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      1(7) really happy this morning
(5) dad keeps taking over my room, i just want it left alone how it is not moving anything about
(6) tv has been good tonight
2(5) woke up to two nosebleeds this morning, still feeling food tho
(6) nice bath relaxing
3(5) work work work work work
(7) acctually feeling good today, and a good shift today
4(7) loving life atm
(6) ok so not the best shift today, had a panic attack but im still smiling
(7) no work tomorrow!!!
(4) so my exs sister messaged me, kinda put a downer on me now
5(6) bored!!!
(7) fone my hair nice, crocheted, and cycled to the drs, id say it was very productive today
(5) ok so being ignored is not the best feeling in the world, they better have a good excuse hahaha
6(5) bit of a downer today7(6) bored so might do some knitting
(7) i love my room, its so perfect!!!
(5) i love my room its so pretty!!!
8(5) i ate too much and was sick :(
9(5) day off in bed
(5) in a bad manic state rn and i wanna sleep
10(3) bad dream
(5) sooooo happy got an interveiw for a sch teacher
(7) sooooo happy got an interveiw for a sch teacher
11(6) work12(8) interveiw went brilliantly13(4) i hate this, been stapped down as a cadet
(6) work was good and there was snow
14(6) loving life
(6) lazy day today
(5) watched a film, dad chose it and it was me and my exs film we used to watch all the time, but it was still a good film
15(6) slipped over on the ice in my moped, not the best start to my day but still feeling optimistic
(7) 5 days off, time to do some knitting!!!
16(6) so nearly done on my friends baby cardigan cant wait to finish it!!!
(6) part one done on my knitting project now onto part two after i sleep
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