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 1(10) Cleaned the house for friends, it's amazing!2(7) Do I HAVE to go back to work tomorrow?!3(10) Back at work and I didn't die!4(10) Working from home, side by side, with my wife whom is also working from home, and we're actually working!
(6) Sleepy. Gas fumes while cooking? Wont shut both Pocket doors while using stove top again.
(10) Yes!
5(7) Screw racism.6(10) Sooooo tired from looooong day.
7(10) Avacado Toast for family dinner and tomorrow's lunch for her and me and my dinner. Yay!8(10) Work it, yo.9(6) Nap.10(8) Getting it done at the pace I can get it done.11(7) Tired bones.12(10) Suck it, racism!13(10) Someone famous name dropped me publicly with affirmation today and that felt awesome! (Sorry, Pandas, but my anonymity here keeps me honest with you, but I'll say it felt amazing!)
14(7) Up and at 'em, Fallout Boy!
(3) Forgot my CPAP for my overnight work trip. Not looking forward to tonight's sleeping time. Already tired.
15(5) About to present, actually nervous a little. That's not common for me. Here we go...
(10) Aced it!
16(10) A daaaay OFF!17(10) 18(10) 19(10) Girl Scouts, birthday party, shopping, lunch out, and cuddle time. I love my family!20(9) Preparing for the big day tomorrow.
21(10) Took our oldest to an MLK kids' march, amazing time. Great church leading the way, radical hospitality!
(8) Excited for this interview, surprisingly nervous, second-guessing preparedness. But hopeful! Here we go...
(5) Nervous during the break. This is taking too long, it seems.
(10) I got the job! I got nervous, they discerned so long, but I got it! Thanks be to God!
22(10) I'll get it done, I'll get it ALL done! I'LL SHOW 'EM ALL... Show 'Em All... show 'em all... (echo... echo... echo...)
(10) Whoa, my kid was in the paper from yesterday's MLK kids' rally, awesome! Can't wait to show her in the morning!
23(10) Showed my kid her picture in the paper from the MLK march, she flipped! Took the paper to school. What a happy 7-year-old!
(10) Validation from my colleague covenant group, feels really good.
(10) I had 3 conversations with people of different racial origins than me today and I'm really grateful for the authentic talk. I'm trying to listen to more people who don't look like me.
24(6) I kinda worked really slowly today. I admit, I do better ramping up than a hard start in the morning. Well, do I do better or is that my preference, I don't know.25(5) Retreat is meh.
(10) Games!
(10) Sleepytime.
26(7) Slept in, nice.
(5) Why did we travel instead of stay for this?
(10) Thor Ragnarok with the kids!
27(10) Relaxing with my kids!
28(10) No School - Day One: Home with the kids, snow blowing, sledding fun!
(10) No School - Day One: Hot cocoa!
29(10) No School - Day Two: suuuuuper cold! Picnic lunch at the mall, plus Mary Poppins Returns! Imagine that!30(10) No School - Day Three: too cold to go outside. Literally, we will get frostbite in minutes. Time for board games, movies, and more hot cocoa! Oh, and work, getting some work done.
(10) No School - Day Three: What do you do on the 3rd night off from school leading into a surprise 4th day off tomorrow? SLEEP IN A TENT IN THE PLAYROOM, OF COURSE!
31(6) No School - Day Four: Okay. This... this is getting long.
(10) No School - Day Four: So cold outside, but warm with love inside. Our kids are crabby, ready for school, done with being trapped at home, and I'm right there with them, but you know what? Love wins!
    1(10) This is literally the first time anyone has been alone in our house for a week straight and it feels so empty... and yet... so peaceful!
(9) Got the news on when we will announce the new job! 10 days is forever and just around the corner!
(10) And he turned out to be an amazing guitarist!
(5) Writing my letter of resignation os emotionally draining, wow.
(10) Did a show, my first in years, so fun!
2(10) In my quest to continue to have intentional interactions with people of different races, a black man sat at my table at the coffee shop b/c they're full and we ended putting down our work to just talk
(3) She's sick in bed sleeping all day. Kids were mean to me at bedtime. Lost my temper. Exhausted. Homework. Not my favorite night.
3(10) Been concerned about my food intake. Limited myself to 1 sausage link, 1 bacon strip, but lots of eggs and oatmeal with fruit instead of sugar. That feels good!
(10) Amazing class! Also, 3 more meaningful conversations with black people today. I'm really trying to expand my circle, meet new people, especially of different cultures and races. Wonderful afternoon.
4(10) New backpack! I've been waiting for the new annual budget to kick in so I could get one, my Swissgear is shredded!5(10) Back to work, nice to connect with others again!6(10) I have the best therapist!
(10) 1:1 work meeting at Chipotle!
7(10) Snowing, working from home, love it!8(6) NO SCHOOL AGAIN?!
(7) Getting things done better at a desk than the couch.
(10) Boss in rare form, which unfortunately means a good mood, these days. Almost done here...
9(10) Surprising my wife with a show tonight, she has no clue!
(10) Baby shower! (Not for us!)
(10) Announcing a new job...
10(10) Announced new job, people are so happy for me!
11(10) I should do more with today, but it feels so good to relax!12(5) Meh meh meh meetings.
(4) Man, staff is pissy today.
(6) Getting things done.
13(5) Headache. Caffeine headache?
(8) Good crew gets things done.
(10) At Capitol to protest!
(10) Girl Scout cookies door to door!
14(5) Up too late, no good reason.
(10) Great coaching session!
(10) Great therapy session!
(10) Great Bible study session!
(10) Great work session!
(10) Great team session!
(10) Great phone session!
(10) Great 1:1 with new business partner session!
(10) Great new backpack! I've been shopping for a backpack for weeks and I found a real winner!
(10) Great 1:1 team chair session!
(6) Ha! Great day, come home, she's asleep and cranky, ya gotta love it. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! ;)
(10) WOW! Moved back up from 7.7 to 7.8 on here! Moooood PANDA!
15(10) A fun work day.16(10) Okay, sleepy time!
(10) 5-year-old's birthday party! So expensive, so exhausted, and so worth it, she's so happy!
(10) Tired, but amazing day.
17(10) Long day, but it did end in video games, so...
18(6) Something is off financially but my bank is closed for the holiday, will have to check.
(6) Think I'm getting sick.
19(8) Was dreading our 1:1 but she was pleasant. It went well AND I forgot to bring up something important. Bummer, but hope it will be okay.20(5) Anybody else not able to use MoodPanda app after the new Android update?21(10) 22(10) 23(10) 24(10) Great time this morning.
25(5) Oh, boy.
(1) Oh, no.
26(10) Inspiration.
(1) Disaster.
(1) Lord, have mercy.
(10) Hope.
27(1) Craah.
(8) Friends and food.
(5) Not good.
28(1) Garbage fire.
1(10) Got my kids good for April Fool's! Told them get up quick, Lent is over and Easter candy is half-price for next 20 minutes if I bring my kids! (No children were harmed in the creation of this prank.)
(8) Did some business.
(5) Accidentally picked a fight. No good.
(8) Asleep at 10, I need it.
(10) Coffee with an old friend.
(10) SO much done!
3(10) Retreat!
(10) State park!
(4) Hrm, ate like crap, though.
(10) Captain Marvel!
4(5) Can I do a hot take on how sports are terrible or will society destroy me? Not liking sports or even thinking they're bad for society is impossible to admit. *ahem* Hi, anonymous Pandas, love you!5(10) Worked from home. Didn't get a lot done, but still feel good.6(4) Not where I should be.
(6) Coffeeshop work day makes up for it. A little.
7(10) Brought it.
(10) Did 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 major things today. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!
8(10) Lost a little weight.9(7) Today was okay.10(8) Feel needed today, I like that. Is that a love language, or something?11(10) At the big table today. Well, big conference call today, but still...12(10) POOL! NO FEAR!
(10) Star Wars.
13(10) Eggs with the kids!
(10) Yes!
14(10) Hmm, Enneagram. Am I a 4... or a 7... this workshop leaves me pondering...
15(10) Woo!16(10) Let them eat drama. I'll be over here.17(10) TREMENDOUS NIGHT.18(5) Received a random phone call from someone with schizophrenia. They're being attacked by EMF microwaves. Not my first rodeo, but a tough call. What a hard mental illness to deal with, I can't imagine.19(10) Powerful, plus a pizza party!
(10) YES! Amazing with music!
20(10) Coffee shop work day. Ah!21(10) He is RISEN!
22(8) Just relaxed.23(9) Get work done, man.
(5) I miss desdemona. She and I have been following each other for years. She's gone suddenly. I hope she's okay. Anyone know anything?
24(10) I love my peer colleague group!25(10) WOW. Unexpected solidarity lunch with co-worker about our boss. She's nervous, too.26(10) Avengers Infinity War with friends to prep!27(10) Avengers Endgame!28(5) Eh, kind of over work. Not my favorite feeling. Thought it would happen to other people, not me. Ya know?
(7) But this was good.
29(10) Mood panda is working and not crashing and I'm excited. Anyone else have this happen?30(5) Ate too much. Boss was weird. Sights set on someone else for a change today.
  1(8) Decent class.2(7) Good meetings.3(5) Tough meeting. Hope is tough with this particular future.
(10) Tickets! FREE tickets!
4(1) Rachel Held Evans dies today and I'm so sad. Terrible news. She had 2 kids and was married. So, so sad.
(6) Free comic book day. Kids a little cranky.
(4) Still upset. Lord, in your mercy.
5(8) Decent morning, just 'was.'
(4) People can be so PETTY.
(3) Boss gave me a weird look that said I'm wrong. Thanks for the support.
(7) But workshop was fun.
(2) Hey, guess what doesn't go well when you don't ask me about how things are going? Um, the job interview for my replacement, maybe? Wow, they have no clue what I do or how I do it, nor do they care to.
(8) Good people, will miss them.
(4) Oh, no, low turnout and wrong demographic.
6(10) Book club! My pick!
(10) Long Shot is SO FUNNY!
7(10) Captain Marvel with the oldest kid! She liked it!8(6) Lots to do.9(8) Detective Pikachu with the youngest kid! A little scary at the end, but she liked it. It's okay.10(9) It will be fine.11(8) New cat to vet, first time.
(10) Relaxing day with the family.
12(10) Good morning!
(10) Good nap!
(6) I THINK this will go well... Are ALL the bases covered? Let's find out...
(10) Good night. Boss seemed to congratulate with genuineness but it was short and not like others lately. Still playing us off each other? Whatever. A good night!
13(10) Conference!14(10) A brilliant day!15(5) Party #1 is awkward...
(6) Party #1 got better.
16(10) Bridging ceremony for my Daisy!17(10) Good wedding rehearsal.18(10) Amazing wedding!19(10) Good morning!
(10) Party #2 is not as awkward...
(7) Party #2 got awkward.
20(8) Good exit interview. Held my tongue on the right things, good takeaways, too.
(10) Good predecessor interview. Lots of good info. And a lovely drive, to boot.
(10) Play date!
21(10) Colleague 1:1 is good.22(7) Decent meeting.
(9) Great 1:1, old friend.
23(10) Fantastic Day, all around.24(10) I GOT A BIKE!
(10) Vacation!
25(10) Vacation! So restful!26(10) BIKE RIDE ON MY NEW BIKE!
27(10) Vacation!28(1) Party #3 is VERY awkward, as I thought it would be.
(5) Party #3 getting better, but still awkward.
(3) She's lying. Just stop.
(7) Party #3 Wow, a surprise ending!
29(10) Mowin'.30(10) School carnival barker!31(7) Met with potential new member, we will see.
(10) Storytelling!!!
     1(10) Scouts and homework.2(3) Tough meeting. People get cranky.
(10) Cooking class!
(10) Community meals with the kid, last time!
3(7) Moving, moving, moving.
(9) Book club, book club, book club!
(10) Book club!
4(10) Moving day was a breeze! 2 hours to move office and piano.
(8) Retreat.
5(5) Ah.6(10) So. Many. Appointments.7(10) Last day of school, such fun.8(5) Big work for a big day...
(6) Feeling okay.
9(10) A very good day. I think a good ending. I'm proud of who I am.
10(10) Ah, a day off with the kid!11(10) Avengers with the kid!
(10) Avengers Endgame with the kid!
12(10) Camp crafts!
(10) Backyard tent with the kids!
13(10) Backyard tent with the kids AGAIN!14(9) Much-needed haircut, wow.15(4) Where is everybody? Ugh.
(6) Turned out okay. Not any huge controversies.
16(10) Happy Father's Day to me!
17(5) Projects tackled but way too tired.18(5) We don't always get along as colleagues, even those who are typically 'together.' If even thebtogrther can't be together...
(8) Good to see people from all over.
19(10) Think I found a new employee!20(10) Home again!21(7) Prepared! More or less.22(9) Here we go...23(10) Camp!
24(10) So far, so good.25(5) A little drama.
(8) Night got better.
26(10) Beautiful day...27(5) Rain could ruin this.
(7) Rain won't stop us.
(10) No rain, here we go!
28(10) Anniversary!
(10) An honor.
29(10) Glad to be home. There and back again.30(10) First Day Beauty!
(6) Dragging tired.
(3) Funeral for a colleague. Cancer. 38. 3 kids.
(6) Tough funeral. 39. Cancer. 3 kids.
1(8) First full day of work and not bad, not bad. A little drama, but we will see.2(10) Getting so much done in day 2.3(7) Bot sure why so many people want to live as complainers. It's just not for me.4(10) Low-key dinner at my sister's, a welcome respite.5(5) Sick? Tired? Meh.6(5) Tired, not very ready for tomorrow.7(10) Successful week two!
8(5) The day did not go as planned at all.
(6) There's... there's a lot wrong at the new job, in terms of staff attitude.
9(10) My updates aren't as engaging as I'm often playing catch up on the days the app won't open (more and more since Androud updates in the spring) but im VERY glad for my 103 Panda followers, thanks!10(6) Oh! One of my new staff is a triangulator! She's also prrretty indispensable in several ways. Well, THAT'LL be fun! Stay tuned...
(5) Meh. A long day. Wasn't bad, but enough added up. Early impressions don't matter, right? Right?! Why aren't you saying anything?!
11(7) Why are they coming to me with every little thing?! Oh, wait, because I'm the new manager. EXCEPT, goodness, lots of little things are the end of the world around here. It's about ATTITUDE.
(7) Lugged 2 tables and a giant white board. Hot. Sweaty. And NOW everyone wants to talk to me. C'mon, people!
12(7) Funeral. Long day.13(10) Birthday! So this is 40. I like it.
(10) YES!
14(10) A good one.
15(10) Road trip!
(10) Keynote!
(10) Presentation!
16(10) Certificate!17(6) Hmm, can a team rally when no one is there to rally them?18(5) Will miss happy hour because of stupid, stupid copier.19(5) Don't feel well, can't focus.
(5) Trying to listen but she isn't making it easy.
20(3) I'm sick.21(4) Oh. Sooooo... I think I have... NOROVIRUS! It has been... unpleasant.
22(5) Gonna puke, maybe... wow, what a fun update, aren't you glad you follow me?! :)23(7) Employee drama, apparently, can be solved, apparently, by... and get this... helping people feel heard. WEIRD, RIGHT?!24(7) I can do it all, right? YES! Yes! Yes. yes. yyes. nyyes. nnnyyeos. nnyeos. nyeo. nyo. no.25(6) Fu fu fu full.26(10) Tired but good day off.
(6) Work has lots of crises. Also, crises is a weird word.
27(10) Confident.28(10) Delivered.
29(8) Worked from home. Well, I was home. The rest is...30(6) Busy work.31(9) Ah. Feet up.
(9) Put my FEET up! To the tune of smack my b*tch up.
(7) Employee isn't as off as I'd feared.
      1(10) Back to work and feeling good, refreshed.
2(10) Family day!3(10) Here we go!4(10) Long good day!5(7) Stress? A little.6(10) Love.7(10) Family.8(10) 50% more, big day, wow!
9(10) Working from home is the best.10(10) THANKS FOR THE UPDATE!!!11(10) A get things done day at work.12(10) Still glowing from last night.13(5) Studentoan people are a week late on telling me my monthly payment and I may miss my scholarship deadline because of it.
(10) Tycho!!!
14(5) Mowed the lawn, but exhausted and have a headache. Didn't have caffeine today, is that why?15(5) Soooooooooo tiiiired.
16(6) Trying to get motivated to do work today but a little stiff from yesterday. Not gonna fly, too much to do.17(7) Hang in there.18(9) Get stuff done, keep staff happy, be fulfilled. 2.5 out of 3 ain't bad.19(6) There may be a few too many things to do... hmm...
(8) Kids and I had a lovely dinner, while my wife was sick in bed. Look, we take what we can get, people.
20(10) Clinate strike with my 8-year-old daughter. So many people wanted photos of our signs!21(6) Only one in the building, getting the work I want to do done without staff bugging me about other stuff. The understanding of orbits around here is fascinating.
(5) Cold. Tired. Weird. Hi!
22(5) Uh-oh, already low?
23(10) Mmm, my man slacks are so COOOOOZY! I'm feeling relaxed, or should I say, reslaxed!
(5) Employee #1 was snarky to Employee #2 over email, so E#2 was snarky back and now E#1 wants the week off to look for another job.
24(10) Brilliant colleagues, big work!25(10) Kansas City BBQ, OMGZ!!!1!26(10) David Brooks!
(10) Outnwithbfriends!
27(10) Friends, I'm filling in some calendar gaps due to the app being weird. You'll be deluged in your feed with me, sorry. Will get back to regular updates tomorrow now that the app is 100% working for me.28(10) Yes!
(8) Family time.
(5) Up too late
29(10) All chill, no thrill. Spider-man video gsme.
30(8) Relaxing.
 1(5) How did I get it all done? By the skin of my teeth and, unfortunately, not with a low temperature the whole time.
(7) Decent meeting.
(4) We were tired and snarky at each other. I conceded and dropped the rope, she couldn't. I suppose we all have our moments, myself included.
2(10) Ah. Staff meeting is over. Good. Let the real work begin. Womp-womp! :)
(3) Student loan monthly payment came back as $65/month. Can't be right. I call. Bumps up from $500 to $725, what?! An 11% raise equals a 38% higher payment?! Um, NO.
3(5) There are ridiculous money problems at the new job, oh boy. How are people not doing their jobs this badly?!
(8) A friend is presenting, doing well.
4(10) Lunch. It's what's for dinner. Er, lunch.
(4) *sigh* It's hard finding a plus-sized men's Halloween costume.
5(10) A full night's sleep!6(10) Family afternoon.
7(10) Having a nice lunch.8(10) Kid cooperation miracle.9(10) LIZZO CONCERT! FOLLOW FOR THE SONG UPDATES THAT MAKE YOU ALL FEEL GOOD!
(10) Lizzo opener Sophie Erris wraps up (she's good), lights go up. 'Whoah, I was dancing with YOU?!' LOL :D
(10) Opener: HEAVEN, HELP ME!!!
(10) Lizzo #2 Worship
(10) Lizzo #3 I'm crrrrrryyyin! Cuz i loooove youuuu!
(10) Lizzo Concert: Jeroooooooome!!!
(10) Lizzo Soulmate and the floor is shaking!
(10) Lizzo Lingerie in lingerie!
(10) Lizzo to Crowd: 'You ready to sing the number one song in the country?!' TRUTH HURTS!!!
10(10) Therapy is good.
(5) I really stepped into a challenging situation at work.
11(10) Good times! Good meeting!12(6) Kids are extra.13(8) Hmm, people are weird. Right? Not just me?
14(3) Death is so hard people take it in so many ways. I am usually the steady one or other is. Today, it is taking a lot of energy
(6) Feeling a little better, a little more confident. Still in over my head. But gaining ground.
(7) Good meeting about good work.
15(10) Good meeting, but long drive.
(10) Drove four hours straight and picked up the kids on time for swimming lessons. Nice!
16(4) Got a letter about how I'm doing it badly. At least it was signed.
(8) A small handful of people at work are a little upset. Which is good. It means they're thinking about what we are doing!
(2) Oh, they sent an even worse letter to my grand boss. That's nice. Atl east it was signed.
(5) Trying to respond, a nuanced letter.
(8) Good group tonight.
(2) Apparently others are complaining. All little things. Next inevitable steps in the complaint zone don't bode well. Glad they are being redirected to talk to me face to face.
17(6) Stayed at work to midnight, which is too late. But got it all done with no running around in the morning.
(8) Good to be with my wife.
18(3) I keep spending too much money on these big lunches with too many calories and little appetite or self-image satisfaction. I need to work on this. I need to remember this status.
(10) Night out with my kid, divide and conquer.
(10) Zombieland Double Tap!
19(8) Physically tired, but I'm okay. A good start to the weekend.
(5) We were all tired and hangry with each other today, a bummer for a lazy Saturday.
20(10) I am appreciating what a literally better place I'm in than a year ago today.
21(8) You've got to put yourself out there. It ain't always easy, darlin', but gosh, can it be great!
(2) I ate White Castle. Too much White Castle. At a weird mid-afternoon time. Waste of money, calories, and the gasss... WTF?! KNOCK IT OFF, MAN.
(10) Star Wars.
22(10) First day of 1:1s with staff went well!23(9) Reaching out on a stretch of an idea, we'll see...
(10) A million little things done. Need to get two million things done, but hey, you know what they say: just take it a million things at a time.
24(10) A delightful meeting!25(10) It was so good! Just wonderful! A great event!26(10) Working at a good pace!
(10) ON TIME for pumpkin picking with family and friends!
27(10) GREAT morning, just GREAT!
(10) An amazing concert, great local music.
(10) Oh, what a day! What a LOVELY DAY!
28(6) Falling asleep over and over, just more wiped than I'd realized.29(10) Feeling supported.30(5) Crucial conversation with an employee in 25 minutes. We shall see how it goes...
(8) At work too late but it's to connect with people and that's good. Wish I didn't have so much busy work on my mind. Important, but busy work. Anybody relate?
31(8) Practiced my pitch, went pretty well.
    1(10) Cleaning the downstairs Study! At least, clearing, consolidating, and cramming to create work space. Really, it's not that bad, it just has to be done!
(8) Tired, work to do, and glad I worked on the study. I'll have a good workspace for the evening.
2(10) Shooting video rocks!3(2) Editing video sucks!
(8) Dinner party!
4(10) Reasting and working at home. Yes, both can happen!5(3) So broke at work, so many predecessors who said we're fine. Oh, my GOSH.
(7) Sleepy.
6(10) Bible study with friends!
(10) Oh my, I'm glad my spouse can listen when she wants to, and tonight she wants to. That isn't passive aggressive but acknowledging a truth.
7(10) Yesterday was a Testerday. Today is a gift. Amen.8(6) Hmm, the people trying to help the situation may be... helping to CAUSE the situation? Oh, HUMANS! What a weird bunch of creatures, are we.
(4) Oy. 8-year-old refused to wash her hands properly, now it smells like poop everywhere. So frustrating.
9(10) Chinese restaurant with my kids!
(6) Slept all afternoon, mixed feelings on that.
(10) I will be in bed by midnight. I'm going to update on the hour. We shall see. Stay tuned!
(8) Update: not sure on being in bed by midnight. It will be close...
(5) Ugh, midnight bedtime is NOT going to happen. It could have. I dawdled.
10(6) In bed by 1:30pm, not great but it's been worse.
(10) A good morning! Things are moving in the right direction, I think.
(10) Big Mouth is so, so funny.
11(10) Work, work, work! Work from home! Work, work, work! Work alone! Work, work, work! Get work done! Work, work, work! Work can be fun!
(10) Oh! Someone ASKED me for MY opinion! Will wonders never cease? Okay, here we go, have you got a couple hours? Observation one...
12(10) On the days I get to do the good stuff, good stuff happens.13(4) Ate crap I didn't need, didn't stop myself. Dumb.
(5) Staff meeting is uncomfortable when staff body language is bored, impatient, and frustrated with their jobs. Oy.
14(5) Employee gets so worked up when things don't go well. If a little things goes wrong and sets off a chain reaction of little things to do, she can't help but raise her voice. It's getting old.
(6) Good to see old colleague... who was 30 minutes late... as usual... That is going to bite her someday.
(8) Work was okay. Decent meeting.
15(7) Ahh...
(5) Embarrassed by my kids at work and also didn't get much done today. Except eating like crap, I did that really well.
16(10) Free day with my family!
(9) A perfect night, if not for the kids being off the wall at bed.
17(10) Ah. Nap!
(10) A good day with the family.
18(10) Doing okay, but time to go.19(8) She is the good wife.20(7) So much to do, but how do we eat the elephant, friends?21(10) Workshop, learning so much!22(7) Ate too much, spent too much, but so good. Conflicted. Overall I'm feeling good here. I'll check in later.
(10) A complainer is focusing on the future!
(6) I'm not a mind reader. Anyone here a mind reader?
23(5) Oh. So. We don't have any money. Huh.
(6) Sick. Work. Oy.
24(10) Amazing morning.
(5) Ugh. Sick.
(10) Good family night.
25(4) I don't feel well and I have big meetings today that I can't miss. Not sleeping, and lots of stress. Oy.26(5) Eating McDonald's was pretty vacant. It was just... there. Oh, and lots of SALT.27(10) Worship was good, lots of ecumenical goodness!28(10) A good day!29(10) Black Friday is easy when you shop online. And are broke, woo!30(10) Black Friday with the kid and we did well. Or Saturday, whatever.