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1(4) for the last 3 years I've been telling myself it will be better from January 1st. turned out to be worse. so again I will tell myself; the only way to go is up2No Reasons3(6) okayish. told colleagues about therapy from next week on. they were so supportive
(5) feel like dating. too bad I never meet someone
4(6) These last 5 days I haven't been thinking about dying all the time. I've been okay. Just can't seem to discover what the cause is.5No Reasons6(8) I had a really nice date. Talked about meeting again.
(5) Had 3 wine last night and at least 5 glasses of water in between but this headache is killing me. Feels like my body can't handle alcohol anymore. I can't stop thinking about date
7(6) okay weekend. managed to go for a run today and spent time with friends. I really hope to see my date soon.
8(5) I don't want to push things but I'm still nervous bout dating en stuff. Even though he said he would like to see me again. I hope I don't make the same mistakes again.
(6) Starting my 6 weeks 'diagnostic part-time therapy' tomorrow. ready for it.
9No Reasons10(5) Loving the updated MP app; thanks chiefs!! Okay day. Bit tired though.11(6) yesterday was our second date. we went to an Australian restaurant. nice food and cosy place. bought him a book in return. 2nd day of therapy was long. 4 groupsessions.12(5) First week of work and therapy behind me. Must admit I'm pretty tired. A lot to reflect on.13No Reasons14(7) Nice weekend with gym, friends, cat and books. Date came for dinner. Made him a Dutch meal.
15(6) Manager at work said i looked energetic. I think I'm doing okay. Not good yet but very okay. Got a nice rhythm with work/gym/therapy and social life.16No Reasons17No Reasons18(5) Therapy. Touched by sadness. Drama and crisisintervention ahead. Cognitive and creative therapy done.
(4) Feeling sad after an intense day. Negative thoughts are popping up like mushrooms. Like date doesn't wanna meet me while he said Sunday he does. But he's going away for a trip and has ppl staying over
19(4) Therapy done for this week. It was quite intense. We're a small group and we're willing to share. Next week 2 new ppl are added to our group. Interesting to observe how our group will respond.20(5) Feeling very tired all of a sudden. Insecure about date. He's on a trip and doesn't text me but it's the same as when he's in town so I guess I'm just overreacting. Need to stop this21No Reasons
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