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1(5) I'm back to Moodpanda. My 5 weeks at the mental hospital is over. I miss being there, being safe and having organised days with a timetable. I lat one of my jobs and I have t find a new one in order..2No Reasons3No Reasons4No Reasons5No Reasons6No Reasons7No Reasons
8No Reasons9No Reasons10(2) 11No Reasons12No Reasons13No Reasons14(2) I oversept and was still tired during the day. I don't have appetite recently. I am really out of energy. I'm unemployed and should looking for a new job. I'm getting tired of everything...
15No Reasons16No Reasons17(4) Feelibg a bit better. I cleaned my room's floor. I was planning to do it sonce two weeks. Called a gynecologist, I have some weird symptoms. I'm still not able to look for new job. I'm getting nervous18(4) This morning seems to be a little easier. Maybe because the sun is shining. I was playing Sims yesterday the whole afternoon and evening. I hope that I want to get addicted but it made me not to think
(2) And of course my mood dropped. I went to buy some stuff in a drugstore and I saw my ex boss there. She was waiting in the line in front of the cashier. I acted like I didn't notice her. So weird that
19(2) Hard morning... hardly able to move.
(2) I will go to an exhibition with a good friend. I'm not sure if it's a good idea, maybe I bump into some people I don't really want to see. But I really want to meet my friend and I have to get up ...
20(3) Yesterday was quiet okay, it was good to talk with my friend. I couldn't sleep throught the night, I woke up because of a bad dream. Hard to start the morning. One of my flat mates has a guest around21(2) I'm so afraid of everything... I have to find a job in order to pay my bills and rent but I just can't go in a new work environment. There was a girl I've just started to date and we haven't talk ..
22(1) Was at therapist in the morning and although I felt nervous at first the session had a positive end. I felt okay until late afternoon. Wanted to attend an event but I felt too anxious and returned ..23(2) Not really a good day. I got some photos from my part time retouching job so I worked a little. I didn't felt too great as usual but in the evening I chatted with one of my flatmates and she told me..24(4) It was rather a bad day. I was at gynecologist and he told me I probably have PCOS. Met a girl too whom I met in the hospital. We were having good conversation but I told her that my mental health ...25No Reasons26(1) I couldn't sleep around 4-5 am because my neighbors from upstairs were noisy. I had really strong s..cidal thouths. I overslept and woke up at 9:30. It's noon and I still can still hardly start my day
(3) Mostly okay during the day. I wanted to practice autogenic training but couldn't concentrate, always got distracted by thoughts.
27(5) The day is okay. First orange in a very long time.28(1) Went out with a girl I dated recently. Her friends were there too so basically it wasn't a date. It was terrible. I'm too introverted to be around these kind of a people. And she doesn't really acted
(4) In the first part of the day I felt okay, but by the evening everything became low again.
29(5) My boss contacted me after one month and said I can go back to work in the shop. I'm glad that I don't have to work in a new environment but I'malso full of fears that what if I get those very low ..30(5) Finally, a morning when I'm not depressed! :)
(5) Definitely a hipomaniac day. My thoughts are racing and I'm so restless. I hope it will be over soon.
31(6) Quiet good day. Great appointment at psychologist, met a friend today, and a cute girl asked me out for a drink. I'm still a bit pessimistic. I met this girl when another girl invited me for a concert
   1No Reasons2No Reasons3(4) My mood wouldn't be bad but I came to my parents house yesterday and they started to ask me about uni, and how will I continue it, will I move back to the city where it takes place ect. I got really..4(3) I haven't slept much, woke up at 5am then fell asleeo back after 2 hours. I'm anxious about yesterday's talk with my parents. And had a haircut too yesterday which doesn't look like the haircut I ..
(2) Back to my apartment. The the metro is under renovation and I had to go by bus. I was tense as a few weeks ago, when I wasn't able to go out on the streets. I'm tired. I feel hopeless.
5(6) Not feeling depressed :)6No Reasons7(4) First day at work after more than two months. It was okay in the first few hours, but now I started to get irritated by people. I feel wierd being back to work.8(4) Well, I dated a girl two days ago but I'm not really sure how to feel about it. I'm not sure if we fit together. I guess I should just sit back and see what happens.9No Reasons10No Reasons11No Reasons
12(6) Two good days.
(3) I dated a girl, and she is super cute and seems to be reliable. I feel like I'm dreaming. I'm feeling depressed today though. I'm not really used to being treated this good. I'm afraid of that my ..
13(5) Good appointment at psychologist. And tha day was good in average. I had a mini panic over the girl whom I date because she didn't answer my text messages until the evening. I felt silly, I knew she's14(2) It turned out that at my old workplace they didn't need me for long term again, only for a few days, they weren't clear about it when I went back last week. So I'm unemployed again... and at my other
(5) Nervous and also happy. The girl I'm seeing coming over to watch a movie. I wish I didn't have flatmates or the walls would be a little thicker :)
15(7) I didn't spend Valentine's day alone for the first time in my life! Today is my birthday and I woke up next to this beautiful, amazing girl ??16No Reasons17(6) My mood is really changable but mostly good. Had a lovely dinner with my family, had a coffee with a good friend and skyped with my date in the evening for an hour. I feel quiet good comapered to the18(5)
19No Reasons20(4) Yesterday the girl I'm dating came over to my place. It was the first time we slept together and I really enjoyed but couldn't finish. I tend to seem confident but of course I'm really really tense ..21(4) Woke up at 5am with s..idal thoughts. Finally, fell back asleep and overslept. Going to the library and the girl will stay for the night today.22(7) Girl ???23(2) Overslept. Maybe because I took my AD too late yesterday evening (my AP is has an effect which makes you sleep better). Woke up with suicidal thoughts. I'm really afraid of having this girl around. ..24No Reasons25No Reasons
26No Reasons27No Reasons28No Reasons