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2No Reasons3No Reasons4(6) Glad to see my son back at school. I also took care of some pharmacy business.5(4) A little depressed over my son's autism issues,6(4) I am dealing with the first day of a three day stretch of bad weather. Got my groceries out of the way while I could.7No Reasons8No Reasons
9(6) Had a good talk with my mom.10(6) Did some shopping today.11(6) Took a morning nap. Going to use a gift card that I got for Christmas.12(6) Going to stop at a thrift store and buy a mess of paperbacks. I have decided that reading would be a good hobby.13(6) I didn't get the books yesterday. I crapped out. I go to my DBSA today after a month hiatus.14No Reasons15No Reasons
16(6) I was bracing for a rainy week, but it looks like sunshine outside today.17(4) I am mad at my husband for trying to be my conscience. All I was trying to do was be honest, not a weasel like him!18No Reasons19(5) My son's school got cancelled yesterday due to flooded roadways.20(6) Looking forward to DBSA even though I have nothing to report. I guess I like socializing.21No Reasons22No Reasons
23No Reasons24(6) Feeling like just chilling out today.25(5) Saw my therapist today. I also ate brunch at Denny's.26(5) I hope the weather improves Mon. I couldn't get to the thrift store due to the chill. I don't like waiting on the bus in these conditions.27(5) Still chilly. Don't want to go to DBSA today because of the nippy weather.28No Reasons29No Reasons
30(6) Went to church for the first time in many years. I feel like I have hope again.31(5) Feeling rested after a nap. I went and bought more books to read.