1(5) Watched Dragon Ball Super most of the day today. Didn't do much else. Had Japanese food with family for dinner in place of the usual big family get together. Worked out a bit before bed.2(5) Went to a diner with my dad. He used to go there when he was around my age. Rearranged the front room again. Got groceries with my mom and sister. Worked out and watched more DBS in the evening.3(5) Meeting for RM was quiet today. Only two of us came. Went for a walk with A. Did an assessment for a job I applied to. Watched more DBS and worked out in small intervals throughout the day.
4(5) Started a new coding project today. Trying to simulate an amplifier. Worked out throughout the day.5(5) Got out of bed really late. Did more coding. Made nice meals with family for lunch and dinner. Groceries with mom. Watched Naruto with A before bed. Break is ending soon and I'm not ready to go back.6(5) Got out of bed super late today. Ran with dad and dog. The US capitol was stormed today. All over the news. Went to Zoom birthday for Billy. It was lots of fun.7(5) Slept horribly last night. Looked at some physics material with Andrew. Worked on code. Finally got the last two grades back from last semester. Both were good!8(5) Worked on amp simulation project. Profiled my amp's frequency response, just need to figure out the harmonic distortion now. Walked the dog with my sister. Watched Naruto with A before bed.9(5) More coding and DBS. Helped pack up Christmas decorations. Not ready for school to start again. Been enjoying the break and my sleep schedule isn't great.10(4) Last day of winter break. Feels like I'm going into the semester without the momentum I need to keep up. Meeting for RM, worked just a bit on coding, watched a Disney movie with A.
11(5) First day of classes. They were ok. Need to find a rythm quickly. Got an interview at a high-profile audio company! Super excited about that. Walked the dog with mom.12(5) Not a super busy day. Worked on assignments and lectures. Not super productive, but I think that's ok because I'm still getting back into it.13(5) Applied to another job, set a time for my pre-interview call, and sent a cover letter through my mom's friend. Lectures were ok today. First quantum physics homework is already taking me forever.14(5) Still haven't decided whether or not I'll drop one of my courses this semester. I think taking the course online would be better, but I'm a bit worried about the workload for this term.15(5) Call with recruiter went well. Next step is an hour long interview with the project lead. Sounds like a good fit so far. Long day of lectures after that.16(5) Went for a walk with A around her neighbourhood. Worked on homework and applied for some more jobs.17(5) Worked on RM for a bit, then did some coding in C++ to prepare for my interview. Feeling worried because I don't know too much of it. Read for physics in the evening.
18(5) Long day of lectures. Gets a bit hard to focus by the last few classes. Worked on homework and lab readings.19(5) Had a zoom meeting with a group to discuss exam proctoring options. Worked on my materials lab with Andrew. In the afternoon.20(5) Another day of classes. Still haven't heard back about scheduling my interview. Hoping I didn't get ghosted. Stayed up super late to talk with A.21(5) Woke up late after being up late. Worked on physics homework. Did a cool lab for my AI course. Been doing consistent push-ups and other exercises lately and showing some improvement.22(5) Long day of lectures. Worked on some homework after and went for a walk with my sister. First time I left the house all week. Watched Naruto with A and worked out before bed.23(5) Went for a walk with A and the dog. Worked on my lab for CPEN in the evening but didn't finish it. Got a bit frustrated with the software we have to use.24(5) RM meeting was ok. Finished my CPEN lab and did some readings for physics. Really liking this course on Lagrangian mechanics so far.
25(5) Keeping ahead on homework so far this term, but feels like I'm not understanding my QM class very well. Did some homework and applied to two jobs. Did 36 pushups in a set today! Showing improvement.26(5) Applied to more jobs and worked on homework. Talked with A about lockdown struggles. It's been hard not seeing her, but I think she's having a lot harder time than I am.27(5) Heard back from a place I applied to yesterday. Scheduled a pre-screening call for next week. Didn't get much work done today, couldn't focus.28(5) Worked all day on the lab for my ML course. Made a robot follow a line using CV.29(5) Sat outside by the fire pit and had burgers with A for dinner. Didn't get much homework done.30(4) Not very motivated today. Did a coding challenge for a job and it went horribly. Partly because I've never used language but not entirely. Did some homework after but not much.31(4) Not a very productive weekend. Quantum physics homework is taking up most of my time. Meeting for RM was good.
1(5) Think I haven't been getting enough sleep. Took a nap after classes, slept for 90 mins. Got some good work done in the evening, but I'm behind in some classes now. Reached my goal of 40 push-ups!2(5) Talked with one company, booked another interview with them. Booked two more interviews today too! Applied to more jobs and did a bit of homework. Worked on lab in the evening.3(5) Another request for an interview today! Hope one of them pans out. Classes and worked on math homework. Walked to the oizza place with mom.4(5) Interviews were ok. Not great. First one felt good but I didn't ask enough questions. Second interviewer grilled me on small details. Didn't get entraîne else done.5(6) Got offers from both places I interviewed yesterday! And I think the interview today went really well! Not a good day for productivity. Couldn't focus on schoolwork. Thinking which job to take.6(5) Stressed about job offers and more interviews. Midterms in a few days too and I'm not ready. Worked on physics homework all day and only got half of it done. Ridiculously long/hard assignments.7(5) RM meeting, then worked all day on physics homework again. Finished but didn't get much else done. Played a bit of guitar. Stressed but feeling more confident after successful interviews. Feels good.
8(5) Talked with one company and got a third offer! Torn between two of them. Software testing or R&D. Couldn't focus well in classes again. More interviews tomorrow. Negotiating one offer with HR.9(5) Interviewed and got their offer about an hour after. One company offered to match the other offer, but I still turned them down. Going with R&D. Hope it was the right choice. Feeling unsure.10(5) First midterm didn't go great. Multiple choice isn't the best format for a math exam. Felt tired all day today.11(5) Started catching up on lecture videos for mech. Went to live lecture for AI course. Studied for my materials midterm tomorrow. Worked on math homework.12(6) Had a nice birthday dinner with family (Indian food) and had cake in the garage with A. Went for a walk Reading break starts tomorrow, need to get going so I can get caught up13(5) Super unproductive day. Spent most of it distracted, doing nothing. Got a bit done, and prepared for Valentine's Day stuff.14(6) Had a nice Valentine's Day. Worked all day to get my mech homework done so I could spend some time with A. We watched 101 Dalmations in my garage.
15(5) Got up late. Wasting too much time in bed in the mornings. More birthday celebrations with family. Worked on cpen lab in the evening.16(5) Met up with Alex for donuts. Spent all day working on my lab. It was fun but got very. Frustrating. VHDL is very finicky. Finally got it working at around 1 am.17(5) Tried to do a bit of everything today. Studied a bit, did some homework, chatted with friends online. Went for a walk with dad and dog. Made dinner with mom. Watched tv with family.18(6) Got a haircut from A in her garage. It was nice to see her and have a bit of fun. Studied for the rest of the day. Catching up on my courses but break is almost over.19(5) More productive today. Got some good studying done for physics and mech.20(5) Got a bit more studying done. Not ready to go back to classes after break. Still catching up. Had a nice dinner with family.21(4) Not very productive today. Felt hazy and tired. Two midterms tomorrow.
22(5) Midterms weren't great. Questions weren't hard but I messed them up anyway. It'll be ok. Took a rest after dinner and watched tv with family. Worked on my ML lab in the evening.23(5) Long day of working on homework. Spent forever getting physics homework done, then studied a bit for the midterm tomorrow24(4) Midterm was bad. Choked again, worse this time. Felt exhausted from not sleeping enough lately. Went for a walk after to clean my mind. Finished my lab just before the deadline.25(5) Tried to catch up on some lectures in the morning. Worked on my math homework all evening and only got it done at 1:30 am.26(4) Long day. Didn't get much sleep after staying up late working on math. Still feeling bad about midterms and couldn't focus on homework. Went for a walk with A.27(5) Got up really late today. Worked on physics homework all day. Did some of my ML lab before bed.28(4) Meeting for RM, then worked on physics homework and ML lab. Feeling overwhelmed with the course load and midterms.
1(5) Had a decently productive day. Worked on my materials lab and did some catching up. Got my physics midterm back and it was bad, but not terrible. Bit of a relief.2(5) Another productive day. Got some work done. Went for a run with A, had a nice dinner with family. Felt good to get outside and be active. Still catching up on lectures.3(5) Been spending too much time on my AI lab. Need to focus more on other courses, but I'm enjoying that project a lot. Went for a walk with mom, did some readings.4(5) Worked late on my math homework and caught up on some classes at the expense of others.5(5) Another long Friday. Had to fix my math homework quickly in the morning. Studied for Digital Logic in the evening.6(5) Studied all day for digital logic course. A mentioned some things going on in her life but doesn't really want to talk about it before bed, which is the only time we ever get to talk.7(5) More studying for digital logic and worked on physics homework. Went out for my mom's birthday dinner.
8(5) Studied all day again. Neglected all my other courses for the past theee days or so. Hope it pays off tomorrow.9(5) Got some good studying done and worked on my lab. Bit more of a relaxed day but still worked lots.10(5) Midterm went alright. Felt tired for the rest of the day though. Worked on assignments in the evening.11(5) Took a long time to get out of bed. Need to improve on that. Worked on math homework for most of the day. Did some of my lab too.12(5) Worked on labs and assignments.13(5) Worked on physics homework and helped Sayem with his lab. A cut her hair! It looks super cute.14(5) Did physics homework all day. Finished 350, then did 304. Stayed up until 1am working on it.
15(5) Felt a bit tired after being up late last night had to fix a bunch of problems with my physics homework. Visited grandparents for grandma's birthday. Had dinner with family and looked at couches.16(5) Studied for math and worked on ML project. Had a bit of a headache all day, got worse throughout.17(5) Math midterm went ok. Did my fluids homework and worked on my materials lab in the evening.18(5) Worked on ML project and math homework. Submitted my lab too. Booked tickets for an art exhibit in May.19(6) Had a nice evening with A. Played Donkey Kong on her switch in her garage. Caught up on lectures a bit.20(5) Felt a bit more relaxed about school today. Tried to do a bit of a bunch of different things rather than just one. Got the top mark in my class on my math midterm!21(4) Didn't have a productive day or week really. Been wasting way too much time in the mornings. Worked on physics homework all afternoon.
22(5) Another not so productive day. Spent way too long on MECH homework and barely got anywhere. Worked on ML project.23(5) Spent a lot of time working on MECH homework. Went on a nice walk with my sister in the afternoon.24(6) Had a productive day. Worked on my ML project and made some good progress. Watched a physics tutorial and studied for my materials midterm.25(5) Passed time trials for the ML competition. Worked on math homework for the rest of the day.26(4) Not a very productive day. Felt tired and unfocused. Midterm went well though. Tried to study for physics midterm in the evening but didn't really get much done.27(4) Not a productive day at all. Tried to get through a practice exam but didn't get very far.28(5) Studied for physics midterm. Spending a lot of time on school but my efficiency is really low. Went for a walk with my sister and the dog.
29(5) Physics midterm went well, I think. Missed more lectures today though so I'm pretty far behind in a lot of classes now.30(5) Studied, went for a walk. Went to office hours for a physics review session before the exam tomorrow.31(6) My exam went pretty well. Last midterm of the semester done. Feeling relaxed. Went on a long walk with my sister. We've been getting along a lot better lately.
   1(5) A got her vaccine today! Happy for her. Case numbers are going up here because of the variants. Worked on my lab writing code in Assembly, and had tea with A after dinner.2(5) Caught up on some lectures and worked on my ML project a bit. Competition is coming up soon.3(4) Didn't feel motivated at all today. Barely did any work, couldn't get out of bed and wasted hours on my phone. Watched Thor: Ragnarok with my family.4(5) Really unproductive day again. Went to my design team meeting. Had a nice easter dinner with my family.
5(5) Worked on homework and ML project. A dropped off some Easter chocolate. Got my QM midterm back and it went well!6(5) Worked on physics homework and ML project. Lots of work to do before competition.7(5) Finished my math homework minutes before it was due, then worked on ML project the rest of the day. Two late nights in a row working past 1am. Felt tired all day.8(4) Competition was a disaster. Got last place and set a record for the worst score in the history of the competition. Gotta laugh it off, but it's tough. Still have to write up a report for it.9(4) Couldn't get out of bed. Feeling so done with school and demotivated after the competition. Watched a few lectures but missed more than I watched.10(4) Didn't get much done at all. Lots of wasted time. Not motivated.11(5) Finished my report and one assignment for Wednesday. Three more to go. Can't wait to get a break from this and relax.
12(5) Worked on my math homework and watched some lectures. Things are seeming more possible now.13(6) Finished another assignment today. One left for this week and then it's just finals and a final project. Went for a walk with A and relaxed out on my deck in the sun.14(5) Last day of classes. Worked on fluids homework most of the day. Played guitar for a bit.15(5) Still working on MECH homework. Sat out in the sun for a bit at lunch. Put off starting my physics project for another day.16(5) Worked on MECH and studied for physics a bit. Finally started my physics project. Finals are coming up way too fast. Dog got sprayed by a skunk and I had to help wash him off at 1am.17(5) The house still smelled like skunk all day. Studied for physics, watched lectures. Sat out on the deck with A and did schoolwork.18(5) Studied for QM most of the day. Worked on my physics project just a bit. Feeling prepared for the exam tomorrow.
19(5) QM exam went well. Felt good. Relaxed for the rest of the day. Sat out on the deck again with A. Worked on my physics project a bit.20(5) Not a very productive day. Finally caught up on lectures for computer course. Worked a bit on physics project. Need to get a lot more done on both tomorrow.21(4) Worked all day on my physics project. Nothing was working so I threw what I had together and submitted it. Started studying for my Assembly final at 11:30pm.22(5) Studied all day then took my exam. It wasn't great. Only finished 1/4 questions completely. Did parts of the others.23(5) Studied a bit then took my mech exam. Wasn't great but it's over. Started studying for the next one.24(5) Math exam was ok, although I didn't quite finish. Feeling relieved to have a few days break. Relaxed and played guitar for a bit, watched Captain America: Civil War with my family.25(5) Didn't do much today. Watched youtube videos, got a haircut from A, and watched Spiderman: Homecoming with family. Did some work on my last homework assignment before bed.
26(5) Slept in, relaxed, and did some shopping with A for my sister's birthday. Studied a bit for my exam.27(5) Relaxed and did a bit of studying for my exam. Couldn't focus for more than 15 minutes at a time. Did a bit of shopping with my mom.28(5) Studied a bit. Birthday celebrations for my sister. Had a nice family dinner.29(5) Last exam was ok. Glad to be done. Went out to uni to check out my room and grab some stuff for Alex. Came home and worked on a script to get my grades before the website crashes.30(6) First day at work was really good! Everyone was really nice and I already learned a lot. Had butter chicken for dinner then went on a long walk with my mom. Watched DBS in the evening.
     1(6) Had a nice relaxing day. A came over and we really just hung out like normal for the first time since November.2(5) RM meeting was short today. Not much happening there. Didn't do much else all day.
3(5) Orientation day at work. Read up on important topics and learned a lot. Worked on my grade checking program in the evening.4(5) Still getting things set up at work. Went for a run with dad in the evening. Didn't do much else. Need to find something to work on soon.5(6) Worked, then went to A's house for dinner. Watched Naruto with her and had a nice time. It was good to see her family again now that they've been vaccinated.6(5) Struggled a bit with some simulations at work today. I know I'll get the hang of it soon. Ran some errands with my dad.7(5) Work was ok. Still figuring things out. Watched a movie with family in the evening.8(4) Got out of bed late. Felt a bit off, maybe a bit paranoid (more so than usual, that is). Pressure washed the driveway, then went shopping with my dad. Haven't talked to A much lately. A bit worried.9(5) Had a nice Mother's Day with family. Visited outside with grandparents and aunt. Picked up my aunt's old couch to replace our's. Had a nice dinner on my deck with family. Still feeling off about A.
10(5) Work was ok. Picked up dad right after because he had a flat on his bike. Made dinner with mom, then registered for some courses and watched a lecture.11(5) More simulations today. Sat out in the sun at lunch. Didn't do much after work. Feeling a bit antsy without something to do. Still deciding on classes to take, if any.12(5) Read some more reports at work today. Was going to see A in the evening but she had a meeting.13(5) Didn't do much at work today. Read reports for the upcoming meeting. Did lots of pushups and other exercises throughout the day. Was going to see A but she had to help her brother study.14(5) More report reading at work. Ran with dad and dog. Felt good to get out and I tried not to push myself too hard this time. Watched Ant Man and the Wasp with family in the evening.15(5) Went on a nice bike ride with A. Watched a Godzilla movie with my family.16(6) Went on a long hike with my dad and sister, then visited some family members that we don't see often. It was really nice to see them.
17(5) More low-key kind of day after a few busy ones. Didn't do much after work, didn't get out of the house. Thunderstorm late at night.18(5) But of a slow day at work. Still reading reports for the meeting this week. They just never end. Had a nice talk with A in the evening. Had a good laugh at some stupid YouTube video.19(5) I got my first covid vaccine today! Feeling relieved to finally have that done. Finished The Matrix and watched the sequel too.20(5) Finally had the first meeting at work. Lots of diplomacy and semantics. Hoping I can start my real projects soon. They bumped up the moodpanda character limit to 400, so I don't have to worry about running out of space too much anymore. Went on a walk with family in the evening.21(5) Wrote a response to the technical proposals at work today. Had a good discussion about the items with my boss. Watched Avengers: Endgame with my family in the evening. Didn't get to talk to A tonight, she was out again.22(5) Slept in late. Back/hip is hurting again, pretty bad this time. Worked on discussion posts and essay for my course most of the day. Didn't talk to A again. Not sure what's going on there.23(6) Worked on homework then went out to an art exhibit with A. Saw Van Gogh works and it was great. Watched a movie in the evening and she slept over. We had a much needed talk. Needed a bit of a reset.
24(6) Watched two hockey games with A and her mom. We had a really good time (and the Jets won the series!). Overtime in the first game and triple overtime in the second one.25(6) Creating responses to proposals at work. Very tedious work, lots of tiny details and precise wordings. Saw A after work and had a nice time with her before dinner. Came home and had leftovers. Started playing The Witcher 3 again. Last time I played was in 2016. Can't believe it was 5 years ago.26(5) Meetings were fairly productive this time. Went for a walk with mom and the dog after work. Played more Witcher in the evening.27(5) Last meeting was today. Not sure what I'll be doing next but I'm excited to start another project. Went to a virtual co-op social event put on by my company in the afternoon. More Witcher 3 in the evening.28(5) Didn't do much at work today. Sat around waiting to meet with my boss to talk about my next project. Won't get to start it until Monday afternoon at the earliest. Installed the new deck stairs with dad after work. Played more Witcher. Sinking a lot of hours into that game but I'm really enjoying it.29(5) Grandparents cane by and dropped off a card. Had a nice family dinner to celebrate my sister's graduation. Went to a nice steakhouse. More Witcher.30(5) Many more hours of Witcher. Went for a walk in the afternoon.
31(5) Had a meeting about starting the new project at work. Hoping to get going with that soon but it seems like there's a bunch of stuff I need to get set up first. Went for a walk. More Witcher. Thinking of things to get A for our special day that's coming up.
 1(5) Slowly getting set up for the new project. Got some software installed today and hardware is coming soon. Went out with my mom and did some book shopping. Had a nice dinner out too. Came home and spray painted our umbrella stand black.2(5) Slow day at work. Still waiting around for some things that I need before I can get going on this project. Went for a walk after work and played The Witcher.3(6) Looked into the code today at work. Had a nice dinner with A to celebrate four years together. We watched another Disney movie together after.4(5) Went into the office quickly to pick up some hardware for collecting logs. Looked into different message types later in the day.5(5) Procrastinated on homework again. Lots to do for my online class but I have no motivation to work on it. Played more Witcher but didn't enjoy it as much today. Trying to work out shoulders and back to help with posture and tension.6(4) Didn't do much in the morning and afternoon. Worked on homework assignments most of the evening. Felt a bit unwanted after a group call with my team. I always try to make sure everyone gets a chance to speak in group settings, but sometimes it feels like no one else cares.
7(5) Made good progress at work. Watched the hockey game, worked out, did some coding. The new railing for the deck was installed today.8(5) Work was good. Played guitar for quite a while in the evening. Felt good. Worked out after dinner again. Trying to make a routine of it since I have so much time in the evenings.9(4) Played more guitar after work. Teammates didn't show up for our scheduled meeting, which was frustrating. A came by unexpectedly and we had a serious talk about our relationship. She told me she feels lost, confused about who she is. I wish I could help her.10(5) Still feeling worried about my relationship with A. Ate only salad for dinner, stomach didn't feel great after. Read a bunch more of my book, “Boo”.11(5) Work was ok. Still giving A some space, which basically means we don't talk at night, since I haven't seen her in person in a while anyway. Finished reading “Boo” and also finished a book on the teachings of the Buddha. Worked out.12(4) Still feeling down. Trying not to worry about A but haven't succeeded so far. Helped out around the house with some projects. Grandparents came over and we had a nice dinner with them. Things felt completely normal. They had their second dose of vaccine now, parents are getting theirs in two days. Worked out in the evening while watching philosophy videos (Jordan Peterson) to distract myself.13(5) Worked on homework most all day with my team. Had a few items due tonight and my team left them all to the last minute. Hopefully can avoid that better next time but probably won't happen.
14(5) Haven't talked to A in a bit again. Still feeling tension and worry about it. Feels like she might drop by at any moment and end it. Finding myself feeling more paranoid, jealous. Work was engaging today though. Improving efficiency of the Python code I'm working on and things are going well. Helped dad with railing for stairs. Started reading End of Days and really enjoying it so far.15(5) Went on a long walk to the grocery store with my mom and the dog after work. Read some more of End of Days. Worked out. Talked to A at bedtime. Things seem to be heading in a good direction for now.16(5) Another walk after work. Played guitar for a bit. Worked out, then read some more before bed.17(5) Ran the stairs in the neighbourhood with my sister after work. Cardio is in bad shape after months of sitting around. Read some more.18(5) Short walk after work, then had dinner with family and read. Finished End of Days and started a new book, Brain on Fire. Really good so far. Didn't talk to A today, she didn't answer my texts in the evening. Still don't really know what's going on with her and trying not to worry. Thinking lots about big life questions, meaning, and consciousness. JP videos are good for that.19(5) Read a bunch more of my book. Finally convinced myself to go get a haircut at the barbershop. Usually A cuts my hair but I decided I wasn't going to wait for her. Finally got around to telling a friend that I'm just not interested in hanging out with him. Read more in the evening. My work program finally finished executing after almost 24 hours. New version takes <3 mins so it was ~400x faster.20(6) Finished reading Brain on Fire. It was frightening but really good. Had a nice Father's Day with family. We gathered just like normal for the first time in a very long time. Had burgers out on the deck. It was a nice, sunny day. Did some homework in the evening and started another book, Regenesis.
21(5) Did some more reading. Enjoying spending time on the deck. Went for a long walk with my sister and worked out before bed.22(3) Went for a long walk after work, just me and the dog. Invited A over but she didn't respond. The situation with her really got to me today. Felt paranoid that she might be with other people and she's just avoiding me. Finished reading Regenesis. Wasn't very impressed. Started Crime and Punishment. Really enjoying that so far. Very different from the other books I've been reading.23(5) Read some more Crime and Punishment after work. Had a nice talk with my mom about archetypes and personality traits. Worked out in the evening.24(5) Read a bit more at lunchtime. Watched the hockey game after work but didn't do much else. Worked out quickly before bed.25(5) New couch arrived but didn't fit down the stairs so we can't keep it! Such a shame after waiting for months. Read a bit more. A finally responded to my many messages simply saying she can't talk until after she goes to therapy. I hope it helps her figure things out but at the same time I'm doubtful it will help us solve anything. Sister got me new weights so I used those to work out.26(5) Super hot out today. Read and watched YouTube videos for most of the day. Worked out. Played some more Witcher late at night.27(5) Heat 'dome' continues. Tried reading Crime and Punishment but barely made any progress. Think the heat is making me sluggish.
28(5) Even hotter today. Haven't been outside for a walk in quite a few days. Counting down the days until A is ready to talk. Who knows what she'll decide to do.29(5) FaceTime with parents in the evening. Seems like they're enjoying their time at the cabin. Read a bit and did some digital drawing on my laptop. Tomorrow is the day of A's appointment. Asked her if we can talk soon but she didn't reply.30(3) Couldn't stop thinking about A all day at work. Barely got anything done. Was really hoping we could finally talk in the evening, but she said she couldn't. Didn't say when we could.
   1(4) Spent the day alone at home. Finally got A to text me back but she didn't say much. She has her excuses lined up for the next few days so now she says Tuesday we can talk. Can't see her on her birthday either. It's getting a little ridiculous at this point. Just want her to face her issues and talk about them with me but she continues to avoid them. Trying to be understanding and patient.2(5) Didn't do anything again. Played some more Witcher 3 and read a bit. Sister had friends over for a BBQ.3(5) Read a bit more and played more Witcher. Still thinking what to do about A.4(5) Finished reading Crime and Punishment. Felt like I could relate to Raskolnikov's theory in a way. History is written by the victors. Famous role models often did terrible things but people overlook them. What separates them from the rest of us? But I know that if I ever committed a crime like Raskolnikov I would be tormented as he was. I also liked the scene with Dounia and the gun. Great book.
5(5) Played more Witcher 3 after work. Looked at the broken dishwasher to try to find a fix. Looks like a component overheated on the control board. Could be the issue but not sure.6(4) Finally talked with A late at night. It was a good talk. There was a lot that she hadn't told me before, things that she's been worrying about but couldn't talk about. There's hope there, but it'll be a long road for her to get better. It was really nice to see her again.7(5) Feeling relieved after talking with A. Finally finished the main game of The Witcher 3. On to DLC now. Read a bit too. Sister is getting covid tested tomorrow. She has a headache and nausea but seems more related to her migraines. Guess we'll see.8(5) Made some good progress at work today. Still working from home and enjoying the comfort of it. Sister's covid test came back negative. Feeling a bit nervous about going to a BBQ tomorrow. Haven't socialized in a long time. The book I'm reading, “Forgiveness”, really picked up after the first few chapters. Read all evening and enjoyed it.9(6) BBQ with my old work team was really good. It was great to see everyone again and meet the person who took my position after I left. Glad I decided to go. Think I need to work on asking questions more naturally instead of “grilling” people though. Finished reading “Forgiveness” after I got home. It was a very raw and powerful family history.10(5) New dishwasher was installed today. Read Maps of Meaning and played The Witcher 3.11(5) Read a bit more and played more Witcher. Procrastinated on starting a paper for the course I'm taking. Planning to write an outline tomorrow. Trying to do little workouts with light weights throughout the day while I'm at home.
12(5) Hung out with the dog in the evening. Went for a long walk around the neighbourhood. Did workouts throughout the day and it feels like I'm making progress. Wrote an outline for the paper. Read some more on my tablet. I find it harder to read ebooks than physical books but it's what I've got for now.13(5) Productive day at work. Restructured my code. Made it more resilient and maybe even faster. Had a good discussion with K about vaccine hesitancy. Blocked off time in the evening to work on the report, and got a paragraph written. Strategy is working really well so far: Having a schedule, but not being a slave to it. Read some more before bed.14(5) Another fairly productive day at work. Read some more and worked out while watching videos. Looked for viewpoints that counter those I've been exposed to recently, and found a lot of value in that.15(6) More progress at work. Worked some more on the report in the evening. Actually enjoying this project on the ethics of war. Writing is kind of relaxing. I think all the reading I've done recently has really helped too. Played guitar and learned a few new songs. Finally learned how to play the solo from The Middle - Jimmy Eat World. Love that song. Read more Maps of Meaning before bed.16(6) Had a good Friday after work. Played some more guitar and read a bit. Wrote another section of the paper. Enjoying it so much I don't even really care that my team mates haven't touched it yet (and it's due Sunday). Scheduling time to write (and having time to schedule without worrying) is really nice. I've been a bit loose with the schedule, but I can feel it in my mind and it helps motivate me.17(5) Read a bunch more, worked on my project. Had a nice chat with S about so many of the things I've been reading and learning about. I like discussing ideas with him, missed it.18(5) Worked on the report for a bit before parents came home. Went to a family event and saw everyone for the first time in a long time. It will be the last event at that house which I've been going to since I was a baby. Got home and finished the project work before the deadline. Had a good talk with friends in my group too.
19(5) Work was ok. Had pizza with my parents on their first day back from vacation. Started reading “The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat”. Really good so far. Only halfway through my other book but needed some lighter reading for a bit. Worked out before bed. A hasn't replied to me since Friday now. Guessing it isn't good.20(5) Read a bit more after work. Walked the dog with my mom. A finally texted me back. Nothing exciting. Played guitar for a good while in the evening and only did a very small workout before bed.21(5) Got my second covid vaccine today. Arm got a bit sore after a few hours but nothing else so far. Played guitar and read some more after work.22(5) Feeling pretty sore, tired, and feverish after the vaccine. Read a bit and went to bed early.23(5) Feeling a bit better today but still not 100%. Went out with S and D and had Bengali food. Food was ok, but the restaurant wasn't very nice.24(5) Went with my sister for lunch with my grandparents. It was nice. Helped them with some stuff around the house. Did some reading and a good workout later.25(5) Went to my cousins' place for lunch then saw Black Widow with my dad. The movie was good, not great. First time back at the theater since the pandemic began as far as I can remember. Haven't heard from A in a few days again. Got heavier weights for working out at home. Had a late-night chat about religion with S. Always a good discussion with him.
26(5) Didn't make much progress at work today. Went grocery shopping with mom. Read a few more pages of my book and watched some Olympic softball. Worked out before bed.27(5) Played guitar and read some more after work. Talking about going hiking with friends soon. Trying to make more plans with them so I'm not just sitting around alone.28(5) Talked with my boss at the end of the day and found out I'm going to need to redo a bunch of things I've done so far. Lesson learned. Need to plan things out further in advance rather than jumping in. Got a cavity filled in the afternoon. Read a bit more Maps of Meaning and watched some Olympic events. Worked out. Tried talking to A but she stopped answering.29(5) More discussions about details of the project at work. Short trip grocery shopping with dad, then had ice cream on the deck. I can feel myself getting more frustrated with A, but I'm keeping it in check. Still waiting for her to respond. Worked out again before bed.30(5) Productive day at work. Went out for dinner with my parents and visited with grandparents.31(5) Went on a hike with S. It was nice. Enjoyed the view. Had Indian food for lunch and it was really good. Have to go back to that place. Got home and drove to A's house looking to talk but she was out. Texted and called her but she's ignoring me for some reason. No idea what's going on with her.
      1(5) Slept in a bit. Worked on homework in the evening.
2(5) Got a haircut. Turned out really good this time. Watched some more olympics. Found a person to rent out my place at uni for the coming semester.3(5) Work was ok. Getting more progress done slowly. Went on a walk with my sister and had a nice chat. Tooth has been a bit sensitive since going to the dentist. Might have to go back. Worked out before bed.4(5) Work went well today. Made good progress. Went for a walk with my sister in the evening. Worked out before bed.5(6) Another productive day at work. Made tacos for dinner. Went for a walk with my dad. Worked out and talked to S about religion, truth, and ghost stories. Talked until past 1am and really enjoyed it. I think these conversations are helping me articulate myself better. I've definitely learned a lot from them.6(4) Went to check out a basement suite for my friend who lives in the states. Took S along with me. Had a nice dinner while we were out. Went to a cool matcha ice cream place too. Their stuff was really good. Stopped by A's house on the way home. She's away for the weekend apparently, but I asked her dad to let her know I want to talk when she gets back. Frustrated that I couldn't resolve this today.7(5) Went to the book store with my mom and loaded up on books from my list. Still need to finish the two that I have going now, need to hurry it up on those. Went to the night market with S and D and had a nice time. Drove them back and had a really good chat with S in the car.8(5) Spent most of the day on my computer. Worked on final discussion posts for my summer course.
9(5) Work went by quickly today. Was invited for lunch later this week with my boss, coworkers, and a former professor of mine. A bit nervous for that. Walked the dog with my sister. Bought a new PC a few days ago and I've been looking at software and hardware ever since. I know I'm going completely overboard with it, trying to dial it back. Didn't read or work out because of that.10(5) Work went by quickly again. Read a bit in the evening. Started preparing to go in to the office for work tomorrow.11(7) Went in to the office today. It was a really good day. Attended meetings, got to see more of the lab, and asked a bunch of questions. Had a nice lunch with the group, including my old professor. Felt involved in the discussion, it was good. Went to A's after work and she was home. We talked on the phone later and had a good conversation. Feeling a bit better about things.12(5) Super hot out today. Felt tired after work. Tried reading but couldn't stay awake and focused. Didn't eat the best today either. Went for a walk with dad and dog in the late evening. Still looking into all sorts of computer stuff. Haven't really succeeded in scaling that back, but I want to hit the ground running once it gets here, so I can justify it to myself that way.13(6) Got lots done at work. Coming to a point where I can start visualizing the data, which is the fun part of course. Went to an exhibit on DaVinci after work. Learned some cool things about his inventions and paintings.14(5) Went for a walk then had lunch at a buffet place with S. Food was good, lots of variety. Wasted most of the rest of the day away on my phone/computer.15(5) Picked up my dad after he got a flat tire on his bike ride. Read a bit and messed around on my computer. Walked the dog. Worked out before bed. Still feeling a bit worried about A. I'm reading into things that are almost certainly nothing.
16(5) Work was ok today. Did more messing around with computer stuff.17(5) Went for a walk with my mom and sister after work. Waited until 10pm for a work meeting only to realize it was yesterday. Whoops. Not a big deal but still disappointing. Did a small work out before bed.18(5) Went to a networking event at work. Finished reading “The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat”. Good book. Started “The Gulag Archipelago”. Already really intrigued. Submitted final report for my course and went to a late night meeting for work. Didn't get much out of the meeting because it wasn't super relevant to the topics I'm working on. Worked out before bed.19(5) Didn't get much done at work today. Went for a walk and read after work. Had a good talk with my mom about work-life balance. Got the time of the meeting wrong again so I was quite late. Really need a better reminder system (or a better memory). Worked out before bed.20(5) Met with boss for a check in on my project. Think things are going in the right direction but there are some issues to fix. Went to grandparents' place after dinner and had cake with them. It was nice to see them. Planning to hang out with A tomorrow for the first time in a long, long time. Hope it goes well.21(5) Didn't get to see A because of a potential covid exposure at her volunteering place. Went grocery shopping with mom instead and read on the deck.22(6) Sat around most of the day. Read a bit. A's covid test came back negative, but it was late in the day so I didn't get to see her. Went for a run with my dad in the evening. Felt good. Worked out a bit then had a bath. Early morning meeting for work tomorrow.
23(6) Got up early for work meeting. It wasn't a very productive meeting for the group. Caught up in small details. Got ice cream with A after dinner and chatted for a while. It was good to see her again and catch up on things going on in our lives. Hoping to see her more soon.24(4) Emails stressed me out at work today. Read more Gulag Archipelago after work. Gruesome enumeration of the forms of torture used during interrogation. Didn't get up to much else today. Early morning meeting tomorrow.25(5) Busy day at work. 5:40am meeting. Co-ordinating projects with a co-worker so that we're not stepping on each other's toes. It would be hard for me to adapt my project to fit his system though, so I'm looking for a solution at a different level. Read more Gulag Archipelago after work.26(6) Presented my case to project manager about program structure. He seemed to like my implementation and said he would talk to his subordinate about it. Went to eye doctor for a vision test. Apparently I'm exactly average for nearsightedness. Had a nice dinner and matcha dessert with my mom while we were out. Got permission to take next Friday off so I can go to my cabin. Attended work meeting.27(5) Messaged co-worker about project situation. He said he would look at my code but seemed really resistant to adopting it. Trying to navigate this situation cautiously and professionally. Staying ready to accept if his solution is chosen over mine, but until it is I'll make my case. Computer that I ordered 3 weeks ago was supposed to finally ship today but didn't.28(5) Lazy day reading outside. Installed Oblivion on my old computer and started playing. Pretty good so far.29(5) Went to check out my room after sublet moved out. It was a mess. Did my best to clean it up, then got food with friends. Went to the mall with them too.
30(5) Talked with my boss about project direction. Went for a walk after work. Played Oblivion on my pc. Liking the game a lot so far.31(4) Discussed things with co-worker. Getting a bit frustrated because he's dismissing my suggestion for a compromise without even trying to understand my code, and suggesting we do a bunch of unnecessary work. Walked the dog twice, played Oblivion, and worked out.
  1(4) Unproductive day at work. Read a little after work and played Oblivion. Watched some Netflix with my mom. Feeling a bit down, maybe from work stress and not having A here to talk to about it every day.2(5) Much more productive at work today. Communication with co-worker is getting much better. Helped my friend move his stuff out of my basement at lunch time. Read a bit and packed up for my cabin trip.3(6) Drove up to the cabin with my parents and the dog. Dog was good during the car ride. First long one for him. Stopped in to visit with my grandma's sister (M) and her husband on the way up. Got to the cabin late, walked a bit in the dark, read a bit before bed.4(6) Walked down to the beach in the morning. Drove to another town, looked around there, and had lunch. Got ice cream back by the cabin and saw a few bears (or maybe one bear multiple times) in town. Sister and her boyfriend came just in time for dinner. Walked down to the beach again in the evening. Read Marcus Aurelius before bed.5(6) Went on a cool hike with dad, sister + her bf, and dog. Spent most of the rest of the day at the beach reading. Paddle boarded from one beach to the other. Had dinner and played hearts. Glad I was able to come to the cabin.
6(6) Long car ride back home from the cabin with sister, her bf, and the dog. Allergies were acting up a bit but it was manageable. Watched Superstore with sister when we got home. Talked with S about upcoming project for school.7(5) Need to submit a report for my work term soon, it's already late. Went for a walk with my sister after work. Parents are still at the cabin, so it'a just us at home for a few weeks. Going well so far. Played Oblivion before bed.8(5) Took care of the dog after work. Started watching Superstore yesterday, watched more today. Good show so far. Lots of relatable retail moments. Read a bit before bed.9(3) Still dealing with co-workers' request changes at work. Looking to just wrap up the project and move on to something else. Went for a walk with A in the evening but didn't really get to enjoy it. Talked with her in her car after and that was more productive but not much more. She's saying she wants to be friends for now. I don't want that but don't want to lose her either. Frustrated and sad.10(6) Went to a bonfire on the beach with friends from uni. Had a good time talking with them and other random people on the beach. Crashed in K's dorm room after being out super late wandering around. It was a fun night.11(5) Talked more with K in the morning before heading home. Had a meeting with my project group for school and talked about project selection. Watched more Superstore in the evening.12(3) Feeling pretty depressed about situation with A. Didn't feel like doing anything or even eating anything. Feeling much less hopeful for the future and more alone. At the same time I know the full weight of it hasn't hit me yet. Watched Superstore most of the day. Tried to read but couldn't stay awake so I took a nap instead. Had another meeting with project group. Worked out a bit before bed.
13(5) Not productive at work today. Deadlines are coming up and I need to get things done faster. Wrote a web scraping program at lunch to find publically available uni courses. Very productive on that front… Had a nice chat with my sister after work and FaceTimed grandparents together. Worked out before bed. Today the vaccine passport came into effect where I live but I haven't had to use it yet.14(5) Had a meeting for team project with the professors. My team has to decide on an idea soon and I think we have a decent idea of what we'll do.15(5) Had another meeting for team project stuff in the evening. This time with S's supervisor who might be our sponsor. Asked him a lot of questions and he seemed to like us so far. We put his project as our number one choice. Talked with S later about the C++ course he's taking. Started doing a bit myself just for fun. Days are feeling short lately. Not much time in the evenings to do stuff.16(5) Productive day at work today. Made good progress on a problem I've been stuck on for a while. Walked the dog and watched tv in the evening. Worked out before bed.17(5) Another productive day at work. Feeling more engaged because of a change in mindset. Was feeling anxious to move on to another project but realized that it wasn't because of what I want but because I'm comparing myself to my friends. Better to do one thing right than two things wrong. Got dinner with K after work downtown. Finished reading 'Meditations' by Marcus Aurelius.18(6) Went out to uni for dinner with my project group. Got to check out the robotics lab and see the system we'll be working with in the coming months.19(5) Went shopping with my sister at the mall for my dad's birthday. It was nice getting to spend some time with her. Walked the dog and watched Superstore.
20(5) Good day at work. Voted with my sister after work and went grocery shopping. Watched lectures for a data structures and algorithms class.21(5) Lots more progress at work. Called parents after dinner for dad's birthday. Worked out. Did a lab for the algorithms class I'm following.22(5) Finally got my new computer today. It's super fast, just what I was looking for. Spent the evening setting it up.23(5) Spent all day on my computer. Need to be more active. Finished an unproductive day at work then gamed on my new computer. Started playing Just Cause 4. Love the gameplay. Did some work on an assignment for computer science class. Got stuck debugging a segmentation fault.24(6) Went out for dinner for S's birthday with my project group. Had a nice time. Talked with S about what happened with A. It was good to hear his perspective and advice. He's a good friend.25(5) Played games on my new pc in the morning, then went out to a brewery with K and J. Had a nice time but K wanted to keep going while I just wanted to get home. That kind of put a damper on things, but we talked it out. It just wasn't the right night for a bunch of reasons and I needed him to respect that.26(5) Slept in late. Played Just Cause 4 most of the day and messed around on my new computer. Parents finally came home from their vacation.
27(6) Decent day at work. Trying to stay engaged with the project I'm working on. Went shopping with my whole family because my sister is quitting her retail job and we wanted to use her discount before it's gone. Worked on CompSci homework with D and S. It was fun and challenging, and I learned a bunch about C++ while doing it.28(5) Two project meetings today, one with our sponsor and one with the professors. We're trying to get going as soon as possible but there are some important details to work out first. Did some more C++ in the evening.29(5) Played Just Cause 4 after work. Worked out before bed and used my new chin-up bar a bit throughout the day.30(5) Went for a walk with my dad after work. Worked on CPSC project and started researching for capstone research proposal.
    1(6) Went out to uni for a dinner with friends. Had a nice time catching up with people. Played Skyrim on my new PC in the evening.2(5) Got a much needed haircut, finished watching Superstore (up to the end of season 5) and worked on the intro to the research proposal.3(5) Spelt in after staying up late, worked out when I got up. Played Just Cause 4 and worked on research proposal.
4(5) Work was ok today. Played Just Cause in the evening and emailed draft intro of the research proposal.5(5) Had a productive call with a coworker where he helped me move forward with a problem I've been stuck on for a while. Team meeting with capstone group after work.6(5) Finished Just Cause 4 after work. Keep having weird thoughts about moving on from A. Not sure what to make of them or if I would want another relationship anytime soon. Edited research proposal intro with D. Played more Skyrim and worked out before bed.7(5) Did a practice quiz for cpsc with S and played Skyrim after work. Got pumpkin pie blixzards with my sister.more chin ups throughout the day and a short workout before bed.8(4) Spent the night with K at his dorm room. Had fun at first but felt a bit down by the end of the night. Guess I'm lacking a bit of purpose right now.9(5) Came home and watched the new James Bond movie with my dad. It was nice but I was still a bit tired from last night. Played more Skyrim and watched some videos for the capstone project10(6) Went to aunt's house for Thanksgiving dinner. Felt like cousins were more outgoing this time, which was nice. Drove my family home. Played more Skyrim.
11(6) Had a second thanksgiving dinner with immediate family, sister's boyfriend, and K. My family liked him and I think he had a good time too. Drove K home then played Skyrim. Forgot about a work meeting that was late at night. Not a super important meeting but I said I would go. Feel really bad about that but nothing I can do now.12(4) Project meeting with instructors after work went fairly well. Feels like we're on track. Read most of the paper I'm supposed to read for Thursday. Felt really unmotivated but powered through. Will try to replicate their results tomorrow. Still felt a bit empty today. Worrying I'm being too pushy/aggressive with friends.13(5) Went for a walk with my family after work. Replicated results from the paper I read yesterday. Attended work meeting late at night and worked out before bed.14(6) Meeting with project supervisor went well. He set big goals for us next week. Made lots of good progress at work. Finishing up the automated testing program. Went for a walk after work. Late night work meeting, then quick workout before bed. Still doing lots of pull-ups every day. That bar was a good purchase.15(5) Went for a walk and watched a few episodes of Squid Game with my sister after work. Worked out before bed.16(5) Worked out a bit in the morning. Read Solzhenitsyn while using the new massage chair pad my mom bought yesterday. Had a quick call with S and did a homework problem together. Finished watching Squid Game and watched the first episode of Seinfeld. Another good workout before bed. Still feeling a bit unsatisfied and anxious. Not sure where to direct my free time.17(5) Helped my dad with some computer stuff and ended up ordering him a new one. Read some more and worked a bit on my capstone project trying to understand this type of model we're trying to use. Watched more Seinfeld in the evening with my parents. Really enjoying the show. Didn't do much this weekend. Want to do more with friends soon.
18(5) Went out for dinner with K and AR after work. AR had some good stories to tell, including his first jiu jistu lesson. Drove him home and finally got to tell him about A. It felt good to talk about it and I think I'm heading in the right direction. Came home and played Skyrim. Worked out a bit before bed.19(5) I've been having super vivid dreams for the past week or two. Last night I swam with a blue whale. Pretty cool. Watched more Seinfeld and worked on robotics project after work. Don't think we'll meet our goals for this week unfortunately.20(5) Worked on capstone project with my team in the evening. Not going to meet our goals but we're close. Played Skyrim in the evening and worked out. I've definitely become stronger over the past few months. Feels nice to be able to measure progress. Still keeping track of workouts and body weight on my app too.21(5) Meeting with project sponsor went well. Worked on a new web automation/machine learning project after work. Hope I can find the time to work on it because I really enjoyed it today. Talked with S in the evening for a bit.22(5) Had a meeting with my capstone team after work. Had a bit of a disagreement with S about arranging a meeting with our professor. I figured we should wait until we had questions and try to be more independent, but I saw his point that we should use the resources available to us. Need to find a balance, but it probably is better to become more independent as we go. Worked on ML project before bed.23(5) Watched Shang Chi with my family in the theater. Worked on project scope table with S in the evening . Did some more work for my ML project.24(5) Went to my aunt's place to celebrate my grandpa's birthday. Went to a restaurant for lunch, which we don't normally do for family events. Came home and worked on my ML project.
25(5) Meeting with professor went well. Got some good feedback from him on the presentation that we threw together and asked him some questions. Worked some more on ML project in the evening, then updated slides based on feedback until past 1am.26(5) Practice presentation for project lab went fairly well. We still have a lot of work to do before the actual thing but we got some good feedback. Worked on ML project in the evening.27(5) Scheduled a meeting next week to discuss my project at work. Worked on capstone project stuff and another research project with S.28(5) Tested my automatic logging program in preparation for tomorrow. Works on this computer but who knows what will happen with the one in the office. Meeting with sponsor went well. I was able to explain our rationale for proceeding in the manner we did. Worked on capstone stuff and played a bit of Skyrim in the evening.29(7) Had a nice day at the office. Ran lots of tests and stuff. Got lunch with my boss and coworker. Came home then went out to a club with some friends. Had a really good time dancing and drinking. Should do it more often.30(5) Had breakfast with K then headed home. Got pumpkins with my mom then read for a bit. Played Skyrim in the evening.31(5) Had lunch with my parents and grandparents at their place. Played Skyrim most of the rest of the day. Watched Seinfeld and baseball with my family.
1(5) Prepared for my work presentation tomorrow. Did some work on my capstone project. Had an interesting conversation with S about living forever. He thinks it would be amazing forever, I think it would become boring eventually.2(7) Work presentation went really well! Such a good feeling. Made lots of progress on the capstone project working with S and D in the evening.3(5) Attended a career advice Q&A session from a panel of senior members of my company. Heard some good advice about developing skills and finding the right career path. Went for a walk and watched more Seinfeld. Worked with S and D on capstone stuff. Made good progress this week, think we'lol have a good meeting tomorrow.4(5) Spent the whole work day providing evidence for tickets that are ready to be resolved. Had a really productive meeting with project sponsor. We're making really good progress so far. Went for a walk, got food, and watched Seinfeld with my mom. Played Skyrim and worked out before bed.5(5) Still swamped with old issue tickets at work. Went to the mall with mom and sister. Need to talk with my project group about upcoming presentation and if we should reschedule. Said I would run with my dad tomorrow morning. Haven't done any cardio exercise in a long time. Been feeling tired lately though so not too happy to give up the sleep, but it's for the best.6(5) Got up to run with dad but he decided the weather wasn't good enough. I still went and took the dog out for 5k. It felt good but my cardio is awful. Felt I could have done more at the end but I shouldn't push too hard after so long. Watched some Seinfeld. Went for dinner with K and AR. Came back and read a bit then worked on project with my group. Worked out twice today: morning and before bed.7(5) Started playing Subnautica: Below Zero. Cool game so far. Worked a bit on slides for upcoming presentation. Feeling a bit stressed about the proposal and doubtful we'll be able to finish it on time.
8(5) Felt more stressed today. Work stuff and project stuff. Went for a run with my dad after work. Felt good and made the evening feel longer somehow. Worked on plots for presentation slides with D.9(5) Meeting for capstone project was ok. We didn't have a whole lot to say this week but we scheduled our presentation for Monday. Had a good conversation with S and D about truth and religion afterwards. Read a bit before bed.10(5) More issue tickets at work, and my computer was super slow today. Barely got anything done because of that. Went for a walk with my dad and sister after work. Played Subnautica 2 in the evening.11(6) Went to the aquarium with S and D. Got food after and had a nice long talk. Worked on setting up Linux environment for project and did some work on the slides in the evening.12(5) Project sponsor was disappointed that we didn't make progress this week. We spent the week working on the presentation for our professors but we could still have made time to make some progress. Worked all evening on the presentation slides and they're just about done now. Will try to practice tomorrow.13(5) Slept for a long time last night and had lots of dreams. Went shopping with my mom, then watched Red Notice with her and my dad. Did practice runs through the presentation with my project team.14(5) Walked the dog in the pouring rain with my sister, then watched The Eternals with her and my dad. It was a bit of a convoluted movie. Did practice runs for the project proposal presentation that'a tomorrow. Got K and another person as audience members and they gave us some good feedback to keep in mind while presenting. Feeling ready. It's nice to have such a good team for this project.
15(6) Huge rain and wind storm. Power went out at my house and stayed out all afternoon. Had to give my project proposal presentation while sitting in my car in the driveway charging my laptop and using a cellular hotspot. Played Subnautica 2 once the power was restored.16(5) Watched American Psycho in the evening after D suggested it. It was really interesting. Worked on project objectives for this week and made some good progress.17(5) Walked to the grocery store with my mom and sister after work. Worked on simulation stuff for robot project with my team in the evening. Worked out before bed.18(5) Meeting with project sponsor was good. We had lots of updates this time. Dog had to go to the vet after stepping on glass while on a walk with my sister but he's fine. Played Subnautica 2 in the evening.19(6) Got dinner with K after work, then met with Z and hung out with the two of them. Had a good time just talking and relaxing. Felt nice to unwind after a tiring week.20(5) Super weird dream last night. Almost thought it was real when I woke up. Ran stairs and hills in the morning with dad and his biking group. Probably my hardest workout this year. Visited grandparents afterwards. Walked the dog, watched Seinfeld, and did a bit of work on my project. Still in a weird in-between phase of getting over A. Need to remember there's no rush, but I want to move on.21(5) Got a haircut. Read a bit and tried to relax. Took a bath to soothe my legs, which were sore from running yesterday. Watching lots of videos on mental health and well-being topics and enjoying learning more about it.
22(5) Starting to write a final report for my work term. Walked the dog with my mom and sister. Had dinner with family then read a bit and worked on robot simulation environment setup. Worked out before bed. Legs still feel a bit sore from running stairs.23(5) Meeting with professors was a bit off this time. S talked for 23 out of the 30 minutes and went into a bit too much detail in my opinion. The professors mentioned this to us and asked that we make it more evenly distributed in the future. Talked with the team afterwards and we agreed that we need to work on it. Did some more work on project stuff in the evening.24(5) Visited grandparents after work. Had dinner and took some plants for them. They're moving tomorrow. Watched the Seinfeld episode “The Soup Nazi” with my parents. My dad has been referencing that episode for almost as long as I can remember, and now I finally understand it. Worked on project deliverables with D. He caught covid from a friend, making him the first person I know to test positive.25(5) Slept terribly last night. Kept waking up every few hours. Meeting with project sponsor was good this week. Trying to be more self-reflective and stop negative intrusive thoughts. Discussed this and other similar concepts on a call with S while working out.26(6) Had drinks in E's dorm room with friends from first year. Had a good time talking with them and hanging out. Stayed at K's place again.27(3) Felt tired and foggy in the morning and early afternoon. Haven't had a good sleep in three nights now. Headed home from K's place and played guitar for a good while. Learned a few Linkin Park songs. I don't think the music helped my mood though. Feeling a bit depressed and not sure what to do with myself. Getting in my own head about things.28(4) Still feel a bit off. Less motivated and more foggy. Played guitar again and walked the dog. Worked on capstone stuff in the evening.
29(5) Started playing the Pokémon Diamond remake. Diamond was my first real Pokémon game as a kid. They did a really good job converting the 2D world into 3D. Did two short workouts in the evening and had a shower before bed. Feels nice to go to bed nice and clean.30(5) Had a quick meeting about work term wrap up with project team. Got a good workout in after work. New wireless earbuds are great for exercising. Played more Pokémon in the evening. Having lots of good talks with K lately. Feels good to have someone I can talk openly to.