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 1(6) Took tablets after too much cake. Two day's worth of refined sugar in one hit. Doing press ups (push ups to NA) to try and use it up before it turns to fat. Probably OTT reaction but I feel like it.2(4) Went for a run. Hit a metaphorical brick wall after 8 minutes. Then dogs surrounded me barking. I am phobic of dogs. Had to go home. Didn't feel good. A bit better now. Took tablets.3(5) Put away Xmas tree down. Took tablets.4(3) (Backdated) Just feeling shit. Took tablets.5(7) (Backdated) Had a really good run. Really tried to slow myself down at the start and managed a great time for a distance I was pleased with too. Foam roller before and after helped too. Took tablets.6(6) Nice walk. Lots of food. Easy Sunday. Took tablets.
7(3) Irritable. Procrastinating. Anxious. Today, please end soon, please. Busy day tomorrow but I bet it'll be better. Took tablets.8(6) Busier day was better than the boring day yesterday. I've been rubbish at doing my strength exercises and stretches. I thought my good run on Saturday would've inspired me, but meh. Taken tablets.9(6) Opened bank account and ran 6.4km in 31 minutes 23 seconds. Which would be slower than usual on my normal route, but this needed proper pacing to cope with the hills. Took tablets.10(5) Nice walk. Taken tablets.11(5) Busy day. It was ok but I'm very tired. Taken tablets.12(5) (I'll post this again and hopefully it'll work this time - backdated) Relaxing day. Happy to do not much after a busy Friday. Need to get back into regular stretching/workout. Took tablets.13(6) Good strength workout this morning. Felt I made up for yesterday's 'run'. Went food shopping. Watched the snooker on TV. Got distracted. Made a little progress with some music. Took tablets.
14No Reasons15(7) The cute physio woman told me 'take off your shorts... I meant shoes...' !!! Still got it! ? Making progress on some music. Left panned guitar, bass, whistle, and eq/mix still to do. Taken tablets16(5) (backdated) Had to cut short my run in the rain due to holes in my pockets. Made up with it with some strengthening instead. Mum survived having a camera put in her heart and is ok. Took tablets.17(5) Nice walk. Feeling crabby. Took tablets.18(3) (Backdated) I was super irritable so took a diazepam. Went to town, finished off the banking stuff and went to volunteering. Walked 5 miles back to the flat from town but my hip hurt. Took tablets.19(4) Still irritable but less so. Giving myself some time out. Although I'm not happy about it. Unexpected blast from the past phone call this morning from a drunk Welshman. Taken tablets.20(5) People are simple machines. We follow patterns and have automatic responses. It's useful to bear this in mind when dealing with life's more complicated aspects... Now if I could get some more sleep...
(6) Felt positive today despite discomfort in hip. I've got a well timed appointment tomorrow with the running specialist, hoping to hear reassurance! Felt like I helped my friend H today. Took tablets.
21(8) Talked to a lovely panda on the phone! ?22(5) At the end of counselling I was scared when my counsellor seemed to get excited at the prospect of me talking about my memories and fears. He had seemed bored up until then... git! Taken tablets.23(6) Hip definitely hurting even after a shorter run. I'm not bothered too much. I've caught the running bug enough to run through the discomfort. Otherwise mood is good. Taken tablets.24No Reasons25No Reasons26No Reasons27No Reasons
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