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 1No Reasons2No Reasons3(2) Back to work Monday. I have been trying to get some prep-work done and plan ahead so that I won't trip over myself while teaching but I have really struggled with procrastination, guilt and anxiety.4No Reasons5(6) Not feeling too bad at present. Delayed in bed this morning as has been my habit this past week. Did a grocery shop with sister. Lunch. Sorted some papers. Snack. Now going to do some work for school.6No Reasons
7No Reasons8(8) Returned to work. Was much better than I thought. Still have a LOT of work to do both physically and mentally but it feels good to be back. 1.Work goals: Low input, max output.2.Reduce perfectionism9No Reasons10(5) Worked on after school again today but not for too long. I'm so tired. Time for an early night. Otherwise, all good.11No Reasons12(4) Met my sister for breakfast which was nice but now I am feeling tired and a bit at a loss of what to do . . .despite the fact that there is LOTS to do :/13(5) Feeling a little overwhelmed about all the work ahead of me in the next few weeks. Apprehensive and unsure of how I will manage workload. Finding it difficult to layout a schedule/routine.
14(7) I have been through a lot these past few months. Today, I achieved most of the goals I set out for myself. I am proud of how I have improved on my time management and self care. Little wins.15No Reasons16No Reasons17No Reasons18No Reasons19No Reasons20No Reasons
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