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 1(5) Haven't been on in a while. Gained back the lost weight over the holidays, so that sucks. I still run and have no injuries right now, that's good. I've spent an hour talking to my cousin and my ex on2No Reasons3No Reasons4(5) Going to sister's. Missed a connecting train due to being an idiot. Cold, miserable, feeling small.5(5) Feeling sad. Could be hormones making life that much harder, could be that I've moved so far away from my family of origin's… style of interaction?.. that I feel completely out of place with them.6No Reasons
7(7) Mom's a complicated human being, but she sure knows how to have a great day out. We went to the Strasbourg Museum of Fine Arts, where we saw Rafael, Titian, Donatello, Rembrandt, Rubens, Botticelli,8No Reasons9(7) Went to the skating rink with sister yesterday, was pleasantly surprised by my ability to almost skate like a normal person. I think running has helped. Today we're shopping in France. Tired.
(10) And this is for the museum of modern art. It was amazing. Saw Picasso, van Gogh, Magritte, Monet, Rodin... And Joana Vasconcelos, I'm in love! She is my favorite living artist now.
10No Reasons11(6) Last day at my sister's. Went to Strasbourg to take off the plastic anti-theft thing the salesperson left on my new skirt by accident. Everyone is super nice today. Sis took me out for a skate even12No Reasons13No Reasons
14(8) Backdated: very happy to be back home :)
(8) My first therapy session ever. I don't know yet if the doc will take me on, but I like her. She has a positive and quiet presence. Also, I really need to talk about stuff. Fingers crossed.
15(6) I really don't have the time to post and comment these days :( I hope I will once I get back from yet another trip. This time the three of us are going for a little snowboarding/skiing vacation.16No Reasons17(6) Back in Schwarzwald, this time with Inga and Alex. They are going to snowboard tomorrow, and I'll give the skis another go. I'll probably fail. Feeling pretty good these days, except today I got upset
(5) My therapist has asked me to write a little journal about my relationship with David. That's my ex husband. I'd decided not to think about it while on vacation, but it's so hard, especially at night.
18No Reasons19(7) Spent the evening listening to music and cuddling with Inga. I was sad at first, but then my mind sort of got quieter, and there was just music, and everything was better. It ended up being a lovely20No Reasons
21(8) Spent most of the day cleaning the flat after it's been the responsibility of a teenager for 5 days. Could have been MUCH worse! The highlight though was talking on the phone to a panda. It was just22(5) I had so many plans today, but instead got sick and spent the day in bed. Did go grocery shopping in the evening though. Not eating and puking for the whole day has made me remember something:23(6) Ran, cleaned up, cooked (sort of), took care of sick teenager, did a painting, been, like, efficient lately! I like this kind of me, much better for self-esteem than the depressive one. The depressive24No Reasons25No Reasons26No Reasons27No Reasons
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