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      1(4) Dark conflicting thoughts
(4) Meh
3No Reasons4(5) Neutrality5(4) Guilt again
(5) Did some tidying so feel a little better
6(6) Watching marigold on tour and want to go to Japan7(6) I enjoy writing competitions especially submitting
(6) I enjoy writing competitions especially submitting
8(5) Heaven that is marmite on toast
9(7) First therapy in ages feel great10No Reasons11(6) Marigold hotel BBC doc is lovely
(7) Relaxed and happy - listening to CAITLIN Moran and playing sim city :) dressed up tidied have a meeting later in the month
12(6) Not as pumped but still alright :)13(6) Had a lovely chat with my sister - offer of cool 80's shirts14(5) Happily melancholy
(6) Playing scrabble with my love in bed looking forward to listening to my audio
(4) Incredibly bad mood
(4) Really not feeling it
15No Reasons
16(4) *rolls eyes* depression!17(5) Very tired but optimistic at least
(6) Glad I'm tired now at night - been a productive day writing - and nice dinner with partner
18(4) Stressed bed delivery gone tits up blocked in hall
(7) Recording session with Ken
19No Reasons20(4) Sudden mood drop
(6) Did the voiceover - a lot of fun, I think I need to do something creatively fulfilling every day, I wonder if I would feel good to do it for a month!
21(5) Surviving burns night social rubbish22(5) Feeling quite level
23(6) Therapy24(6) Good at distraction25(4) Anxiety and feel terrible about my weight
(5) Is it narcissistic to look at old photos of self to remind yourself you're not ugly? Needed reassurance
26(5) V insecure nonsense
(4) I wrote a reply to a pen pal they reacted badly - and was personal - I'm now v anxious
(4) Feel so weird today!!!!!
27(5) The usual28(6) Nice evening with the in-laws29(6) Feel relaxed
30(7) Off to London woohoo
(7) Off to London woohoo
(7) Off to London woohoo
31(7) Good interview with Kayden
  1(7) Tired but high spirits - joking away2(8) Lecture day3No Reasons4(5) Awful stomach bug but feeling okay5(5) Alright
6(6) Serene
(7) Please brother in law got a B in his dissertation that I helped with - phew
7(6) Calm :) got to do stuff but I can do it tomorrow8No Reasons9(5) Begin to think why am i doing any of this / just going through the motions of life
(4) Depressed
(5) Keep a witty conversation and amusing I guess in the face of misery and no work
(3) Weird arguments with partner :( so odd and horrible
10(4) Weirdest moods today
(3) Fear of flying anxiety is already intense and it's 10 hours away!!!
11(3) Going mad
(5) Cried spoke to partner
(5) Survived the plane journey with minimal anxiety
12(7) Florence holiday
13No Reasons14(4) Filling the day with errands I don't want to do really just coz I agreed and meh to fill the time
(3) Did the press thing for 42nd Street hate the whole charade of it
15(5) Grayson perry artistry
(4) Sick and sadness
16No Reasons17(5) Home18No Reasons19(6) Bodyflight indoor air dive
20(7) Bowls of fruit and yoghurt for breakfast is amazing21No Reasons22(5) Meh can't get out of bed
(5) Just doing some impromptu househusbandry
23(8) When you have a freeing thought and it makes you feel great coz you realise you don't have to emulate anyone or live up to some ideal you can just be yourself24(7) Producer in touch about this years show - excitement mixed with anxiety
(6) Good evening out but triggered
25No Reasons26(7) Productive day :) and lots of fun stuff to do :)
27(5) The listless feeling is upon me28No Reasons