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1No Reasons2(8) I feel happy. I'm still anxious about the future, but new year with G was fun. I enjoyed silly giggles in bed this morning. He is so handsome and I feel like I can trust him.3No Reasons4(6) I feel rested and happy. I am grateful for wonderful colleagues. I am nervous about the transition of our organisation into a different one. I am worried I will be forced out of a job.5(7) I am calm. I woke up with catman this morning. I like him. I find his maturity really sexy.6(7) I am a bit hungover today. I let my best friend pour the gin last night ? Went to my first burlesque and bootyshake classes despite hangover. I'm getting my life motivation back after a tough 2017?
(7) Planning a weekend away together in Wales, bossing some mountains. It feels amazing to be appreciated & to be let free. Relationships will not fence me in, I am determined to keep on being me. Word ?
7(5) Slept terribly, drifted off at 04:30. I'm too tired to leave my bed but too hungry to stay. Huge headache, what a waste of a Sunday :(
(4) A moment of utter devastation. I have them. I miss him, the thought of never being with him for the rest of my lifetime is just something I am unwilling to accept. Heartbroken today :(
(7) Beating Gary at trio minis ?
8(8) G is wonderful. And so handsome. This morning he brought me tea in bed, we had a cuddle and a heart to heart about our upcoming challenges this week. I love his maturity and I don't want it to end..9(8) Work is busy. I have achieved a number of things today. I have not seen G since yesterday morning and I miss him already! One more full day and we get to have dinner together and go and see a film <3
(8) I am chilled. When u start dating someone new, does anyone ever feel like a fraud? Just waiting to be properly found out? Worried that you'll end up becoming a less magical creature? Or is it just me?
10(7) I am happy. I feel a little insecure about G. Worried it could fall over at any minute. Anxious about work transition stuff. But getting better at managing my worries. It's a beautiful day in Bristol.
(7) G and I have been dating.lmfor just over a month. We were on the phone together for 2 hrs this evening. He shares with me that he is scared to loose what we have. I share my thoughts of feeling like..
11(8) Excited to be seeing G tonight ????12(3) Insecure. Anxious. Horrible.
(4) Anxious and tired. :(
13No Reasons14(8) An amazing weekend away in the depths of the Brecon Beacons, waterfall hunting and running through the pines, pink nosed and freezing. Scaling up mountains and stoking log fires with magical company
15No Reasons16No Reasons17(5) Not sure how I feel. Fenced in?18(5) Things a bit full on on my head. At work. With catman.19(5) I am grateful for mood panada. I have a lot of insecurity. I'm afraid of being underestimated or misunderstood. Where is there enough time to do the things I want? Why can't things be more simple.20No Reasons21No Reasons
22No Reasons23(5) Scared of losing him. He's seeing the neurotic side of me now. Not ideal.
(6) CO2 tables - 8 rounds, no contractions. Cubatone - 1 hour. Exercise is the best medicine for my anxiety, I need to go back to building it into my routine...
24(6) Feeling the benefits of cubatone last night. Ate my lunch 4 breakfast woops. Working from home on Friday, which will give me a bit of flexibility which is nice :) day 3 of touching no office chocolate25(6) Tired, late night and too many gins. Although working like a boss. A little crazy over catman ?26(5) New pill and strangely timed period. Ugh this sucks, I feel like I want to just sleep forever!27(5) Chatting about getting on the property ladder. Don't think it'll ever happen for me really :/
(4) I have no time for point scoring or blame. It's not a healthy foundation for a relationship. There's an element of destructiveness and it's not pleasent spending time winding one another up.
(4) The hardest thing of all is missing someone. The way they listened to you. The way they made you laugh. It's tough being with someone new. They are not as soft. It's a bitter reminder of what I lost.
28No Reasons
29(4) My heart aches. I wish I was stronger.
(3) A cry in the car this morning. I know it will take a while before this doesn't happen anymore. At the same time it's unhelpful, it feels like I haven't made progress, which is not true.
30(6) Thank you catman for being soft yesterday. We have been going 100mph after meeting in mid-dec. We've both been through the mill so we are still learning about each other. I'm grateful for him31(6) Reading in my lunch break for half an hour. I should do this more often
   1(4) Tired, insecure, exhausted. Come on weekend!2No Reasons3(7) My best friend and I survived a mini snow blizzard on cribyn this afternoon. Totally smashing it ?? #outsideisfree #officelifeissuffocating4No Reasons
5(6) Rode my bike into work this morning - it is freezing outside!6(7) Wonderful evening with my honey, playing trionimos and eating dinner at tinto lounge ??7(4) Do I have to get out of bed? I don't want to go to work today8No Reasons9(6) Too many gins last night. My partner got told that I was the most attractive woman in the room last night ? it's a major compliment but I don't like the attention.
(6) I'm going freediving tonight ?? Time for some quality time concentrating on my breathing ?
10No Reasons11No Reasons
12No Reasons13(7) Went to an hour HIIT class last night. Feel amazing this morning14(4) I'm in a new relationship. It's great. He's a nice guy, it's very new still. . But my heart still burns for the one I loved. I know it will take time. I wonder if he even thought of me :(15No Reasons16(6) We both need to get in better shape. But I am really enjoying how are relationship is growing. I like the friendship that is developing between us :)17No Reasons18(5) I was a 4/10 when I woke up this morning. Really struggled to motivate myself to get out of bed. At 15:00 I decided I needed to try and go for a walk and ended up taking myself out for dinner. Came
19(3) Feeling quite empty today. Cried in the car. But made it to work for 08:30 and have eaten breakfast. I could have easily called in sick today and spent the day in bed.20(4) Blazing row with Gary. Feeling doubt.21(3) Today I feel heartbroken. There really is just the one person I want. When will this pain end. Will it end.
(5) Team brunch was good
22(5) So I have 50 minutes to get ready. I don't really want to go to work - well actually it's a training day. I'm meeting a new team so I have to be positive smart and likeable. I have a small hangover.
(5) The training went well. We have an awesome guy called Mark. I'm ok, my motivation is severely lacking tbh. Things a bit pear shaped with this guy I'm seeing. Why am I so hopeful for this to work?
(4) Seriously - what a cunt. After a tense phone chat following the horrid Monday we had I just sent a resolution text. Has he answered? Has he fuck. I'm sick of shitty relationships, they never work.
23No Reasons24No Reasons25(6) Woke up sore throat and a cold :( went out for few drinks last night with my best friend. Gary offered to drop us in and pick us up which was really sweet of him
26No Reasons27No Reasons28No Reasons