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1(5) Went to Disney today. had fun. Everything is still awkward.2(7) I was promoted to supervisor! Now to finally learn something at work. She's making a go of trying to be nice. We'll see how long it goes on. Nap.
(4) Sickness caught up with me. Bed very early.
3(1) Now she is giving me an ultimatum about our living arrangements. She said I have to go to a hotel (which I can't afford) if we are not together. She said we are together or I have to buy her out.4No Reasons5(1) She said she can't wait to bring home a tinder date to have sex in the living room. Can't keep up like this. I told her that I never wish her harm so it hurts that she has always lashed out at me.
(2) Sigh. Went to bed early when she went to the dispensary. Kept trying to be wake me up to force me to agree to work on things. I've worked on my things, you need to work on yours. Now late to bed.
6(4) Messed up days messed up nights. At least I haven't thought about drinking. She said she almost had a glass of wine last night. Glad she didn't.7(7) First day learning my new role at work. I think I'm going to love working on Sundays. Pork chop and asparagus for lunch!
8No Reasons9(5) It's going to be better soon.
(5) Another day only felt like crying a few times.
10(3) 'I haven't eaten all day and all we have is rice and I don't know how to make it. You do.' It's on the bag! 'I know but...'11(3) Took the train to Santa Monica with her sister. I didn't want to go in the photo booth with her and she started to cry. 5 minutes later she 'didn't want to be around me.' Took the train back and she's12(7) Going to try again going with my ex to Disneyland. Taking edibles this time. No tears today.13(6) Napping before dinner with Rook.
(2) Now she's holding me hostage. She's telling me she can't get better unless we are together. Sobbing and yelling in the car on the way home today.
(5) Dinner with a friend.
14(5) Berated by text message this morning. Ok evening. Going to bed early.
15(6) Work 30 minutes early today. It is so hard to get enough sleep.
(7) Winding down. Saw Rogue One tonight; wow! Almost can't believe I waited so long to see it.
16No Reasons17(7) Smooth morning at work. Went out for burgers with a friend last night.18No Reasons19No Reasons20No Reasons21No Reasons
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