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 1(4) Why am I such an idiot? Why do I never learn from anything?
(4) Still eating too much, and badly, but trying to set some other things right and making plans. Veering from tearfulness to determination and back again and every place in between.
2(3) 3(4) Well today was a write off - didn't get out of bed despite having arranged to meet M. Haven't heard from him since I broke it off just before Christmas but had said we could meet in new year if he
(6) Reading in bed, my cat asleep on my lap - snoring. God I love her - she and her snoring make this moment a 6
4(4) So tired of myself5(5) Though the day was a loss, did get myself out of bed around 5, took shower, put on clean clothes and walked to the shop and back, with much healthier food than last couple of weeks. Made some porridge6(6) Not feeling a 6 but need to give myself one as I did a bit of cleaning and quite a bit of cooking, so less to do in this back-to-work week. Froze some of what I made as well, which is what I used to
7(4) Sleeping is going to be harder than I thought, even though I did stuff today - on completely different sleeping schedule (ie incompatible with working life). Just have to suck it up now and tomorrow
(5) I did my exact hours today (9-5) but felt much longer as I had so little sleep and the office was freezing. So much work, especially before Thursday...Tired...
8(5) Doing stuff at work but of course not the stuff I need to get done - aargh. On the positive side, got up on time again so woo me.9No Reasons10No Reasons11(3) 12No Reasons13(5) Spent time with M today, first time I've seen him since I broke it off with him, just before Christmas. He had asked if we could meet up - but I'm not sure what was going on. We caught up about what
14No Reasons15(4) Not a good day at work - mainly because a lot was happening and need to manage that as well as what's already on my plate16(5) Another not great day at work but I feel okay, at least for now17(5) 18(5) End of a long and difficult week. Really tired. Trying to think about what is going well, where I have made progress (however small), rather than just focusing on what I haven't done. Not so good at19(5) 5 simply because not feeling much except tired. 12.30 and not yet out of bed (got up at 6.30 to feed cat, take meds - but not getting up at that hour on a Sat after the week I've had). Got first flat20No Reasons
21(2) Actually was the worst news from landlord: they've decided to sell the flat and have given 3 months' notice. Since I'm in the same position that made moving difficult last summer - cat, no deposit -22(5) Feeling really down and tired, so much work to do on top of flat hell - but I have some good friends at work and we had laughs today. I also did some good work. Need to remember this stuff sometimes23No Reasons24No Reasons25No Reasons26No Reasons27No Reasons
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