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1(6) Good morning Pandas welcome to 2018 Just woken up to a cloudy UK morning Missing the Aussie beach and the sun However all is well within my heart May love be with you today & always Best wishes Noel ?2(5) Woken full of cold. I have moved out of my partner's mum's house because of her leukemia to be safe. Throat very painful. Hope it will wear off as day on. And where is the sunshine!!? ?3(5) Rough 24 hours with sweats congestions & and all a cold brings. Feel slightly better this a Am. Probably 2 -3 days more quarantine. Hate colds & miss the sun. Hope all pandas feel better than me ?4No Reasons5(6) Cold is better and today is day 8 so hopefully can come out of quarantine and return home to help my partner care for her mum Just about everyone has a cold so it is hard to avoid Be well today Pandas6No Reasons7No Reasons
8No Reasons9No Reasons10(6) Mood Panda looks different or is it me? Continue to improve in healing from my back and cold. Starting to think what 2018 may look like. I would like to do a half marathon. May all Pandas be well ?11No Reasons12(6) Performed my first funeral service in 18 months. Very pleased and family very happy. Very heart open work and I have missed it. I aim to do more. May all Pandas feel as rewarded as I do ?13No Reasons14(6) My first blog of 2018. I hope some pandas may find it useful. https://pilgrimnoel.wordpress.com/2018/01/14/grace-time/
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