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1(5) Resolutions in the new year: Be strong. Be present. Talk less and listen more. Focus more at work. Drink less. Not that different from last year's, but I'm ok with that. It's just another day.
(6) Today was a good day! Lazy morning, and then my annual run around the bay (13.5 miles in under 10F! Brrr...). Invited people to join me and had a group of 6. So much better than running alone!
2(6) Back to work. Tough to get up this morning so early. New project will be very stressful. Trying to keep it in perspective and not let them take advantage of me. Going to stay focused.3(5) Cops with assault rifles closed off road to radio station yesterday, so my radio show got cancelled. Didn't really mind. 5 miles on treadmill this morning. Dog got me up twice last night. Tired.4(5) Freakin' winter. Big storm. Going to be below 0F (-30 wind chill) next two days, and over 12' of snow. Stressed about getting to work and around. Blah.5(5) Bitter, dangerous cold (-20 to -30F wind chill) today and tomorrow. Snow makes it much worse, because salt won't work on the roads, and shoveling is horrid. Working at home this morning, but...
(5) Eat lunch early, brave the cold and blowing snow to drive super slowly on sketchy roads to get to work so I can do an interview...and it's rescheduled for Monday. Argh. Oh well, here now.
6(6) Far too cold to go outside today. Snowy, 4F (-20+ with windchill). Ran on the treadmill 6.5 miles (stopped out of boredom), undecorated and cleaned house, did laundry. Now beer and football this PM.7No Reasons
8(5) Not a bad Sunday. Today is warmer - over 30F for first time in 2 weeks. Anxiety kept me awake last night. Busy day/week at work for sure. Going to be a long week!9(5) Slushy, wet run last night, but nice to have temps above freezing. Feeling very anxious this week. I think it's the looming work. Plus dog giving me problems. And tired. Sigh.10(5) Tired this morning. Going to be a long, busy day. Ran on treadmill this morning instead of running in slush with people tonight. Sick of winter, and 2 feet of snow predicted this weekend. Ugh.11(4) Yesterday was difficult. No focus at work so got nothing done, which means work piles up. Craving sugar or going out for beer. Car issues. Dog got me up at 3 this morning. Tired and stressed.
(4) Unbelievable. 55 degrees (F) here today. A foot of snow expected tomorrow night. There goes my weekend running. And that means more terrible conditions for running next week. Tired of winter already!
12(6) Yesterday was better. Got stuff done at work. Took advantage of warm weather to run 7.5 miles in the rain. Snow is mostly gone, but a foot expected tonight. Beer/food thing tonight should be fun.13No Reasons14(5) Tons of snow yesterday made for a lazy inside day. Went out last night to see a 90s cover band. Was fun, but didn't stay long. Bit hungover this morning. No plans today, just football I guess.
15(4) Off work today, still got up early. Cold and sad. Melancholy, I guess. Lonely for sure. Trying to face the year more positively, but feel like I'm failing lately. Or just having to struggle more.16(5) I guess I'm ok today. Work is going to be stressful for sure this week. Not sure how to do everything...a lot is out of my hands. Radio show tonight. Dog's been behaving badly while I'm away. Sigh.17(5) Still so cold. Winter really affects my mood. Have to get outside more like last year, but it's so bitter cold. Hate living life hoping time passes quicker. Stressful, busy day at work today...
(4) Got stuck in a rabbit hole reading about loneliness and feeling lonely. So tired tonight. Craving comfort so drinking. Weak.
18(4) Big dip in mood last night lingers to this morning. Relentless cold and darkness makes everything harder, even sleeping and eating and dealing with the dog. Tired and sad.19(4) Ran in the cold last night with some good people. Felt pretty good about things, but then horrible night's sleep, dog got sick, bitter cold day - mood dipped again.20No Reasons21(6) Had a nice weekend D with parents. They helped me convert my extra room to office/treadmill room and it looks great. Ran some hard miles outside in slush/snow. Was a nice few days.
22(5) Ugh Monday. January is such a tough time. It's so long, and there's so little light. I hate wishing time away, but January and February feel like punishments or purgatory, just to endure.23No Reasons24No Reasons25No Reasons26No Reasons27No Reasons28No Reasons
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