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(3) One problem with being depressed and sleeping all the time is that people expect you to sleep all the time so they don't have to keep you company. Woe is me.
2(4) Good night. No one has time for me
(5) Good afternoon
(5) I just want to sleep!
(5) Finally figured out the problem with the fire stick. The adapter is coming from Amazon on Friday.
3(6) Just got notification that my wires are arriving two days early. Lucky me!
4(7) Connected ?
(6) Good afternoon pandas
5(7) Good morning pandas.6(10) Amazon firestick!7(7) Good afternoon my friends
8(7) Good morning pandas
(7) Good morning pandas
9(6) Good morning10(6) Good evening
(7) Good night all you beautiful and handsome pandas. Rest well my friends. Stay safe.
(7) Hey pandas? Its been awhile. How about a group hug? Who's in?
11(8) Nice to have updates...to see memories...old friends... Thanks chiefs
(5) Good night pandas. Rest well my friends..
(7) Good morning to all you lovely pandas out there. Smile at someone today. It'll make both of you feel good ?
12(5) Updates allowshuffling thru old friends who are missed
(7) Top of the morning to you pandas. Have a great day
(7) Welcome to my new follower. I hope you find that I am a good leader. ?
(5) I miss group ( sigh)
13(5) Good night pandas
(5) Morning...
14No Reasons
15(7) Good morning pandas. Happy Monday morning to you. May you all have a wonderful Dr Kings Day.
(7) Good morning pandas. Happy Monday morning to you. May you all have a wonderful Dr Kings Day.
16(6) My aide massaged my feet with lotion just now. Man, they feel so food!17(7) Good night my friends (yawning). Rest well pandas of the world ? ?
(8) Hey guys...it's time for us to catch up on where we are from. I'm from New Jersey! On the Jersey Shore! Where it is snowing atm! Where in the world are you all from? Please share.
18(5) Overslept passed dental appt. Not on purpose.19(7) 2nd nap of the night. Good night pandas. Rest well my friends.
(8) Good morning pandas
20(7) Night night pandas
(5) Someone really hurt my feelings today and I keep trying to forget about it but of course the mote I do that the more I think about it! Argh!
(7) Good morning pandas
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