app marketplaces. It takes a minute but it makes a real difference
13No Reasons14(6) Waiting for Apple to approve the latest MP app updates, spent so much time coding to release improvements recently, late nights and just for the love of it #tired
(7) *MoodPanda iPhone app update now available*
(7) Thanks Kate J for your gift to MoodPanda!
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(8) Thanks to Bella M for supporting MoodPanda! We're looking to raise £150 for a new set of Panda Avatars - her £30 takes us 20% of the way there! If you want new avatars, you know what to do ;-)
18(8) £57 raised towards new panda avatars already! £93 more needed! Thanks Esther for your silver medals gift! If you'd like to suggest avatar characters please do in the comments ;)19No Reasons
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27(7) We've raised £67 towards our £150 target to get some new MoodPanda Avatars! If you want to chip in and help out, get medals http://www.moodpanda.com/Account/Upgrade/?Me=128No Reasons
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(7) We're almost half way towards raising enough money for new panda avatars! To chip in, feel free to support us :-)
11(7) Bought a Fitbit... giving me ideas...
(7) Apologies for any blips you may have noticed in the past few minutes, doing some maintenance :-)
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13No Reasons14(7) Any of you pandas use a FitBit? :-)15No Reasons16(5)
(7) Thanks Asya O! Our most recent Bronze supporter. We're crowdfunding new set of panda avatars and we're more than half way there now thanks to Asya. To suggest new panda characters respond below :-)
18(7) New huge MoodPanda feature is on the way. Getting impatient want to release it now but it's not quite ready :-D
(7) Doing some Panda maintenance - excuse any slow patches whilst I do stuff for the next couple hours
19(8) Testing a new MoodPanda feature - see if you can find it :-) We may disable it again without warning until we fully release it - but if you see it available - give it a try ;-)
(7) Holiday this thursday
(8) If you have a Fitbit - you can now connect your Fitbit to MoodPanda! Still in beta testing so you can connect it now, just be aware we may turn it off again without warning until it's released :-)
(7) To the lovely Amanda who just supported MoodPanda - please contact us so we can assign you medals!
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