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     1No Reasons2(5) Sunburn. Spent 1 day at a dairy farm. Helped friend with milking the cows this morning. Love to be around animals.
3No Reasons4(5) Therapy and tea with friend. Headache. Need to reduce and quit Xanax. Hopefully it all goes well.5No Reasons6(5) Had therapy from 9 till 4. Long day. Managed to go to pilates & bodyshape afterwards. Feeling very anxious and down. Probably withdrawal from Xanax Only took 0.5 mg a day. What a **** benzodiazepine
(7) May 1st was my 6 year Pandaversary. I just realise that now. ?
7(5) Work - errands - drinks with ppl from therapy8(4) Feeling sick. Sweaty, headache, nauseous. Beating myself up for being in bed.9No Reasons
10(5) Was down but mum came over. We cycled through the city and went to cinema.11No Reasons12(3) Headache is driving me crazy. Wanna sleep. Afraid I can't make it to therapy tomorrow or do anything.13No Reasons14No Reasons15(4) Yesterday was horrible. Almost ended in crisis. Went home with parents just to be safe. Today a little bit better.16(3) Don't wanna go to sleep cause the mornings are so hard. They make me anxious and depressed.
17No Reasons18(4) Supposed evaluate my new meds but psychiatrist is sick. Still. She was sick last week as well. Now I have to wait another week and I feel like ****19No Reasons20(5) Therapy, gym, reading in bed21No Reasons22No Reasons23No Reasons
24No Reasons25No Reasons26No Reasons27No Reasons28(5) Down about friendship / date / future perspective.. what not?29(5) Had a lovely day with my niece. I know I must be tough about date ignoring my messages but its painful. I'm still human. I probably deserve better but that's obviously never going to happen30No Reasons