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   1(6) Planning on doing some painting today2(6) Was gonna get up earlier but kept falling asleep..
(6) Painting progress so far, as requested ? https://instagram.com/p/Bes34Vxgygp/
3(6) First day at new job today, nervous/excited4No Reasons
5(6) I have another interview today, as my other job is only currently once a week, so I will see what they are offering. It would be good to be able to do both.6(6) Art therapy today7(5) Disappointed in a friend who thinks it is ok to post a status ridiculing what I have said when I was trying to provide support8(6) Going to paint today
(7) Been writing a daily blog type thing about my artwork and also how I'm feeling. I think it's been helping. Link below if you're interested https://natashastauntonart.wordpress.com/2018/02/08/birds/
9(6) Going to this business event today to promote my art and animation skills
(5) Ryan was meant to be home earlier but he's still working
10(5) Didn't get enough sleep, hoping work isn't too hard today.
(4) Down
11(6) Thinking of doing a Masters in Fine Art, do you think it's worth it?
12(5) Got a cold
(4) Feeling really ill and doubting myself, doubting what I should focus on, doubting as always. Anyway, I started making this animation series to help new vegans https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FzAhUjPLITc
13(4) Got art therapy today but I slept too much so I'm probably going to be late again.14(5) Still got a coooldddd :(15(5) Trying to rest16(5) Resting17(5) Sleepy. Work.
(5) As ever, death entices me.
18(5) Thinking about my options
(4) Wondering if I'm ever going to get anywhere.
(3) Will my depression ever leave me alone?
19No Reasons20No Reasons21No Reasons22No Reasons23No Reasons24No Reasons25No Reasons
26No Reasons27No Reasons28No Reasons