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 1No Reasons2(8) Cardiologist has given me the all clear for my dental surgery. Trying to be a big girl about this3(10) Good morning friends..its time for a group hug. It's been a while and we are well overdue. Who's in?4(9) Good night hugs pandas xxx
(8) Good morning panda pals. Have a great day everyone.
5(7) Ordered another can of poppyock from Amazon tonight. Yum. Yum.
(7) Night night. Sleep right.
(7) Good morning friends
6(9) Good night panda pals
(8) Good afternoon my friends.
7(6) Good morning panda pals. Slept well but not for long.
(5) Panic attack
8(7) Good night pandas. Sleep tight.9(4) Panic attack
(5) Good night pandas
(8) Good morning all you beautiful pandas pals of mine! Have a great day all.
10(4) Panic attack
(4) Good night pandas
(7) Good evening panda pals
11No Reasons12(8) Slept very well last night. Feeling refreshed this morning. Unusual for me.i like it ?
(6) Had an appt with my therapist just now. Went well. Teary eyed a little. Explained MP to her. Hopefully she'll recommend to others.. Next appt in another week.
13No Reasons
14(6) Good morning pandas.15No Reasons16(8) Good evening little ones. Shelley Bear is enjoying a delicious and nutritious turkey wrap. Yum yum17(10) Good morning my friends. It's a beautiful morni g here in New Jersey! Where are you from?18(8) Good night pandas
(5) Good morning pandas. So unmotivated right now I'm having trouble typing this msg.
19(4) Not a good day yesterday. Today's starting out not so Grande either. Hope you all have a good day. Therapist will be by this morning.hope that helps.20(5) Good evening pandas. Just woke from a nice nap.
(6) Late night English muffin does a tummy good. Night night my friends. Rest well all.
(5) Daughter's going out of town for the day. Bout to take a nap then a nice long wash-off. Still feeling kinda low.
21(7) Good afternoon pandas. I hope everyone is having a Happy Dr Martin Luther King Jr Day
(6) Good evening pandas.
22(6) Good morning pandas. Just had a visit from my nurse. Blood pressure is a little low. Temp is good tho. Feeling ok. Have a great day all.23(6) Good night pandas.
(6) Good evening pandas
24No Reasons25(6) Just had a visit from. My mental health nurse and her assistant. Lots of documents to sign. Had a visit from all my nurses and therapist this week. Going pretty smoothly26(7) Night pandas.27(6) Hello pandas
(7) Good afternoon pandas.
28(7) Happy Monday morning panda pals. Have a great day all. Only the nurse and my aide visiting this week.. No therapy..slow compared to last week. Have a good one.29(6) Good evening pandas.30(6) Good evening pandas.31(7) Good night my friends.
(10) Good afternoon fellow pandas. Anyone in need of a group hug? Here we go...
    1(9) Good night pandas2No Reasons3(7) Good evening to you panda pals.
(6) Shelley Bear's got the sniffles
(8) Shelley Bear's feeling a lot better today ?
(7) My cub is off to watch the super bowl at her in-laws and mama bear is off to sleep
4(8) Good night panda pals. I hope you spent your weekend enjoying yourselves. I hibernated ?. Have a nice one. Till tomorrow
(7) Morning pandas. Eating my daily bowl of mandarine oranges. Love this stuff.
5(8) Good night panda.
(6) Morning.
6(7) Hello my friends
(7) Good night pandas special shout out to the pandas who have fought back my tears unknowingly.
(6) Good morning my friends. Slept well last night. Ready for my Cheerios ?
(7) Just ate breakfast. Yummy it was!!! ?
(7) Just had a visit from my nurse and my therapist. Therapy went well. Interesting session. Had a panic attack while meeting with the nurse. He prolonged the visit till I was ok. Nice going.
7(8) Good night all you beautiful pandas. Rest well my friends. Stay safe.
(5) Good morning. Headache this morning
8(6) Midnight Good night pandas. Stay safe my panda pals.
(8) Good morning all you lovely pandas. Have a good one my dear friends. Stay safe!
(8) Oh my darlin', oh my darlin', oh my darling' Clementine!! ?
(4) Why can't we live forever? Remembering Kristoff st John. ?
9(4) Teary eyed panda over here wishing all the other pandas a good night.
(7) Feeling a 7 right now.
10(7) Mother is over. Her oven.is broken so she is using ours. ?
(9) Meant to tell Alexa to turn the light but started saying the Lord's Prayer. Whoa! Good night pandas
11(8) Good afternoon pandas. Early morning therapy visit. Talked about daughter's upcoming trip to Italy. Have a great day pandas.12(5) Can't sleep. Good morning all. Got a lot on my mind. But I'm ok13(6) Good morning pandas. Slept straight thru last night. Feeling well rested. About to eat a breakfast. Have a great day everyone.
(10) My daughter was able to get the last bag of clementines in. Panda. the supermarket. I. am 1. lucky
14(7) Good night my friends. Sweet dreams.15(10) Hey! I forgot to wish my panda pals a Happy Valentine's Day today..im sorry all you lovely fuzzy higgables..16(7) Good afternoon pandas17(3) Dreamt that on my rate visit out of the house my ex gained entry into my mome. Very violent past. Main reason why I stay at home.
18(4) Good night my friends.
(3) Had a recurring dream that I was on a boat in the middle of nowhere. A guy yelled out ' hey, get off my boat'! Then I woke up!
19(7) Annual unit inspection this morning. My daughter has our home smelling of lavender. Beautiful! Have a good day my friends.
(7) Man I man alive! I just woke up dreaming of a cat attack! Cat was jumping.rigjt at my crotch !!
20No Reasons21(7) Had a pulmonary visit today. Snowed like crazy. Got home safely but ran out of oxygen again. Was very scarey. Turned out ok.
(7) Have a good night pandas.
(7) Good evening pandas. Hope your day's going well
(5) Final cardio visit preceding surgery. I've got four more days
(8) Moms bringi g over turkey soup for dinner. Yummy yum!
22(7) Good night pandas. I hope you all had a good day.23(5) Had a very tirying day. A other visit to the cardiologist. All is well. Ok to proceed with oral surgery.
24No Reasons
25(4) Getting anxious about upcoming surgery ?
(4) Tree fell on train tracks! Daughter has to take $80 taxi to airport for flight to Italy! CRAZY!
26(6) Good night pandas. Shelley Bear is feeling real anxious about this surgery in the morning. How about a group hug pandas. Please?
(4) Awaiting my transportation to surgery. (SIGH!)
27(3) Had surgery. In a lot of pain..
28(3) Good night pandas. Lots of stitches in my gums. Less pain than earlier.
(4) Dreamt my Dr was Jack Kevorkian
(4) Good morning friends. Mouth and throat are so sore.
(5) Just ate some scrambled eggs. I was starving..
    1(6) Good night pandas. Feeling much better now. Thanks for the hugs and well wishes. I really appreciate you all.
2(6) Good morning all you beautiful pandas. Have a great day my friends.
(10) My aide surprised me by showing up on her day off!
(8) Almost back to normal. Minimal pain.
(4) I'm all alone again for the test of the weekend ?
(5) Panic attack
3(4) The night is going by so slowly...
4(6) Good night pandas. Other than dodging panic attacks...im ok.
(4) I've been having panic attacks recently. Wish I understood why
5(6) Good night pandas
(7) Feeling good! Good morning all you beautiful pandas. I hope you all have a great day today. ?
6(6) G[d night pandas.
(7) Top of the morning to you pandas.
(10) Finally feeling 100%.
7(10) Awaiting my daughter's arrival from Italy again. I have surely missed her.8(5) I have been having a good morning talk with my daughter about her trip to Italy. She had a stupendous time. Good morning pandas. Have a great day my friends.9(10) Good night pandas. Been a lonn.ng day. Stay safe my friends. Rest well.
(10) Good morning my friends. I slept well. Hope you did too.
10(10) Good night friends. I hope you all had a wonderful day today. Had a great conversation with my daughter. It is so nice to have her back on American soil.
11(8) Good afternoon fuzzy fuzzy ones. Hope you are all having a great day. ?12(4) Can't sleep
(8) Top o the morning to you pandas. Have a good one.
13(6) Therapist just left.
(4) Panic attack.
14(6) Tomorrow is my little brother's birthday. He will be 40!15(7) Good night panda pals. Rest well my friends.16(7) Good night pandas
(6) Good morning pandas. Just wondering...anybody heard from Cindy Panda? Haven't seen her posts in awhile.
17(6) Night night fuzzy ones xx
(10) Happy Sunday morning to you all you beautiful pandas. It's time to rise and shine. Be sure to brush those pearly whites before you have to get them pulled! ?
(10) ? KISS ME! I'M IRISH ?
18(7) Good night panda pals.
(10) Happy Monday my friends. Gooooooood moooooooourning.
19(9) Good night pandas. Rest well my friends.
(7) Good morning pandas
20(7) Good night pandas.21(8) Daughter just made turkey tacos for lunch. One of her tasty meals ?22(7) Good night pandas23(9) Nearly 3am. Time to make the doughnuts pandas! ?24(9) Good night pandas.
(10) Did you know DD throws away all their doughnuts at the end of every night and starts fresh every am?TRUE!
25(7) Night night pandas.26No Reasons27(10) My daughter has an interview with Teach for America in the morning. I pray she gets the job... Good night pandas.
(10) Good morning pandas. Today is a very important day in my daughter's life. She has a career interview for a job with Teach for America. I pray she does well.
28(10) Feeling great! Good morning my friends. I hope you have a wonderful day.29(6) Good morning my friends. Have a great day. Shelley Bear's got a bit of a headache this morning. Heading back to sleep.30No Reasons31(8) Good night pandas.
1No Reasons2(8) Good morning beautiful pandas. Have a great day my friends.3No Reasons4(5) My daughter braided my hair last night. I must say.it looks great. Only thing is it's.given me a headache and I haven't.got the heart to tell her.
(8) Feeling good in the neighborhood! Good afternoon all you lovely pandas. Hope you are having a great day.
5No Reasons6(9) My. Boo Boo made me breakfast in bed this morning. What a spoiled mama I am. Have a great day all you lovely pandas.7(4) Today is my youngest sisters birthday and we are missing our dad. It has been nearly 30 years...but it doesn't seem so long ago that he passed away.
(8) My daughter just surprised me with chipotle!
8(8) Good night pandas. Rest well my fuzzy wuzzy ones.9(10) Just found out from my mom that she used to eat lunch at work with my daughter's fiancee's grandmother and she also went to high school with my dad's family down south. What a small world we live.in.
(10) Good night all you lovely beautiful pandas. Rest well my friends.
10(10) Goooooooooood mooooooooorning pandas! Shelley Bear is feeling great this morning. Aide will be back after a week and a half off. I really have missed her assistance.11(10) Eating a granola bar this morning. One of my new faves! Good morning my friends. Please have a nice day. Smile.12(10) Good morning my friemds. Have a great day ?13(10) Today is a new day. I wish all my panda pals a beautiful day today. How about a group hug this morning?14(10) Blessed Palm Sunday all.
15(5) Shelley Bear's feeling a little low on the mood spectrum. Got a headache that I can't get rid of. And I'm running out of oranges. ( Sigh)
(5) Rainy and stormy night in Jersey last night. Adds to this feeling I guess. Still wishing all you lovely pandas a great day.
(4) I'm aware that nature calls for this rainy weather but I'm not crazy about this rain at all. My daughter had to abandon her bike and call a cab from the library..
16(4) My daughter didn't get the position she was trying for. Dang!
(4) Good night pandas
17(4) Morning. Had tacos for dinner with an over night guest. Did not agree with us. It is now 630am and I've had no sleep. Psyche visit today. Googly eyes. No mood for an emoji.18(6) There were ten in the bed and the little one said roll over roll over so they all rolled over till one fell out!.. Night night panda pals. Shelley Bear loves you.
(3) I've been asleep all day. Not good at all. Awoke with a massive headache
19(5) Oh Jesus, please help me think positively.
(5) Good night pandas .
(5) My daughter was upset. Why couldn't I make her smile. I tried. Makes me feel terrible!
20(7) My daughter just made some toll house chocolate chip ?
(5) Good morning. Listening to smooth jazz on spotty on my alpaca echo dot this morning.. So beautiful. Have a great day pandas.
21(7) A blessed Resurrection Sunday all you lovely pandas.
(7) Have a great day my friends
22(7) Night night fluffy ones. Rest well my furry friends.
(8) Good evening my friends.
23No Reasons24(8) Munching on some cheddar cheese goldfish. Yummy! ?
(7) Top o the morning to ya pandas. Have a great one.
(7) Good evening
25(6) Good night.26(4) Slept all day and night. Mom brought me dinner. Calling to thank her then back to sleep. Night all.
(8) Good morning pandas. Have a great day.
(7) Good evening pandas.
27(8) Finally got all my appts in order. Monday...psyche...the following week Wednesday...gp...then dental on Thursday. Don't know how I'm gonna take getting out. Well see. Good night pandas.28(8) Good morning pandas
29No Reasons30(7) Good morning friends. Got my cpap on. Went to the psyche yesterday. My feet sure do hurt.
  1No Reasons2(7) Good night pandas. Feeling much better. Now.3No Reasons4(5) Good night world.
(8) Good evening panda pals. Shelley Bear loves you ?
5No Reasons
6(7) Good night panda pals. Rest well my friends.
(8) Spent the last half hour on hold ordering my oxygen supplies. Glad I wasn't having technical difficulties, lol. Good morning all.
7(6) Mornin'.8(10) Good morning pandas. My daughter braided my hair beautifully for my Drs appt today. Has put me me at a 10! Have a great day my friendsn9(9) Good night my friends. Rest well and stay safe.
(8) A jolly good morning to you all you beautiful pandas. Awaiting an Amazon delivery of dried mandarine. Thought I'd try something new. Going for my denture mold this afternoon.
10(8) Dentist was impressed by the way my gums have set. Me too. New mold made. Two more next two weeks. Then.the wax mold. I'm.excited to see what my.smile is gonna look like..im.gonn a be a happier Panda.
(8) Good night pandas. ? ?
(8) Morning friends.
11(8) Good night all. Have a lovely restful night.12(8) Night night pandas. Rest well my friends.
(8) Good morning Mother PANDAS. Good morning all. Have a great special day.
13(10) Good morning pandas. Have a lovely Monday. I got dried mandarine for yesterday. Tasty! My daughter spent the day with me.. Had general toss and played a board game. Nice conversations as well.14(5) Morning all15(5) Night all
(10) Good morning playful pandas. Have a great day. Smile...see how many you get back ?
16No Reasons17(4) Racing tboughts...my last visit with my therapist didn't go well. As a matter of fact seems as though she feels I should be over my fright of my ex. I wish it were that easy. This is gonna be aproblem
(4) Good night panda pals
18(5) Had a bit of a tummy ache I think it was the dehydrated mandarines. Gotta lay off for awhile. Lazy aide did nothing all morning except brag about her granddaughter.turning 18 and her new boyfriend.19(6) Good afternoon pandas.
20No Reasons21No Reasons22No Reasons23(6) Good morning pandas. Have a great day my friends24(2) Very very bad headache
(3) My daughter just informed me that I was yelling loudly in my sleep
25(4) Good afternoon pandas. Resting26(5) Good afternoon pandas. I hope you are having a great weekend....
27No Reasons28(6) Early early morning. I am so hungry. Really would like to have some hard boiled eggs for breakfast. Have a great day panda pals.29(5) Another early morning today. Not getting much sleep lately. What gives?30(5) Good evening31No Reasons
     1No Reasons2(3) Daughter.got stranded with friend and car at Wal-Mart last night. I spent the night alone. Still awake. Been watching tv since yesterday. Just can't sleep. Keep trying.
3No Reasons4No Reasons5No Reasons6(5) Got a new visiting nurse today. Old one has moved to Martha's vineyard. Aide told daughter She would be absent but showed up. Lucky her. I was ready to confront her. Have a good night.7(5) Night all8(5) Hungry9No Reasons
10(6) Good morning folks. How ya doing? I hope you are all well. I'm ready for some corn flakes.
(10) Share a smile! See how many you get back. ?
11No Reasons12(9) Good day pandas.13(5) Good morning pandas. Found an app that was made for me! It's a crypto-quote 1,075 game of puzzles. Very challenging. I love it.. It's helping with my headaches
(5) Tearyeyed
14(4) Had to wait little over an hour without a jacket for my transportation. Dr visit went well. Next visit in a month. I'll have a new resident then.15(5) Good morning pandas16(9) Good afternoon panda pals ?
17(10) Good morning panda pals! How about a group hug? Anybody wanna join in?
(9) Today would have been my parent's 58th anniversary. God bless my father.who is in heaven and my mom. I love them dearly.
18(10) The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched but must be felt with the heart. Helen Keller. That is a quote I memorized this morning from my cryptoquotes..morning all
(10) My daughter is having an interview at her former preschool for a fall position. We are praying for her ?
24(10) Good morning pandas. I hope you are all having a great day today.25(10) LIVE YOUR LIFE BOO BOO!
26(10) Good evening pandas.
(5) Good morning pandas. Got a therapy session happening this mornimg
27No Reasons28No Reasons29(7) Happy Saturday morning pandas.30(7) Good morning to you all you beautiful pandas.
1No Reasons2(7) Good night pandas.
(8) Good morning pandas.
3No Reasons4No Reasons5(5) Spent independence day independently..6No Reasons7No Reasons
8No Reasons9No Reasons10No Reasons11No Reasons12No Reasons13No Reasons14(2) I've been gone for awhile. No motivation. Missing pandas
15No Reasons16No Reasons17(3) Totally feeling swful18No Reasons19No Reasons20No Reasons21No Reasons
22(1) Morning pandas. Shelley Bear is in the icy on a ventilator been here 4 days. Awful way too spend a birthday. But. I am ok now. Missed you all23(10) Good morning pandas. Shelley Bear is back and celebr a ting daughters 23r d birthday. How blessed I am to be the mom of such a gorgeous young lady. Mommy loves you Boo Boo
(10) I have learned the importance of using my machine.
(10) I found using my sign language useful while I was on the ventilator. Thank YOU Jesus for ASL
24(10) Feelin good in the neighborhood this morning pandas.. Shelley Bear is in the house feeling better than ever wishing all my panda pals a great day.25No Reasons26No Reasons27No Reasons28No Reasons
29(10) Good morning pandas. Time to make the doughnuts. It's 5am. Still in t h e hospital. Ready to go home.30No Reasons31(10) Good afternoon pandas. I'm out of the hospital. Good to be home again.
(10) Good afternoon pandas. I'm out of the hospital. Good to be home again.
(10) Good afternoon pandas. I'm out of the hospital. Good to be home again.
(10) Good afternoon pandas. I'm out of the hospital. Good to be home again.
(10) Good afternoon pandas. I'm out of the hospital. Good to be home again.
(10) Good afternoon pandas. I'm out of the hospital. Good to be home again.
(10) Good afternoon pandas. I'm out of the hospital. Good to be home again.
(8) Good afternoon pandas. I'm out of the hospital. Good to be home again.
(8) Good afternoon pandas. I'm out of the hospital. Good to be home again.
(10) Good afternoon pandas. I'm out of the hospital. Good to be home again.