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1(8) Optimistic for 2018. Normally dont like new years2(6)
(7) New years resolutions. Be less needy Get better habits regarding food.
3(5) Work cancelled me tomorrow. Short notice to find something else :( Fancy the day off, but could do with the money4(8) 5No Reasons6(9) Weekend with oldest school friend and her family7No Reasons
8(7) Early start as had some work men round. Think i may go back to bed now they are done. Lazy day and seeing the guy later.9(7) 10No Reasons11No Reasons12(8) 13(7) 14(3) Plans went wrong. Now im stuck trying to get home
15(8) Thank goodness for uber, and the guy was lovely
(7) Continuing to make mistakes. But no oonger blaming other people
16(8) 17(6) Would prefer not to go to work today18(8) Finally an early night ( if after 10.30 is early?)19(9) Fri-yay20No Reasons21(7)
(9) Perfect balance to weekend. Gallery, funtimes, cooked dinner for the guy and did voluntary job. Trying not to fall in love too fast. Was a nice one anyhow :)
22(7) Skipped the gym today. Missed exercising, but got house tydied.23(8) Spin and body combat class. Made up for yesterday. Feel good, but craving chocolate24(6) Today i want wine and crisps. Premenstrual cravings25No Reasons26(8) Period pains. Better than more chocolate i got myself a unicorn balloon.27(7) Got evening plans but feel sleepy
(8) 1st time at bingo
28(5) The bloke told me he thinks im childish because of me buying myself a balloon. I wish he had asked how im feeling.
29(4) Fed up. Im constantly asking people how they are, but noone asks me how i am. Typical conversation with the parents. I ask how they are, they reply. And continue to not ask me. The bloke doesnt ask me30(8) 31No Reasons
   1No Reasons2(5) I split up with the guy yesterday. When he split up with me in December I returned his house key but have been waiting for 2 months to get it again. I asked for it but didn't get it. And he said he3(5) Feel lonely. It's my birthday next weekend and I had planned to spend it with the guy. Now I'm going to have yet another birthday alone
(4) Want to tell the guy I miss him
4(6) Still feeling a bit low. All weekend at college and a full week at work ahead, so perhaps tiredness is contributing. Passed today's exam :)
5No Reasons6(6) 7No Reasons8(7) Feeling a bit more optimistic about my upcoming birthday. A friend and I are going to a spa on the actual day. An evening before I'm having some friends over for some drinks. It should be a good one9(8) Nervous and excited about a date tonight.10(8) Good date yesterday. Got a bit stressed earlier as I'm trying to get stuff ready for a small party tonight. I planned food but was out of stock. A Friend came around to help. Girlie night later11No Reasons
12(6) Got drunk at my party on Saturday and was texting the new guy. On Friday he told me I was perfect. By Sunday he's keeping his distance. Oops :(13(8) Booked trip to see the new guy. I wasn't sure about long distance relationships. In the past it was a 3 hour train. This time it's 7 by plane! But I'm happy to give it a try14(8)
(9) I'm meeting the guy in Europe next month, and he is flying to me the following month. So much planning ahead. I'm excited
15(9) Guy has booked another flight to see me next month. And I'm on holiday tomorrow to Africa. I had already booked it to visit a friend. Life is so exciting16No Reasons17No Reasons18No Reasons
19(9) Holiday :)20No Reasons21(9)
(9) Time to think and realise I feel peaceful inside. Butterflies when I think about the guy because it's still new. But the head is quiet
22No Reasons23(8) 24(7) Last Evening of holiday25No Reasons
26(7) I'm home. Trip was good. Tiring journey back though27(7) 1st day back at work
(5) Feeling ill
28No Reasons29(5) Anxious as to why the guy is distant30(7) 31No Reasons