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  1(6) Went to family New Years event (A came too). Wasn't great, didn't talk to many people. Had fun with A and the RPi after we got home and watched some Naruto.2(6) Spent the day at A's. Started a new puzzle, played ping pong and foosball. Went out for dinner with A, her mom, and her brother and it was nice.
(6) Spent the day at A's. Started a new puzzle. Went out for dinner with A, her mom, and her brother and it was nice.
3(5) Did some more tinkering with A and the Pi. Replaced my new earbuds and got my new screen protector installed. Played Halo with A in the evening.4(6) Went to Billy's birthday party and had a good time! I was a bit worried beforehand. Slept over at A's.5(5) Last day of winter break. Had a bit of a lazy day with A, watched tv at her house for most of it. Mom drove me out to uni in the evening. Room is worse than ever. First day of new job tomorrow!
6(5) First day of work was alright. Mostly just training videos and quizzes. The project I'm going to be working on sounds really cool, looking forward to learning more. Had dinner with Zak.7(5) More reading then finally got to start looking at the data today. Met up with Zak again for dinner. Had a nice chat with one of my roommates while cleaning up the room. Looked at parts for my project.8(5) Good day at work. Learned a lot about the language I'm using and made some good progress. Had dinner with Alex and Zak and talked for a bit about life.9(5) Went out with Zak after work. Bussed out and finally got the parts for my project. Zak came along and we shopped for him after.10(5) First snow of the year! First weekly meeting at work too. Met some new people and chatted over lunch. Came home after work and relaxed with A.11(5) Shopped with dad, then spent the day with A. She had a bit of homework to do but we still got to have some fun. Felt weird not having tons of homework on the weekend. Made lasagna for lunch at work.12(5) A slept over last night and we played Halo when we got up. Finally started on building my guitar pedal! Of course it didn't work though. Snowed again tonight but I made it back to uni alright.
13(5) Snowy day again. Made some progress at work. Had lunch with Zak and hung out with him after work. We're thinking of doing some cooking together. A wrote me cute little notes for my lunch this week.14(5) A bit of a relaxed day at work. Cooked chicken Kiev with Zak and Alex in the evening and had fun hanging out. Feels like I should be doing more with my free time now that I have it.15(5) 16(6) Another ok day at work. Got my last grade back and did really well! I got my first paycheck too! Got dinner with Zak to celebrate17(5) Watched my coworkers' PhD thesis defense at work (she passed!). Watched YouTube and Naruto with A when I got home.18(5) Saw my grandparents' new apartment and helped them set up a bit. Went out for dessert with A and slept over at her house after.19(6) Had a nice day woth A at her house. Relaxed, watched our show, played some games, and finished our puzzle.
20(5) Felt a bit more tired than usual today. Went to a seminar at work. Ate dinner with Zak. Played lots of guitar in the evening and had fun.21(5) Had lunch with Zak and Kian then dinner with them some some other friends from last year. Played guitar and relaxed the rest of the evening.22(5) Went to a trivia contest at work. Played more guitar.23(5) Another ok day at work. Had a nice talk with my boss.24(6) Watched Dolittle with A after work. Finished the Last Naruto episodes on Netflix after.25(5) Went to A's, then to a very late New Years dinner. Had cake with A for her mom's birthday after. A slept over.26(6) Started a new puzzle, played a little guitar for A, then went to her soccer game. Grabbed some dinner on the way back to school. Played more guitar once I get back.
27(5) Felt a bit unproductive at work today. Lunch with Zak but had dinner alone. Played a bit of guitar and started updating my resume.28(5) Started the next step of my guitar project after work. Didn't do much else.29(5) Lunch with Kian and Zak. Helped Zak with his French homework. Worked on my resume and website.30(5) Made dinner with Zak and Alex. Got my web server up and running.31(5) Work went by quick. Came home and had dinner at A's. Had a nice night with her.
     1(6) Ordered new glasses and went to IHOP for breakfast with my parents. Spent the rest of the day with A. Did some puzzling, watched our show, and went for a walk.2(7) Had a great day with A. More puzzling, tea, read a bit together, cooked lunches for me during the week, and watched our show.
3(4) Bit of a slow day at work. Didn't really do anything after work either.4(5) Another slow day at work. Poked around with the same graphs. Did some work on my web server in the evening.5(3) Crazy night last night. Police came to my unit at 3 am because roommate was being super loud. Didn't get much sleep. My boss liked the work I've done and the ideas I've had. Did a bit of coding.6(5) Noticed how much time I spend listening to podcasts or content of some kind lately. It's very close to the entire time I'm awake. Thinking of changing this, but not sure how. Did some coding.7(6) Went for an early birthday dinner with friends and had a good time. A wasn't doing too well with it though and was upset but we talked it out.8(6) Had a nice day with A. Got my new glasses, went on a nice walk, finished Halo 3, puzzled, watched a Disney movie, and had a sleepover. A gave me my birthday present too!9(6) Another great day. Had waffles, made lasagna, then watched A's soccer game. Had a really good weekend overall.
10(5) An ok day at work. Did a bit of work on a couple projects after work but didn't really get anywhere. Dinner with Zak. My roommate was moving his stuff out so he might've been evicted?11(5) Went out with Zak after work to get Valentine's Day stuff. Had pizza dinner with him.12(10) A surprised me with pizza and a movie on the beach! And homemade cupcakes too! It was a perfect night for it.13(5) Cleaned a lot of the common area of my unit after work. Still pretty bad but a lot better than before.14(8) Had a nice Valentine's Day! A surprised me with lots of thoughtful gifts and we went out to a fancy chocolate place.15(6) Finished a puzzle, played guitar, and had a birthday dinner with family. We had Indian food this time. It's been a really good week.16(7) A slept over last night. Read a little, played guitar, and watched A's soccer game. Felt a bit like I'm wasting my time not doing projects but talked it out with A and she made me feel better.
17(6) Went on a short run with A in the morning., then had a relaxing day. Made pasta to bring for lunch at work.18(5) Ordered some stuff for my project online after work. Hopefully I can finally get it done soon.19(6) Watched 1917 with friends after work. It was really good!20(5) Hung out with Zak after work. Things felt a bit tense with A because I got back a bit later than usual last night. Talked it out.21(5) Slow day at work. Picked up stuff for my project after work with A. Had a nice dinner at her house.22(6) Started learning to use my new soldering iron while A did her homework. Read a bit too. A slept over.23(6) Made breakfast, then took a look at a fixing an old radio. Did some coding with A. Had steak dinner with my family and made food for the week.
24(5) Ok day at work. Did some more soldering practice and tinkering after.25(4) Cooked dinner with friends after work. Things were a bit slow, conversation didn't come easily.26(6) Ok day at work. Did some work on my guitar pedal project in the evening.27(5) Went to a cool seminar on using machine learning to model climate change. Did more of my project after work. Soldered most of the parts in place.28(6) Another seminar today, this time on moon rocks. Had a nice night with A. Watched a Disney movie.29(6) Went to a nice cafe with A, then worked on a CAD project together and had a much needed chat. Felt a bit stressed earlier, but a better at the end of the day.
      1(6) Went to A's last soccer game of the season, then made lasagna for the week and did some computer stuff. Had a really good weekend.
2(5) Pretty good day at work. Had dinner with Zak and worked on a cover letter for him. Going to bed a bit early because I'm getting up early for a long day tomorrow.3(5) Hovercraft outing was cancelled last minute :( Regular work day instead. Worked on backing up my files in the evening and had a call with Sayem.4(5) Alright day at work. Had lunch with Zak and Kian. Talked with Sayem again about the project he wants to do.5(5) Did some more router tinkering after work and got dinner with friends.6(5) Day went by pretty fast. Got a ride home from my mom and had dinner at A's. Watched some Twilight Zone. Had a bit of a talk about what this summer will bring.7(6) Went out for a nice dinner with A and had a sleepover.8(6) Puzzled, read, finally installed Debian, and watched some Naruto with A. Made pasta for the week.
9(6) Bit of a boring day at work. Went out for a very nice dinner for my mom's birthday after. Worked on my router project.10(6) Had a bit of a nice day at work. More tinkering with the router in the evening.11(5) Outing was postponed again, didn't bother me though. Got to work early because of it, so I got to leave early. Had dinner with Zak. More router tinkering.12(5) Average day. Did some coding after work.13(6) Had a good day at work. Nothing too different, but tried doing things in a different way that made it more fun. Came home with A and had dinner with her family.14(6) Had a nice day with A. Went for a run, baked cookies, puzzled, and had a nice chat.15(6) Spent some time at my grandparents place and had lunch with them. No hugs today because we're keeping our social distance. Made lasagna with A and relaxed a bit. Might be working from home soon.
16(5) Transitioning to working from home this week. Hopefully still going out on the water tomorrow though. Had dinner with Zak. Trying to be very careful about washing my hands.17(7) Finally got to go out on the hovercraft. Had lots of fun and learned lots. It was a long day, but a good day.18(5) Went it to the office in the morning and worked from my room in the afternoon. Got a ride home and got set up there. Played guitar.19(4) Working from home feels quite a bit less productive so far. A came over in the evening and we had dinner with my family. Feeling stressed about time again and worried for friends.20(5) Moved my work station upstairs. Alex came by to drop his stuff off on his way home. Hoping it isn't too long before I see him again. Helping Zak tomorrow. Did some work on my project.21(5) Moved Zak's stuff into my room, had lunch with him. Watched Sleeping Beauty with A after dinner at her house.22(5) Got a good workout done in the morning. Did some work on my guitar project and puzzled with A. Watched some of our show.
23(6) Finally got my guitar project working! Felt good. Learned a new song too.24(6) Ran to Ask house then ran with her after work. Talked to Sayem about an idea he had. Might start working on that soon.25(5) Boring day at work. Went on a hard run with dad after. Quick FaceTime with grandparents and family, then saw A for a bit.26(6) Decent day at work. Talked with Sayem and did some work on the app. Had a group call with friends. Family is talking about getting a dog!27(6) It's been a bit of a long week. Had my site visit with co-op. Dinner at A's place and watched the movie Platform with A and her brother.28(6) Worked on the app and fixing the old radio with A.29(5) Long run with dad in the morning. Knee was hurting by the end of it. Went to A's for a bit then came home and made lasagna for family. A and I decided it's best if we don't see each other for a while.
30(5) Played guitar after work and did some more app development.31(5) Unproductive day at work. Working from home isn't ideal. More guitar and app stuff.
  1(5) Got my new phone! Excited to try it out but not switching quite yet. Day went by pretty fast. Walked with my family, then FaceTimed A and watched our show.2(5) Worked on my presentation for most of the day. Did some work on the app with Sayem, played a bit of guitar, and started setting up my phone after work.3(6) Did more work on my presentation. Had a FaceTime movie night with A and watched Moonlight.4(5) Visited grandparents while maintaining social distance. Played guitar and did a practice run of my presentation for A.5(5) Getting a bit nervous about my presentation tomorrow, but feeling better about it than other presentations I've done before. Video call with A was fun.
6(7) My presentation went well! Feeling very relieved. Walked with family after work.7(5) Went for a quick walk after work and ordered some supplies for my summer courses.8(5) Very unproductive day at work. Made lots of progress on my guitar tuner app project after work though. Went for another walk.9(6) Asked my boss if I could extend my co-op for another week or two and I think it's a yes. Ran with dad after work. Made some more good progress on my guitar tuner app, it's usable now!10(6) Did some more good work on my app. Had a virtual dinner date with A and it was really fun!11(6) Didn't get out of the house today. Started a new app. Had turkey dinner with family, then movie night with A (through FaceTime). Had a good talk before bed too.12(6) Called with mentor group, and with other friends from school. Dropped off supplies at grandparents' house. Facetimed A and watched some of our show after dinner.
13(6) Ran with dad in the morning. Made lots more progress on my app while chatting with A in the afternoon. Talked with Sayem a bit too. Watched Naruto in the evening.14(5) Played guitar after work. Tried to do more technical practice and less jamming. Did the stairs with family but my knee didn't feel great after running yesterday.15(6) Made some good progress at work. Made an alpha release of my app! Still a work in progress, but getting there! https://github.com/tentbot/Labyrinth-Android-App/releases16(6) Finally fixed a problem I've been having with my guitar tuner app. Ran with dad after work. Played guitar for A over FaceTime and chatted.17(5) Played guitar after work. Didn't go outside today or do any activity.18(6) Had a social distanced picnic with A around lunchtime. Had fish and chips. Had a visit from a dog we're looking at adopting! Very cute, but I'm worried about allergies. Read with A in the evening.19(5) Ran with dad in the morning. Things are moving quickly with the dog thing. Talking about having another visit tomorrow. Read with A and played some guitar.
20(6) Dog visited in the afternoon/evening, and it went well so we're moving forward with the adoption! Work was ok, wrapping up the report. Read with A on FaceTime before bed.21(5) Edited the report for most of the day at work. Went on a walk with mom on the trail before dinner. Read some more with A before bed.22(7) Went on a nice walk with A in the watershed, and finished reading my book! Lovely Dark and Deep. It was so good! A bit sad that it's over.23(5) Report was sent out for review today! Talked with friends from school about the summer term and started preparing a bit for it.24(5) Went on a faster solo run after work. Watched a Disney movie and some Naruto with A.25(5) Made brunch for family, then went to the park with A while keeping our distance. Played guitar and read with A later.26(5) Ran the farthest I've ever run (so far). Talked with A in the afternoon. Had a bit of a headache for the rest of the day, maybe from my run? Played guitar, did some coding, and watched some Naruto.
27(5) Talked with Andrew after work and did some review. Looked all over for a webcam I had ages ago but couldn't find it.28(5) Had a family dinner to celebrate my sister's birthday. She had a migraine so she didn't get to enjoy it as much sadly. Played a bit of guitar just before bed.29(5) Ate a lot today. Left overs from sister's birthday. Started a new project at work. Didn't do any exercise today, didn't feel very good about that. Played some guitar and talked to A.30(5) Ran an impromptu half marathon after work. Felt good.
    1(5) Didn't get much done at work today. Watched a French movie with A in the evening.2(4) Brought some stuff out to school and moved things around. Played some guitar and learned some new songs. Felt a bit down just before bed, because I listened to a bunch of sad music.3(5) Ran with dad in the morning. Sat in the park and kicked a ball around with A while staying 2m apart. Starting to prepare for the coming school term, feeling a bit more worried.
4(5) Last week at work for my first co-op. Went to a virtual seminar. Worked out after work.5(5) Went on a run after work. New shoes tore up the backs of my ankles. Group call with friends from school before bed.6(5) Boring day at work. Finished everything I needed to do. Played guitar in the evening.7(5) Boss gave me tomorrow off, so today was my last day at work. It's been great. Played guitar and relaxed in the afternoon.8(5) Had another social distanced picnic in the park with A. Didn't do much else. Played a bit of guitar, watched YouTube. Feeling that strange restlessness that I get when I have nothing to do.9(6) Our new dog joined the family today! Took him for a walk with A. Started watching After Life on Netflix. Loving it so far.10(5) Had a nice Mother's Day with family. Moved back into my room at uni for the start of the summer semester tomorrow. Not sure what to expect from online classes, it's a bit scary.
11(5) First day of classes was a bit scary. Looks like it's going to be a hard semester. Studied with Andrew and Sayem after class. Went for a run in the evening.12(5) Long day of classes. Barely stood up all day. Got some good work done in the evening, keeping up with readings.13(5) Another busy day sitting in front of the computer taking notes. Can't believe it's only been three days of school. Worried about falling behind but keeping up for now.14(5) Today was a long day. Lab went late into the evening. Just realized I can't remember if I ate dinner. Didn't leave my room all day, barely stood up. First quiz tomorrow.15(5) Got a lot done today. Quiz went well too Played a bit of guitar as a reward for myself. I want to put more time into my relationship with A, but I'm not sure how because I'm so busy with school.16(6) Did a lot of cleaning up in my room. Parents came out to visit and drop off some stuff. A came out later and cut my hair for me, which was fun. It turned out great! A slept over after.17(5) Got a decent bit done today. Felt a bit frustrated at times with the homework, but worked through it with friends and figured it out.
18(5) Studied most of the day for my test tomorrow. Feeling pretty prepared. Went for a walk and went to a cafe with Sayem.19(3) Roommates kept me up late with their noise, so I missed my first morning class. Not a good start to the day. Test went well but I made a small mistake which is annoying. Felt tired all day. Up late.20(5) Felt like I got a lot done today. Barely ate anything all day though.21(5) Thursdays are loooong this semester. Got some studying done in the evening. Had to talk to roommates about noise because they were being loud again. They seemed to understand but we'll I guess.22(5) Did some work on my circuits for the lab and got lots of homework done. Feeling like I'm actually starting to get ahead instead of just catching up.23(5) Parents came out to drop off food and visit. Got some groceries from the store. Did a bit more homework. Tried meditating because my jaw feels tense and I think that helped before.24(5) Got more homework done today. Jaw still feels tight but maybe a bit better than before? Forgot to meditate. Only ate an apple and some almonds all day. Need to work on that.
25(5) Got a bit of studying done and finished my assignments for the day. Felt a bit tired and unfocused all day though.26(5) Didn't get much at all done today. Went on a walk along the beach with friends. Read a bit of poetry (Larkin) before bed. Made me a bit sad.27(5) 28(5) Long day as usual for Thursday. Feel like I've burned through most of the head start that I had on my classes.29(5) Frustrating day. Quiz didn't go well, got stuck for hours and hours on one homework assignment for my mechanics course. Zoom call with mentor group was nice though. Played guitar for a bit.30(5) A came out to visit and we went for a nice walk and got coffee. Family came out too to drop off food and stuff. Got a decent amount of homework done, but not as much as I planned.31(4) But if a down day. Got some concerning news about the director of my program and that soured the day a bit. Worked on homework all day and didn't get to study for my tests at all.
1(5) Ok day. Still pretty low energy. Got some studying done.2(5) Math test didn't go well. Studied for the whole rest of the day. Covered four weeks worth of material in one afternoon. Went to bed late.3(5) Got a good amount of studying done. Not too worried for tomorrow's exam although I don't feel super prepared. A ordered me food as a surprise to celebrate 3 years together. Read a bit before bed.4(5) Midterm went fairly well! Felt tired after though. Didn't get my lab done today, hopefully I can do that this weekend. Studied for the tomorrow's exam all afternoon and evening.5(5) Day went ok. Group work during tutorial was a bit awkward. Lots of silence and a weird group dynamic.6(5) Didn't get anything done all day. Unproductive in the morning and afternoon, and A came over in the evening. We had a nice dinner together. Roommates were loud all night so I couldn't focus at all.7(5) Only got one assignment done today. Questions took forever this time. Feeling very unprepared for midterms this week.
8(5) Got one really good grade and one really bad grade back today. Another test tomorrow. Felt a bit tired and inefficient.9(5) Math test went ok, I think. Studied for tomorrow's test all afternoon and evening. Felt tired and a bit sluggish. Didn't leave my room all day. Had a headache in the evening.10(5) Physics test was horrible. It was super short so making any mistake was very costly, and I made a lot of mistakes. Had a quick discussion about the upcoming project with my team in the evening.11(4) Not the worst day, but not a good one. Been feeling down recently because of homework, bad grades, and just being inside all the time. Not ready at all for my test tomorrow.12(3) Still feeling depressed. Tutorial quiz was bad, school is moving so fast, feeling alone. Talked with Sayem about it in the evening and felt a bit better for it. Hopeful that things will get better.13(5) Not a very productive day. Felt a bit better though in terms of mood. Played guitar for a bit.14(5) Got a decent bit done today. This week is going to be tough though. Tests, presentations, and so many assignments.
15(5) Really long day. Swamped in homework and barely keeping up. Stayed up until 2am working on an assignment and just had to hand it in in then end.16(5) Stressful day. Had a bit of a scare about an assignment. Got a bit of work done but not nearly ready for my presentation that's coming up.17(5) Still feeling Super stressed. Presentation tomorrow. Not done yet. Started learning some cool new design software though. Make up physics midterm went worse than the original.18(5) Presentation wasn't great but wasn't expecting to to be. Basically have to start from scratch for the robot design. Got my last math test back and it was much better than I thought!19(5) Not a crazy amount of work to do today (still stayed up late studying though). Played guitar for a little bit. First final exam tomorrow!20(5) Got lunch with Alex, which was nice. First final went fairly well. Studied for the next one in the evening.21(5) Saw parents in the morning, went for a walk with Sayem, then had dinner with Kian. Last time I'll see him before he moves away. Studied a bit and did a bit of homework before bed.
22(5) Studied for my exam tomorrow. Went for a short walk. Worked late on an assignment with friends.23(5) Final exam was really really bad. Needlessly confusing. Didn't get anything done after, felt exhausted.24(5) Tried to study for my exam tomorrow, but had a hard time focusing. Got part of my grade back from the last final and didn't do well at all. Most others are in the same boat though. Up late studying.25(5) Exam went ok. Marks for my last exam are coming back one question at a time and I'm barely passing as of now.26(5) Went on a really long walk along a trail at the beach with Sayem. Fell asleep for a second reading my textbook. Didn't get enough sleep last night. Took a nap before finishing homework for the night.27(6) Spent the whole day with A. Haven't seen her in person in around a month and it was really nice! She brought me lots of food and snacks as a surprise.28(5) Studied and worked on robot stuff. Didn't get out for a walk today. Ate some good food today since A gave me lots for the week.
29(5) Got a good amount of work done but still feeling stressed about projects this week. Had a really nice talk with Sayem and Daniel at night while we worked on robot stuff.30(5) Didn't do very much today. No classes so I had lots of time, but the efficiency and focus was just not there. Started bike description project with Andrew and Sayem and divided up the wire we bought.