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  1(5) Dang i cant sleep
(6) I have been up all night. My aide made me a super strong cup of coffee yesterday. I suppose that is why. For some crazy reason I'm wanting some more. It did taste good ?
2(7) Good morning friends. Enjoyed a cup of coffee with some barras de coco which are cookies that are perfect with coffee. Just perfect ?.3(5) Calmed my brother down then fell asleep so hard Woke up and had an oatmeal cookie with water b and it's nigjt nigjt for me. Later gators.
(6) Bills paid! Now i need a cup of cafe!
4(8) My daughter is doing the grocery shopping. I added my usuals to the list...she changes my clementines to navel oranges! What do you think pandas?
(7) Time for night night. Have a good rest everyone.
(5) Good morning pandas. Woke up a gew hours ago with heartburn due to earing some Jack Daniel's spareribs for dinner. Took tums. Went back to sleep... Awoke with a massive headache. Took Tylenol.
5(5) Not sute what's for dinner tonight but i sure am hungry!
6(6) Good morning my friends. Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood. ?
(4) I'm having trouble securing an aide for my weekends when my daughter moves to italy. Getting myself all worked up.
7(4) Pandas...I just got word that my only surviving aunt ( no surviving uncles) on my dads side of our family has passed. That leaves my mom as the surviving matriarch. God bless all of them. God bless us
(4) Good morning pandas. Not much of a stomach for dinner last night. Super hungry this morning. Please let this be a smooth day. Therapist visit and gp tomorrow.
8(6) Fell asleep and slept very well but fogot to say good night to my panda pals. Sorry friends. Hope you are resting well.i have a therapist visiting and a drs appt today. Wish me well. Please. Have all.
(5) Now waiting on medical transportation. Oh boy. What a long wait!
(7) Therapists visit went well. After having to cancel other visit. But this one went well.im glad. My brother is coming over so we can have a big sis lil bro talk. He needs one.
9(6) Good afternoon pandas. Hope you ate all well. ?10(5) Morning panda pals ?. I hope you are all well. Waiting on my breakfast. Aide just arrived
(10) Hey pandas! Shelley Bear's got great new! They found an aide for my weekends! My daughter can make her arrangements with the Navy to move to Italy!!
11(10) My Boo Boo just got home. She said did you miss me? How can i lie? You think i miss you now? Wait til you move to italy ?
(7) Good night...
(5) Good morning pandas. New aide is late on her first day. Hmmm.
12(8) My Boo Boo got the firestick working. She's planning on taking it with her to Italy. Hey. Why not? Good Sunday morning all. Have a good one ?
13(8) Good morning my friends. How are you all today? GOOD I HOPE. Shelley Bear is A O K!14(10) Good morning pandas. Had a nurse visit this morning. Last few days for my daughter's job! Yay! My regular aide will be doing weekends as well.15(8) It's nearly midnight. Good night pandas. Rest well.
(8) Good morning pandas. Therapist is coming today. That'll take a load off. Have a great day my friends.
(7) Therapy went well. I was napping. But I was ready to share. My therapist is easy to talk to. I appreciate her rapport.
16(8) Good morning my friends ? My aide brought me a Sicilian slice for breakfast! It was sooo good. Hope your day is off to a great start ?
(5) Ok pandas...so i was listening to Steven Curtis Chapman who happens to be one of my all-time faves sing Cinderella on my echo...the next thing i hear are foul words shouted over and over again!!! Some
(7) Hey...whete have all my panda pals gone?
17(8) Good morning p. Its my daughter's last day at her first job since graduating college. Sleepless night for her. I am so proud of the lady she has become. Have a nice day pandas ? 0
(6) This friggin jersey weather!!! Just got back from my gp. Omg! If I didn't need my med tefills...I'd have left them till spring.
18(10) Good morning everyone ? I hope you are all well and enjoying your Saturday. These are my last few days with my daughter. I hope you pandas aren't getting tired of me talking about my Boo Boo? I'm19No Reasons
20No Reasons21(7) Good morning my friends. Ran oug of skittles just in time for a new supply. Right on time.
(6) Nodding, nodding, asleep.
22No Reasons23(7) Good morning. Yesterday i had honey covered corn flakes. I believe I'll have more today. I enjoyed having something different for a change. Snazz it up a bit. Ya know? Have a good day pandas.24(8) We are getting older.25No Reasons26No Reasons
27No Reasons28(7) Good afternoon my friends ?29(8) Morning pandas. My aide has been arriving late now that my daughter is home. Me no liks..30No Reasons31(7) Good morning my friends. Seems like a blueberry oatmeal kinda day. Blueberry oatmeal it shall be ?Have a great day everyone
(8) I got my house smell in like blueberries over hete!
     1(7) Happy Saturday guys. Have a good one.2(7) Good night panda pals
(8) Good morning everyone.
3No Reasons4(7) Good night fuzzy wuzzy pandas. ?5No Reasons6(6) Internet was down for a few days. We are back now!
(7) Ive been out. Internet's been down since yestetday morn. Just on now..
7No Reasons8(6) Happy Saturday pandas. Good morning.
(10) My daughter just spilled the beans. She and her husband just bought me a smart tv with Alexa and firestick installed!! I'm ecstatic!!
9(2) PINKEYE!!!
10No Reasons11(5) Cant sleep12No Reasons13No Reasons14No Reasons15No Reasons16(6) Tired
(6) Tonight I will be having fish. I love it! My daughter is disgusted by the smell. ? My house. Yum yum!
17(10) Happy Monday my panda pals. My aunt is being honored today as the first African-American RN at her hospital. We are so proud of her.18No Reasons19(5) My tummy hurts ?
(7) Good morning everyone. Happy Wednesday. Time for therapy.I like that it falls right on Wed. Smack dab in the middle. ?
20No Reasons21No Reasons22(5) Good morning pandas. Yesterday I had another seizure. Eventho I took my meds.23(5) Morning
24(5) Good morning my friends. Shelley Bear's been up all night. Drank a tank of water too.
(10) My lovely daughter is staightening up my room. ?
25(7) Good morning beautiful pandas. Have a great Tuesday.26(6) We had Boston Market for dinner. It was scrumptious.
(6) And there goes another sleepless night for thjs panda. I don't know what I'm gonna do. Hopefully my therapist will be helpful. Have a nice day all.
27(7) Hey pandas.28No Reasons29(5) Another sleepless night. My daughter just woke up and im hyper as hell.She yells MY EYES AREN'T EVEN OPEN YET. SHUT UP! Fine. I know when I'm not wanted. I'll go see the pandas then.
      1No Reasons
2(7) Good afternoon my panda pals. My little brother is coming over soon. His birthday is next Saturday. He loves Mike and Ikes. I ordered him a giant bag full.3(5) Good morning pandas. Just heard my insurance has been cancelled. Daggonit! Working on it!4No Reasons5(5) Good morning pandas. Shelley Bear is sick with a cough and sore throat. I have never felt sicker.6(6) Morning pandas. I hope you are all well this morning. Have a happy Friday my frienfs.7(4) Good morning my friends. Shelley Bear is all about saving money. Today im giving up my cable tv service home phone and router! Buying my own router! I'm tited of these cable charges.8No Reasons
9No Reasons10(5) Oh pandas...Shelley Bear's been in ICU for two days with the flu. Got no sleep last night at all. I wanna go home
(5) With all this coronavirus outbreak...who knows when my daughter will see her husband. At least another month at the least.
11No Reasons12(5) Good morning my friends. Im still here in the hospital. Feeling about the same.13(6) Good night pandas. Stay safe my friends.
(6) Good morning everyone. I'm feeling so much better today. Hungry though.
(5) Dang! My dr said I'll be here at least until. Monday!
14(5) Good morning pandas.15(5) Time for nifht night. Have a good one.
(6) Morning ?
(6) Ok so they are telling me i may get to go home soon ?
(5) Mom just called. She isn't able to come up here because of her age and ailments. I miss everybody. Missed my brother's 40th birthday yesterday.
(5) This place has hand sanitizer on lockdown!
(1) I had to call all rhe way to south Carolina for hand sanitizer!!
16(5) It's about that time again. Time to put that darn mask on for sleep apnea. Oh boy.what a joy!
(5) Hey pandas? Somebody come visit me. ?
(5) Omg! I am constipated! They are giving me a med that looks like petrol
17(7) Finally home. In my recliner. Ready for some shuteye. It sure feels good to be home.
(7) Finally home. In my recliner. Ready for some shuteye. It sure feels good to be home. Good night my friends. Thanks for the wellwishes. They sure helped.
(7) Good morning. We have Verizon coming today to see about their internet. I know it's cheaper tjan comcast.
(6) Visiting nurses will be coming m w f to help me out. Im glad.
18(7) Good morning everyone. I slept well and i hope you did as well. Have a great day. Stay safe.19(6) Morning. Rough night. Hacking cough. Just wouldn't stop. Hope i have a better day. Stay safe.
(6) Mom just called. Wants to know if I'm going stir crazy? Lol not yet ?
(5) Running low on hand sanitizer
(5) Running out of clementines!
20(6) Good night pandas of the world. I had an ok day. Video chatted with my therapist for the first time since this virus scare. It was nice. Talked a long time. You all stay safe and test well ok.
(7) Good morning all you beautiful pandas. I pray everyone is well today. I think a nurse is coming today. My brother should be by with my new firestick. Have a pleasant day my friends. Stay safe.
(7) Hey pandas...how about a group hug for old time's sake? Who's in?
(6) We ordered pizza, garlic knots and antipasto from Bellas. Second best knots anywhere! I'm starving!
21(6) Phone is on charge. Mask is on. Now time for shuteye. Rest well my friends.
(5) Good morning. Very bad cough. I feel lousy!
(5) Hey Jeff? Where are you? You ok?
22(6) Taking it easy.
(5) Good night my friends.
(6) Good morning. Feeling good. Fell tho. To my kneez. Ouch! I'm ok. Have a good one.
(5) Moms venturing out to the grocery store soon. In our neck of the woods it's seniors only.
(5) Nice nap. I feel good. Still coughing though.
23(6) Ate a few clementines. Now time for sleep. Have a good night my friends.
(5) What to do?
(5) Feeling sleepy
(5) Cup of coffee...time for a nap
(7) Amazon must love me right now!
(5) That happened to be the worst clementine i ever tasted!
24(6) Good night all
(6) Good morning.
(7) Breakfast this am? Whipped coffee and coconut cookies ?
(6) Nurse just left. Said my breathing is not so good. A lot of wheezing. Coughing less.
(7) I want something sweet!
(5) That stupid nurse called my pulmonologist and told him im doing worse and he said i need to go to the er to be checked for pneumonia. Youve got to be kidding me! I was just in icu for 9 days! Damn!
(5) My daughter just went grocery shopping. She walked down to the boardwalk. There were actually people swimming she said. Smh!
(5) My mom is mad that my daufhter went out. Oh well, we gotta eat.
25(8) Nachos for dinner. Chocolate cake for dessert. Now night night. Till the am. Stay safe my friends. Shelley Bear loves you ?
(7) Good morning pandas. New nurse started today. She was thorough. Nice long shower. Does a body good. Have a great day guys.
(7) Quesadilla s with sour cream and salsa for lunch ?
(7) I'm waiting on my malted milk balls to get here ?
(8) I think I'm gonna overdose on milk balls ?
(6) Everybody ok?
(7) Ice water. Yummy.
26(7) Watching Just for Laughs...a show about gags. It is so darn funny. I need laughs.
(7) Good morning. Slept well. Hope everyone is ok. Have a good day.
(7) Nurse and aide are coming this afternoon.
(6) Time for a nap. I have an appt set up with my pulmonologist for a video chat at 130. This should be interesting.
(5) Nice little nap. Breakfast waa blueberry pancakes and link sausage.
(7) Nice video chat with my pulmonologist. That was different. She prescribed two new nebulizer treatments. Gotta stop this wheezing.
(5) These malted milk balls are gonna be the death of me!
(7) My brother just brought my new firestick back to me. Now I'm happy ?
(5) I'm hungry!
(5) Man oh man am I hungry!
27(6) Just had some pasta. It was bland. But I'm full.
(8) And for dessert homemade rice pudding. Slamming
(6) Good morning. I'm up early. Slept pretty well. How was your rest?
(7) Nice nap ?
(4) Omg! Walmart is not delivering to my area! Arfh!! I need whoppers!!!
(5) Had to place an order with Amazon. Phewy! It'll take a few days but I think I can manage till then.
(8) Talked to mom and sis. They are ok. Watching a movie. I'm watching Just for Laughs. I love the humor.
(5) Having trouble order ing from Wal-Mart.com.
28(7) It oh...Shelley Bear is yawning. Time for night night. It's been real. Thanks for the hugs my friends. I really appreciate each of them and each of you ?. Have a good night all. Till the am. Night zz
(7) Good morning my friends. How are you doing? Need a hug? Let me know. ?
(7) Eating cheddar cheese combos instead of breakfast. Not very healthy but oh so good ?
(8) And for breakfast...whipped coffee and barras de coco. Yum ?
(7) Talked to mom. She's good. They are going to the pharmacy to get my nebulizer treatment meds. I need them for the wheezing. Doing better today though.
(7) For dinner tonight we're going to be having sausage and peppers over rice. I expect it will be delicious as all my daughter's meals are.
(8) Waiting on my sister to bring me my meds. They still won't step inside the house. Rather outside the car. But at least they are getting my meds.
(6) My lovely daughter made a dessert called Tres Leches. It's a coconut cake with sweetened condensed milk
29(7) Good night my friends.
(5) Quesodilla at midnight! Smh! I'm hungry
(6) Good morning all.
(7) Still no delivery availability with Wal-Mart! Phewy!
(6) Eating chocolate covered raisins. Not what I really want but it'll do for now.
(8) Talked to mom. She's good. Told me to watch Black Mirror on Netflix. I may look at it later.
(6) Clementines.
(8) I love my little bro. He went to stop n shop and got me a supply of whoppers! ?
(7) Had a nice little nap.
30(7) Sausage and peppers over rice leftovers. Oh so good!
(7) After a breathing treatment and some homemade rice pudding it's off to sleep for this panda. Stay safe my friends.
(7) Good morning everyone. Stay safe. Wash your hands.
(8) Blueberry pancakes and link sausage for late breakfast. Sure was good.
31(6) Good night my friends.
(5) Good morning friends. I hope everyone had a good rest. Have a great day.
(7) A cup of piping hot coffee and some barras de coco! ?
(8) Just talked to mom and lil bro for a long time ?
(6) Nurse and aide came at the same time. Nice wash off. She touched the bottom of my foot! I so hate that! She knows now for next time. Al in all the virus went well. Nurse took care of my aunt before
(4) Mom took my daughter to the grocery store. Seems like we are all going to be on house arrest for two weeks. We'll be prepared foodie. I hope my aide can still come. But everybody means EVERYBODY!
  1(7) Just ordered a pickled cauliflower salad on Amazon. My mouth is already watering ?
(7) Got my sister two dating scarves. They are gorgeous. They are for her birthday on the 7th. She is gonna love them ?
(6) Good night my friends. It's been a great day! Finished off with Tres Lechez! I'm happy. Have a good night. Stay safe ok.
(6) Good morning pandas.
(7) We will be having blueberry pancakes and coffee this morning.
(6) About to video chat with my therapist.
(6) Very long chat with my therapist. I always feel better after speaking with her.
(7) Nice nap. Management brought us a bunch of canned goods. That was so nice of them ?
(6) Chicken salad on crackers. Nice to have something light. Had grilled cheese on potato bread for lunch earlier. It was sooo good
(6) My robin's eggs came in from amazon. Boy is my daugjter mad! I don't care. I love them!
2(7) Fish, rice and green beans for dinner. Rice pudding for dessert. My tank is full ?
(6) Good night my friends. Stay safe. Wash your hands often.
(5) Good morning pandas. I'm still tired. Crazy nights sleep. Up and down all night.
(5) Going back to sleep!
(7) My daughter bought a wafflemaker. This morning we are going to try coffee in the batter. Sounds gross I know. I'll let you know how it turns out ?
(8) My aide watched Just for Laughs with me after my bath. We had a lot of laughs ?
(9) Piping hot grilled cheese on potato bread for lunch. So so good ?
(7) Mom just got a treadmill. My sister assembled it. Happy exercising!
(5) Pineapple Jello. Tasty. ?
(7) Lol bro stopped by. Need ed my daughter's help with something computer related. Ahe is so helpful.
3(9) We had beef quesadillas for dinner. The salsa was super spicy. It was delicious. We are having yellow cake with brownie icing. I can't wait! ?
(6) Just finished watching Room on Netflix. It was pretty good.
(7) It's time for night night for this panda. It's been real. Had a pretty nice day. Happy tomorrow is Fri. Stay safe my friends.
(7) Top of the morning to you pandas. How's it going today?
(5) Sneezing. Sneezing. Sneezing.
(4) Not a happy camper this morning!
(6) Today's breakfast? Cocoa krispies! Delish.
(8) Who loves you pandas?
(7) Just talked to mom. She is doing great.
(8) My daughter made some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with coconut extract. It was very tasty. Time for a little nap. See ya in a few ?
4(6) Just awoke from a little nap. Wish I could go back to sleep
(7) Beef quesadillas. ?
(7) That's it for this panda. All in all it's been a good day. Till tomorrow stay safe my fellow pandas. Later.
(5) Woke up having an asthma attack. Woke my daughter up. Giving myself a nebulizer treatment.
(5) Good morning all. Stay safe my friends.
(7) Ordered a jar of pickled cauliflower from amazon Disappointed it's not coming till Tuesday. I'm ready for it now!
(7) Coffee, Clementine and Lorna Doonesbury for breakfast. Yummy ?
(8) Switched it up. We had waffles instead. They were super fluffy ?
(4) Wow! My daughter is in a bitch mood today! I realize she misses her husband who is stationed in italy but this whole corona thing is not MY fault!
(5) I had beanie weenies for lunch. My daughter made herself nachos. Seems like I got jipped!
(8) I love playing Dice with Buddies. I have been playing with the same people for 10 years now. They are from Australia and Wisconsin.
5(5) Good night pandas. Not breathing so well right now. Had to take a treatment. Stay safe.
(6) 7 am. Good morning pandas. It's a new day. Still in quarantine. Stay safe my friends. Have a good one.
(8) Nice nap. Now enjoying some pineapple lime Jello. Deeelish!. A dear friend brought us 6 bottles of hand sanitizer. We'll never run out. Gonna share some with my mom and brother.
6(9) Omg! My daughter just apologized for snapping at me earlier. First time in her entire life she offered an apology. I accept her apology and love her all the more.
(6) Good night pandas. Sleep well.
(8) Good morning my friends. Hope you slept well. I had two dreams. Both good. I'm ready for some coffee and Ritz. Have a good day everyone. Stay safe.
(8) I just heard from my cousin who is a lawyer. I am so proud of him! Felt good to finally get word that they all are fine.
7(7) Time for Shelley Bear to go night night. Till tomorrow. Stay safe my friends.
(7) Good morning everyone. Up and down all night long to the bathroom. Had no idea I could go so much. My water bill is gonna be higher ? Have a good day pandas.
(6) Nurse and aide are coming this afternoon. Glad to get their assistance.
(7) Kielbasa, scrambled eggs and eggo waffles for breakfast. Yummy.
(6) Waiting for my nurse and aide. They should be here any minute. Had a nice chat with my cousin. Her mom passed away 3 months ago. It's been rough for her and her siblings. They also lost their dad a
(7) Antipasto for dinner.
8(7) Lost my signal while watching a good movie. Eating taquitos. Way too spicy. But good.
(6) The podiatrist is coming tomorrow afternoon to do my toenails. Finally.
(7) Ordering a new medic id bracelet. Nurse broke clasp on the old one in the hospital.
(7) Good night friends.
(8) Good morning pandas. MP wasn't opening this morning. Getting a home pedi done by a podiatrist this afternoon. I'm excited. I have a beautiful pair of sandals in my Amazon cart for the occasion.
(9) Just finished a video chat with my therapist. How refreshing. I so appreciate her. Makes my life worth living. ?
(7) The podiatrist was great! He even filed my nails. Very lamentable. I can call him again in 9 weeks.
(3) My daughter just insulted me. If she weren't on the lease I would kick her out!
9(6) Good night pandas. Stay safe my friends.
(6) Good morning pandas. Had a crazy nights sleep. Up and down all night! Aide is coming today. She is nice. Nicer than my regular aide. Have a great day all.
(7) Nurse just left. Aide is due at 2. Watching Just for Laughs. I love the stations that came with my LG smart tv. Very different from broadcast tv. But I miss my court shows. I guess i wish I had cable.
(7) I'm hungry. I think we're having tuna salad with Ritz. Looking forward to eating something cold ?
(6) Aide has arrived. Time to get clean ?
10(8) Just took a nap. I slept so hard I thought it was Friday. Man o man I feel refreshed.
(7) Ravioli and Brussels sprouts for dinner. Very delicious. For dessert? Cake and icing both made from scratch! First ever! Had a slice last night. I will never underestimate my daughter's ability
(6) Shelley Bear is outta here. See ya in the morning ing. Rest well my friends and stay safe.
(8) Good morning my panda pals. I slept well and i hope you did too. It's Friday. Any plans? I have no visitors coming. Yay me. How about you?
(6) Nothing to do. Going back to sleep.
(7) Just woke up. Ready to conquer the day ?
(7) My daughter's husband gave her access to his Navy library account. She plans to connect it to my Alexa. I am pretty excited. I have not had the desire to read a book in about 15 years. Depression is
(7) I would love to have a sub right now! But we are having the rest of the tuna. It was pretty good yesterday on Ritz.
(7) Happy Good Friday pandas.
(10) My little sister
11(8) Good morning pandas. I trust you slept well. My sleep was ok. Any plans for the Easter weekend?
(5) Man I'm hungry. I wish my daughter would wake up.
(7) Just spent 3 hours gossiping with my oil bro on the phone about our sisters. Then about 40 minutes talking to my mom. Life is good. Glad the calls were free ?
12(7) We had. cheese ravioli for dinner with a large garlic breadstick. It was tre magnifique!
(9) Well my friends, it's that time again. Time for all pandas to go to bed one by one. I'm outty! Have a good night and please stay safe. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. My mom is coming over to cook
(10) Good morning. Happy Resurrection Sunday. He is risen. Received great news. Every American adult is getting a $1200 stimulus this year! My daughter and her husband already got theirs ?
(8) Just found my mom's favorite black liquorice on Amazon. Big jar too. It will make a sweet Mother's Day gift. It will last a long time and she will enjoy them.
(7) My dear friend in Missouri is gonna have his wife search for hand sanitizer for us. We have a few small bottles a friend dropped off to us but they'll be gone soon. I'm very appreciative.
(5) Can't stop sneezing!
(8) We have a turkey in the oven. It smells scrumptious. Can't wait to chow down.
13(10) Mom outdid herself with Easter dinner. She just dropped off candied yams, corn, collard greens, baked mac and cheese, turkey and dressing. Yummy! I intend to devour every morsel.
(7) Good night pandas. I trust you all had a wonderful day today. I miss our family gathering s. In due time. Have a good one. Stay safe my friends.
(8) Good morning pandas. I overslept. Usually up much earlier.i trust you are all staying safe. Have a great Monday
(7) Nice little nap.
14(7) Easter leftovers for dinner and mint chip ice cream for dessert. Now it's time to hit the hay. Night night all.
(8) Good night panda pals. I've had a good day. Tomorrow nurse and aide are expected.i asked my daughter to carry me to bed. She said no. After I carried her for 9 months it's the least she could do ?
(7) Good morning everyone. I trust you slept well. Have a good day. Or try to. I've got a lot on my agenda today. Time to get it moving. Take care of yourself.
(7) Just got a phone call that my insurance has been reinstated and my regular aid will be back m w f while this aid will be here t r. I am so grateful.
(9) Wow! My daughter just surprised me with homemade funnel cake sticks! They are so adorable and delicious.
15(9) Well pals, it's time for Shelley Bear to hit the hay! I'm bushed. I'm going to sleep a bit earlier tonight. Take care of yourselves. Stay safe. Till the am. I'm putty ?
(8) Top of the morning to you pandas. Today is Wednesday. Video session with my therapist. Always a nice experience. I think my nurse is due today. Not sure. Have a good one.. ?
(4) I have an excruciatingly bad headache!
(5) My daughter says I'm wasteful buying stuff for people they don't want or appreciate. I told her it's my money and download her own Amazon app so she can stay out of my business.
(6) Ordering Domino's. It's been months since we last ordered. I bet they don't remember us ?
(8) Just got off the phone with my beautiful mom. I love talking to her. It makes her day that I'm thinking about her. I love my mom ?
16(7) Night night panda pals. It's been real. Old aide called my daughter. She'll be back Mon now that my insurance has been reinstated. I'm gonna miss my new aide. She is so happy and pleasant. Oh well...
(5) I just ordered a sound machine to use during my therapy sessions so my daughter and home health aide can't eavesdrop on me. It should help give me some privacy.
(8) Good morning my friends.i slept hard! I'm going to do a telemed this afternoon with my primary. I miss her. It'll be the first time I've seen her in about 6 months. Also have my aide coming today.
(6) Aide gave the nicest wash off. Today was her last time with me. She was subbing for the other aide while she was on vacation. I have a nurse visit after my telemed appt. Full day for Shelley Bear.
(6) Waiting on my Dr to call. Nurse is coming later as well. Gotta keep healthy.
(2) Upstairs neighbor's bathroom is leaking into ours and the a-holes won't answer their door!!! Called maintenance. Expecting a response shortly.
17(6) Good night everybody. I'm going to bed a little earlier tonight. Till tomorrow. Stay safe.
(7) Good morning my friends. Woke up to a msg from my pharmacy that I have new meds. They should deliver around noon. Not much happening today. I think I'm gonna ask my daughter to make some rice pudding.
(5) I sure do feel like falling asleep!
(7) Pickled cauliflower and leftover pizza are what's for lunch today. Yummy!
(4) OMG! This kid is getting on my nerves!!!
18(7) Talked to my lil bro for a long time. I enjoy shooting the breeze with him ?
(7) I think I'm ready to hit the hay. Discovered two bargains on eBay. Glad I searched. I don't like using stainless steel utensils. We only use disposable plastic. EBay's price is $18.99 for 1000 forks
(5) Can't believe it's just past midnight. Feels like I've been asleep all night!
(6) Good morning beautiful pandas. Rough night's sleep. Dr prescribed something to lessen my urgency to use the bathroom. I hope it works. I need a good night's rest. How is everyone? I know it's
(8) Just got an email from our governor. Schools may reopen in May. Well, I only want them to open so that my nephew who is special needs can graduate in June. He has worked so hard. He deserves to shine.
(7) Found chocolate covered potato chips for my daughter. She'll be happily surprised ?
(5) That was by far the worst tuna macaroni salad I've ever had to eat! It was bland and the noodles were hard. yuk!
(7) Watching a HU
19(7) Well my friends, it's about that time for this panda to turn in. I watched a whole season of The Act on HULU. It was very good. What to watch tomorrow? We shall see. Good night. Stay safe my friends.
(9) Good morning all you beautiful pandas. I trust you slept well. My left thumb feels like I sprained it. Really painful. I'll be ok tho. Have a great day all. Smile! Shelley Bear loves you ?
(8) For breakfast, Irish cream coffee made in the keurig with the last of the coconut cookies. Totally delish! Ready to conquer the day. Have a good one.
(7) Daughter's going to venture out to the grocery store with my mom in a little bit. We need lots of stuff.
20(8) Wow! It's almost 8 pm. I am ready to call it a night. I hope you all made the most of your Sunday. Thanks for the hugs. Stay safe my friends. Till tomorrow. Remember Shelley Bear is always here when
(7) Good morning all you wonderful pandas. I'm feeling pretty good this morning. My old aide is due back in an hour. 5 hours a day. May include weekends too. It will be interesting to see how this virus
(5) Aide is here. 21 minutes late, but she's here, mask gloves on.
(5) Grilled cheese made with Monterrey Jack. Not so tasty. I wouldn't recommend trying it
(5) Nap time. Later.
(6) Had a bag of microwave popcorn. It's been months since I last had some. It wasn't all that great but at least I am no longer hungry ?
21(7) We had chicken parmesan with penne pasta and green beans loaded wirh pepper and garlic. Man was it delish! Very grateful. Night night pandas. Tomorrow will be a new day. Different challenges. Love you
(7) Good morning p. I trust you slept well.i slept well. Today should be interesting. Both aides are due at 9. They've never met. My regular aide is going to be surprised by the rapport we have with the
(5) Just ate my last robin egg malted milk ball. Must order more from Wal-Mart. Com!
(6) Regular aide came. 21 minutes late I might add. I still don't want her to touch my food nor ice. Woke my daughter instead. Expecting my sound machine to arrive this morning. Cut down eavesdropping
(5) My nurse got a call that a local grocery store got a shipment of hand sanitizer for $12. Called my lil bro to get me one. Meanwhile she went to buy one and said it looks like a vodka bottle with
(5) My daughter just told me something me regular aide heard me say to my nurse. She questioned my daughter abo
22(7) We had baked batter dipped fish and mixed veggies for dinner and corn pudding for dessert. Everything was slammin! I rarely have soda but I had 1/2a glass of ginger ale. I'm ready for some shut eye.
(5) Omg! It's 126am and I've already been to the bathroom 5 times since 8pm. This is crazy. I wonder how long it's gonna take for this med to start working.
(5) Good morning all you beautiful pandas. I hope you slept well my friends. I was up and down 8 times between 8 last night and 730 this morning. I can't take much more of this incontinence. I'm getting
(6) Grilled cheese for lunch. Can't get enough of it! ?
(5) Bought both of my nephews a bag of their favorite candies from amazon and received no appreciation from either one. Had it been my daughter who received something, she would have called before opening
23(6) Well friends, it's that time again. Shelley Bear is all tuckered out. It's been a real hoot! Thanks for the hugs. They help my make it thru. Great session with my therapist today. Good night pandas.
(5) Good morning panda pals. I hope you slept well. Today is my last day of help from the VNA. They have been a true blessing in my time of need. I'm really gonna miss them. Wish they could trade places
(5) This bitch walked in my room and said good morning then turned around and walked right out! I don't care if she has an attitude as long as she does her job!
(5) Sure is quiet today. Aide hasn't said a word to me in 2 1/2 hours! I really need to replace her but the agency is short staffed as it is. What's a panda to do?
(9) My daughter's surprise of chocolate covered cherries has arrived. She is jumping for joy! I like to put a smile on people's faces ?
24(8) Fried ground beef with onions and gravy over rice.. My mom made the exact same at her house. Totally delicious. Time for bed. Rest well friends. Stay safe. Till tomorrow. Later
(6) Good morning everyone. I trust you slept well. I did. Got a shipment of coconut biscuits last evening. Planning on enjoying some with a cup of coffee this morning. Have a good one friends.
(8) For lunch I had grilled cheese with yellow American cheese and black pepper! I love it!
(7) We ordered Dominos and had ziti. I'm stuffed. My daughter's father in law got us a case of select a size double roll paper towels! So nice of him. They'll last a year or more ?
25(6) Night night. Stay safe
(5) Omg! Just awoke from a dream where my daughter and a former high school classmate.were expelled from school for being involved in some crazy covid 19 propaganda. My heart is pounding and head is
(7) Waking up to a beautiful new day. Good morning my friends. I hope you all had a good night's sleep. I slept an hour longer than usual. Yesterday as well. Feeling good. Have a splendid day. Stay safe.
26(7) I'm eating corn pudding while watching Arthur on Prime Video. This happens to be my all-time favorite movie. Totally love Dudley Moors. Was reduced to tears when he passed. What a great talent.
(6) Good night pandas. Stay safe.XXX
(8) Good morning everyone. Another rainy day in NJ. Thanks to my mom and my daughter's father in law we have enough bathroom tissue and paper towels for a year! They are so thoughtful. We are so
(10) I just love Sir John Gielgud. He is such a proper British gentleman.
(8) LG channels still don't work. For now all I can get are Netflix and Hulu. Watching The Accident. It's not great but it's ok. About to chow down on some beefaroni. In laws just brought us some masks.
(7) Watching Wrinkles the Clown on HULU. I believe it's a thriller. Oh yeah!
27(7) I may doze off watching this documentary. Have a good night my panda pals. Stay safe.
(7) Good morning everyone. My tv is working again. I am so happy ?. I hope you all rested well and you have a great day.
(7) Great cup of coffee with coconut cookies. ?
28(7) Good night everybody. I found one of my favorite game shows Supermarket Sweep on Amazon Prime. It's from 1991! Love it!. But time to turn in. Till tomorrow. Stay safe guys.
(8) Good morning friends. Time to make the doughnuts. It's a new day. New challenges. Make the most of it. Enjoy- ?
(6) This is my nurse's last visit. I so appreciate her car I g for me.
(6) Omg! My daughter made the most adorable mini meatball parmesan sandwiches on tiny potato rolls. I wish I could show you! Damn she's creative!
(9) Just got my hair washed and conditioned. I feel like whole new person.
29(8) My son in law just bought Disney+. I'm watching The Lion King. Love it! ?
(7) Good night my friends. Please stay safe.
(8) A very good morning to all you wonderful pandas. I trust you slept well. I've been waking up with the feeling I've got a bloody nose. My nurse says I need a humidifier attached to my oxygen
(10) Because of this whole virus crap, in america, the IRS is giving every adult $1200 to help make it through this crisis! Thank you IRS!
(7) Watching The Twilight Zone one of my all time faves
(8) Feeling refreshed after meeting with my therapist through the app.
(7) Watching Stand By Me which is my little sisters fave.
(8) How are you my friend?
30(6) I'm outty! Have a good night.
(8) Top of the morning to ya pandas. Today is Thursday already. Man this week has breezed by. Another rainy day here. What's it like in your neck of the woods? Have a good one.
(5) Today is April 30. It would have been my dad's 83rd birthday. Happy Birthday in Heaven Daddy. You have all your siblings and your parents with you so you are not alone. We miss you dearly and love you
(5) My tastebuds are shot! I'm having coffee and Ritz crackers. I remember when that used to satisfy me in the morning. Now they have no taste whatsoever. I'm sure it's my meds. Nothing I can do about it.
(5) I do believe my aide had fallen asleep and i just woke her up!
    1(8) I'm watching What About Bob? This was the first VHS tape my sister and I bout for my mom when my dad bought her a vice back in the day. As a family we enjoyed wet thing this over and over ?
(8) Good night pandas. Today was a very memorable day for us. Even though I miss my dad I know he's in my heart. I was not such a great kid growing up. I wish my behavior had been better but I'm doing my
(7) Good morning all he faithful pandas ? It's Friday already. It's a rainy day here. My blueberries are coming tomorrow. Seems as though I've waited years for them to get here. I'm so looking forward to
(7) This morning I'm having raisin bread and coffee. Feeling a bit chilly. I need this coffee to warm me up. Silly daughter sleeps with her window cracked. Smh
(7) Got a call from my insurance agent that I'm getting my new life alert in about two weeks. I'll feel safer then
2(7) Good night pandas of the world. I hope you all rest well. Stay safe my dear pals. I'm looking forward to getting my Wal-Mart delivery in the morning. I want whoppers so badly ? All ready for a new
(6) Good morning dear pandas. It's the start of a new weekend. Any plans? Stay safe and have a good one.
(5) Dark chocolate blueberries! Worst tasting crap I've ever tasted! A waste of $9!
(7) My daughter made empanadas with rice and beef. Truly delicious.
(7) Watching Pumpkinhead. Then I'm going to watch Pumpkinhead 2. I like thrillers
(7) Watching Ordinary People.
3(8) Three cheese pasta with loads of veggies. Totally scrumptious.
(3) Phish Food by Ben & Jerry's has got to be the most disgusting ice cream I've ever tasted! Tastes like sawdust!
(8) Good night my friends. I watched lots of movies these past few days. Trying to make the most of this trial. Enjoyable. Stay safe everyone. Till tomorrow. Later...
(7) Good morning pandas of the world. I know I'm up early. I'll try to whisper. Everybody ok this morning? I hope you are. I'm still a little tired. I may catch a few more hours rest in a bit. We'll see.s
(7) Man I'm hungry. Need coffee?!
(8) My daughter asked me what I'd like for Mother's Day? I think I'd like some Irish Creme Cordials. Has anyone tried them?
(8) Butter cake with chocolate buttercream icing
4(6) Watching Repo Man with Emilio Estevez. Pretty corny.
(7) And now comes the end of another beautiful weekend. Good night pandas of the world. Stay safe my friends.
(7) I have really gotten the most of my HBO and STARZ free weekend. I made sure to cancel both just now so I won't get charged for them Tuesday pm. Lots of laughs and thrillers too.
(8) Good morning pandas. Anybody up this early? I know it's early but I feel well rested. The meds have started working. I've been awakening with less frequency. Finally ?. Have a happy Monday my friends
(8) Having coffee and coconut cookies for breakfast ?
(9) Watching Phat Girlz with Mo' Nique. Pretty funny ?
5(7) Good night pandas of the world. Stay safe.XXX
(7) Good morning all ye beautiful pandas. I trust you slept well. I'm sleeping better lately. Less interruptions. Have a good one everyone and stay safe please.
(10) Chatting with my best friend of 30 years on messenger this morning. She turned 60 yesterday. I love her like a sister ?
(9) Watching It Chapter 2. Wickedly funny!
(7) We had sausage links and waffles for lunch. Different but delicious. My tank is full ?
6(8) Time to hit the hay. Good night pandas. Stay safe and rest well. Tomorrow I'll have a full day. Meeting with my therapist and my GP through telemed. I'm bushed. Rest well pandas.
(8) Good morning. How'd you sleep? I only got up 4 times which means the med is working. Thank goodness. I hope all you pandas are ok. Stay safe and have a wonderful day.
(8) Very nice session with my therapist. We got a lot of ground covered. I so appreciate her thoughts.
(10) Watching What About Bob? Again. What a great movie. Well made and truly funny ?
7(7) Good night pandas of the world. Stay safe and rest well. Today was a good day!
(9) Time to rise and shine pandas ?. I had a good night's rest. Feeling energized this morning. I trust you all rested well. I hope my mom's Mother's Day gift gets to her on time. It's a large jar of
8(7) Time to hit the hay. This panda is plumb tired. Everybody ok? Stay safe and rest well. Good night my friends. Till tomorrow.
(10) Good morning all you beautiful pandas. Shelley Bear at your service. I'm here to bring you sunshine on a rainy day ?. I hope everyone slept well. My meds are fantastic. I'm awakening with less
(10) Shelley Bear is an extremely proud auntie this morning. I have a nephew who just graduated high school. It was very challenging for him because he is autistic. Well, he was just presented with a
(8) Just had an hour nap. Awoke feeling as though I'd slept all night.. ?
9(10) I am super happy my mom's Mother's Day gift arrived from England this afternoon. My gift from my daughter arrived too. Both will be opened on Sunday. She will be pleasantly surprised. Good night pals.
(9) It is so darn early. Good morning pandas of the world. How are you today? I trust you are all well after a good night's rest. I slept well. Ready for whatever this day holds. Have a good one and
10(9) Good night pandas. Stay safe my friends. Tomorrow is Mother's Day. I'm looking forward to it with great anticipation. Rest well.
(10) A very Happy Mother's Day to all Mommy pandas. May your special day be as lovely as you are ?
(10) To all ladies who are unable to have children or who may have lost a child I send my love and prayers ? ?
(10) I've been blessed with lots of love today. I feel so good. No worries atm. Today is my day.
(10) My daughter made me a bacon and cheese burrito for lunch. She used mild salsa but my mouth is on fire! I am truly enjoying my special day!
(10) My daughter has a tummy ache and I can't cook because of my oxygen. Our restaurant of choice is no longer accepting orders so we opted for fajitas. One hour wait for deliveries. Soooo good though.
11(10) Eating homemade rice pudding for dessert. Yay me!
(10) A warm and fuzzy ending to a wonderful day. Doesn't get much better than this! Thanks for all the hugs and kind words. I am not worthy but it sure feels good. Good night my friends. Stay safe.
(10) Good morning beautiful pandas. How'd you sleep? I slept real well. Only woke up 3 times. It's getting better. Yesterday was so great! I really enjoyed myself. So did my Mom.Have a great day my friends
(10) Omg. Just discovered walmart has a whole line of dark chocolate covered cordials at the same price as Amazon with no added shipping cost. I think I've fallen in love with a store ?
(10) My daughter and son in law gave me Irish Creme Cordials yesterday. Their flavor is to die for! I highly recommend them if you like dark chocolate. They are melt in your mouth delicious ?
12(10) I emailed a seller that his dry mouth chips are so helpful to me and he gifted me $30 worth of his product. Shelley Bear is extremely happy ? I'm ready to hit the hay. Good night. Stay safe pandas.
(9) Good morning all you beautiful pandas of the world. I know it's super early. I might go back to sleep in awhile. Feeling good just a little tired atm. Searching the web for vanilla hand soap refills.
(10) Watching Child's Play! Broo- ha-ha!
(10) My daughter made me a mocha frosty in her new Ninja blender. I feel like my taste buds died and went to heaven ?
(8) My daughter is making quesadilla s for lunch ?
(8) Watching scary movies all day. Not sure why I like the gore.
(10) My son in law just received a 4.0 in his college semester in the Navy in italy! We are so very proud of him!!! ?
13(10) Good night panda pals. Have a good rest. Stay safe.
(8) Good morning beautiful pandas. It's time to rise and shine. Today is a new day. What awaits? Well, I 'll have a session with my therapist this morning. Looking forward to that. I find it helpful.
(10) Finally got a humidifier for my oxygen concentrator. Today is the first time in about a month I've awakened without that bloody nose headache feeling.
(10) My session went well. We had loads of laughs. Feels so good.
(10) Omg! My brother and daughter both bought me two bags of clementines! Lol! Gave two to my mom. I appreciate them looking out for me. I feel blessed ?
(4) My son in law just phoned from italy. His 50 year old uncle was out grocery shopping and passed out. He is now on a ventilator. The family is uniting in prayer at 8pm. Please join us. Thank you.
14(5) Good night. Continuing in prayer. Stay safe.
(6) Good morning. Can't believe it's 630am. I already turned on a scary movie. Enjoying my brother's Netflix account. I hope you all had a good night's rest. Have a good one.
(8) I offered to help my brother pay for his Netflix account that he's letting us use and he said no. My mom and sister are on his account as well. He's a good son.
(5) Watched Final Destination 1. Watching 2 now. I plan to watch 3 and 4 tomorrow.
(5) Just saw a quick commercial before Judge Judy. It was a child's sidewalk drawing that said ' All we need is love and toilet paper' ?
15(6) I think it's amazing the way this humidifier attached to my oxygen concentrator works. I feel so much better in the morning. It's a wonderful invention.
(5) Well pandas...we have come to the end of another day in quarantine. Sad day in our household. The only thong I find comforting is the believe that we will be united with our loved ones in Heaven.Gnite
(6) Time to make the doughnuts ? Feeling good in the neighborhood. Expecting deliveries of Aveeno products today. Other things too but they are most important to me. A new coconut scent in the body wash
(5) Damn! I missed the Dr Phil episode focussing on the young Black gentleman who was shot by a father and son by mistaken identity last month. Our young men just aren't safe on these streets.
16(5) Time for Shelley Bear to turn in. Happy to see the end of another long week. Thanking God that I am alive. Blessed to be a panda. Good night all. Stay safe my friends.
(5) Good morning pandas. Woke up feeling lighthearted. Realized my oxygen had become disconnected. Vibrated a loose I guess. Very very frightening. I'm ok now. Have a good one guys.
(6) Talked to my mom. She watched Shaft with Samuel L. Jackson this morning. I watched Death Note. Two very good choices. What are you doing with your Saturday?
17(6) Good night panda pals. It's been real. Stay safe.XXX
(7) 640 am. It's Sunday pandas. Good morning.im feeling like a group hug this morning. I know we are suppose to practice social distancing but seeing as though we are around the world...i think we are ok.
(10) Shelley Bear has the biggest smile ever ? I just listened to Chicka Chicka Boom Boom on audible on my Echo Dot. Took my memory back to when s Scholastic had a 99 cent special and I bought copies for
(7) Our local mall has begun preparing pick-up orders. My mom took my daughter and sister to get our families dinner. I wish we could have the pleasure of enjoying our meal together. Soon enough I guess.
18(8) After having butter crunch ice cream for dessert an hour ago, I'm ready to go to bed. I had no nap earlier so I should sleep well. Good. night everybody. I got an email from our governor that
(7) Good morning lovely pandas. Shelley Bear here. Ready to divide and conquer ? What awaits? We shall see. I'm ready for a cup of Joe ? Have a good day my friends.
(10) Lol, my daughter went through our house gathering all my Aveeno lotion and body wash bottles. She counted 19! She sent a picture to my mom. I'm good for a few years God willing ?
(5) I need to admit that I'm addicted to Ritz crackers. I eat them throughout the day and during the night each time I wake up I eat 5. What can I do? I know it could be worse but this is bad!
19(7) Muy Buenos noches mis amigos. Have a good night my friends.
(8) Top of the morning to you pandas. Today is Tuesday. It's my nephew's 18th birthday. I'm going to surprise him and his sister with Domino's pizzas. Their favorite foods. I slept well and i hope you did
(9) I asked Alexa what time it was and she responded, 'it's 802 am. Enjoy the sunshine Shelley' ?
(9) I feel great. Thanks to my aide for my wash up.
(5) I usually have clementines but this time the grocery store was out so my daughter got me navel oranges. Asides from not being as sweet they are he'll to peel. A pain.
20(7) Good night pandas. I have a session with my therapist scheduled for tomorrow am. I find our sessions helpful. My mood is much better than it was last year. I'm happier. Less afraid. I try to focus on
(8) Awe. Just realized I forgot to say good morning my friends. How rude of me. Good morning pandas. I hope you slept well. I'm watching a movie atm. Awaiting my aide so I can have coffee or cereal.
(10) I had a very nice session just now. We had a lot of laughs and sharing about our love of dark chocolate ?
21(10) Shelley Bear is in a happy place right now! My daughter bought me three different bags of skittles I've never tried before. Wild berry, sour and yogurt. My tummy is jumping for joy ?
(9) For the first time my daughter has placed a strip on my nose to clean my pores. I have never even used makeup before with the exception of my high school prom ? I've always gone au naturale.
(10) Now is the time for all pandas to go to bed. ?. Good night my friends. Stay safe.
(5) Omg! Amazon was all out of plain Ritz crackers so I got Ritz onion crisps. I usually like the onion flavor however these are way too salty with too much onion powder. Never again.
(7) Good morning pandas. Today is Thursday. I'm up already. Pretty tired this morning. I feel as though I haven't slept at all. It's 632 and my daughter wants me to wait to eat breakfast until she wakes
(8) My aide brought me a tortilla with refried beans that had been mashed in a blender with fresh grated mozzarella. It was my first time
22(10) I can't believe I've found a site that offers dark chocolates at less than 50% the cost of Amazon's. I can't wait till Christmas ? ?
(6) Today is my daughter's 6 month anniversary ? Time has flown by. I can't wait for the ban to be lifted so she'll be able to join her husband in Italy. It's been nearly 6 months since they've been
(9) Good nigjt my friends. Have a good one and stay safe. Till tomorrow...
(7) Top of the morning to you pandas. How'd you sleep? I've been sleeping better thanks to my new meds. Less awakening to use the facilities. Can't believe it's Friday already. Have a good one. Stay safe
(8) Just had a nice nap. Feeling good.
(5) Omg! I cut my nails too low. When I peeled my navel orange it burned.
23(5) Mistakenly swallowed a broccoli florets slightly chewed and it feels lodged in my throat! Drank water and washed it down but the uncomfortable feeling persists.
(9) Well my friends... It's time for lights out. I'm more than ready to get some shut eye. Stay safe my friends. I'll join you around 7 am ?
(5) Good morning all you beautiful pandas. Happy Saturday. Shelley Bear woke up with a headache. It's been a long time since one of these. Best go back to sleep. Stay safe my pals. Catch ya later...
(10) I sure have been sleeping a lot today. Don't know why. My mom and sister want to order Olive Garden takeout for dinner and offered to include my daughter and me. That's nice. I really like when they
(10) My mom just told me she loves strawberry kool aid and that she hasn't been able to find it anywhere. All she has to do is has to do is mention something once and I scout for it. She'll be surprised
24(6) Slept the whole day away. I'm feeling ok but I think my depression is?creeping back. I used to sleep so much awhile ago. Keeping my head up.
(10) Tonight for dessert we are about to devour homemade German chocolate cake. I'm very excited. First time ?
(10) Good night pandas. We decided to get Olive Garden tomorrow evening instead. Everyone's in agreement. Have a good rest my friends. Stay safe XXX
(4) Someone cancelled my order of coffee cordials which were due to arrive this coming Wednesday. I am ticked off because I've been waiting nearly three weeks for delivery. Could have been a mistake. No
(5) Just awakened totally out of breath. Panicky breathing. I don't understand why. I couldn't even take a sip of water. I put my oxygen and cpap back on quickly. Breathing is returning to normal..
(10) Just finished a cup of delicious coffee. I'm feeling energized. I wanna buy something. ?
(10) Ok now. I ordered the 5 cheese ziti with Italian sausage. Expecting a great tasting dinne
25(7) Well pandas...we have reached the end of another day in quarantine. A friend brought us over some eggplant parmesan and baked ziti. I passed it on to my brother because I'm very allergic to eggplant.
(5) Good morning. Today is Monday. It's Memorial Day in the US. 'Memorial Day is one of the saddest days of all for our country. For it is the day we decorate the graves of soldiers with flags and wreaths
(6) I wanna share a secret. Oreos are the cookie that make me the happiest ?
(7) I love massaging this Aveeno coconut lotion into my hands. It makes them feel and smell so pretty.
(8) Vienna sausages and Ritz for lunch. ?
26(8) Well pandas...another night is upon us. Did you have a good day? My daughter and I did. She was talking about when she'll be able to move to Italy. I sure am going to miss her. I love he'd so much.
(7) Good morning pandas. Rough night's sleep. Woke up wheezing. Idky. Taking a treatment then going back to sleep. Aide is due at 9- 930.
(10) What made you wanna be a panda?
27(5) Omg! Whatever my daughter is cooking for dinner smells burnt! Oh no!
(6) Good night panda pals. Till tomorrow. Stay safe guys.
(7) Good morning. Today is Wednesday already. Session scheduled for 11. I spoke with an insurance rep yesterday. Checking up on my wellbeing. She began to cough and apologized explaining that her mouth
(7) Waiting for my session to begin. I'm getting use to these phone appts.
(8) Lengthy session. Went well. We spoke a lot about my childhood. Feeling like I got a load off. Great therapist rapport.
28(7) This panda is has just 1 more item to order to complete my Christmas shopping. I don't know what to get my brother.
(10) When I was in high school...there was a quote above our auditorium that read, ' The foundation of every nation, is the education of its youth.' Good night my friends
(5) Buenos dias pandas. 715am in America. It's Thursday already! Wow time is flying! I slept very hard. I had a weird dream where some bullies from a rival school crashed our summer camp gathering at my
(6) Just had a flashback to a time in high school when I was being bullied by a group of kids from the projects. A girl from the projects stuck up for me and they left me alone. She wasn't exactly my
(10) Feeling good in the neighborhood. All washed up and ready to take the bull by the horns.
29(8) My daughter and I watched a few YouTube videos tonight. We laughed so hard I had an asthma attack and had to stop viewing and take a treatment. What a wonderful evening. Good night pandas. Stay safe.
(7) Good morning all you beautiful pandas. I trust you all slept well last night. I'm good for another round. Catch ya later...
(8) My daughter is a nut. Our bedrooms are right across the hall from each other yet we've been texting not speaking for about half an hour. ?
(7) About to watch my final episode of Judge Judy. My trial period ends at midnight. I refuse to pay more just to watch that program.
30(5) Usually don't get to see much of the outside any more. Today my daughter opened my blinds slightly so I could get some vitamin d. I dislike that as its a handicapped ? apt the windows are nearly at
(7) I got my medical id bracelet today. Right on schedule. It is beautiful. Lists my conditions on one side and emergency numbers on the other. Just like the necklace. It's perfect. I'm happy with it.
(9) Good morning my friends. It's Saturday. I'm expecting deliveries of patriotic skittles and dark chocolate coffee cordials this am. Got a 2 for 1 deal on the skittles on eBay ? Always glad to save
(5) Dang I'm hungry.
(8) Dozing off at noon. Peace!
(10) Just sold a case of Giant Mega Smarties to a former student of mine who lives with my brother's famille. It cost me $25 but I sold it for $20. I gave one to my nephew and my aide is buying one 1/2.
31(6) Watching Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. So far I like it.
(9) Buenos noches pandas. Hasta manana.
(10) I have received 22222 hugs in 8 years! WOW! That's a lotta panda love! Thanks my friends ? Don't know how I'd survive without you.
(10) Wakey, wakey wakey pandas. Today is a brand new day. The first day of a new month. Never seen before. Let's make the most of it. Have a great morning and stay safe.
(5) Just woke up and texted my daughter while sound asleep that my aide was real late this morning. She msgd me back that it's Sunday! Man o man I'm losing track of days!
(10) Bought myself a jar of patriotic colored skittles. Same taste as the original just that these are red, white and blue. Was fortunate enough to find a 2 for 1 deal! I'm super happy.
(10) Yummy Vienna sausages and Ritz crackers washed down with ice cold water for lunch. ?
1(10) Good night all. It's been real. Stay safe. Till the am. I'm outty ?
(10) A very good morning to you all. Up early I know. Tired of being asleep atm. Today is Monday. A new day. A new month. My daughter bought sets of Spanish study books for herself and her husband. She
(5) Goodness gracious. I'm having a severe allergic reaction to tomato sauce! I've always been allergic but lately I've been having cravings I gave in and I'm paying the price royally. It hurts so badly!
2(5) Well pandas, I think I'll turn in early tonight. This Benadryl has me so tired. I'm gonna take my night meds early then call it a night. Have a good one my friends. Stay safe.
(5) Rise and shine all you beautiful pandas. I hope everyone e is feeling a 10 today. Orin the green I'm rooting for you guys. Have a wonderful Tuesday.
(10) For lunch we had chorizo burrito with Rica washed down by a Pacific Cooler Capri Sun. It was to die for! ?
(5) Still in a lot of pain but my skin is healing. No one should have to go through this.
3(7) Good night all he faithful pandas. It's been real. Shelley Bear is outty. Till the am...stay safe and sweet dreams my friends Later...
(10) It's 138 am and I'm up! I've got an old Sunday Scool classic from my childhood dancing around my brain. It goes I am the church. You are the church. We are the church together. All who love Jesus all
(7) It's raining like cats and dogs outside! Thunder has given me a headache. Air smells fresh though.
(9) Just had the weirdest thought that I want to get an ant farm
(6) Good morning pandas. It's a rainy day in this neighborhood. How about yours? We had a thunderstorm last night. Daughter had an awful headache. She finally got some rest after taking Tylenol. I have a
4(8) Well pandas, another night is upon us. My mom took my sister and daughter to Chili's earlier. My first time having their quesadillas. My daughter's are better. Had a session today. It went well.
(9) Top of the morning to ya. How's it going? Did you rest well? Today is Thursday already. I like the month of June. I always have. Not my birthday or anything but it is my parents anniversary month and
(10) My daughter just made me a blast from the past! Grits! It's been about 20 years or so since I've had some.. Found them on Amazon pantry. They were scrumptious ?
5(7) I'm more than ready to snooze. Good night my panda pals. Tomorrow will be Friday. I'm running out of powder. Hopefully my Dr can order a refill. That is if the insurance approves May be too soon ?
(10) Good morning my friends. It's Friday.you survived ? I slept well. Think I'll get a snooze before my aide gets here. Have a great day my friends. Smile. Shelley Bear loves you ?
(5) The only way to escape this pain is to sleep. I'm actually tired of sleeping.
6(5) Time to get some rest from this pain. Good night pandas. Stay safe.
(5) Good morning pandas. Less pain this morning. Going back to sleep.
(5) The pain is subsiding.
(7) Happy Saturday pandas. My daughter made us quarter sized pancakes for breakfast this morning. She said it's what's trending today. Lol. They were so adorable and delicious. She really put her heart
(7) I downloaded a new app this morning. It's called Wish and they had a nice price on night gowns and tank tops. I need both right now. So happy to have found it.
(7) I just had bacon grits for lunch. First time for this panda. Pretty tasty.
(10) Omg! My daughter's in-laws just dropped us off 500 gloves, a dozen masks, Lysol all purpose cleaner, Clorox wipes, two bottles of hand sanitizers and they got her a color changing cup from Starbucks!
7(5) It hurts when I move about. I asked my daughter to turn my fan on and she had a bossy If I had it my way I'd never ask her another thing ever. Truth is I need her and she knows it. ?
(5) Good night pandas. Stay safe.
(5) Can't sleep. It hurts so badly. Applied medicated powder to my wounds. Hurts so so bad. I hope this pain goes away. I am so tired.
(5) Finally. When I lay still there is no pain. Gonna try and fall asleep
(5) I think I overdid it with the powder but it feels much better atm.
8(5) Good night. Stay safe.
(5) This pain is worse than childbirth!
(6) Good morning. Shelley Bear is a happy camper this morning. I found my otc med at buy one get one half off. I am so happy. I hope it works. I need a rest from this pain. Last night I was thinking of
(10) My lil bro just made me laugh ?
9(6) It's time to hit the hay. Good night pandas. Stay safe guys.
(5) Eating an Oreo at 442 am ?
(5) Good morning. Feeling down this morning. I need to speak to .y therapist. Tomorrow can't come soon enough. This pain is so intense atm. I just want it to atop. It was feeling a little better. Right
(6) My daughter got me a new creamer. It's Bailey's Irish Cream. It was my first time having liquid creamer. It tastes great!
(5) Not feeling so good atm. Taking deep breaths. Deep breaths.
10(6) Just discussed a situation between my brother and his family. I'm feeling like an awesome peacemaker. It's got me feeling so much better actually
(6) I'm feeling so much better right now. Just in time for a good night's rest. Night night my panda pals. Stay safe guys
(5) Just awoke in intense pain. I'm calling my Dr as soon as her office opens this morning. I can't take this anymore. Have a good day and please stay safe. Remember Shelley Bear.loves you.
(6) I love my Dr and her staff. I just called and told them about my constant pain. They called right back to register me goya a 10 am appt. That makes me feel better already.
(6) I love my Dr and her staff. I just called and told them about my constant pain. They called right back to register me goya a 10 am appt. That makes me feel better already. I have therapy scheduled at
(6) Just finished appts with my Dr and my therapist. I appreciate them so much. My Dr called in a new oral med for this pain. I'm praying it works. Great convo w
11(5) Omg! My daughter placed her laptop on her exercise bike she got today and the darn thing crashed to the floor!!!!!! She is now mad at the world!!! What's a mother to do? I offered to buy her a new one
(5) Good night.
(6) I just ordered an ancestry DNA kit. My mom, siste e and daughter got theirs done. Don't wanna be odd man out ? The have a half price Father's Day special.
(6) I am watching a Netflix movie entitled The Night Clerk about a young man who has Aspergers. It is very touching.
(10) The internet is so a.azing! My aide was able to zoom in on my daughter's neighborhood in italy!!! I had never seen it before! It has Italian music and a tour guide speaking in Italian! Amazing!
(5) You ever do something so stupid you wonder what in the hell you were thinking? I just woke up from a nice little nap only to discover that the cell I expected to be fully charged was never plugged
12(6) Guess what pandas? I just applied my night med and I'm about to take my night meds and I have nearly no pain ? You can't imagine what a relief it is! I have very sensitive skin. It''s getting better.
(6) Well, it's about time to call it a night. Sweet dreams pandas. Stay safe.
(10) Up for a few minutes. I googled my ritz cracker addiction and discovered that I am not alone. There's a few mom's just like me. Seriously. A mom posted MY feelings.
(8) Good day mates. How's it goin? I hope you are all well this Friday morning. You made it another week. Pat yourself on the back! I knew you could do kt! Have a good one. Stay safe.
(10) I'm in a really good mood atm. My pain is almost gone and I'm Fermi g fa tastic! What a huge difference in how I felt this time last week. Thanks for the hugs but most of all I thank God.
(10) Skittles has a new limited edition bag which is all white. Very interesting. I bought some on walmart.com. Good deal too.
(10) My aide was so kind as to massage fo
13(10) You're getting sleeeeeepy ?
(10) Shelley Bear's ready for night night. Sweet dreams my friends. Stay safe.
(5) I've somehow got a lash stuck underneath my left eyelid. Driving me batty.
(10) Good morning pandas of the world. How are you this beautiful Saturday morning? I trust you all slept well. Whatcha got planned for the day? Do tell...
(5) Just awoke in the most intense pain. It appears as though the condition has cleared up on the surface but the underlying pain persists. I refuse to allow this pain to steal my joy! Pain, you will not
(10) Just msgs my lol sis about getting our mom an air fryer for her birthday. She's real excited! My daughter got one from her bridesmaid. We love it!
(10) My daughter got me a pack of Golden Oreos. I haven't had them since their debut about 10 or so years ago. Very tasty.
(10) I found a natural app-purpose cleaned on Amazon. 0nly $5 for a 32 oz spray bottle. I hope it cleans well.
(10) Daughter's out with mom a d sis again. Today is
14(10) Watching a little bit more of Backdraft 2 then off to bed. Daughter just got in. I just had tuna salad and ritz. Totally delish. Good night my friends. Till to. Stay safe and sweet dreams
(10) Hey pandas...tou know what? I just did the math and figured it costs me about $2.50 a month on electricity. WOW! Now that's saving energy and money!
(10) When my daughter was 12, she and 4 of her classmates entered a contest sponsored by NASA. They were able to receive a donation of energy-saving light bulbs which allowed them to supply every family in
(5) Good morning pandas. Almost went to the er earlier. My pulse ox was at 70. I called the on-call and he told me to go but I woke my daughter and she gave me a treatment which brought me up to 90.
(7) Watching Cape Fear with Robert DeNiro. Great movie. Old.
(10) Great coffee this morning. Bailey's ?
15(8) Just had the most delicious homemade rice pudding evwr! Loved every drop! Good night pandas. I'm feeling great and ready for a goo4 night's rest and sweet dreams. Later gators ?
(10) It's 124am and my tongue is quite happily dancing a jig with an Oreo cookie. ?
(10) Good morning all. Happy Monday. Overcast. Feeling go8. Ready for some grits. Have a great day my friends.
(10) Just woke up for the morning. Feeling great. About to enjoy some grits ?
(10) I am feeling so good right now it should be considered a crime ?
16(10) I had a craving for tuna macaroni salad. My daughter was more than happy to oblige. Capri Sun Pacific Cooler is my drink of choice lately. Perfect dinner. I feel like the queen of England!
(10) I just noticed ice posted 2,000 days. That's in 8 years. Not plan ing on going anywhere. I'm staying put if you'll have me. Feeling right at home here ?
(5) I may be in the beginning stages of narcolepsy.
(10) Good morning everybody. How'd you rest? I did pretty well. I really would like to have a cup of coffee. Aide doesn't come for another 3-3-12 hours. Oh boy.i guess I'll watch some Netflix. Have a good
(9) Hey guys ?
(5) I have a telly scheduled with my go on Thursday to discuss my sleepiness. Possible narcolepsy. Mom and I are very concerned.
(10) Alternating my tastebuds between the delicious sweet taste of original fruity skittles and salty Ritz crackers and ice water. I think I've died and gone to heaven. I am so content ?
(6) We tried lemon ice cream. Yes, I said lemon
17(9) Well pandas...it's about time for Shelley Bear to call it a night. Looking forward to therapy tomorrow at 11. Staying away from coffee for a few days. Hope it helps. Good night pandas. Stay safe.
(5) Good morning. I'm feeling pretty good atm. My mom suggested to stay away from coffee for a few days. I have a session scheduled wirh my therapist at 11. I will be discussing my narcolepsy.wirh her and
18(10) Chipotle and a Capri Sun Pacific Cooler juice pouch. Perfect combination.
(5) Good night. Feeling nauseous.
(10) Good morning my friends. I'm feeling San-frantastic!. Even though my recliner broke last night...I had a great nights rest in my old one. Lucky me. I have a telemed scheduled with my Dr this morning.
(10) Just got registered for my telemed at 1115. Feeling great. A little labored breathing though. Other than that no complications.
(10) Telemed with my pulmonologist scheduled for Monday at 1. Great!
(10) G P said it's narcolepsy but that the settings on my cpap need to be readjusted because there is a lack of oxygen at night. Amazing that she knows the difference. Need to schedule appt for home visit
(10) OMG! My daughter just showed me 5 boxes of Ritz I've had delivered from Wal-Mart and amazon! All at the lowest price when ordered. I didn't realize I had such a problem. I AM ADDICTED! But I eat only
19(10) Good night pandas. I hope you all had a great Thursday. (SIGH) I did. Boscovs has to get back to my daughter about the chair. They just opened up for business today. I'm finding it ok using old chair.
(10) Hey pandas...its 340 am and I just had a wonderful idea! 59 years ago my mom and her best childhood friend got married in separate ceremonies but at the Same church! My dad passed away in 1991 and
(10) I'm seriously wishing my daughter could pack her shit up and leave! She is racking my last nerve!
20(10) That's it for me. Good night my friends. Stay safe.
(10) Good morning. I'm so happy my dear friend Am has stopped by ? I've missed her hugs XXX. I was in touch with a childhood friend who now lives in Normandy. Thank God for FB. He was best friends with the
(10) Delish battered fish and potatoes in the air fryer with French cut Green beans with garlic. Ice cold warer. ?
21(10) Treated myself to three Pepperidge Farms Cookies. Perfect amount. Very tasty.
(10) Good night pandas. I had a blast ?
(10) Friends...i thought you'd be pleased with an update. I am now down to three Ritz is Skittles a serving! The road has been rough...I appreciate having you along for the journey ?
(10) Good morning all you lovely pandas ?. I have an insatiable thirst for water lately. I always have dry mouth but I'm finding no relief lately. Googled it and found its a sign of diabetes. Must make a
(10) Lol! Just called my mom at 825am. She was awake watching the news. Said I need to remember the 9am rule. I told her that rule needs some adjustment. ? I hope your day is off to a great start.
(10) Happy Father's Day all you lovely panda daddies ?
(10) Since my ex and I split up 14 years ago, my daughter has had two great friends of ours step up as Father Figures. One is a member of our church and the other is the assistant superintendent of our
(5) Watching so
22(10) Good night friends.
(10) Good morning friends. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. How are you today? I hope you are feeling well rested. I'm feeling pretty good this morning. Ready for some grits ?. Have a good one.
(10) I've got a telemed scheduled for 1pm with my pulmonologist this afternoon. My GPS says there need to be adjustments done to my cpap machine. Feeling better lately. This old recliner is leaned against
(10) The VNA has connected me with an agency that does monthly Dr home visits. I'll have to call on 7/1 to set it up.
23(10) My daughter's over my mom's AGAIN! This time they are faxing off my insurance papers then watching a movie. She and I will eat dinner (fajitas and arroz con frijoles) later
(10) G'night.
(10) Not quite ready to be up yet. Later...
(10) Good morning pandas. It's Tuesday. I'm ready for a cup of java ?. Have a great day and please stay safe.
(5) OMG! I feel like dozing off again!
(10) I was just informed that the new lightweight portable organ concentrator unit may be covered by my insurance 100%! Please! Please! Please!
(10) Nodding off...
24(10) Good night pandas
(10) Good morning pandas. My daughter bought me a bag of Jolly Rancher Misfits Gummies. I have discovered that they also quench my thirst. Another dry mouth remedy! Just thought I'd pass it along to my
(10) My aide and I are appreciating each other much more lately. I've noticed that since I spoke with her supervisor in confidence a few weeks ago, things are going much better. I'm so glad. When my
(10) Just scheduled a shipment of nebulizer masks so I'll be able to use my cell while giving myself treatments. I have a therapy session scheduled at 11 and a guy coming around noon or so to readjust the
(10) WOW! That guy switched the cartridge and was outta here in less that 20 seconds. Now I'm good to go. Next appt is therapy at 11 ?
(10) I like having my therapy appts on what's app. I feel more comfortable meeting this way. I turn on my sound machine and pull my door up then I'm ready to share. My therapist is pretty cool, too.
(10) Wonderful session! Brought my
25(10) Dozed off before saying g'night. Please forgive me friends. Sleep well. Sweet dreams. Tomorrow will be here before you know it Later gators.
(10) Rise and shine all you lovely pandas. It's time to make the doughnuts. I slept very well last night. Got up in the middle of the night and put some caramel popcorn in my Amazon cart. I'll choose one
(10) Can't get an appt for my dental work till 7/30. Oh well, I hope itty be complete by Thanksgiving. Got a call about my new tank order. Monday they'll call back for a 2 HR interview. Wish me luck please
(10) My tank is full! It's time for a nap. Later gators!
(10) My lol sis is the best! My daughter has been comparing the prices of 3-in1 fax machines recently. I mentioned it to my mom who told my lol sis. Sis called my daughter as I spoke to my mom...by the end
(10) My family is buying ice cream...what kind should I get? Any suggestions?
26(4) Poor Shelley Bear! I was just about to have my coffee crunch ice cream for dessert when my daughter tasted it and found a nut! She called the parlor and was told they were hazelnuts! I'm allergic! ?
(6) Good night my friends. Stay safe ok.
(5) Woke up with a smidgen of a headache atm
(5) Was talking to my mom on the phone earlier. Was telling her about one day when my daughter was first born and my co-worker dropped by to see my new baby. She jokingly said that my daughter looked like
(5) while using the bathroom. That is why she and I have such a strong bond. I was able to raise her to become a 100% young lady. Catholic school education till 9th grade all the while dealing with his
(5) I just sent a msg to my former coworker sharing my life of physical , mental and emotional turmoil. It lasted 14 years.
(10) Early in the am. Just shared some deep feelings with 2 former coworkers of 25 years. Very honest and sentimental. I feel like a burden has been lifted.
(5) Started dozi
27(10) That's it for me guys. Have a good night.
(5) I swear my daughter can be suxh a bitch. And for no reason!
(10) Good night pandas. Stay safe guys.
(10) I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life.
(10) Good morning beautiful pandas. I've been up a few hours already. Woke gagging and vomiting again. I'm gonna call my pulmonologist today. Maybe I need a steroid. I do. We're getting Chika fil a for
(5) Man oh man I have a darn headache. Omg.
(10) 9m feeling pretty good atm ?
(10) Just had the most delicious cup of coffee and barras de coco. My tummy is so happy ?
(10) My pulmonologist called me back. He said the gagging was due to acid reflux! Ordered extra strength pepcid. My sister just pricked it up from CVS.
(10) I am living the perfect life.
(10) We are eating chick fil a grilled chicken nuggets for dinner. Pretty good. With waffle fries and a Capri Sun Pacific Cooler juice pouch. Perfect combination of flavors ?
(10) Finishing up my dinner, I wash it
28(10) Good night my friends. Stay safe ?
(5) My eyes are so dry. I feel like there's something in the lower portion of my left eye.
(10) Good morning. I'm watching YouTube already. There is a very funny comedian named Anthony Griffy. He jokes about everything. I mean everything. Chinese food and potato chips are my favorite. If you
(10) My family and I like to deal with familiar sales people when we shop. For instance, my mom has shopped at Sears since 1961. All her kitchen appliances, air conditioning units and washers and dryers
(10) I finally feel as though I've achieved the level of happiness I've been searching for all my life. I am very content.
(9) Loud noise from the direction of the kitchen really startled me. I asked my daughter if she's ok, she said yes. (Sigh)
(10) Just woke up. Took a treatment right away Feeling pretty hungry. I think my daughter will be giving me chick fil a.leftovers from last evening. They were pretty good as I recall. How are you doing?
(10) My
29(10) How's it going pandas? I'm doing pretty good atm. Hope everything's ok in your neck of the woods ?
(10) Tonight's dinner is going to be chicken fajitas,arroz con habichuela. I'm looking forward to it. But first I need a treatment. And I have a headache. Just took a Tylenol with codeine.ill be alright in
(10) My daughter shared with me that when she and her friend went to Wal-Mart earlier, they saw a homeless family with three children carrying signs asking for donations. It made her sad to see them. She
(10) My daughter was influenced by her husband to sponsor a child. He has been sponsoring for a few years now. It's an enlightening experience for them both. The little boy is so adorable. I'm proud of
(10) Good night friends. It's been a real hoot and a holler ?. See ya tomorrow. Night...
(10) Just thinking...i can't stand the face on Little Debbies Doughnuts. Maybe that's the way others feel about Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben's products. Just a thought. They all provide us w with
30(10) There is actually a blog run by a mom who is also addicted to Ritz crackers. Lol. She has allowed me to join her group. I love it. We have a similar style of humor. Makes for a great conversation.
(10) It just took my daughter nearly 2 hours to wash and comb through my hair. It has grown to the top of my butt, lol. It is so long. She put it in a ponytail and sent a pic to my mom. She loved it. ?
(10) Tonight's dinner is. Gonna be a Banquet Homestyle Bakes Chicken Biscuits and mashed potatoes dinner. ? Happens to be my favorite. Too bad it takes an hour to bake, lol
(10) I'm outty! Good night pandas. Thanks for letting me share my thoughts with you ? Have a good night.
(10) Oops. Had to use the bathroom, lol. Everybody ok?
(10) ? I was just thinking about when my daughter was in college. Whenever she'd come home for the weekend or break, she wasn't too cautious about saving energy. She'd sometimes leave the lights on when
(10) Just realized I never mentioned how my daug
  1(10) When I spoke with my former student earlier thanking her for being the icebreaker between my daughter and her, now, husband...I always thought it was because of her relationship with me and my
(10) Because I'm now being treated for acid reflux, I've had to give up my Capri Sun Pacific Cooler. I've had to resort to water enhancers...something that is not likely to aggravate my hated allergies. I
(10) I put my mask on but forgot to start my cpap. I got real hot so fast. Turned it on and cooled down quickly. Good night pandas. Sweet dreams. Stay safe.
(10) These pilates socks feel we good.
(10) I wonder if my daughter's in law's are going to continue helping me after she moves to Italy? They have been so kind during this pandemic ?
(10) I'm not exactly sure what the word decadent (I'll look it up right after this post) means, but I think it accurately describes the taste of this delicious milano cookie ?
(10) I've purchased flashlights and placed them on the doorknobs of our.be
2(10) When my daughter was young, my little sister would take her to new York City to see the rockettes, the tree ceremony, plays sternum and Bailey circus. They continued it for years. When my daughter got
(10) Took a.couple of extra seconds to connect. Just woke up thinking about that comedian ?
(10) Ordered some shortstop Wish.com a few months ago. Was earnestly my daughter and a panda not to trust the quality of goods as they were likely coming from China and the quality would.not be.good and
(10) Disappointed that it took so long for the shipment to arrive from Wish.com and that I'm out $55! I'm use to the delivery speed and usual American satisfaction. Of Wal-Mart and @mazon. Lesson learned!
(10) My daughter just got home. ? She bought me a pint of coffee cookies and cream ice cream! I ate a ritz to remove the sweet taste from my mouth from the skittles I just popped in my mouth. ? Now...it
(10) My mouths the happiest it's been in a long time! My tongue needs a dance partner
3(10) Just woke up. My daughter asked what I want foot.ldinner? Twelve having taquitos arteries in the a0ir.fryer. ? I'm looking forward to it ?
(10) I was thinking...our local neighborhood pharmacist was a real prick earlier. He called that my prescription was ready and asked if I wanted it delivered? He said it was $ and would I need for the
(10) I was thinking...our local neighborhood pharmacist was a real prick earlier. He called that my prescription was ready and asked if I wanted it delivered? He said it was $ and would I need for the
(10) She decided to give me leftover pizza and pasta. Got cold while I sent prior post. ? It's all good ? No worries ?
(10) She decided to give me leftover pizza and pasta. Got cold while I sent prior post. ? It's all good ? No worries ?
(10) She decided to give me leftover pizza and pasta. Got cold while I sent prior post. ? It's all good ? No worries ?
(10) I was thinking about the the nearly doubled electric bill.
4(10) Going to sleep early tonight I'll probably be back up later Night night my friends.ni love you ?
(10) I am all alone right no it is.so.dark.an.dsrm tired.
(10) I am all alone right no it is.so.dark.an.dsrm tired.
(10) Disappointed at the amount of Skittles that spilled on my bedroom floor earlier . Daughter is definitely going to.be pissed when.she sees.it.i just.dont have the.syrenhth to do it myself. I can at
(5) Wish I had soms cold water. I've had the.same tumbler all day. The.watet was ice cold.this.morning but has th since. growm warm.(SIGH)
(10) Played a silly prank on the phone to my mom earlier that she, unfortunately, took as.real. She became upset thinking my little.sister and jihad had a falling out over a 5 year.cell phone history. She
(10) Called for my mom and my sister said they hadn't gotten back yet. I now know where she went ? Could only be wiith my mom or her girlfriend.
(10) Crazy thunderstorms right now!
(10) Out of breath! Daughter is home!<
5(5) These idiots have been lighting off fire crackers for.weelks now There are all kinds out. there. There are small.kifs that.just.love them I find.them.annoyimd! They are legal now so nothing I can do!
(10) Pandas...thanks for your comments. Glad you don't mind my sharing. It's bringingj me comfort. ?
(10) Accidentally left hall light. On. Waste of money. I'll have to save somewhere to balance it out. Not a problem. I always manage to do it! ? .
(10) Finally used portable tank. Going to sleep. Machines on. Good night pandas Thanks for letting me share..
(10) Lol!!! Accidentally added my.last post.to my daughter's msg. Lol she'll be surprised lol. Happy..
(10) Was posting that because our.rent is so.affordable here.these teenagers have a seemingly.endless supply of fireworks.For that same reason I am able to buy Wal-Mart and Amazon in bulk. ?
(10) Was posting that because our.rent is so.affordable here.these teenagers have a seemingly.endless supply of fireworks.For that sam
6(10) Sent my daughter two texts. One earlier asking her to please lift my feet more often. I'm sure she.couldmt.care less but my legs hurt The other is that my Echo Dot.had a notification that there was a
(5) Had to msg her again about my feet She came right. In grabbed my water bottle, put my feet up and asked if I wanted nachos or taquitos? I said neither. She asked.me again? Again I said neither. She
(10) I am now going to sleep. Good night my friends. Stay safe ok?
(10) Had difficulty straightening blanket this time!. Argh! Had to really.really. rush to the bathroom.again . Was gonna watch a little.tv but on second thought I thin I'll just go back to.sleep Good
(10) Made sure to.grab a.handful of solution for later Smart thinkinh! I.hate when I.run out# Can.be very strenuous
(10) Had to remember to massage lotion into.my hands. Skittles Now off to.bed I go Gnite ?
(10) I have a very dear friend f
7(10) That was good! Ordering more lol. Almost forgot night meds. Can't ever let that happen. Seizure med is among them! Drs asst told me earlier my change in voice is due to acid reflux! Go figure! Called
(10) Good night
(10) Watched a comedy duo earlier called Key and Peele. They used to be on Comedy Central years ago when I had cable. Watched them regularly.These guys ate hilarious! A1 team! Try them out on YouTube! You
(10) I daw 2 unopened Amazon packages by the front door at the end of the hall. I know one is the chair cover I ordered. Have no idea about the other. Hmmm? Time will tell!
(10) Awoke.with a.big smile. Thinking about my.comedians! What.great talent! Keep me laughing! Really really like them!
(10) Texted my daughter to please lift my feet She came in right away.. Lifted them then asked if I needed water? I said yes please. When she returned...I said do.you need.a Hey? She couldn't understand me
(5) (SIGH)
(10) My hair is a.mess. it really needs to get done! It reac
8(10) Managed to walk passed the Alexa.just as.8pm.alarm.went off.for medicine.remimder. done.know.how I made it before.without her.
(10) That was sooo good! Asked for.grilled cheese? Blew her a.kiss when.she brought it to me. About to text thank you and ask for a.glasd.of.root.beer.Please
(10) Time for night night. I hope you guys.had am good.day. Things are.getting better around here. I'm real happy ?
(5) Noticed daughter has lights on in her.room and in.the.kichen where.i can.hear.her.watching.a video. Can't be two places at once.therefore she is.wasting electricity. Not cool. I won't say anything how
(5) Told her I really need something to quench my.thirst. She then.replied water? Turned around and walled out. Time.was.she loved to make me.happy
(10) When my daughter was born, when signing her birth certificate my boyfriend looked up at me and said is there anything I need to know. Caught me off guard.but then the room.efupted in laughter as I beg
(5) Looking forward to our wash
9(10) House is quiet as a mfer! Sound like griffy! Lol let me stop before I say it to someome!. All alone again! Forgot to put oxygen on. Had to sit back up and grab the canula.must be more.careful.must.ok
(10) Daughter just called. She's getting me hostess powdered doughnuts No little debbie..oh well. I.hope.i like them Tastycake's are dry!
(10) Talked to mom. All is.weii. ?
(10) My daughter is a genius! Took canula, attached 25ft cord, draped cord along doorway, furnace closet and hallway so I can now use my home unit to go to and from the bathroom! Only have to remember to
(10) Had to.remember.to.Ttach hose forgot to.weat. oxygen tho. Have to be more.careful . Daughter.has.her.br light on still! Walked.tp kitchen and.saud..mcant.believe.you.turned down.iced coffee I.got.yo
(10) Remembeted! Feet all the way up! Yay! Knocked cord off wall.though.No.biggie. thirsty!
(5) Holy vtap! Was gagging in my sleep taking treatment
(5) Good morning pandas..how.are you? .forgot oxygen. R
10(10) Need ac!
(10) I'm no6.wehame 5o admit rothetz! Am rather prourmactualpyz#
(5) Woke from deep sleep.sat up for awhile.gained composure. No oxygen. Couldn't manage to cover back of chair! Hair all over the place. Stuck in mask wide awake
(10) Overslept. Overcast skies. Aide was exiting room as I awoke.daughter musta let in it oh!.breathing treatment. No.oxygen hmmm.just took morning med. Must wait 1/2. Hour. Told Alexa to start 1/2 alarm.c
(10) Daughter said not enough chipotle like meal for lunch. I told her it's plenty for me. I don't require much ? she said ok ?
(5) Justnwokenup daughter.said pharmacist delivered medication himself.again. mgs nice to live in a small.toen. allows me.specisl privileges. Lol!
(10) Daughter said she wants to make rice pudding.i said that's the only thing you never have to ask me about! She said but you have cake? I said so! She said no! Damn! Remembered oxygen. Yay
(10) Crazy movie! Everyone is getting killed during luau party. Crazy loud.g
11No Reasons12No Reasons
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