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(10) Home with family!
(10) The Simpsons never disappoints!
2(10) Hair cuts! Hair cuts for everyone!
(10) A night at home for work at my pace.
3(10) It's Chipotle Time, bay-bay!!!4(6) New practice for a new play. Okay start, feel a little on the outside.
(5) *sigh* Reached theblinuts of Survey Monkey's free survey and I'm frustrated because I'm not spending $500 on this!!!
5(10) Good morning!
6(10) Great day!7(6) Work was weird. Staff was weird. All just weird.8(6) The passive aggressive is strong with this one.9(7) I'm okay.
(7) Staff party better than I thought it might be.
10(10) What did I do today? I dunno. Maybe that's the way it should be on a day off.11(10) Family day!
(10) I'm determined to not only keep eating myself accurately but make this the year o go from 7.8 to 7.9 happiness, maybe even 8.0. Who's with me, Pandas?!
(10) Relaxed.
12(10) A good day. I think I can do it all. If I try. If i sit around, I won't. How, then, shall I live?
13(10) Always good to talk to an old friend!14(10) Today can be a great day, Pandas! Here we go!15(10) Wednesdays rock!16(5) Crabby staff, yikes.17(10) Relaxing at home.18(10) Time with my special lady friend!
(10) Yes!
19(10) Great Sunday, love it!
20(8) Got some longstanding things done. Good!21(4) Oooooh, the website is down. Oy.
(3) Oh, just calm down.
(8) Great guest speaker, but that's a lot of work.
22(5) Today has been a hard day at work.23(3) Up too late fixing a mistake.
(5) I was weird today, too.
(4) Staff were weird today.
24(8) Things are looking up. Just... FULL.25(7) You are okay. Hang in there.
(10) Yes!
26(10) Great day!
(5) And just like that, a comment can crush. Need thicker skin.
27(10) Supportive meetings!28(6) Gave feedback, I THINK it was well-received. We will see.29(8) Derailed, but for good reasons.30(5) Oh, one of my good friends is getting divorced, it's very hard.31(9) Getting things done.
     1(10) A good morning and a good afternoon.
(10) Yes!
2(10) A great morning! And a good family day! Love it.
3(10) DUNE!4(7) Some good stuff accomplished.
(5) Goodness, we are whipped up tonight.
5(10) Helped a family tonight.6(10) Chose Bubly over literally any free pop I wanted. Feel great!
(10) Six Meetings. Made it!
7(8) IKEA. It's... a lot.8(10) Rehearsal!
(10) FMSC!
(10) Frogurt!
9(6) Snowy, lots of no shows. Bummer.
(10) Girl Scout Cookie Season is here!
10(8) I'm okay. How 'bout you?11(10) Hosted our group!
(5) Oh, how is this system not already in place?!
12(10) GREAT meeting! Thought there was trouble coming down the pike. But NO! GOOD THINGS!13(10) Got a lot done with important people!14(7) Lazy day.15(10) I got the solo!16(5) Sick. Meh.
17(4) Miserable sick on my kid's birthday. :(18(2) Being sick sucks.
(5) Oy. Sick. Oy.
19(1) Pooh. Bad fire marshall report. Feeling terrible.
(5) Feeling a little better.
20(5) Sick.21(5) Sick all week. SUCKS.22(6) I'm having a whatever day. I'm still sick, trying to work and be with family, and not feeling motivated even though I need to be. What a long week.23(8) Decent day.
24(6) Feeling a little better.25(8) Good to be back at work.
(5) I just can't work at night, anymore, I'm just so tired.
26(8) Nice to be at work.27(10) Amazing meeting today, lots of progress!
(2) WHY did you eat all that White Castle?! Literally, they call it The Crave, you must RESIST! OBEDIENCE! DISCIPLINE!
28(10) I don't HAVE to be productive on my sabbath. It's OKAY if I rest.29(10) Was able to have a nice family day, even grill chicken outside!
  1(10) Got my kid good for April Fool's, she liked it.2(5) So over my staff.3(10) Love my kids.4(8) Getting new work done.5(10) We pulled it off, WOW!
6(5) Exhausted.7(6) Sooooo many decisions.8(8) Busiest week yet but I'm feeling okay!9(10) We can support each other.10(10) Everything done for tonight by 1:00pm, woo!11(8) Hopeful for a good day.
(10) Good day, but wow, exhausted.
12(10) Wow. I'm very proud of myself.
13(10) 100% DAY OFF!14(2) Oh, my friend Steve died! What a long road of pain and transplants and cancer. His pain is gone and ours is renewed.15(7) It's amazing how many Zoom meetings I have now.16(8) I have a relatively positive outlook on today.
(10) I can do this. I'm okay.
17(10) Family time!18(10) Hosting a Zoom for people and it's going well. Amazing what happens when you're at least 10% more proficient than people on technology.19(10) DAY OFF, BRILLIANT!
20(5) Tough meeting.
(4) Cut staff hours today. Tough but necessary call. Various responses, as you can imagine.
(5) Tough day.
(8) Ghostbusters with the kids!
21(6) I'm not sure if I found the right person for this...
(7) Meetings went okay.
22(10) Got the grant!
(8) Three Zoom meetings with upper eschalons of leadership and it's not lost on me that the only reason I'm there is 1. someone else got sick and I had to take over, 2. I was the first to raise my hand.
(10) Yes!
23(8) Making the big, tough decisions isn't easy. But it's important.24(4) Government programs are so complex and confusing right now, almost as if on purpose...
(10) A great family night.
25(10) A day for work and leisure at my pace and I'm okay with that.26(8) A relatively-decent morning, I think. We're on our way to establishing some normalcy.
(8) Made the tough call, no one gave negative feedback, is that good?
(4) Would be having a great, big, amazing gathering with old friends right now. This is having it's hard moments for me.
27(3) Missed a Zoom call, came on and hard to focus while kids are being kids.
(5) When you really, really like productivity but you're really, really tired, these are tough times.
(8) I found rest.
28(8) Better than last time, all around.
(8) We are doing okay.
29(9) Writing 'Thank You' notes to cap the day.
(4) Being the boss is hard.
30(8) Working at home with happy kids, a good day.
    1(10) May Day Basket! What a nice surprise!
(10) All family, all day.
2(10) Windows open, breezy home, good day.3(10) This will work. What we are doing is working.
(10) Kid meltdown during the walk was too funny to be frustrating, oh my.
4(10) Peer group!
(10) Big interview!
5(10) Peer group!6(5) Good work day.
(10) Show worked!
7(10) Haircut canceled, I'll survive!8(3) Feeling obese and in risk of what's all going on because of it.
(5) Some family time helps.
9(10) LOL Card locked because I made big purchases for work, can't get settled until Monday. Sometimes all you can do is laugh.10(10) Without a hitch!
11(10) I'm getting things done today.12(4) Headache from being screamed at by 6one-year-old who doesn't want to do at-home learning. This is hard.13(10) Everything has arrived! Big project to begin!14(7) Looooots of meetings.15(10) Mmm, butter pecan coffee flavor is back at Dunkin' Donuts!16(9) Relaxed, mostly.17(10) Earlier starts, shorter product, more bell-shaped. Feels good right now.
(10) Took a nap instead of work. You know what? It worked!
18(10) Bless my cohort!19(5) Missed my conference, too much work.20(5) Missed my conference, too much work.21(3) Essentially missed my entire online conference for fun because too much fucking work. Was supposed to be on vacation by now.22(8) We leave tomorrow instead of today and I'm okay with that.23(10) VACATION!24(10) YES!
(10) Ah, cabin.
25(10) VACATION!26(2) His name is George Floyd!27(3) His name is George Floyd.28(3) His name is George Floyd.29(2) His name is George Floyd.30(2) His name is George Floyd.
(2) His name is George Floyd.
31(10) Dropped off lots of donations!