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      1(7) really happy this morning
(5) dad keeps taking over my room, i just want it left alone how it is not moving anything about
(6) tv has been good tonight
2(5) woke up to two nosebleeds this morning, still feeling food tho
(6) nice bath relaxing
3(5) work work work work work
(7) acctually feeling good today, and a good shift today
4(7) loving life atm
(6) ok so not the best shift today, had a panic attack but im still smiling
(7) no work tomorrow!!!
(4) so my exs sister messaged me, kinda put a downer on me now
5(6) bored!!!
(7) fone my hair nice, crocheted, and cycled to the drs, id say it was very productive today
(5) ok so being ignored is not the best feeling in the world, they better have a good excuse hahaha
6(5) bit of a downer today7(6) bored so might do some knitting
(7) i love my room, its so perfect!!!
(5) i love my room its so pretty!!!
8(5) i ate too much and was sick :(
9(5) day off in bed
(5) in a bad manic state rn and i wanna sleep
10(3) bad dream
(5) sooooo happy got an interveiw for a sch teacher
(7) sooooo happy got an interveiw for a sch teacher
11(6) work12(8) interveiw went brilliantly13(4) i hate this, been stapped down as a cadet
(6) work was good and there was snow
14(6) loving life
(6) lazy day today
(5) watched a film, dad chose it and it was me and my exs film we used to watch all the time, but it was still a good film
15(6) slipped over on the ice in my moped, not the best start to my day but still feeling optimistic
(7) 5 days off, time to do some knitting!!!
16(6) so nearly done on my friends baby cardigan cant wait to finish it!!!
(6) part one done on my knitting project now onto part two after i sleep
17(5) today was boring
(5) my mate keeps bragging about things and its annoying me so not in best mood
18(6) woke up at 3
(6) having some respite at nanas
19(6) went walking with nana, very nice 3.25 miles20(7) seeing mum today!!!!21(5) so today was interesting, started bad but shift was quick today and was VERY busycause of football traffic. glad to rest, watch a film and do some knitting22(6) even tho i woke up at 6 im feeling optomistic
23(6) i want coco pops
(5) god i hate being clingy!!!
24(6) im so lazy
(4) feel like i wanna overdose
25(6) loving life even tho i didnt sleep at all
(7) brilliant day today
26(7) had a really good nights sleep
(7) had a really good nights sleep
27(6) woke up to a nose bleed
(5) date bailed out on me and got hot and colds, think im coming down with a cold
28(6) good nights sleep and watching glee
(6) dyed my hair blonde, fwb screwed me and then left me so was in a bad mood but gonna ignore boys and try to focus on me for a change
29(5) came home from work after an hour cause i felt sick
(5) still feel sick
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  1(7) had a lovely day at work and had a relaxing bath!!!2(6) didnt sleep well
(5) cleaned my make up brushes, been bored all day told fwb that i was very miffed with him and i was dissapointed, ngl he deserves alot more than that!!!
(5) been so bored today
3(5) soooooo tired this morning and i have to work omg i hate it
(6) so i think my best mate has got me into the gym, well i wanna get toned and let my ex see what hes missing hahaha
4(6) glad i have the day off
(7) had a lovely day off
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6(6) lovely walk then gym later
(4) feel like absolute shit, keep thinking about my ex and how many times he hurt me and how many memories there were
7(6) gym was really good8(6) woke up at ten, and to the washing up
(7) at the gym again and theres really hot guys here
9(7) gym lastnight followed by a pizza party at mine was brill lastnight, now off to see mum10(6)
(5) work was shit
(5) work was so bad i wanna quit
11(6) day off thankfully wanna sleep12(5) work
(6) nice evening
13To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter14(4) i wanna quit work, theyre threatning to suspend me and i hate it had an awful night last night bumped into an ex and i wanted to throw my drink over him, cant wait to go home and just sleep
(5) wanted to overdose and kill myself earlier wanna quit work cause im not happy there they sent ne home early cause i had bladder spasams and was behind on drinks
15(5) i dont like the dentist
(5) im a wreck
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(4) still feeling suicidal
18(6) went to the beach today and applied for jobs19To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter
20(5) i hate work, need to get a new job
(5) hate this feeling
(5) interveiw went awful, didnt get it, soent the evening with my dog and grandad and went for a walk then git a email saying another company wants an interveiw #behopeful
(5) interveiw went awful, didnt get it, soent the evening with my dog and grandad and went for a walk then git a email saying another company wants an interveiw called 111 cause i was feeling suicidal
22(5) got a callback for my interveiw23(6) callback today cant wait!!!24(6) lovely day with mum25(5) halucinating about times with my ex bf isnt great...26(5) today wasnt so bad, had a bath and ate chocolate after a successful shift at work
27(6) glad i have the day off28To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter
  1(5) hate calling in sick, been ill all night and couldnt breathe2(7) work was really really good3(0) its at the point where i am taking my emergency meds cause im so worked up, my best friend wont talk to me and its killing me4To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter5(6) nothing but rest today
(6) nice day at nanas, had photos with our dog too
6(5) friend bailed out on me and now wint talk to me.... great start to my week7(6) happy even though work was hard i saw my friend8(6) interveiw went really well9(6) didnt get the job :(10To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter11(5) day off tgen 3 days of work12(5) oh the joys of work
13To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter14(5) two days off now15To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter16(6) gym was good ladtnight17To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter18(6) totally love being ignored
(7) saw a show with mum and it was really good!!!
19(5) i need mitivation, my dads abusing me again and ive lost my confidence for my interveiw tomorrow, i just need some love atm cause kinda feeling like im alone...
20(6) my interveiw went really well21To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter22(5) mixed feelings today not the best tho23(5) not in the mood for work today24(7) free weekend yay!!!25(8) day with mum doing her hair!!!26(8) a very happy mum and a happy charlotte!!!
(6) i doubt anyone would ever cope with my bipolar ass, on the other side i did sone gardening after a big lunch
27(6) not feeling work today
(6) not feeling work today
(7) lovely bath after a REALLY stressful day at work
28(7) i feel like stabbing my sister hahaha on the other hand mum got married29To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter30(8) 6 days off now wooohooo
(7) gum vibes feeling good, but very hungry
31(6) so ladtnight i wanted to punch my best friend in the face.....
(7) got an interview for a cattery!!!
     1(6) so mental health are coming over to assess me.... joys2(7) happy bunny today
3(7) beach today!!!
(6) ok beach is cancelled due to a bitchy sister
(5) en route to wroxham now
(6) trying to apologise to my friend about being manic but hes being a douche....
4(6) taking my bike in for a service, long walks here i come
(7) walks with my nans dog!!!
(6) i made a smoothie, but a bit down feeling like no one will want me as a gf case of my bipolar
5(7) wanna go to spring fling
(7) finnally got something to do, go to work for an extra shift
(7) finnally got something to do, go to work for an extra shift
(6) i have no energy to go back to work from my break omg the struggles!!!
(7) done a ten hour shift and feeling great, but knackered
6(7) roll on today!!!
(6) why is work so tedious
(7) loving life, got my ped back but lost £200 to get it back lol
(7) gym was good now going out so see where i gotta go tomorrow for interveiw then cooking with bestie
7(7) hair washed for later cant wait for this interveiw
(7) work was really good and interveiw went well!!!!
8(5) im so done with work!!!!
(6) dont want to get out of bed
(6) roll on tomorrow last day at work
9(6) too early zzzz
(6) glad i got a few hours left
(7) aaaaaaand im done for two days time for gym then to relax
(7) bff sleeping over woooohoooo
10(7) good vibes today
(7) got a bit drunk whilst out for food hahaha
11(6) dont want to get out of bed today12(7) work went so fast good vibes today
(6) work was good, so was gym but i have a problem, dad wants me to take out a credit card in my name but i dont want one and hes really forceful, and my friend keeps sending me dp and its wmbarrasing lol
13(7) seeing mum today trip to the cinema!!!!
(8) brill day, with mum at cinema, now at bowling with family and young carers too, saw work friend deffo loving life
14(7) work today erhhhhh
(6) i want to go back to bed
(6) came home to nana coming over and i have no energy to do my knitting but friends baby due in few days
(6) soooo bored
15(7) legit started a lesbian relationship with my best friend hahaha
(6) minds racing which is annoying cause i wanna sleep but my brains like YAY LETS THINK ABOUT RANDOM THINGS AND BE HYPER AF!!!! i hate it lol
16(6) dont wanna go to work lol
(6) glad works over it was awful
(6) acctually wanna go to sleep for one night where there isnt oise in my head
17(6) brilliant way to start my day: nose bleed for 20 mins
(7) was talking to this guy and we seemed to hit it off, i reallyblike him but the only problem is that i dont want to get to close and have another psychosis again, cause i lost my ex to that
18(7) day off
(5) im so stupid, saw my ex and panicked, now i cant sleep
19(6) work was good and i acctually slept lastnight
(7) i cant believe i got like 6+ hours of sleep lastnight
(7) lovely bath and talking to my crush omg im in love with him hahaha
20(6) very tired lol
(7) got my hair extentions in and im feeling good
21(7) day off woohooo
(5) its not fair, i want someone whi wants me, who will take care of me
(6) knitting with nana
22(6) feeling good today wanna do stuff
(7) doing good today, had breakfast downstairs and went to city with dad, then went to a shop by myself and got sone buttons and ribbon for baby clothes im making for a friend, pretty productive i say
23(7) loving life!!!
(8) i held a guinea pig today felt so calm then got a message saying im going on a date!!!!!! wooohoooo
(8) ive had a really good day
24(6) work..... and im half asleep
(6) work..... and im half asleep
(7) shift went really fast, roll on gym!!!
(5) and i had to go ruin things again
25(4) deel like utter poo this morning, that crush i had, yh he dont wanna like me at all and basically told me to f off
(6) work was long and hard but glad i got tomorrow off work but got an interveiw tomorrow for a school teaching assistant
26(7) interveiw today, bit nervous but still optomistic
(7) interveiw went well and made chicken pie for luch from scratch
27(6) work today
(7) work was good and cane home to a new phone!!! soooo happy rn
28(7) Loving life
(7) Wanna do the muddy 5k for cancer research, I'm doing gym tonight and gonna try to run
(7) Done Zumba at gym!!! Feel soooooo good
(7) Done Zumba at gym!!! Feel soooooo good
29(6) Feeling tired this morning
(6) Got no motivation for doing my knitting hahaha
(7) Finally finished the baby booties I was making for my friends baby, absolutely knackered
30(6) Tired but feeling good
1(6) Sooooo tired2(6) Might dye my hair today3(6) Work today and I'm half asleep
(5) Feel so embarrassed, I get bladder spasms and it happened as soon as I was about to leave work and I was doing drinks, and then I pee myself in front of everyone, thankfully my friend walked behind me
4(6) Work
(5) Work was awful, my so called friend kept flirting with my crush and it made me feel like poo, I hate feeling like this...
(7) Went to a bipolar meeting and it was really good I loved it
5(5) Don't wanna go to work, just wanna lay in bed all day
(5) Hated work but got an interview for a new job next weds
(5) Im feeling really alone run I wanna cry
6(7) Home alone tonight woohoo
(7) Home alone tonight woohoo
(7) Not even tired lol
7(7) Really hyper today literally out of control atm
8(7) Walking with nana today and loving the new photo of me and the dog today haha
(7) Walking and gym was really good
9(6) Bored
(7) Pizza Hut with my young carers woohoo
10(7) Interview today, wish me luck!!! Fingers crossed11(6) Not awake for work
(7) Forgot to take meds this morning so was really hyper at work today
(7) So after a charity quiz night some guy was an inch from hitting me with his car and me and my friend scared him haha he deserved it cause he didn't look where he was going
12(6) So not ready for work today
(5) I hate my life work is shit omg I wanna go back to bed
13(7) Done 5k muddy run and feeling good14(7) Actually got a lie in today haha
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(6) My ex unblocked me... idk what to feel or say
(5) I just wanna sleep
17(7) Work was fun and I ate a whole bowl of fruit!!!
(5) Hit the alcohol and might actually be able to sleep tonight
18(5) I just wanna lie in bed today, but no gotta go to work, bonus tho I put make up on, last night was awful I nearly hit the choccy milk and slept awfully
(5) My bike broke down and I was late to work
(6) Cheered myself up by getting a new top
19(5) Woke up from a bad dream about my ex, he said we were never gonna be friends again, well last night I deleted him because he blocked me again and I couldn't take all the heartache
(6) Bored now
(5) Don't like being alone
20(5) Went shopping for shoes for work and came back with hush puppies and doc martens accessories, still feeling pretty rough tho21(5) 8 hour shift today, not looking forward to it just wanna go back to bed rn
(7) Work was awful but done some jobs and stringed up the pea shoots they look so pretty!!!
22(6) Slept most of the day
(7) Talking to an old friend makes me happy
23(6) So worried about the terror attack in Manchester last night I can't believe people are so mean
(7) Saw friend today so happy
24(6) Work today then seeing nana
(7) Work was good and hay fever setting in today
25(7) Beach today, think it's needed
(7) Went to the beach then came home and got a haircut
26(6) Work today
(6) Work today
(7) Work was really good and enjoying the sunshine I got to breathe in the grass and flowers and not sneeze thanks to my new hay fever tablets!!!!!
27(7) Feeling good and been doing knitting and watching to today28(5) Work today bring on the 9 hour shift!!!!
29(7) Work was alright now off to dinner with family30(6) Boring day today tbh31To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter
   1(7) Work was really good today2(6) Seeing old friends today
(6) Seeing old friends today
3(7) Birthday tomorrow4(7) Birthday girl woop!!!
(7) So I done a lot of shopping with mum and might be getting some guinea pigs this month too soo happy rn!!!
5(7) Had a lovely day looking at guinea pig memes lol6(8) Work was really good, I stayed on and then went to the pet store and got some guinea pig supplies for when I get them7(7) Feeling good today8(7) Got my tattoo feels so good!!!
(8) Today's been so hectic, I got a tattoo and then went to an old friends house to apologise for my recklessness over the last year. I'm literally so proud of myself
9(7) Feeling good today10To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter11To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter
12(6) Tired
(8) Done a lot of cleaning today and brought guinea pig supplies with nana grandad and dog harry
13To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter14(7) Feel sooooooo good rn15To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter16(7) Hopefully got an extra shift at work!!!!
(7) Work cancelled me but I saw nana instead which cheered me up
17(7) Work today get to see my friends18(6) Such a deep sleep today and I got work... ughhh kill me
19(7) Extra shift at work!!!!20To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter21(7) I love my New Guinea pigs!!!22(7) Work today is great, my besties are in!!!
(7) Work today is great, my besties are in!!!
23(7) I lost my guinea pig under the sofa hahaha24To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter25(6) Feeling good today even tho I got sent home from work and I lost my guinea pig under the sofa!!!
26(7) I LOVE ICE CREAM!!!!27(6) Work needs to realise that I'm a night owl not a flipping early bird!!!!
(7) Work was really good and then it started thundering and raining, me and one of the managers screamed lol and I had to ped back in the rain, but thankfully I'm snuggled up in my dressing gown with pigs
28(6) Been put on mood stabilisers... let's see how this goes29No Reasons30(6) Meds didn't come so gotta wait till next week for mood stabilisers
     1(5) I hate work!!!!!
(5) Bored, manic, moody, hate everyone
2(6) I need a wash, preferably a bath, and a long one!!!
3(6) Work
(6) Work
(7) Bit of an emotional day but all is good
5(7) Meh, might be discharged for my bladder physiology!!!6No Reasons7(7) Now on mood stabilisers... well this is gonna be fun at work
(7) Work turned out really really good and I got praised
8(6) Loving life, even tho dads in a bad mood lol9(6) Work today
(5) Work was ok, and best mate keeps annoying me...
10(5) Meh11(6) Work today, mixed feelings about it but my hair is now purple!!!!12No Reasons13(7) Sleeping round best mates yay!!!!14(7) Feeling good concidering I got like 3 hours sleep lol
(6) Work wasn't great but was ok
15(7) Lovely lay in today!!!16(7) Glad that I have till tues off work lol
17(7) Saw bff today and got some dvds, feeling good tho which is great18(6) Bored af but trying to finish off knitting project19(7) Finished main part of my project, now to pick up and knit which is the hardest bit!!!20(7) Loving life21(7) Work today!!!
(6) Yh... work was awful, had 2 panic attacks there but got tomorrow off thankfully
(6) Yh... work was awful, had 2 panic attacks there but got tomorrow off thankfully
22No Reasons23(6) Work today, for the next four days straight, and not sleeping well, god help me!!!!
(5) Legit gonna do something stupid if I don't calm down...
24(6) Work25(6)
26(6) Last day of work then 4 days off27No Reasons28(6) Went clubbing lastnight
(6) Got a tattoo of needles and wool, it flipping hurt!!!!
29No Reasons30No Reasons
31(6) Feeling good and stable