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1(7) Feeling ready for work tomorrow. Hopefully this lasts longer than one day.2No Reasons3(4) Woke up at 4am again after first day back at work.
(4) Really tired after 2 days at work
4(3) Awake again at -am after 2 hours sleep
(7) Got back to sleep and felt better today at work.
5(6) Made it to Friday. Next week is going to be a lot busier.6No Reasons7(7) Woke up anxious at 4am but did my meditation and went back to sleep okay. Went to cinema and cried all the way through the film which was okay actually. I never experienced this before.
(6) Feeling okay. Got counseling tomorrow.
8No Reasons9(6) Feeling okay and counseling was good last night.10No Reasons11(5) Feeling a bit fed up. Can't get anyone along to go out tomorrow night. Anyhow will go to see a play. Hopefully it will be good.12(6) Missed train by 30 secs then missed next train by 10s then missed next train by 30s again. Anyway I have fully accepted that my Friday is not going that well. Still it's the weekend !13No Reasons14(7) Not bad weekend and read some usedul stuff on stress and codependency.
15(4) Monday morning and another grim week ahead at work.16(7) Slept well and counseling good. Forgot my morning meeting though17No Reasons18No Reasons19No Reasons20(6) Going to an assertiveness workshop today
(7) Assertiveness workshop was good this morning
22(5) 23(6)
24(5) 25(7) 26(7) 27No Reasons28(5)
(5) Feeling a bit weird today but did a good assertiveness workshop yesterday. Really wish my wife would listen to me though. Not sure the training will help with her.
29No Reasons30(8) Did an introductory mindfulness course and signed up for another 8. Looking forward to seeing if it helps.31(7) Not enough sleep but feeling okay. Yesterday was really up and down.