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  1No Reasons2(4) I was tired today and my heart was beating fast at work today for some reason3(6)
(7) Had a great day today, missed lazy days with my boyfriend
4(5) Missed my best friend like always! I hate it when he's away!5(5)
6(7) Camping with my best friend!
7(10) Had an amazing day at the beach and just enjoying spending time with my best friend8(7) Lots of fun9(5) 10(9) Had the best day with my best friend doing something new!11(10) Best concert ever with my best friend! Had an amazing time! ??12(5)
13(8) Great talk14(5) 15(7) 16(5) 17(8) 18(5)
19No Reasons
(7) Game night
(4) Ugh I feel very confused I feel out of control
22(7) 23(8) 24(6) Up and down day but I had a great time with my best friend before he leaves25(4) Missed my boyfriend like crazy today don't know how I'm going to make it long without seeing him26(6) I'm trying really hard to be ok and it worked enough today. Found where my classes are and I'm less nervous.
27(4) 28(3) Feel awful genuinely thought about hurting myself for the first time in a good long time which is just awesome
(4) I can't get out of bed in the morning and I don't want to be around people and I can't eat. I'm having another depressive episode.
(7) Great day with friends and I think I might have made a new one?!
29(5) 30No Reasons31(0) Can't do it anymore just want it to be over can't handle it. Not happy with what I've accomplished and probably never will. Afraid I'm never gunna make friends and it's hard feeling like garbage