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15No Reasons16No Reasons17(2) Currently sick and tired of having panic attacks, feeling sick, feeling ill, shaking, constant headaches. This is all because of stress. Also I lost my old account so hey I'm back :)
(5) I know crying can clear your head and helps when you sad but, can it help get rid of stress, anger and anxiety??
(2) Emotionally and physically drained from school once again. Had a bad morning today, involved tears, being late and a small panic attack. The school is good at catering for everything expect test prep.
18(5) Enjoying reading 'No kind of atmosphere'. Red Dwarf fan fiction and is actually one of the better ones I've read in a long while. Usually you get the occasional 'What the...' fic.
(6) Sunk in that this year I'm a young adult and next year I can learn how to drive. Don't expect to end up driving until 2021.
(3) I feel like someone has crawled into my spine and ripped it apart, and that someone has chopped up everything in my torso. Loving the cold, thanks mate - Torso triggered by my back pain caused by cold
19(5) Just one more lesson then it's the end of the week. Just hoping my baby cat can make it or alright.
(2) Dad news about my baby cat, she had to be put down because of a brain tumour. Whatever they would've done would've still of ended up hurting her in the end:
20(5) Feeling slightly better today. I have my other cat sitting on my legs just staying with me.21No Reasons
22(5) Had a lazy and depressing morning. Still depressed and have CAMHS in the morning but felt alright this evening, moved things around in my bedroom, changed the sheets and bathed. Feeling okay-ish now.23(5) CAMHS and then school. My teacher will be asking about the cat, then doing a test and finally telling my CAMHS lady about everything that's happened. Well that's before school anyway.
(2) Feeling ill, but convinced that's because I had to recap the whole month to my CAMHS worker and felt awful afterwards. If stress can just kindly not be a thing I think that'd be great.
24(5) Not looking forward to school, one there's s storm and two school. I mean I like storms.
(6) Despite having a bad day at schoo I've been to a free jump place and now McDonald's.
(3) Fed up of feeling sick and ill all this month. It's alls that I've ever done, despite feeling ill I've been doing my daily routines and they're more tiring than they used to be.
25(7) Had a pretty good day today. My Rimmer (RD) cosplay patches came in, I need to wait a month for the shirt now. Still it gives me time to get the rest of the things needed in on time.26(7) Got gifted s military style coat today, thank you manager.27No Reasons28(5) Didn't update yesterday but spent it being lazy then did some crafts. About to go to sleep now.
29(8) Good morning everyone. I slept at 6pm last night and woke up at 7:41am this morning. A good sleep. Now I feel as if I've been awake for agessss
(5) Done nothing all day now I feel rubbish for it. I wish Comic Con and my cosplay parts would hurry up :I The fish tank too.
(3) Felt like I've wasted my day. Going to sleep now as I have school in the morning. Just hope tomorrow is better.
30(4) Wearing all black today, feeling okay. Not sure weather to come home or go to volunteer (they know why I am out at the moment.)
(5) My sister from Scotland is coming down on Thursday. Want to escape the first half of school to pick her up from her grans.
31(5) On my way back from school and on the rattling bus again. Thankfully Wednesday is over now so I can relax again.
(6) Listening to War of Worlds while I doodle. How are you pandas?
   1(7) Had a decent day today, definitely got to go on a healthier diet due to nothing that's junk food agreeing with me..ever.2No Reasons3(5) Had a panicked sick feeling evening, talking to a friend made me feel much better.4(6) Spending today out with my family before my sister leaves to Scotland.
5No Reasons6(7) Talking to s friend I haven't heard from in four months. He left to focus on his happiness and wellbeing. It's good to have him back.
(3) Found out I have to catch the bus to school, I don't know why but my anxiety causes me to hate bus rides. My father is home but isn't taking me as my two sisters have kicked off about going to school.
(4) Had a rubbish morning but I'm glad I am home. Planning on waking up two hours earlier than normal to avoid anything else..
7No Reasons8(6) Only two lessons today and then three tomorrow. May and April are busy months that I can't wait for. May we're having a party, April we're going to London and then I'm having another x-ray; nervous.
(6) Making my way to school, anxiety lower than usual which is great, music high. Temperature, moderate.
(6) Watching The Brittas Empire wrapped up in a blanket and my cat upon my knee.
9(6) Had an alright day, did cooking and double Lit. Finished all the poems now. I'm sad due to hating language and loving English Litrature. My friend came over we went on a walk and just spoke about life
(6) Hoping to see my girlfriend around Valentine's Day, I have a plan of just making her coffee and pizza and just watching movies. Not much but it's the little things. I hope to add more later.
10(4) Feeling sick and lightheaded. Most likely caused by the shouting that's just happened between my father and siblings, then myself and my father.
(3) I'd give anything to swap out my Anxiety attacks for a once a month meltdown caused by my Aspergers again. Really sick and tired of feeling sick and well tired from the attacks.
(5) Drawing, feel a lot better since eveything has calmed down.
11(5) Had a decent sleep, hopefully today is a better day.
12No Reasons13(8) 3:23am marks the time I finished a huge digital drawing (for me anyway). Goodnight all!
(4) I keep twisting my ankle, it's the same one and can happen just by walking, three times so far sand was in the same amount of pain from when I sprained it badly. It wears off after a while and I can
(4) This human is single again due to a bad patch in her family life.
14(6) Made another new friend today, and the other is coming over again on Friday this week. Just need Thursday to pass quickly :I15(5) At school early. Hoping at least my other friend is here, sadly will only see him for one lesson as different science groups.
(6) Got a job at a doggy daycare, nervous but looking forward to it. Not because of the dogs, because how would the staff will react to a teen who looks ten and is started their first day?
(5) Back of my heel feels like Jelly, getting a doctors appointment due to having twisted that heal really badly twice in one 24h period.
16(5) Was close to an anxiety attack earlier, went downstairs and talked about anything. Came back up, drew and now I plan to sleep, hopefully.
(7) Feel a lot better than yesterday.
(3) Friend never came over.
17(8) Had s good day at my new job. Covered in mud and smell like dog but it's part of the job and I love dogs.18(6) Hoping either of my friends can meet up, I don't have any plans until the evening of all week. No structure before that is horrible.
(4) Dropped some 'friends'. Whenever we went out they invited someone else and never told me and mostly stayed with them. I always ended up tagging behind. Same for when the group went out, tagged behind.
(7) Going to town tomorrow with friend who couldn't meet on Friday. Going bowling then subway, then back to mine for a sleepover.
19(5) Checked my mood calendar and only one red square. A lot better than Jan where there are more.
(6) Lazing around a bit before I go to town to meet Hol.
(6) Drew in a game of bowling, brought some more putty, brought subway and Just the smeg ups from Red Dwarf. Got asked for ID (JTS was 15) as I really do look 13. Luckily my friend was with me and she
20(6) Had a great day in York! Went to Roman Bath, York Castle Museum, Cathedral, York's chocolate story, Three Harry Potter stores. Glad to be home though. Was some stress in the morning when we arrived.21(5) Dear chocolate lovers, Easter eggs are £1 in Morrisons. You're welcome.
(5) Watching Red Dwarf with my cousin I haven't seen since I was nine. Send help.
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