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8No Reasons9(6) Not been on here for four months and not have I missed it!! Became unwell in September and had an episode of depression but feeling a lot better now I'm on Prozac
(5) Bodyclock is out of sync the past three days - asleep all day and awake all through the night ??
(4) A little low but just riding it through - not had a bath in 4 days due to sleeping so much ? so hoping a bath with my soap and glory products and music may help.
10(5) Bored - it's nearly 4am and can't sleep - ran out of sleeping tablets - haven't got any until tomorrow ? mood is stable though. Boyfriends making me a Horlicks ????11(5) Not left the house in a week but have to nip to the bank in the city centre - got anxiety - nausea and feel clammy ??
(5) On my way back home on public transport and my senses are really hypersensitive today - the smells on the bus are making me feel so irritable inside and feel like I'm going to throw up ?
12(6) Seeing my little girl for 2 hours - love her soooo much she's my world and makes me so happy ???
(5) Hate it when my times up spent with my daughter - going home - having a couple of drinks to de stress - hoping it doesn't turn in to disaster tho like usual ? wish I was a happy drunk ?
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15No Reasons16(2) Numb
(3) 4am agitated and crying because I can't manage to get to sleep - even after my sleeping tablet and sleep music / so sent my bf to get some brandy and coke from the 24/7 shop ??
(3) Regretting getting brandy but as seen as it's here now I'm obviously going to drink it - damn those impulsive decisions!!!! Not blaming impulse for drinking it as I had a clear choice on that part!
(9) Drunk = Green ?
(1) Ended up in hospital after having a breakdown when intoxicated
17(4) Slept all day again18(5) Feeling alright done some cleaning and had a takeaway - got to knock the drinking on the head again now. Going to try my best not to go through a drinking phase again
(6) Half five in the morning - still watching tv with my boyfriend - (he stays up with me :) in a good mood and excited to see my little girl tomorrow - energy is coming back slightly - back on my meds to
(5) 8.15am and still not been to sleep although I'm tired ?
(7) Finally feeling more stable with my mood and only been back on my meds (mood stabilisers and Prozac) for 3 days after a week not taking them - cosy watching to with BF - takeaway on its way ?
19(7) This time a year ago I couldn't concentrate more than 10 minutes watching tv - tonight I have watched 2 full movies on the horror channel - on for the third called 'chained' its a gritty thriller!!20No Reasons21No Reasons
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