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1(7) The expectation that the mind should be still during meditation is not helpful. We dnt expect our liver, heart or kidneys to cease functioning. The prblm is not that the creative mind secretes thought
(8) Today, millions make resolutions to quit this or adopt that new habit, finish the book, lose weight, whatever. To encourage u, I suggest Seinfeld's productivity calendar. Link + how to in comments
(7) Slunked over phone, typing with thumbs- 1 letter @ a time. Scratching an itch. I command my limbs & they obey. I celebrate these gifts: health, mvmnt, thought, communication, MP. Prayer of gratitude.
2(8) Early 4am wake up. Meditation.
(7) Gym. Subbing for a trainer. Felt good. Strengthening pec which I ruptured 2 months ago. Recovery.
(7) We expand or narrow the focus of our attention constantly. Sometimes, the focus is so narrow, we may be aware of little else but a thought or emotion, limiting the range of experience.
3(7) Grateful. Gym. Smoothie and flatbread sandwich post-workout. Blizzard shutting region down. Day off tmrrw. Purchasing ticket to Peru. Not deferring goals.
(8) despite the contrary winds, ive got my sails trimmed and know how to tack.
4(8) O praise to thee, Mighty Blizzard, son of Boreas, the god of the wintry north wind! I praise thee, O Blighter of Skies & Closer of Schools. May thy wrath continue thru the night & into the following
(9) O, hail thee, Mighty White Bearded Blizzard, Congealer of Pipes! I thank thee for keeping the campus gates closed yet another day so that I might offer thee sacrifices and libations in gratitude.
5(8) Morning routine does me good. I calibrate mood & adjust where I can. Regimen changes as I plateau. As w/exercise, circuit training mind 4 optimum performance. Shoveling snow was a plus-outdoors+xrcise
(7) Delicious nap plus zone-out meditation. Time to prep lunch. Then music or writing. Gym. Doc appt. More music & writing.
6(6) All is well. Energy low. Tired. Will meditate before gym. Hoping to zone out & recharge
(5) Mildly triggered, but grounded and focused on goals.
(7) Writing. Clarity.
7(8) The mind is powerful. Takes a strong, determined will to discipline it. It is sometimes likened to a wild elephant. Once tamed, its great strength can be harnassed for good. Time to meditate.
(7) A nap, a talk with a good friend. He often has something edifying to share and didnt disappoint.
8(7) Funny, I'll identify with whatever I post. So many parts can issue a statement for a 'me' that's multifaceted. So, I'll let Positivity post and set the tone for the day.
(7) Working more purposefully. Aligning values & Universe says, OK. Inspired atm.
(8) Recording dreams. Patterns emerging. Repetitive motifs. These are symbols. What do they mean? Curious and wanting to investigate further. Day's highlight: teaching meditation to a friend.
9(7) Curious, I-Dont-Know mind observes the unfolding. Going to school to unlearn as much as I can and be the student. The children have much to teach me on joy, compassion, present moment awareness, fun.
(6) Tired, but day went well.
10(8) In some traditions, contemplatives use art to help focus mind. The path of samatha meditation shows an elephant, a monkey and a monk. The animals represent mind, monk=self. Elephant is wild at first
(7) 20m rest. Consciousness flickers. To sustain energy, I need to reboot throughout the day.
(8) Collaboration with colleagues. Tapping their creativity and playful spirit. Wonderful to elicit joy in others. Remained in love all day, open, compassionate heart. 3 rest periods to recharge.
(8) Hour long meditation before bed, then self-hypnosis. Increasing formal meditation to 2.5h per day. 1h am/ 1h pm. 30m- 1h midday. Informal/mindfulness all day. Determined to tame the elephant.
11(7) The day begins. Now watch me whip, watch me nae nae...
(7) Thinking about connection i made w/M. M is 3. Daughter was on my lap. Preschool teacher reading a story. M loses interest, he's more interested in my glasses. Takes them off. Pulls down my eyelid.
(5) Tired. Slightly irritable. X unreasonable. Her behavior is counter-productive. Sad. Im concerned for her well-being. A well-adjusted and grounded person would not behave that way. Elicits compassion.
12(6) The strength of spirit grows in suffering and is perfected in weakness. I open the heart this morning to the light. Vulnerable... but there is strength in it.
(7) 15-20m moments of stillness/silence/settling
(6) The tap of rain falling hard against window. Rain drops sliding down glass pane. Sound of passing car hissing on wet pavement. Observing. Now turning attention inside to the felt sense beyond words
13(6) A friend mailed me the book Untethered Soul as a gift. Good read so far. Reading + dancing + yoga/exercise + nap on my day's agenda.
(4) Irritable, annoyed, tired, neck pain. Blah... but, it'll pass.
14(7) 10-11 hours sleep. Yum. I needed that. Resourced to meet the challenges of the day.
(7) Reminders throughout day to stay centered regardless of whatever disturbances surface, letting go to remain open- strengthens resolve & power of will. Allowing life to unfold w/o resistance, judgment
15(8) Freedom in keeping heart open to everything & anything that arises outside + to any reactions, disturbances, fluctuations, interpretations that surface inside. Observing w/o attachment, in flow state
(8) Good workout body & mind. Exercising body with stretches and weights. Exercising mind by remaininv present, staying focused, keeping attention on form, appreciating body in motion + breathwork.
16(7) Hello, Day, Im not author of reality. Dont know how events will unfold. Whatever happens, I remain open, not judging as good/bad- just allowing (even pain) to come & go. Appreciative, curious, open.
(6) Short break to reboot. Now mind is clear. Back to work
(5) I was triggered, but held my seat and kept heart open per instructions. I felt the unpleasant sensations in body, aware of the negative judgments, the reactive patterns wanting to attack. Atta boy!
17(7) Mind very quiet. Feeling the aliveness dancing within. Content.
(7) Feeling detached from this entity I call me. Witnessing & experiencing life through this being. The human lies in bed. The human types mumbo-jumbo. He mumbo-jumbos a lot.
18(8) Egg yolk colored sun on the horizon heralds a new day, inviting the entity I call me to surrender & venture into the Unknown. 25 rounds of diaphragmatic breathing on drive 2 work. Exhaling laughter.
(8) @ peace with even inner disturbance, not afraid, not protecting little self, transcending the tendency to want to avoid human feelings. Its energy. To experience it as such can be liberating.
(5) I disengage from thinking and rest in the felt sense of the life energy.
19(5) together as a family@school event. Triggered by Xs presence. Poor sleep. Woke up upset. Sadness drew in consciousness, but aware of descent. Not going w/thoughts. Open2feelings; welcoming experience.
(4) maybe its the pain of purification or the dying of ego... I would like to think this 4 was a prelude to something beautiful.
20(6) Finger waits for orders to move. Eye finds letter, finger presses letter. Brain coordinates. Ego dictates: 'Say this.' Weaves story. Behind that, spirit of life gives agency. Beyond that? Mystery.
(7) Resolved mission critical emergency. Whew! Co-facilitated an empathy circle this a.m. Saw children. Opp to engage X in dialogue. Emotions intensified, then retreated to calm center. Will re-engage
(7) giving people gift of full presence & deep listening. Then gym.
21(6) a thought or emotion comes. Hello. It draws its energy from my focusing on it & according to the intensity & nature of focus. Consciousness is a tool that can be turned in many directions.
(7) 20m meditation. Mind off. Now gym for a mindful workout= mind+body training.
(4) From tad sad to dark funk. Pissed at the Creator of Worlds.
22(6) Note to self: when attention is drawn to inner disturbance & consciousness descends 2 that level, use this to relax&release. If perception disorted & looking from seat of disturbance, again r&r.
(8) Ascending.
(5) 30m meditation during break. Flat. Back to work.
(8) Contributing to the well being of another feels good.
23(5) Took Mg supplement. Slept well & deeply for 5h. Difficult returning to sleep. Tiredish which dampens mood. Policing thoughts. Some children annoy me. Questioning assumptions, perceptions, management
(4) dark thoughts. I examine them with light of awareness and am not so involved, but Im still funked up.
24(7) good nights sleep. Surrendering the illusory i to the 'I am that I am.' Ra the sun god rises in the east. Ribbons of gold and scarlett festoon the sky. The work of All That Is, the I am that I am.
(7) Experiment w/micro breaks/meditations during workaday going well. Feel more rested, productive, clear-headed. More patient, more creative, more flexible.
(5) Documentary on Syria. What meaningful deed could I do to help? A once beautiful culture of historic significance destroyed for what ideal again? We in the West treat the refugees like lepers. Sad.
25(7) Checking mind weather. Balmy atm. Calm. Forecast: Potential for midday thunderstorm as sleep was insufficient + busy day ahead which generally lowers energy. Chance of rest, for exercise+friend-time
(6) Midday meditation during break. Mind always has sonething to say, but the Spirit, that gives mind life, is still.
26(8) Resting in life force; trusting the power that birthed all of this. It's not personal. It's not mine. It's alive in you. It's not human. It maintains every living thing-ants, microbes, blades of grass
(7) Trying to get the outside to be what my monkey mind wants it to be is a fools quest. Ignoring, letting go, freedom from tyranny of mind. This is liberating.
(8) Open, flowing. Such are the names I give to the felt-sense of the energy coursing through me. Sometimes, theres constriction or contraction. I might call these anger or sadness. Its all just energy.
27(7) 10-11h sleep. Mild headache & congestion. Fighting off something. Content all the same. Head may be throbbing, but Spirit is calm.28(7)
(7) Observing this entity called me as he went about his day. much of what he did today was purposeless. hes conditioned. as boring as he was to watch, it was a curious experience. liberation is near.
29(8) The Witness is at peace- whether the egoic self is agitated, busy or troubled-the Witness quietly observes.
(8) What dances before you is the result of 13.8 billion years of evolution. Yet, we insist on controlling & determining what should happen next according to our puny egos. lol. Good luck with that.
30(8) In this corner, weighing in at 175lbs ans clocking in at 46 years, the challenger, L, the Human Being. And in the red, the undisputed champion, the creator of worlds, the one who plants stars, who
(5) Tired, but ok. What would happen if I surrendered to the flow of life and directed my free will to participate in the unfolding, instead of resisting, fighting or cursing it? Experiment and see.
31(6) The guidance is subtle and well received. I am grateful for it. But I need a marquee that reads 'THIS WAY!' with flashing arrows.
(6) managing, regulating energy flow
(7) Nocturnal emission. tmi, i know. dreamt i was looking @ porn, fapping. I was so disappointed in myself. Then I woke up. Relieved. hehe #monksNightmare
   1(9) A productive, inspired morning. Going to take a break, though, to rest mind.
(9) oto-no-katachi, seaboard, titan reality, 3D printed piezoelectric violins- art meets music meets technology. Inspires my teaching, encouraging kids to rethink music.
(7) A yogi said energy followed attention. i like that. extrapolating, then, if my attention is scattered, energy is dispersed. If attention is calm and concentrated, energy is strong.
2(8) ...because there is music and dance. Performance drawing in full attention. Completely absorbed in project. Single-minded, focused. Its going to be fun!3(9) Inspired. Flow state.
(6) Requested access to stage for rehearsal. Performance for school's benefit. Access denied. WTF? We're VOLUNTEERING our time & energy for org, but we're restricted from bldg? Maybe theres a good reason
(6) Good workout. Moving body through multiple planes. When I got to locker room, professional dodgeball was televised. lol. When did this elementary school fav go pro? The announcers were serious, too.
4(7) Sleep quieted the excitable energy of yesterday. Woke up rested, but flat. Meditation helped balance energy. Another creative day.
(7) No matter who we are, life is going to put us through the changes, stresses or pain we need to go through to grow. Are we open to using this force for our transformation? Sometimes my answer is NO! ha
(5) The thought of that tramp watching the Super Bowl with my kids and the neighbor makes my blood boil. But I used that energy to fuel my performance at the gym. Hope the b* chokes on a Dorito.
5(5) Poor night's sleep. The cost for holding on to negative thoughts. Instead of dismissing them, I encouraged them with attention and gave them energy.
(4) a beautiful sadness descends. I sit with it and feel its gentleness. The heart mourns, yet remains open to the experience of being sad atm.
6(5) Decided to board the hellbound train and travel to the realm of fear to spend time with the darker exiles of the self. Intuition says I will find peace among the restless natives.
(7) The energy flow is charged. I feel like a bug zapper. Thoughts get too close... ZAP!
(6) Clearing head before bed. Even positive thoughts are still noise. I prefer the stillness of Quiet Mind.
7(8) Excellent nights sleep. Meditation. Thoughts dissolving into nothingness, dreamlike wisps flitting on screen of consciousness only to disappear back into void. pesky little self far far away.
(8) Dancing to end the day.
8(5) Distressing thoughts. Stopped to assess. Sitting taking inventory. Mind troubled. Physical discomfort in body. Thoughts of injustice, betrayal causing disturbance. Whether or not justified-irrelevant9(7) Rested. Hour long meditation to start the day...and here we go.
(9) when work itself becomes performance art.
(9) The Playground music app is siiiick! Me and a student jammin. He was live coding in Sonic Pi. FUN!
10(4) Poor nights sleep. Daughter startling me awake several times with whimpering. Irritable. The remedy for this is rest.
(5) A single brick doesnt weigh much & can be easily handled, but a pallet of bricks cannot be budged. The memeplexes we build are constructed thought by thought. No single thought is of much consequence
(3) it only hurts for a little while, then it's over. Opening up to this. Experiencing pain openly. Allowing it to pass through. Not engaging or pushing away. Centering attention on the heart. Observing.
11(5) spent morning creating vector art for video. Will try rest before mediation attempt w/X.
(7) Mediation with X met my needs for communication, understanding and respect. Came home and prepared a delicious turnip/potato/mushroom soup for family.
12(8) When Im calm, I see my self-inflicted pain and suffering objectively as signals. Like a mechanic taking a diagnostic read, I take the pain as valuable input.
(8) Collaboration w/ school in India. My students are composing music for kindergarteners, taking lyrics their teachers sent us and arranging music & melodies. One prodigy submitted project. awesome.
13(8) 7 billion billion billion atoms make up the entity I call me. The thing I call me sits in silent contemplation, marveling at the mystery of existence. Stepping outside the storylines of ego to wonder.14(8) Letting go of the pull that thoughts have on consciousness. What starts as a passing thought draws consciousness into it. Giving it attention & energy empowers it. Better to remain seated within.
(8) Who are you thats lost & trying to build a concept of a self thats found? Who are you thats broken & trying to build a concept of a self thats fulfilled?
15(7) Slept well. Ended with an insightful dream on social dynamics. Saw X on V-Day. Yuck! Poor thing doesnt love herself. How can she possibly love another-yet maintains the illusion of such a possibility.
(7) X playing games. Angry, but it passed right through me. Reoriented my attention to project I'm excited about. Stayed amped. Now ready to dial down energy & go to bed.
16(8) old friend wanted to know why I was living like a monk. He knew me when I was a Playboy. Assumed I was miserable. Far from it. Spirit is strong; heart @ peace. Mind is flexible, emotions pliant.17(9) Dance performance nxt wk. Rehearsal today after empathy circle. Breakdancing. Mambo. Then gym, artwork for another big project, make music. Got a 3rd conga. LOVE this creative life! #happilyInspired
(8) B/c we werent taught how to detach from thinking & disengage- we identify w/mind & suffer. A single thought charged w/emotion can obliterate one's joy. Better to obliterate addiction to thinking.
18(8) Learned lots of things & developed many skills, but none contributes to my peace as much as the ability to disengage from the oppressiveness of thinking & resting in stillness even w/an agitated mind
19(8) The caw of a crow and the cries of a blue jay during meditation filled my heart with joy. The Self does not end at the boundary of skin. Tat tvam asi.
(7) Even positive thoughts are a distraction, anaesthetizing me & dulling motivation for Self discovery & knowledge. Easy to become complacent. Nothing like the peace that follows ego annihilation.
20(4) Angry. Disgusted. Contempt for X. Daughter, in her innocence, telling how the dirty tramp & her bf kiss in public (like this) *brings fingers together. Sings song about mommy & bf sitting in a tree.21(9) Rehearsal was fun! Looking forward to performance.22(7) A good night's sleep. Mind calm and at peace. Leaf buds on bush signal the coming of spring.
(9) A true leader brings out the best in others, coaxes out their potential, sees their promise and encourages them to venture beyond their limits and fear.
23(9) On purpose. Excited. Connected to Source. Life coursing through me. Trusting. Confident. Strong.
(10) Performance was a hit as I imagined it'd be. Drew people out. Performers trusted even though it seemed risky. Proud of everyone& grateful for their contributions, time, effort, creativity. LoveGames
24(9) Precious daughter sleeps by my side, small hand resting on my shoulder. Taking boys to bball practice in 2h, then movie matinee w/mom & kids. Party tomorrow. Wrking on Art/Movie project
(9) Rockin' bhangra. Bollywood performance on my mind. Driving boys to practice. Can't be normal. We're pilots. Initiating hyper-drive in T minus 3, 2, 1, etc.
(8) Prayers before bedtime. Then reading chapters of Dhammapada on illusory nature of transient pleasures to my boys at their request. Respecter of the world's religions.
25(8) Art project, birthday party and gym to look forward to today. Rested & meditated. Mind centered & alert. Every breath, every movement could be a cause for celebration. The Spirit dances within.
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