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 1(2) Hasn't been a bad day but I'm feeling irritable. Still not fully over the recent family drama. Got a guy messaging me and I'm not sure I want to talk to him. He saw me on Tinder and messages my2(2) Still not feeling great. Feeling like everything is my fault. I didn't get much sleep last night and haven't even had a drink or anything to eat today.
(5) Feeling tired. Trying to stay positive. Better now I'm not alone.
3(5) Feeling tired. Been pretty up and down today.4(5) Mostly okay but worried about some things.5(4) Spent all day with a friend. She's really nice but I didn't know what to say most of the time and found it very tiring. Now I'm overthinking things. I've been feeling pretty lost recently.6(5) Going back to university later today and I have mixed feelings about it.
(5) About to set off. Had a lot of mixed feelings today
(5) Back at uni. Kind of looking forward to getting back into the swing of things but also wish I'd had more time to rest first. Will start unpacking soon.
7(6) Been feeling a bit better since I started back at university. It's nice to get into more of a routine again. Saw my friends in a lecture and had a nice chat. Managed to get a work experience placement8(7) Feeling tired but counselling made me feel better about some things. Might have a nap after this lecture but need to get some work done.9(9) Feeling pretty good. Was tired and unmotivated earlier but managed to get some good work done now that I've made a start.
(5) Mostly had a good day but now I'm tired. Feel like I'm not doing enough in certain areas but it's something I can work on.
10(7) Been a bit up and down today. Mostly good but a bit stressed by difficult work and something in a lecture triggering bad memories. Starting to feel calmer now. Doing some mindfulness.11(5) Mostly okay but had some trouble with intrusive thoughts.12(7) Feeling tired13(5) Feeling tired and kind of bored
14(7) Feeling okay now that I've got some things worked out.15(7) Feeling okay but trying to plan things so that I can get everything done on time.
(7) Feeling pretty motivated. Had a productive day. Spent some time with friends.
16(3) Uni stress is building up17(9) Feeling better now the presentation is over.18(3) Feeling very anxious about uni work. Trying to calm myself down.19(7) Feeling okay but a little stressed. I have a date tomorrow.20(9) Feeling excited but kind of nervous about this date.
(9) Just got back from a date
21(4) Feeling anxious but haven't done a lot because I've been so tired. Hoping to get more done tomorrow22(5) Feeling mostly okay but a little stressed.23(5) Feeling stressed but getting stuff done
(6) Feeling better now most of my work is done. Hopefully I'll get some time to relax before bed.
24(4) A bit anxious but mostly okay. Had a pretty productive day. Maybe it's best to get some rest for now and carry on tomorrow.
(5) Trying to relax
(6) Feeling a bit better now that I've taken some time to relax.
25(7) Should probably be in bed but I've been having trouble sleeping recently. Found a nice game of mahjong to calm me down.
(5) A bit stressed but about to get some work done
(5) Got some good work done today. Did some tasks I've been putting off and started my next assignment. Feeling a little anxious but at least I'm making progress. Will chill out after meeting later.
(6) Feeling a little on edge but sure things will work out in the end.
(7) Feeling better. Will try to get an early night tonight. Should probably take time to relax this weekend but will probably end up doing at least some work.
26(7) Had a relaxing day. Felt ill earlier but better now. Got some shopping done.27(7) Had a relaxing weekend
28(6) Feeling a bit stressed but getting some work done
(7) Feeling sleepy
29(9) Feeling pretty relaxed30(7) Got some stuff done. Slept for most of the day. Waiting for a meeting to start and enjoying the sunshine.
(9) Just finished for the day. About to get something to eat
(7) Feeling okay
31(7) Relaxed. The place I'm doing work experience with finally got back to me. Got a bit of a headache but mostly okay.
    1(7) Just got back from a lecture. About to eat and then get some work done
(7) Had an online talk with a relationship counsellor. I need to be more honest and maybe ask out the friend that I have a crush on.
(5) Cooking while my housemates wash up. It's weird being around them because they barely speak to me. I can deal with it for now though
(4) Feeling anxious but not entirely sure why
2(7) Feeling okay. Going to try to go swimming tomorrow for the first time in a couple of months. Might not carry on with it next year.3(7) Feeling okay. Maybe just slightly anxious about uni work but not too bad.
(7) Had a fairly relaxing day.
4(5) A little sad. I found out my crush is getting fairly serious with the person she's dating. Helped my housemate out with something. It's nice to be helpful.5(9) Had a pretty good day6(2) Felt pretty low today7(1) Worried about a friend. Having a lot of mixed emotions. Feeling like I'm a bad person.
(2) A little better but still not great.
8(5) Feeling a little better.9(7) Feeling okay. A little tired10(7) Had a bit of a rough day with things going wrong this morning. Feel like I had a good mix of relaxing and getting work done. Will try to head to bed early and hopefully get a good night's sleep.
11(2) Feeling pretty low. I've been ill over the past few days and today has been a fairly long day.
(5) Feeling mostly okay. Trying to get over this cold. Not sure how I feel about everything. Will hopefully have a clearer head tomorrow.
12(2) Feeling really upset all of a sudden.13(4) A little stressed and unhappy.14(9) Had a good day. Getting my haircut made me feel better about myself. Going on a second date in a couple of days. Uni is stressful but I'm sure I'll manage.15(9) Had a really good day so far. Hopefully I'll get some work done while I'm feeling motivated.
(6) Getting a bit annoyed but trying to stay positive.
(7) Starting to feel a little tired. Will probably stop working for the day soon. Looking forward to the date tomorrow but also kind of nervous and unsure.
16(7) Coming back from a date on the train. Feeling tired.17(7) Feeling tired but pretty calm. I think I had some kind of panic attack while me were at the cinema. I scratch my arm when I'm stressed sometimes and this time I ended up with a patch of raw skin.
(7) Mostly feeling okay
(7) Mostly feeling okay
18(4) Somehow managed to sleep all day.
(4) Hoping to get some work done but not feeling very motivated.
(2) Feeling unhappy about things that have happened in the past that still affect me now. Not really sure what to do. Contacted the university counselling service to ask for a follow-up session.
19(2) I know I'm probably not going to sleep tonight. Not sure what happened today. I'd get some work done but I'm struggling to concentrate.
(4) Going to try to get more work done.
(1) Not feeling the best. Walked around for hours trying to clear my head and get rid of some of this energy. Will take a short break and then get back to work.
(5) Finally getting some work done. A little stressed but I'm sure I'll get it done in time. Maybe later I'll take some time to fill in my diary and get some of these thoughts out of my head.
(5) Word count is okay but not sure about the quality.
20(1) Feeling so restless. Will probably go on another long walk when it isn't so late.
(4) Haven't been feeling the best today but I'm not too bad now that I've managed to distract myself. Hoping things will be better when uni starts again next week.
21(5) Feeling okay. Should probably do some last checks on that assignment before I submit it. Have a feeling I won't do very well on it.
(4) Still just not feeling right.
(1) Still feeling low. Got my assignment in though. Will try to take better care of myself tomorrow.
22(1) Still feeling terrible.
(5) Feeling a little better. Looked into private counselling and emailed a couple of people. Hopefully I'll feel less lost soon. Ready to get some sleep.
(4) Slept all day again.
23(5) Feeling better but not great. I need to sort my sleep schedule out before I start lectures again.
(5) Feeling bad because I know some people close to me are going through hard times. Watching the Markiplier charity stream is cheering me up a bit.
24(6) Things aren't great but they seem to be improving. This livestream and having people to talk to has been a good distraction.
(6) Ended up staying awake pretty much all night again. Might start off the day with a walk and then get an early night before my lectures start.
(6) Still awake. It's weird how just watching a livestream can make me feel less bored and alone.
(5) Having my first proper meal all week.
(5) Another stream to distract me. Got an email from a counsellor who should be able to give me a consultation on Tuesday. Will call the mental health service tomorrow.
25(6) Feeling a bit better after seeing my friends. Bought a couple of jumpers from the vintage shop. Not feeling the best. My thoughts move too fast to understand sometimes.26(6) Still not feeling great, but I saw a counsellor for a consultation and she understood a lot more than I expected. Booked an appointment for next week. Feeling hopeful.27(5) Had a lot of mood swings today. I keep switching to wanting to give up completely to being fairly hopeful. I can't stand being indoors and have lost my focus. Hoping to get some decent work done soon.28(5) Been feeling pretty sick and had a lot of stomach pains since last night. Mum called today and we had a nice chat. Figured she'd be upset about not hearing from me for a while but everything was fine.
    1(1) Sitting by the river. Walked around plenty today already with lectures and shopping but I still can't stand sitting still and staying indoors. Probably should rest because I can't stop feeling ill.
(2) Just really unsure of myself right now. I feel like I need reassurance but I'm not sure where to turn a lot of the time.
2(4) Distracted myself for a while. Planned out the week so I have a few tasks to do each day. Hopefully it'll make me a bit more productive and a bit less anxious. Feeling very confused and conflicted.
(4) Feeling better after a walk but not great. Going to try to get at least a bit of work done. I've set myself just a few things to do each day.
(6) Feeling a bit better now that I'm being productive. Looking at some potential dissertation topics. It's good to distract myself from my own thoughts for a while.
3(7) Feeling better today. Not the best, but feeling more hopeful than I have been over the past couple of weeks.
4(5) Feeling very up and down. Had a busy day with a meeting, counselling and doctors appointment all in a row. Got some answers though and at least I feel like I've achieved something.5(4) Noticed some res flags with my new therapist but I'm not sure if I'm just being paranoid. My friend was concerned and helped me to look into it but I'm not sure what to do next.6(5) Feeling kind of tired. Got up early and was motivated to do some work but my housemates are kind of disturbing me.
(5) Still tired. Wish I had more space in this house but at least it's quieter now.
(1) Feeling lost after noticing issues with my therapist and now I don't know where to go.
7(5) Had a good time with my friend during lectures. It's nice to not be alone with my thoughts all the time. Have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.
(5) Hoping my doctor's appointment tomorrow goes well. I'm trying to prepare for it as much as possible.
8(9) Feeling relieved after that doctor's appointment. I finally feel like I'm heading in the right direction. I got advised to cancel my current counselling so will email later. Feeling a little anxious.
(7) About to go to a lecture I didn't realise I had until today.
(5) Very sensitive to noise and a bit anxious about the future but mostly feeling okay.
(4) Starting to worry a little but trying to stay hopeful.
(5) Been very up and down today.
9(7) Feeling pretty tired and relaxed. Spent some time reading for the first time in ages.
(7) Feeling pretty calm today. Going to do the food shopping in a bit and then hopefully tidy my room and get some university work done afterwards.
(6) Got a few things on my mind but it's definitely an improvement on where I was a few days ago.
10(5) Feeling a little stressed but decided to take some time to relax.
(4) Feeling pretty nervous but I'm sure everything will work out fine.
(4) Taking some time to read while waiting for a reply from this helpline. Feeling anxious and not looking forward to tomorrow but I'm sure things will get better.
11(5) Had a tiring day and have quite a lot of work planned for tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get enough sleep.12(5) Had to make a couple more doctor's appointments because they want to so the blood tests again.
(4) I've felt so frustrated over the past couple of days. My housemates are always so loud and they've started to use my stuff without asking and not even clean it off afterwards.
13(4) Haven't been up long and I'm already frustrated at my housemates. I've been very irritable recently and hate even the slightest bit of noise. The library probably won't be much quieter.14(5) Tired but mostly okay.15(5) A little tired and irritable but mostly okay. Will hopefully be able to go volunteering later for the first time in a while.
(6) Having a good time talking to people but feeling a little stressed.
(6) Tired but had a good day volunteering.
16(4) Didn't sleep well and I'm very tired. Going to relax and then hopefully I'll be able to get some work done soon.
(5) Set out a list of things to do tomorrow. Will try to get an early night tonight.
17(6) Managed to get up fairly early. Landlord took one of the fridges but at least it wasn't mine. Will hopefully get some good work done today.
(5) Listening to some calming music to get me in the mood to start working.
(4) Feeling anxious but at least I got some things sorted out.
(3) Anxiety is making me frustrated and irritable. I really need some time to myself. Will stop working and try to relax soon.
18(5) Feeling a little stressed but sorted some things out and getting work done.
(6) Finished one report. About to watch a film so I can analyse it. Should be kind of fun at least.
(6) Enjoying this film but not sure how I'll do on the essay.
(7) Still feeling kind of unsure but I'm sure I'll be fine once I start.
19(5) Got more done. Still got a lot of work to do on this essay though.
(5) Tired but feeling pretty good about this essay now that I've managed to get started.
(6) Halfway through this essay and feeling fairly good about it. My housemates are back and I'm hoping they'll keep the noise levels down.
20(4) Feeling anxious. Doing some volunteering so I'm just sitting here by myself. Just want to go home and finish my assignments so I can relax a little.
(6) Back home and about to have lunch before finishing my essay.
(5) Most of the way through my essay now.
21(4) Tired and irritable. Been feeling really low.22(6) Tired but had a good time volunteering. Still need to sort out what I'm doing for the Easter holidays.23(6) Still tired. Walked around quite a bit today. Will talk to dad tomorrow.24(4) Feeling a little down today. Planning some things I can do to feel better.
(5) Feeling a little better. Got a doctor's appointment tomorrow.
(5) Not sure what I'm doing for the holidays
25(6) Went for a walk and did some shopping and now I'm organizing my room.26(4) Feeling anxious and low.
(4) Worried about getting everything ready in time to go home.
27(7) Feeling tired but calm. Went for a walk into town to buy some presents.
(7) Still tired. Had a good day with family. Watching TV and doing some reading.
(6) Been a bit anxious but it's nice to talk to people I care about.
(7) Had a pretty good day.
28(5) Not had a bad day but got some things on my mind.
(5) Feeling okay. Getting kind of tired.
29(5) Didn't sleep too well last night. There are too many sounds here sometimes and I'm quite sensitive to that.
(6) Went for a walk. My anxiety around a certain area isn't as bad as I thought it would be.
30(2) Cried in front of my mum. I hate showing my feelings even though I know I have to. I wish people listened now.31(6) Feeling okay. A little anxious because it's my birthday tomorrow. I'm sure the next year will be great though.
1(6) Having a good day but have a pretty bad headache.
(7) Having a pretty good day.
(5) Tired. Dad tried to talk to me about me getting upset the other day and I just ended up feeling even more guilty than I did before.
(5) Hoping work will be good tomorrow
2(6) Tired and have a pretty bad headache but I got through work.3(6) A little rushed at work but mostly okay.
(7) Got back from work and then a walk.
4(6) Tired. Had a late break because they forgot about me.
(7) Finished work
(7) Mostly okay. Starting to get a headache.
5(5) Not looking forward to work tomorrow but at least it's my last shift.6(7) Work is going better than expected.
(9) Just got back from work. Looking forward to getting my ears pierced on Monday.
7(7) Feeling okay but had a weird nights sleep.
(7) Looking forward to this meal
8(5) Got my ears pierced and I'm really happy with them but kind of upset about family issues.
(6) Feeling a little pushed out when it comes to family things. Having a good talk with a friend.
(6) Trying to stay positive
9(5) Heading back to university later
(6) Trying to stay positive
(5) Just got back to my place at university. Feeling tired but calm. Trying to plan some goals.
10(7) Should probably be asleep already but I'm in bed now
(7) Feeling tired. Got my doctor's appointment done with.
(7) Feeling slightly anxious but can finish off the rest of my tasks tomorrow. Feel like I did pretty well today. Tired so I'm going to relax for the rest of the day and hopefully have an early night.
11(6) Overslept but probably needed a day off anyway. Feeling better after a walk around town.
(9) Mostly feeling good but I can't seem to get rid of this headache.
(7) Went out to get some painkillers
12(7) Slightly anxious about exams and stuff but mostly feeling okay. Practiced the piano and did some mindfulness exercises. Went for a walk earlier. Feeling kind of calm and tired.13(7) Feeling tired.14(6) Feeling a little nervous about exams and stuff but I'm sure everything will work out fine.
15(3) Feeling anxious even though I know everything will work out fine. I've gotten through stuff like this loads of times but I hate feeling this way. Trying to do some things to relax.16(9) Got an exam over with. Made plans to meet a friend tomorrow.
(7) Starting to feel sleepy.
17(6) Was feeling upset earlier but calmed down since. Trying really hard to cope with my anxiety in healthy ways.18(3) Feeling tired and lonely. Did the best to take care of myself but still felt very anxious and sick today. Hoping for an early night tonight and a fresh start tomorrow.19(4) Housemates have had friends over all night and they'll all so loud. I'm going to go for a walk before I try to get some work done.
(6) Decided to not set an alarm tonight and to do self care before anything else tomorrow.
20(6) Still feeling anxious but have started to work through some of the things that are worrying me.21(6) Got a bit of work done. Getting irritated by how loud my housemates are.
(5) Sitting outside enjoying the sun. Was only meant to go for a quick walk but can't bring myself to go back inside. Anxiety is pretty bad. Maybe I should bring it up with my doctor.
(4) Feeling anxious. I kind of wish my housemates would stay somewhere else for the night so I can get a break from all the noise but one has her boyfriend around here. I feel bad but I just don't feel
(4) Feeling anxious and irritable. Really just need a break from the constant noise. Trying to stay positive but even hearing people talk through the floor is making me irritated.
22(6) Feeling a little better about the upcoming exam.23(0) Housemates are driving me mad. I know I should be the better person but I want to finally confront them about all the inconsiderate things they've done since I moved in with them.
(9) Had my last exam today and sorted some other things out. The house seems to be a little more peaceful so maybe I'll get some good rest tonight.
24(3) Feel like crying. Spent all day looking forward to going out with friends only for it to get cancelled. One friend cancels or forgets about things all the time but I don't know if I should ask her
(4) Feeling a little calmer after a walk but not great.
25(5) I get the feeling that I'm not going to get much sleep tonight so maybe I should take this opportunity to reach out to people. I've been feeling really lonely recently.
(0) Getting some really weird urges. Probably because I've been so anxious recently. Definitely have a cold or something.
(2) Not too bad but been feeling kind of numb and weird for some reason. Maybe it's just because I'm sick. Having a day off.
(5) Feeling tired. Might try to get an early night.
26(2) Feeling anxious and tired.27(9) Feeling pretty good considering I only slept for about four hours last night. Went shopping with my housemate which was fun. Spending some time relaxing for today. Going out with friends tomorrow.
(7) Aware that I feel physically anxious but not sure why. Techniques I normally use to relax don't seem to be working. Should probably bring this up with my doctor.
28(4) Had a good day with friends but now I'm feeling anxious.
29(6) Mostly okay but tired and a bit anxious.30(6) Haven't had a bad day. Anxiety seems to be easing off but hasn't gone fully.
  1(0) Feeling weird. Not sure what's wrong exactly.
(6) Going out tonight. Got lectures tomorrow so I won't stay out all night.
(5) Back home. Thoughts and feelings are all over the place but I'm doing okay now.
2(2) Been feeling guilty for no real reason over the past couple of days. Not really sure how to deal with these feelings. Only slept for 2 hours last night so took a nap.
(0) I'm really starting to scare myself. The crisis text line is great but replies are slow tonight. Really wish I didn't feel so alone.
3(2) Got a bit more sleep last night but I'm still tired. I can't stand this feeling, even though I know it'll pass soon.4(0) I can't shake this feeling that I'm a bad person. Not really sure where it comes from.
(1) I should probably tell my doctor what's been going on for me.
(2) Been feeling really weird recently. Filled in an online consultation form for my doctor but worried I'll come across as an attention seeker or something. Feeling embarrassed about last night.
(0) Feel like I can't cope any more.
5(5) Mixed emotions. Feeling fairly calm and have more motivation today but thoughts still haven't quite settled.
6(5) Feeling conflicted about a lot of things. First day of my work-based learning placement tomorrow.7(4) Not feeling great. Placement went okay.8(1) Really feel like I'm losing patience with other people and with life in general.9(5) Feeling tired. Placement went well and we got to finish early. Have to call the doctor's again tomorrow to see if I can get an appointment. Called almost every day this week already.
(0) Trying to take care of myself but it's hard to convince myself that I deserve it.
10(6) Went to the doctor and got put on anxiety medication11(6) Feeling calmer today. Housemates aren't being too bad and I'm starting to feel bad about telling my landlord about what's being happening lately. It's so easy to make me feel guilty sometimes.12(9) The happiest I've been in a while. Listening to some good music. Not even too bothered by my housemate taking to her boyfriend in her room below me. Just a slight feeling that something is wrong
(2) At least I had a few hours of feeling calm. I wish I had the courage to tell my housemate that her boyfriend needs to keep her voice down.
(5) Very tired today.
13(5) Feeling calm but struggled with obsessive thoughts.14(6) Feeling a little more hopeful but still struggling to not be obsessive.15(6) Mostly feeling okay. Had a pretty good day at work.16(5) Very tired. Trying to stay positive. Going to the doctor tomorrow to review my medication.17To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter18(6) Going out with a friend tonight. Really looking forward to it but hoping obsessive thoughts don't get in the way.19(5) Had a great night with a friend but finding it hard to think clearly today.
20(1) Not feeling great. Can't exactly explain why.
(0) Things keep piling on
21(5) The day started out rushed and stressful but I've sorted some things out so hopefully it'll be better after today.22(6) Feeling okay. A little tired and stressed but better than yesterday
(5) A bit more anxious at placement than usual but feeling okay now.
23(5) Feeling okay but can't wait to get home.
(6) Feeling okay now I'm home. Getting something to eat.
(0) I don't even know why at this point
24(5) Feeling tired. Slept a lot last night25(6) Feeling a little better now my housemates are being quiet again
(5) Really hoping my housemates don't stay here and party once they're done with uni
26(5) Feeling anxious. Ashamed of how irritable I am even though I do my best not to show it. Think at least one of their boyfriends is leaving now at least.
(1) Really not feeling great about myself right now.
(2) Feeling pretty low today
(5) Having a good conversation with a friend. Feeling tired. Might try to get an early night so that I can get some work done tomorrow
(0) It didn't used to hurt much but it has the last couple of times.
27(5) Feeling okay
(6) Irritable but feel slightly more confident talking to housemates. Looks like they're going away or moving out soon. They've been cleaning and packing bags all day.
(4) Looks like they actually have more people over again. I hate how irritable I'm becoming.
28(0) Finally told my housemates to keep the noise down
(3) Got a really persistent headache. About to chill out and watch a movie
29(6) A little stressed but not as bad as other days30(7) Got a persistent headache and I'm a little stressed but at least I'm getting some peace and quiet today.
(5) Should probably get some work done but I've been so tired recently
(9) Having a pretty good chat with a friend. Cooking a late meal. Hoping for a good sleep and a more productive day tomorrow.
31(0) Having some really scary thoughts and urges right now
(5) Feeling a little anxious about a Skype call but I said I'd help out with their research
(6) Having a fairly good day. Hopefully I'll get some work done if my housemates aren't too loud
(5) Coping fairly well with my housemates being loud in the next room
(5) Nice and quiet again but I'm anxious so it's hard not to get obsessive
(0) Feeling weird
     1(1) Got woken up by housemates. Politely talked to them about it in group chat and they seemed angry. Turns out they're moving out tomorrow. Feel like crying.
(1) Still anxious and ashamed after confronting my housemates last night
(0) Had a good time with my friend but can't stop thinking about what happened with my housemates last night
(4) Really just want to be able to sleep so I can get some work done tomorrow
2(6) Housemates have moved out. Feeling a little anxious and ashamed after what happened but relieved that I can move on
(9) Feeling pretty good about things right now
3(6) First day back at work placement
(9) Finished for the day
(9) Back home and relaxing. Friend had a rough day but doesn't want to talk about it. Hoping she's okay
(9) Mostly feeling okay. Just get the slight feeling that something is wrong
4(3) Not feeling well. Just want to go back to bed5(0) Got unexpectedly invited out drinking with the friend I have a crush on. So many things I was hoping for happened but I feel guilty rather than excited so felt like I should punish myself.
(5) I don't know whether I'm calm or numb. On the train to my placement. Feeling gross. Just want to go home and shower but I'm sure I'll have a calm day today
(5) Having a fairly good day
(5) On my way home. Still not sure how I feel
(1) Feeling tired and anxious. Might take a nap. Should probably get an early night
(1) Will try to get to sleep fairly early tonight
6(6) Not feeling too bad today. Made it to the train station with plenty of time and will probably get to go home early today so hopefully I can get plenty of sleep before tomorrow
(6) Not feeling too bad today. Made it to the train station with plenty of time and will probably get to go home early today so hopefully I can get plenty of sleep before tomorrow
(7) Felt a bit useless at work because there wasn't much to do but got told that I'd make a good child therapist.
(7) Made a nice wooden sign for my room. Bought some new tights and socks on my way home from the train station. Reading a book while waiting for my food to be ready.
7(6) Last day of placement
(5) A little worried about a friend. End of year meal for swimming was kind of boring and there were no vegan options
8(5) Slept for most of the day
(4) Feeling pretty anxious
(5) So tired
9(9) Had a great time volunteering for a padstock event. Bought some stuff from the plastic free store while I was there. Met some lovely people and now I'm talking to my friend
(6) Had a mostly good day but keep reading into things too much and making myself anxious
10(5) Feeling tired. Went for a walk into town and got soaked but at least I have something different to try for my tea tonight11(7) Very tired. Went for an MRI scan and did some shopping with a friend12(4) Got an assignment due in tomorrow
(5) Tired. Not very focused and it's taking me a while to figure out what to write but I think I'm getting there
(5) Got some work done. Taking a break to eat
(6) Looks like I'll get this work done on time at least. Hopefully tomorrow will be productive but a little more relaxed
13(6) Feel like I'm doing fairly well on this project now but it's taking quite a while and I'm getting tired. Should have plenty of time to rest for the rest of the day once it's done at least.
(6) Nearly finished. Should definitely get some rest once I'm done.
(4) Found out my timesheet wasn't filled in properly so now I have to get that done past the deadline and hope it doesn't affect my grade too much
(6) Feeling oddly calm considering what happened. Maybe I'm just too tired. Just accepted that what happened happened and I just have to deal with whatever comes next.
(6) Cooking a very late tea
14(6) Had a fairly good day. Went to the doctor and then volunteering
(6) Going to a sustainability fair tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it
15(9) Slightly bruised from falling on the stairs this morning. Bought and won some great stuff at the sustainability fair.16(9) Getting sleepy
(9) Managed to get quite a bit done today. Was going to call my dad and granddad for Father's Day but shopping and cleaning took up too much time. Hopefully I'll find time to do it tomorrow
17(6) Went back to the place where I did my work placement to get my timesheet filled in. Had a nice chat with some of the people I worked with. Slightly anxious and hope I didn't interrupt their work.
(7) Having a relaxing evening
(5) Feeling a little sick. Also a little bored and lonely. Will try to have a relaxing day tomorrow and hopefully call a family member.
18(0) Really need to get this anxiety under control.
(1) Not feeling great. Couldn't sleep last night so slept for most of the day because my alarm didn't go off.
19(5) About to go out20(6) Had a rough ray but at least everything seems to be sorted now
(5) Filled in an online consultation form for the doctor
21(5) Gonna try and get to sleep earlier tonight
(4) Been alone all day
22(2) Obsessive the have been pretty bad recently
(5) Feeling ill. Obsessive thoughts have been pretty bad again. Probably just need to keep myself busy and try to reach out to someone.
(4) Should probably try to get some rest but I have so much to do
23(5) Hoping for a good night's sleep
(3) Feeling really sick today
(3) Hoping I feel well enough to go out for appointments over the next couple of days
(5) Feeling a little better after a shower. Starting to get hungry so hopefully I'll be able to eat a proper meal soon
(5) Just want this cold to go away
(6) Managed to get enough energy to do a bit of shopping and to put the bins out. Brewing some herbal tea that's supposed to be good for the immune system and then I'll chill out with a film
(6) Drinking some tea and watching a film
24(6) Slept for longer than I intended. Probably because I kept waking up in the night coughing. Still got everything done that I needed today. Doctor's appointment tomorrow got moved to next week.25(5) Probably going to be up most of the night
(5) It's way too hot. Bought some new clothes from the charity shop today but I feel guilty about how much I've been spending recently
(1) Feeling pretty bad about myself
26(1) Been feeling really low. Slept all day because I'm sick. Obsessive thoughts and impulses are getting hard to control.27(5) Feeling a little better but not great. Decided to take some time for self care and to at least be a little productive as I'm probably not going to sleep tonight due to sickness.
(5) Been up all night. Internet's gone so hoping the landlord doesn't leave it all day to come and change the router. Pretty sure he's supposed to give 24 hours notice but he didn't give a time.
(5) Landlord still hasn't come to set up the new router. Starting to get a little frustrated as he hasn't even answered my text to say when he'll be coming over
(7) Got permission from the landlord to set the router up myself. Feeling tired after being up all night and only napping for a couple of hours.
28(5) Feeling pretty weird after today. Hoping I'll feel better tomorrow.
(0) Really struggling tonight
(5) Feeling up and down today. Probably just need a good night's sleep
29(4) Feeling a little anxious and irritable
(1) Really not feeling great all of a sudden. Can't stop obsessing over things I know don't really matter.
30(5) Tired. Seems to be cooling down a bit and I washed my sheets so maybe I'll be able to get comfortable enough to sleep tonight.
(5) Very tired. Maybe I'll actually be able to sleep tonight
1(4) Feeling lonely
(0) Haven't had a good day
(5) Feeling a little better today but didn't sleep well again
(4) Noise sensitivity is pretty bad today
2(5) Had a very rough day but calmed down now. Got put on some new medication3(4) Tired
(4) Tired
4(1) Obsessive thoughts and noise anxiety have both been bad recently and I don't know what to do anymore. Hoping the new medication kicks in soon.
(1) I feel like I can't take this any more
5(1) I don't know what else I can do. I can't turn back time and I can't seem to accept what happened and even though I know this feeling won't last forever it still feels like this will never get better
(4) Feeling a little better but not great
(2) Still really struggling
6(1) Really struggling again. Probably should have contacted a family member or friend but I slept most of the day and it's probably too late to talk to anyone now.
(0) For last night because I don't think I recorded it
7(2) Reached out to some places for advice
(5) Spent some time drawing and listening to calming music
(0) I don't think I can take this much longer
(2) I can't deal with having the same negative thoughts from the time I wake up to the time I fall asleep
(5) Had a talk with mum about how I've been feeling. Felt annoyed when she hung up on me when I was crying but it was nice to message her.
(6) Managed to find at least a little bit of hope that things might get better but doubts still keep creeping in
8(4) Starting to wonder if I have OCD or something similar. Looking into therapists in the area so I can talk to someone when I get back after the summer.
(5) I keep switching between feeling like things might get better and thinking that there's no way out
9(2) Been really up and down today. Keep imagining solutions to the issue I'm obsessing about and then feeling worse because they probably won't happen.10(4) Not as bad as I was before but still not seeing any real solutions.11(5) Feeling a little better but not great12(5) Woke up later than I wanted to. Set two alarms and managed to sleep through them both. Maybe it's the new medication. Got volunteering today. Really need to prepare to move out but have no motivation
(6) Had a good time volunteering
(5) Gotta make sure I get up and pack tomorrow
13(1) Thought coming home would help but there are so many things that remind me of the past14(5) Had a talk with my parents about getting a diagnosis. Will go to the doctor's tomorrow to get more medication
15(4) Really hoping for some answers tomorrow
(5) Hoping to get somewhere with the doctor tomorrow
(5) Hopefully I'll be able to get some more medication later
(5) Hopefully I'll be able to get some more medication later
(5) Couldn't get my medication today but hopefully I'll be able to get it tomorrow
(4) Feeling irritable but not exactly sure why
16(5) Been running around all day trying to get my medication and hoping to get it tonight17(5) Hoping the doctor's appointment tomorrow goes well
(5) Managed to get my medication sorted and referred myself to a local counselling service
(6) Played with the dog for a while. Having pizza tonight because my dad is away fishing. Got an assessment for a counselling service soon.
18(5) Haven't had a bad day. Had a lie in and then walked the dog. Messaged some people and now I'm going to spend time time reading.
(5) Not feeling the best but better than I was
19(6) Tired. About to go to sleep but all I can hear is my brother on his computer. Not sure why he doesn't use earphones.
(6) Had a pretty relaxing day. Downloaded a new productivity app.
(6) Hoping to actually wake up early tomorrow
20(5) Feeling tired even though I got plenty of sleep. Hoping I don't get sick again. Maybe I just need a better sleep routine.21(5) Feeling a little lightheaded.
(7) Having a time talking with my parents
(7) Had a pretty calm day
22(6) Up late again23(9) Actually got somewhere with the mental health services for once. Looks like I might end up with a diagnosis of OCD. Slight noise anxiety but mostly feeling good.24(5) Feeling a little off but mostly okay
(5) Wondering if my low self-esteem is mainly related to gender dysphoria right now. My brother's constant sexism definitely doesn't help.
(7) Having a pretty relaxed evening
25(6) Been very tired today but mostly okay26To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter27(5) Need to try to get up earlier28To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter
29To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter30(5) Had a good time visiting my grandparents.31(6) Think I might be starting to really work out why I feel so angry all the time.
   1To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter2(5) Had a tough time dealing with anger today. Not entirely sure when it came from. Hoping to get some answers soon.
(6) Got something ticked off my to do list today
(6) Feeling slightly on edge but mostly okay
3To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter4(4) Misophonia has been pretty bad over the past couple of days. Just wish I was normal. I hate having an issue with no cure that everyone else thinks is stupid.
(2) Think I have a bad cold or an ear infection or something. There's physical pain and discomfort on top of the normal irritation and panic. Wish I had something to comfort me.
(2) Done quite a bit of research today joined a few support groups. Hoping to get some answers at some point. Trying to think positively.
5(4) Really struggled last night. Got more sleep and feel a little better today but I'm still pretty on edge and I'm not sure I'll ever find a solution to this issue but I'll try to bring it up to my doc
(4) A little calmer than the last couple of days I think I'm just tired more than anything. Still pretty anxious but I'm trying to do positive things to overcome it.
(6) Tired but fairly calm. There's a lot of stuff my mind wants to think about but I'm using that technique where you schedule some worry time. Having a relaxing day.
(5) Feeling a little more able to handle things. Trying really hard to relax and stop analysing my own thoughts all the time.
6(5) Feel like I might have lost a friend but he hardly talks to me anyway. Anxious because I don't know when this appointment will come through.
(5) Had a pretty relaxed day.
7(3) Really struggling to keep it together. I've been running around all day and I still feel as though everything is going wrong.
(5) Feeling a little on edge and obsessive. Done a lot of worrying today but I'm feeling a little better now.
8(5) Got woken up by the pipes constantly rattling. Happens every time the washing machine is on. At least I got to enjoy more of my day.
(6) Reading a good book that's helping with positive thinking. Hoping I'll get better with practice. Had a fairly relaxing day.
(9) Having a really good time reading this book. Going to a trip to the beach with my family tomorrow.
9(4) Really struggled last night and hoping I'll be able to enjoy today. Going to the beach with my family.10(4) Slept for most of the day. Haven't been feeling well. Feeling way too sensitive today.
(5) Feeling a little shaky but I'll probably feel better after dinner. Reading a book about OCD which makes a lot of sense.
11(4) Slept a lot today again. Still not feeling well. Trying to stay on Dad's good side but he's not always easy to read. I don't know how to convince him to take my problems seriously.
12(5) Going to see if I can finish this book off today
(4) Feeling anxious. I'm sure that everything will work out for the best but I'm finding it difficult to relax.
13(4) Dad seemed to be making a bit of progress in becoming more understanding by looking into misophonia, but then we only had a brief conversation about it that lasted about two sentences. Anxious.14(5) Feeling okay but not great. Going to spend some more time reading
(5) Attempting to be honest about my thoughts and feelings. It's difficult when I'm used to regretting it afterwards.
15(2) Really struggling to understand my own thoughts and feelings. I feel like I'm constantly arguing with myself.16(4) Feeling a little off
(5) Feeling tired. Might try to get an early night.
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19(7) Spent the day with a friend
(5) Think I'm getting a cold again
(6) Done pretty well with anxiety. Feeling pretty relaxed but tired
20To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter21(5) Got a call to say I got an appointment with a psychiatrist22(5) Spent the day reading. Had a discussion with Dad about what might happen after the assessment with a psychiatrist.23(5) Feeling tired but mostly okay
(5) Spent some time reading
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26(7) Spent some time with family27(5) Went out for a walk around town
(4) Starting to feel a little low but I'm sure I'll be fine soon.
28(4) Feeling a little low today. Was irritable all morning because I got woken up and couldn't find a quiet place to chill. Now I just feel like I need a bit of attention
(6) Feeling a little better
29(5) Hoping to get a good night's sleep
(6) Actually managed to get a bit of work done
(4) Wish I could get some peace and quiet
30To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter31(6) Going to visit friends later
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2(5) Had a great time with my friends but now I'm tired
(4) Got so much to do
3To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter4(5) Had a pretty productive day5(5) Feeling tired and a bit foggy6(5) Got a couple of things done today
(6) Planned a reward for when I get time work done
(5) Spending some time with the family
7(3) Woke up feeling a little sensitive today. Had a good run and a bit of a walk. Going to try to relax and then get back into getting stuff done tomorrow.
(4) Spending some time reading
8(6) Got a few things done today. Going to stay with a friend tomorrow.
(5) Feeling slightly anxious about tomorrow. Catching up on YouTube videos
(5) Staying up watching TV
9To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter10(3) Had a rough couple of days. Gonna try to get an early night tonight. Thoughts and feelings are all over the place but coping knowing I'll get some answers and help soon.11(5) Feeling a little off still.
(5) Feeling fairly calm but think I need to do something to express my thoughts more or something. Can't wait for that psychiatrist appointment.
(5) Feeling a little irritable but at least I can sit in my room and watch YouTube for a while
12(5) Hoping to get more done tomorrow.
(5) Going shopping with mum in a bit
(5) I think mum has picked up on the fact that I'm feeling a little sensitive today. The pain in my ears is pretty bad.
13No Reasons14No Reasons15(4) Managed to call myself down for a little while
16(3) Moved into my new student house yesterday. Went shopping today and now I feel pretty down as well as being tired and ill17No Reasons18No Reasons19(5) Tired20No Reasons21(6) About to treat myself and get a haircut. Obsessive thoughts haven't gotten as bad as I thought they would
(7) Pretty happy with my haircut
22(8) Spent the day with a friend. Went to pride
23No Reasons24No Reasons25(4) Been a bit up and down today26(4) Feeling a little down today.27(3) Had a rough day.28No Reasons29No Reasons
30No Reasons