About Us

Who Are MoodPanda?

We are a small startup company, born out of a conversation in a pub. We run MoodPanda as a crowd-funded community

Our headquarters are in the beautiful and creative city of Bristol, UK, surrounded by other great tech and media companies.

Who are the Chief Pandas?

Jake Greenwood



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Coding geek, techie and a real believer in making ideas happen

Ross Larter



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QuantifiedSelf and Tech Startups are my thing

For all enquiries, please contact us via the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of this page.

Why Do We Do it?

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For our moody pandas (our users)!. We built this site for you, and we love that our users love it

"I cannot imagine my life without MoodPanda. It has saved me." - Ace

"Your site is not only a life saver, it is also a real example of innovation based on human understanding and caring. " - Paul

"I love the panda community" - Marilyn

"MoodPanda has helped me through really tough times." - Emily

"I really would be lost with out it! You've help changed my life for the better! " - Serena

"You guys are doing something really great here. It really helped make a very sad time for me easier to deal with" - Rux

"I love that this site helps people to not feel so alone." - Michelle

"MoodPanda is a wonderful app that has helped me ... and has given me support when I have needed it." - Chloe

"The community is full of amazing, supportive people" - Emily

"Everyone should know about the site" - Serena

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