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(6) Got some dishes done and some stuff scheduled #productive
17(7) Getting some momentum going I can ride to get me thru upcoming difficult times. #Igotthis
(9) Overcoming self doubt. All success begins with trying. #potential
(6) I ate two candy bars and now my stomach's upset. The two things are prolly related. #duh
18(5) Maybe getting out of bed is overrated. My joints hurt and the warmth feels nice.
(7) New owner of the House I've rented for 13 years stopped by. He's the most laidback nice guy ever.
(9) Had dinner and went grocery shopping with my best friend. Saw cute guy again working at the co-op.
19(5) Just trying to make it from point A to point B.
(3) Did too much today. So much ouch. Didn't have time to read or meditate.
20(7) Despite a rough start and physical pain, I'm in a good mood.
(7) Slightly productive despite not getting out of bed until noon. In a relatively good mood.
(7) Ugh my joints ache. But in a good mood despite the pain
21(8) Snowy snow snow snow!!! I love waking up to see snow on the ground!
(2) Parallel paths never to intersect.
(4) Right now my cynicism is greater than my moodiness. Not sure if that's a good thing, but I'll take it.
22(5) Meh.
(7) In a good mood, but have a slight headache that feels it could turn nasty. Hopefully it won't
23(6) Grrr...
(8) Having a fun alone evening online.
(6) Productive and grumpy
(8) In a good mood after meditation today (zazen style).
25(8) Getting some stuff I really wanted in the mail today
(7) I have a headache from reading. I need new glasses.
26(8) Things falling into place. I love it!
(9) One of my Facebook friends wanted to be pen pals. So I sent her a huge box with awesome stuff in it, lol. She just got it and is flipping out over it. :-)
27(6) Uh, I ate my food too fast. Gross.28(7)
(6) Craving waffles
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   1No Reasons2(5) Caught some cold or flu. Thermometer died. My cat is playing nurse maid, which is really cute. Overnighted some medicine from Amazon.3(8) Despite feeling under the weather, I got a lot of sorting/organizing done. Exhausted now, but feeling accomplished!4(8) Still sick with whatever is going around, but not too terribly sick. Did some meditation, first half zazen, second half allowing myself to focus on things that come to mind. Had some great insights.
5(5) Frustrated that I can't be more productive right now. Trying to practice self-compassion instead of directing the frustration at myself for things beyond my control.
(6) Started dozing off during meditation... something I never do. Have pretty bad pain in my left knee. Trying to accept limitations.
6(5) 7No Reasons8No Reasons9(4) I hate being a woman... periodically. ?
(5) Wtf l feel a little depressed and a little manic at the same time. Oh well, averaging it out here.
10(4) grumble grumble. *shakes fist at sky*
(4) Still feeling grumpy and agitated. Might as well embrace and rock it at this point. I am bitter and seething. Okay, saying it helps.
(3) Sigh, tension is not good for me. I have muscle spasms in my neck and one hell of a headache.
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12(6) Meh...
13(4) Annoyed at myself because I can't stop myself from picking at my skin.
(5) Still in bed.
(6) Well, today might not be a cleaning day. My knee is all jacked up. Think a storm's coming in.
14(4) Welp! Intense knee pain. :^(
(5) Feeling a bit better after some meditations.
(7) Re-doing the house's Feng Shui.
15(4) Can't get it together to go run errands yet. In lots of pain.
(3) Trying not to feel bad about not being productive today. I have so much I need to do. I'm in pain and all my energy feels wiped out.
16(3) Having a bad arthritic attack. I hope I feel better soon enough that I can get some errands I really really need to do done today.17No Reasons18(7) Think I'm over my arthritic attack. Scheduling the day to be productive and fun.
(7) Had a headache earlier. Now feels like a mini headache. Got some Feng Shui done. My friend cancelled coming over... means I can rest some before I pick up my friend at the airport.
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