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      1(6) What a day. Bondi beach w/ the Russian :-* mwah Drunk friends, late friends, but we got there in the end friends. Fireworks... Oh, the fireworks! I want more. Wine, lots of wine. I need sleep. #SydNYE
(5) Went to music festival it was ok, but expensive and rainy. Music was ok. Nothing special. Friends all took drugs, I just drank a bit of alcohol. Trying not to worry about this year. #berealistic #hope
2(5) These days without a job suck. I do nothing all day except waste time online. I have no interests, no goals. Just floating around again. Not sure what else I do. Need to move forward with my life.
(5) Figured if I'm going to do nothing and procrastinate, I might as well do it well. So instead of fretting, I'm going to watch some films! #focusedprocrastination
3(5) Woke up a little bit earlier despite laying awake until 3am. Feeling tired but today I'm going to be more productive. Last night I used an 8-ball to decide that I'm going back to Melbourne xD
(6) Well, I didn't get much done except go to the MCA gallery and catch Pokemon. But now I'm at the World Bar after some cheese and wine in the cinema room with a quiz. Tomorrow I'm going to camp in NP.
(5) Night out- music so loud! Note to self: buy ear plugs. Thinking about the Russian guy, I admire how successful he is and enjoy thinking about our conversations and shared interests. Real #respect ?
4(5) Checked out, packed, etc. I have so much stuff. It's insane! Waiting for friends to pick me up. I'm feeling unhealthy, looking forward to getting into more of a routine in Melbourne. #tired5(5) Got rained on spectacularly last night, and it didn't stop all night and into the afternoon. Things were pretty damp/wet. Need to dry out tent. Ate Macca's now I feel queasy. Driving to Jervis Bay.
(7) Arrived at Jamberoo camp site, it's v. nice compared to last night's spot. Having a few #beers , then maybe some prosecco. Don't want to look at my bank balance. Hopefully I can get to Melbourne ASAP.
6(5) Woke up, it rained this morning but not as much as yesterday. We were going to the beach/swimming, but the weather is not great, hmm...7(5) So #tired was kicked out of our camping spot in the morning by a ranger. On our way back to Sydney I found a lift to Melbourne for tomorrow morning. Gosang's Cave was cool. Thinking of Russian guy...8(5) #justwoke I actually got an early night for once :-) slept like a log, just woke up once because of mosquito bite. Dang they're itchy...
(5) #justwoke I actually got an early night for once :-) slept like a log, just woke up once because of mosquito bite. Dang they're itchy...
(6) Long day driving from Sydney to Melbourne, but was interesting chatting to our driver, he's Pakistani. Very nice man indeed.
9(5) I just woke and I'm so tired.
(5) Decided to try fasting today, on a whim, until sunset. Only had a small breakfast, so I expect it will be even more challenging. Will drink water only, giving my digestion a break. #fasting #firsttry
(4) Fast is going pretty well. Easier than expected. Feeling a bit down tho, haven't left the hostel today. Going to view some rooms tomorrow and practise coffee making. Still feeding internet addiction
(5) Unusual, I actually don't feel hungry: due to low mood? Bought healthy food, but decided to continue fast til breakfast tomorrow. On a bright note, I returned 2 separate lost items, phone + sunglasses
10(5) Did laundry. Visited two share flats. Maybe CBD not for me, nor share rooms. Ate mostly healthily. Still internet overload. Information overload. Missing cuddles from A, but remembering difficulties.
(5) Where has Clint gone and is he coming back? Does anyone know? Feel like MP is lacking his presence!
11(7) Viewed some interesting rooms, in Coburg, CBD and South Yarra. Went to Queen Vic market with Sophie, then to a couple of bars. Talked a bit about my family, both our aunties have MS. #commonground12(6) Only drank 2 beers last night.but feel a little hungover today. Wow.
(8) I found a room! I'm so excited, relieved and happy! Yay! :'-)
(7) What a night. Met with old friend and his mates, ABC, dancing, food, drink then more good. Girl was complimenting me, full on way. I didn't say no to French guy, so now he has my number oops. #fun
13(5) #Hungover but surviving. Went to Banksy exhibition with girls from hostel, then art gallery. Then napped for hours, oof. Watched The #Hangover for the first time, declined going out again. #headache14(6) Feeling ok. Hostel breakfast so unorganized, ugh. Packing, checking out and #moving to my new place today. It's gonna be so good to finally have my own room again, and it's a nice one this time.
(6) Unpacked. Drank several hot beverages. Actually sat down and gave some thought to my life vision. Met housemates, Japanese, nice. Went for a walk, restless. Ready meals. Male attention annoying me.
15(5) #overslept feel groggy
(4) Chatted to a mate who's Thailand, he's always getting used by Thai women and he never learns. I'm starting to really get sick of hearing about it. Don't like to admit it, but he's such a loser :(
(6) Ok so, there were 5 Jynx in the park, lol. Then met old boss/colleagues..bosses took me out for drinks and pizza, was awesome. Then colleague gave me a lift home after with shopping. #skinpicking tho
(4) Just rang mum regarding a message I got from uncle. She's letting that user 'boyfriend' live with her again. Long story but I really don't like what my mum is/was/has ever been doing. #family #mum
16(5) Time seems to slip away from me. I've done just 1 thing on my to do list and it's already 2pm. #timemanagement #priorities #todo
(6) Managed to pull some things out of the proverbial bag this arvo. Join gym + workout. Join library + update my basic CV. Even got an alarm app that wakes me up with my own motivational voice recording.
17(6) Still managed to wake up, groggy, but morning coffee working. Playing around with Snapseed. Makes me think about when I virtually failed photography (and everything else) at college, but here's a 2nd
(5) Ok so I commented on several people's updates and hugged a whole bunch of people, but when I look back now the comments and hugs are gone?! This happens regularly, can chief panda please help?
(7) Ear piercing infected, oops. Took care. 36°. Sweating on tram. A sociable day. Met Niamh twice, walking, exploration, and her friend N, food and drinks were had. Met Kim in between! Printed CVs.
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