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 1(2) Hasn't been a bad day but I'm feeling irritable. Still not fully over the recent family drama. Got a guy messaging me and I'm not sure I want to talk to him. He saw me on Tinder and messages my2(2) Still not feeling great. Feeling like everything is my fault. I didn't get much sleep last night and haven't even had a drink or anything to eat today.
(5) Feeling tired. Trying to stay positive. Better now I'm not alone.
3(5) Feeling tired. Been pretty up and down today.4(5) Mostly okay but worried about some things.5(4) Spent all day with a friend. She's really nice but I didn't know what to say most of the time and found it very tiring. Now I'm overthinking things. I've been feeling pretty lost recently.6(5) Going back to university later today and I have mixed feelings about it.
(5) About to set off. Had a lot of mixed feelings today
(5) Back at uni. Kind of looking forward to getting back into the swing of things but also wish I'd had more time to rest first. Will start unpacking soon.
7(6) Been feeling a bit better since I started back at university. It's nice to get into more of a routine again. Saw my friends in a lecture and had a nice chat. Managed to get a work experience placement8(7) Feeling tired but counselling made me feel better about some things. Might have a nap after this lecture but need to get some work done.9(9) Feeling pretty good. Was tired and unmotivated earlier but managed to get some good work done now that I've made a start.
(5) Mostly had a good day but now I'm tired. Feel like I'm not doing enough in certain areas but it's something I can work on.
10(7) Been a bit up and down today. Mostly good but a bit stressed by difficult work and something in a lecture triggering bad memories. Starting to feel calmer now. Doing some mindfulness.11(5) Mostly okay but had some trouble with intrusive thoughts.12(7) Feeling tired13(5) Feeling tired and kind of bored
14(7) Feeling okay now that I've got some things worked out.15(7) Feeling okay but trying to plan things so that I can get everything done on time.
(7) Feeling pretty motivated. Had a productive day. Spent some time with friends.
16(3) Uni stress is building up17(9) Feeling better now the presentation is over.18(3) Feeling very anxious about uni work. Trying to calm myself down.19(7) Feeling okay but a little stressed. I have a date tomorrow.20(9) Feeling excited but kind of nervous about this date.
(9) Just got back from a date
21(4) Feeling anxious but haven't done a lot because I've been so tired. Hoping to get more done tomorrow22(5) Feeling mostly okay but a little stressed.23No Reasons24No Reasons25No Reasons26No Reasons27No Reasons
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