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(7) Skipped gym for carbs and wine :( phonecall with the American :)
4(7) 5(6) The American has gone elsewhere this weekend. We've discussed us living somewhere else we both can work. So I should be happy, but I wish he was here. I love where I am. This is where I want to be6No Reasons7No Reasons
8(6) Slept most of the weekend. Got up for volunteering job and back to bed. Will try to get to gym today.9No Reasons10(7) 2 times to the gym this week so good. End of tax year. Just can't face looking at last year's paperwork11No Reasons12(8) Too Excited to sleep. Seeing the American tomorrow. It's been nearly a month since the last time which is pretty much The longest gap since we got together.13No Reasons14No Reasons
(5) Had planned to wash hair tonight. But did some account work at home and forgot. Now it's late Early start for work in morning. Grrr
16No Reasons17(6) Always thought I was good at my job. But recently found huge gaps in my knowledge. Guess that's what being stuck at the same place a decade does. Complacency. Studying hard the last few evenings18No Reasons19(5) Started a text argument with the American last night.
(6) Good volunteer shift. Feel rubbish about starting argument yesterday. Going to give him some space as I'm only going to continue as I didn't get answers. Therapist cancelled appointment last week.
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