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2No Reasons3(6) Waiting for Google to release the latest version of the MoodPanda app for recent Android versions. Hopefully it'll be available shortly..4No Reasons5(6) If you use MoodPanda on Android, I'd appreciate if you left a rating on the play store. Our ratings have been bugged with the Android 9 issues that are now fixed :-)6(8) A few new updates released across the MoodPanda site and apps. New format for the feed, new 'support MoodPanda' options - become a Friend, Supporter, a Guardian, a Hero, or a Legend. More to come7(7) I see certain android phones have an issue hugging and hitting comment right now - we're on it :-)
(9) We think that the Hugs and Replies feature in the Android MoodPanda app should now be working. Please let us know via 'contact chiefpanda' if you are unable to hug or reply to posts on your Android!
(7) Busy day. 5k run, cleaning the house
8(8) Android users - Apologies if you've had issues replying and hugging in the last 48 hours via the newly updated app. This issue should now be resolved.
9(8) A few minor changes to the MoodPanda UI are rolling out. Simplified the navigation bar, removing slidey things. Have an explore. Also on desktop view, you'll see larger graphs, and less wasted space
(8) Workout
10(9) *NEW MOODPANDA UPDATES* -) NEW algorithm for panda heads - and special badges for longterm users. NEW simpler date selection when updating your mood11(6)
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