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(0) Nightmare day. Self-destructive starving, graphic suicidal thoughts. Perked up after a sleep. Doing ok until I felt unwanted or not very interesting. Having reasons to live when you want to die hurts.
(4) Feel a bit better for watching a stand up comic show. Good laughs. However still having little reminders of why I was down in the first place. Difficult to pull myself up.
12(7) Had a chat about all the things on my mind with her. I explained that I don't understand what's happening in this mental explosion and it's just a mess. #progress #HeadIsAShed
(2) Well I'm alive... that's a start? Not sure I want to be half the time... or more to be accurate. Let's see how today goes! #fuckingfridayfeeling #killmenow
(0) It's mistake after Fucking mistake. Over and fucking over. I never Fucking learn. Been up and hour and I'm done with today! Done with this Fucking life!!!
(0) Haven't taken my medications yet 3 hours late. Haven't got out of bed in 4 hours just keep napping and then avoiding medicating. Fuck everything.
(0) Still not moved from bed, first woke up 6 and a half hours ago. Still not taken my meds. Quite happy to throw myself off a bridge. But that involves getting out of bed...
(3) Getting there. I am sat up in bed now and actually contemplating getting some food and taking my medication. #smallvictories
(6) So after sitting up in bed, feeling at a 3.
13(5) Thank you for all the support people have shown today. It's been damn hard. And I'm not sure how I feel. I'm laid in bed unable to sleep. Feeling... neutral I guess. But happy to have her next to me
(5) Morning all, to early to tell how I'll be today, but I'm not already at rock bottom upon waking up. That's a start?
(9) Fun day so far with some DIY. Feeling the love again and having a good laugh. Lots of silly antics and plenty of fun. #gooddayshappen
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15(8) So, good day! No depressive episodes today. Lots of love and laughs. Going away to see family I haven't seen in years so super happy. Just gutted she won't be with me. #gooddayshappen #cantwinthemall
(0) This paranoia is killing me. I'd rather it f*****g did!
16No Reasons17(5) Wish I didn't see-saw insanely quick with my emotions over nothing. I just want to be level again.18(0) Sick of my depression being triggered by Fucking nothing and the first Fucking thoughts being suicid-e19No Reasons20No Reasons21(2) And here we fucking go again... yee-Fucking-haw
(1) F'ing sick of this pointless and needless jealousy and bitterness. Got too angry with myself and decided to go 2 round with the wall. The wall won and my knuckle didn't. #fu**ingidiot
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