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20 Feb 2018

15:39Omg I already hit the minimum sponsorship needed to take part in my marathon hike challenge... I have to do it now!!! Thanks so much to the lovely pandas who got me this far into my fundraising!! eep

22 Feb 2018

09:42If you see spammers feel free to report via the Contact ChiefPanda links :-)

24 Feb 2018

18:21Just did my first official practise walk for my sponsored marathon hike. Under 10 miles today but I am bloody knackered! And aching! 26 miles is gonna destroy me lmao

27 Feb 2018

13:33Did you know you can backdate mood posts by hitting 'Show advanced' on the Rate your happiness panel

07 Mar 2018

15:50I have smashed my fundraising target for the cross country marathon i'm doing in August. Now the scary prospect of actually doing it :-O

14 Mar 2018

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