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 1(5) Not a bad day. Cooked a nice meal last night and watched a movie and went to bed. Today, ran around the bay (13.5 miles, it's a tradition), then a few beers with a 'friend', now my radio show.
(4) I wanted to share this song because it fit me so well today and it's so beautiful, but no one cares on FB, and I'm trying to stay off it. I feel so alone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMiFPHWQ5Yw
2(4) Rough night's sleep, so struggling this morning. Made mistake of letting on to parents in email how low I've been and got the whole 'buck up' and 'pray on it' response. Sigh. Crappy second Monday.3(4) Been fighting a cold for a few days. Everyone at work is sick. It finally sunk in yesterday. Feeling bleary and gross today. Going to be a long day...4(5) Gonna give this morning a 5 despite the annoying cold. Good run last night. Leg still sore but maybe a bit better. Trying hard to stay off Facebook. Trying hard to be stronger in the new year.5(5) Cold really messing me up. Skipped my run this morning. Laid around and done very little, other than laundry and de-Christmasifying the house. Bored...6No Reasons
7(4) Almost no sleep last night due to this stupid cold. Called in sick today. Really don't want to spend another day on couch but head so bleary. Ugh. Have to run tonight too...8(5) Feeling a bit better today, though now I have a cough that hurts my throat. Dog hurt his paw yesterday and has me worried. I accidentally brushed it when wiping his paws off this AM. Aww :(9(4) Cold still nagging. Taking dog to vet this morning to see about his paw. Feeling stress and anxiety this morning...
(4) Poor dog. Have to leave him in a cone whenever I'm not with him (all day, all night). Have to soak his sore foot for 10 mins (right!). Have to keep him from being active. Ugh, I mean poor me!
10(4) Poor, pathetic dog trying to sleep in his cone last night, kept whining, wouldn't let me sleep. Bunch of snow last night and so cold today! Going to be a hard, long day.11(4) Beer dinner last night. Food and drink were good, but feeling very gross this morning. Part of it is how alone I felt. Didn't feel a part of these people, they're not my friends.12No Reasons13(5) Ran 6 miles yesterday, 5 this morning, all on icy trails, 15F both days. Super cold, my body not in the shape I was, lungs hurt from my cold. But felt good to move and get outside.
14(5) Not bad this morning. Feeling encouraged that leg doesn't hurt much after running Sat and Sun. Cold still nagging but better. Nice to see some improvement in things. Solid 5.5 today, I think.15(5) Last night's group run was nice. Extremely grateful my leg is feeling better. Ran 3 days in a row, and it's sore but not as bad as it was! Super cold again today. Poor night's sleep.16(4) Was so tired last night, radio show was a slog. Just wanted to sleep. Really anxious today, making me feel jittery and ill. Managed 3 miles on treadmill this morning. Ugh, feel like it's a rough day.17(5) I've been so tired in the evenings this week. Last night, just wanted to relax, and dog was frantic. Exhausting. But feeling ok this morning. Run tonight and hopefully with people Saturday morning...18(5) Cold run last night. Struggling to get my miles back up again; feeling behind on training already! And January is barely 1/2 over. Big storm coming this weekend. Gonna be a lot of shoveling. Tired.19No Reasons20(5) Relaxing weekend. Tough run in the snow Saturday morning, then groceries, and haven't left the house since. Nearly 2 feet of snow. Didn't do much, just watched TV. Tomorrow off too. Quiet weekend.
21No Reasons22(5) Relaxing 3-day weekend. Tons of snow and super cold. Ran with my group last night for 2 measly miles. So bitterly cold! Trying to up treadmill. Loads of work stress to greet me today. sigh.23(5) Feeling pretty good physically this morning. Doing guided meditation on stress, and it said to think about the emotion behind stress. I think immediately of sadness or loneliness, but that's not...24No Reasons25No Reasons26No Reasons27No Reasons
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