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(3) One problem with being depressed and sleeping all the time is that people expect you to sleep all the time so they don't have to keep you company. Woe is me.
2(4) Good night. No one has time for me
(5) Good afternoon
(5) I just want to sleep!
(5) Finally figured out the problem with the fire stick. The adapter is coming from Amazon on Friday.
3(6) Just got notification that my wires are arriving two days early. Lucky me!
4(7) Connected ?
(6) Good afternoon pandas
5(7) Good morning pandas.6(10) Amazon firestick!7(7) Good afternoon my friends
8(7) Good morning pandas
(7) Good morning pandas
9(6) Good morning10(6) Good evening
(7) Good night all you beautiful and handsome pandas. Rest well my friends. Stay safe.
(7) Hey pandas? Its been awhile. How about a group hug? Who's in?
11(8) Nice to have updates...to see memories...old friends... Thanks chiefs
(5) Good night pandas. Rest well my friends..
(7) Good morning to all you lovely pandas out there. Smile at someone today. It'll make both of you feel good ?
12(5) Updates allowshuffling thru old friends who are missed
(7) Top of the morning to you pandas. Have a great day
(7) Welcome to my new follower. I hope you find that I am a good leader. ?
(5) I miss group ( sigh)
13(5) Good night pandas
(5) Morning...
14No Reasons
15(7) Good morning pandas. Happy Monday morning to you. May you all have a wonderful Dr Kings Day.
(7) Good morning pandas. Happy Monday morning to you. May you all have a wonderful Dr Kings Day.
16(6) My aide massaged my feet with lotion just now. Man, they feel so food!17(7) Good night my friends (yawning). Rest well pandas of the world ? ?
(8) Hey guys...it's time for us to catch up on where we are from. I'm from New Jersey! On the Jersey Shore! Where it is snowing atm! Where in the world are you all from? Please share.
18(5) Overslept passed dental appt. Not on purpose.19(7) 2nd nap of the night. Good night pandas. Rest well my friends.
(8) Good morning pandas
20(7) Night night pandas
(5) Someone really hurt my feelings today and I keep trying to forget about it but of course the mote I do that the more I think about it! Argh!
(7) Good morning pandas
(5) Ho hum...
21(6) Good night all. Hope you all had a great day. Test well my friends. Sweet dreams.
22(4) Just keep hugging me please !
(5) I have a slight headache.
23(4) Hurt myself while clipping nails! Man, that hurt! Uhm!24(6) Thinking about the pandas made me smile ? I hope everyone is safe and warm this chilly evening. Brrr!
(7) Good morning pandas
(6) Good afternoon ?
25(7) Top of the morning to you pandas. What's going on? Tell me.
(7) Was able to expedite shipping of my epipen. I should get it tomorrow, in time for the family gathering. I am blessed.
26No Reasons27(7) Good afternoon panda pals. I hope all are well this blustery afternoon. ?28(7) I hope you are all well pandas. Night night. Shelley Bear loves you. ?
(7) Good morning pandas
(4) Concerned about a very special panda
29(7) If you treat someone the way you would like to be treated, you may get the better end of the bargain ?
(10) Listening to my daughter sing His praises. Hallelujah!
30(7) Good night pandas
(4) Again an issue with a new oxygen concentrator. This thing is gonna be the death of me!
31(5) Good night lovely pandas
(8) Good night Mood Panda.
   1(8) Good morning pandas. What is the answer to the meaning of life?2(7) Good night my friends ?
(5) Hello friends.
3(4) Good morning all you lovely pandas. I have a dilemma. Again my aide was insensitive about my depression. She made a few comments that hurt my feelings. What's a panda to do?4(7) Night night pandas
(7) Good afternoon pandas. Good afternoon Penelope. Good to see you back . ?
5(7) Good night pandas. Rest well my friends.
(7) Good afternoon pandas. Just got my upgrade. Looks the same as the old one. I hope it performs better.
6(6) Good morning pandas. New phone is much quicker. Paws can't keep up, lol ?7(7) Good night pandas8(6) Night night me friends. Have a good one!
(7) Top of the morning to you pandas! It's a rainy one! Dress accordingly.
9(7) Good night pandas10No Reasons11(7) Good morning pandas
(7) I just love those panda hugs ?
(7) Good evening pandas
12(8) Memories... One day, about 6 years ago, I was in the social office waiting room and there was a little boy eating a bag of chips. As he finished the chips he was very much enjoying...he said,'mm, mm,
(7) Morning pandas ?
13(8) Night night friends. BIG HUGS XXX14(8) Good morning pandas. Happy Valentine's Day! Shelley Bear loves you to the moon and beyond.15No Reasons16(5) Good afternoon pandas.17(4) Just had a scare. Mom's ok.
(7) Good morning pandas. Having my sofa steam cleaned today. A gift from my mom ?
(6) Sofa is getting steam cleaned. Heavyduth cleaners used. Very overpowering. I retreated to my room.
(7) Realized awhile ago I haven't had any panic attacks in awhile ?
18(6) Good night friends. Stay safe
19(7) Good night my friends. Stay safe you all.20(7) Morning all.
21No Reasons22No Reasons23No Reasons24(5) Teary eyed panda didn't want to post for a few days. Feeling better. Night night25(5) Night
(6) Good morning pandas. Shelley Bear is wide awake wind÷ing what you're up to today. How's it going panda pals? Have a good one and please stay safe.
(6) ?Good morning pandas ?
26No Reasons27(6) Good evening28No Reasons
   1(6) Night pandas of the world ? ? ?2(6) ? ? ?
(7) ? ? ?
3(5) Good night pandas. Bad stormy weather here. My daughter felt it best to leave campus in the morning. I sure miss her Rest well my friends.4(6) Good night my friends. Stay safe and sweet dreams.
5(7) Good morning my friends. I wish you all a great day.6(7) Good night my panda pals. Shelley Bear is about to hibernate. Watch out for the wee ones.
(7) Good evening pandas
7No Reasons8(7) Good night my friends. Stay safe. Rest well all.9(6) Good night panda pals ? ?
(6) Sunny day. Snow is melting away quickly. New storm expected. Glad I'm inside.
10(6) My daughter just got in from a girls night out in the city. Making me a sandwich as I slept thru dinner. I love her so much. Good night pandas. Rest well my friends.
(5) Kinda happy for a friend. Kinda sad for me.
11(5) Good night pandas ? ?
(5) Happy early Sunday morning to you pandas. I wish you all a great day.
12(6) Good morning pandas. How are you today? I hope you are all well after a nice weekend. I spent mine mostly sleeping of course. Wishing all a great day.13(6) Good night pandas
(5) Good morning pandas
14(6) I just had a very nice nap
(5) Good morning pandas
(6) Night pandas ? ?
15(5) Panic attack
(5) Good morning pandas. Taking it easy this am.
(5) Good afternoon pandas xxx
(6) Good evening my friends ?
16(5) Good night
(7) Top of the morning to you pandas. What's on your agenda for today?
(10) My daughter just received another scholarship
17(10) Good night pandas
(10) Happy Saturday pandas! Time for a group hug I think! Who's in?
18(8) Night night panda pals. Rest well
(5) Blueberries and cottage cheese at 3am
(7) Good morning
19(5) Morning pandas20(7) Just got new attachments for my cpap. I like. Very comfortable. Now time for Shelley Bear to hit the hay. Night night panda pals. Rest well my friends.
(8) 15, 800 HUGS and I got a new follower! Shelley Bear is doing the happy dance
(7) Morning all ye faithful pandas. Have a great day my friends.
21(6) Night pandas
(5) Second sleepless night. I thought I was gonna like tel new attachments but I guess they're gonna take some getting used to. (Sigh)
22(8) ? ?
(4) So sorry for the loss of Queen Latifah's mom Rita Owens.
23(8) Good night my friends. I shall see my daughter after two weeks absence. I sure miss her. Stay safe my friends.
(7) Morning my panda pals
24(8) Good night pandas of the world ? ? ?25(8) ? ? ? ?...?
(7) Had a nice chat earlier with my chatbuddy. Nice to catch up on things. (Sigh)
26(7) Daughter is off to campus but she'll be home Wednesday after the scholarship ceremony. I am so very proud of her.27(7) Good morning pandas. Have a great day my dear friends.
(7) Good afternoon pandas
28(7) ? ?
(10) Good morning pandas. My daughter is accepting her award right now!
(5) Worried about a dear friend.
(7) Good evening my furry friends ?
29(7) ? ? ?
(7) Good morning pandas
30(8) Good morning my friends
(10) My daughter just made homemade baklava. It was so very delish! She is a genius!
31(7) Good morning pandas
(4) Sad for a friend
      1(7) Good night pandas
(4) Can't sleep. Worried about a dear friend ?
(6) Good morning all
2(6) Good night pandas. Sweet dreams all
(6) Top of the morning to you pandas
3(6) Good night panda pals
(4) Been up all night
4(7) ? ? ?5(5) Missing a friend ?
(6) Good evening pandas
6(4) Discourteous7(5) Good night pandas
(7) Good night pandas ? ?
8(7) Good morning pandas. Almost called you all pretzels! Guess who is hungry this morning? Lol! Have a good day my friends ?
9(4) My daughter erased my grocery order.
(4) Morning. Feel like a cry. Have an auditor coming to observe the aide today. Don't know why but am feeling claustrophobic and nauseous. They well be here asking questions. I need a big hug.
(6) Good afternoon my friends
12(6) Good night pandas. Thought it was daytime
(7) Good morning pandas
13(7) Good afternoon pandas ?
(3) Brokenhearted
14No Reasons15(5) Buenos Dias pandas
16(3) Morning panda pals. So cold this morning. Slept with window open cause my daughter steam cleaned my carpet. Ordered pineapple from Amazon coming today. My pickmeup from being Brokenhearted.
(4) ...for its a gloomy, rainy day.
(4) Good afternoon pandas
17(4) Good night pandas. Thanks for the hugs. Stay safe and rest well.
(4) Velveteen Rabbit
(5) Good morning my friends. My daughter is returning to campus this morning. My aide is bringing empanadas for breakfast. Yummy! Have a nice day all.
(6) Good afternoon pandas. I'm enjoying my pineapple from Amazon.
18(5) Night night pandas. Another long day. But better. Thanks for your hugs and words of comfort. They really mean a lot as I have no contact with others with the exception of my aide and my daughter on
(2) Missing the comfort of my friends voice
(4) Good morning pandas. Have a great day and stay safe.
19(3) Good night pandas. Teary eyed panda over here worried about her dear friend. HUGS my friend XXX
(3) Good morning pandas. How about a group hug to lift our moods. I think it'll do us all well.
20(4) Good night furry ones. Stay safe my friends. Thanks for the hugs, laughs and smiles.
(5) Good morning pandas. Have a good one
(5) Good afternoon pandas. Take a walk. Enjoy this lovely day
21(6) Time to turn in for this tired panda. I hope everyone had a good day. Do those who didn't, may you have a better tomorrow,. Good night my friends
(5) Good morning pandas. Have a wonderful Saturday. I'm about to wash my hair. A task I dread because it's nearly to my waistline and I'm off my oxygen the whole time.
22(6) Good night. Sweet dreams.
(7) Good morning panda pals. Today is Sunday. How about we do something kind for someone? Maybe hold a door open or let another customer go first. pay a toll or something of that nature. ?
23(6) Good night my friends.
(7) Good afternoon my friends
(6) Good evening pandas. Last night with my daughter. She's spending it with her bf. Its their 7 month anniversary. Ooooh, young love ?
24(6) Good night pandas. Stay safe and test well my friends. Sweet dreams.
(7) Good morning all. Have a great day my furry friends.
(6) Good afternoon pandas
25(4) Good night pandas. Got a psyche visit tomorrow afternoon. A bit anxious.
(5) Good morning. Butterflies about this visit. Not a restful night. Too much going on in my head. Racing thoughts.
(5) Visit went ok. Upped my ability ew psyche. Nice guy.I'm hungry and my feet hurt. Not use to all that walking.
26(4) My heart misses my chatbuddy so much
(4) Top of the morning to you pandas. Have a great day.
(5) Good afternoon pandas. I'm feeling very tired today. Feet ate better tho. Aide massaged them. I hope everyone's day is going well.
27(4) Good night pandas. Daughter is heading off to Rhode island for the weekend. Shelley Bear is gonna be all alone again. Just me and my pineapple.28No Reasons29No Reasons
30No Reasons