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 1(6) Finished my first year on MoodPanda! Thanks for being such an amazing and supportive community.2(5) First day back at university. Good to see friends again, but not quite feeling ready to get back into a busy semester.3(5) Things are going so fast already and I feel like I won't be able to keep up.4(5) Woke up at 4:30 and couldn't fall back asleep.5(4) Frustrated with homework. Can't seem to keep track of all the assignments that school keeps throwing at me.6(6) Did some homework, watched a new show “You”, and watched a soccer game.
7(6) Woke up early again. Had a fun night driving around with friends.8(5) Had my first 8 am class today.9(5) Another long day.10(7) Had a great day with my girlfriend. Went to the beach, had dinner, and watched our show.11(5) Skiing tomorrow. Finishing all my homework early.12(6) Had a good time skiing with friends.13(5) Watched my girlfriend's soccer game and went on a nice walk.
14(5) Long day today. Homework is starting to pile up.15(5) 16(6) Watson's birthday. Had dumplings with friends to celebrate.17(4) Woke up 10 minutes before my physics lab, and the whole day felt rushed after that. Works on homework until 11.18(6) Great night at my girlfriend's house. Had hot chocolate with ice cream in it and it was really good.19(6) Did homework, then had a fun sleepover.20(5)
21(7) Had a great day with my best friend! Had waffles for breakfast, then did homework and watched a soccer game.
(5) Busy day today. Class, group project work, homework.
22(5) 23(5) Worked late on write up for my lab tomorrow. Still have another entire project to do this weekend. Feeling tired.24(7) Took the night off to spend time with my girlfriend. Had a great night.25(5) Class started at 10 am and didn't stop working until almost midnight. Still have lots of work to do this weekend.26(5) Worked on my claw project most of the day. Did other homework in the evening.27(5) Had a hard time getting out of bed this morning.
28(5) Got my project done. Presenting tomorrow.29(5) Project went well! Now I just have to catch up on all the other homework before the next project really gets going.30(5) School is getting harder to keep up with. Physics is the hardest because the prof goes so fast in lecture and the readings are too much.31(6) Had a fun evening with my girlfriend. Did homework together and just enjoyed each other's company.
    1(6) Sleepover at my girlfriend's house. It's been a stressful couple of weeks but it's good to relax a bit.2(6) Got some homework done and relaxed with A.3(6) It snowed today! Had a little snowball fight. Grandparents came over for super bowl and dinner.
4(5) Spent the evening studying for my exam tomorrow.5(5) First midterm went pretty well!6(5) Math midterm was ok. Spent the whole evening working on physics lab.7(5) Another stressful day. 3 midterms next week and so little time to study for them.8(6) Came home from school and spent the evening with A. Had pizza for dinner at her house.9(5) Spent the day with my sister and got my phone battery replaced. Studied in the evening.10(4) Had a bad morning. Didn't want to get out of bed and ended up being late to see A.
(5) Couldn't make it back to school because of the snow so I'm staying at home tonight.
11(5) Took the bus to get to school through the snow. Finally made it and spent most of the day studying.12(10) Had an amazing birthday! Tim's with friends, snowball fight, presents, then I got to see A! Had a great time with her, and she gave me lots of thoughtful presents! Did an escape room in the evening.13(5) APSC exam today14(6) Had a great Valentine's Day! Went out for dinner after school and A stayed the night. Math exam tomorrow morning though, kinda worried.15(6) Math exam was pretty hard. Got my other exam back though and I was really happy with my mark. Went out with friends + A, but her stomach was hurting so we had to go back a bit early. Still fun though.16(6) Slept in a bit, then headed home with A (she spent the night again). Had a nice birthday dinner with family and A, cake with my grandparents, watched 500 Days of Summer with A. It was really good!17(10) Had a great day! Went on a nice walk in the snowy forest, then had a board games night in the evening.
18(6) Brunch with family, then watched our show with some movie theatre popcorn.19(7) Board games night! Played Disney Universe on wii too and had a sleepover.20(7) Woke up late and spent the day at my girlfriend's house. Did some homework and went on a nice walk. Played foosball too and wii too.21(6) Went 5 pin bowling and played wii after dinner.22(7) Had a sleepover! Played ping pong and wii :)23(6) Finally finished Kirby Return to Dreamland on wii. Started playing A Boy and His Blob together.24(6) Did homework all day and watched a few episodes of our show. Back to uni tomorrow :(
25(5) Physics exam was really bad. Working late tonight on a presentation tomorrow.26(5) Presentation went ok. Did homework most of the rest of the day.27(6) Had an ok day until FaceTime with A! Made my day.28(5) Went to the gym with friends.
(4) Got my math exam mark back and it didn't go very well. Worrying about my other exams now.
    1(6) Came home and did homework with A.2(5) Did homework all day with A.3(5) Did homework all day again. Barely even started studying for my two midterms in two days. Too much homework to do first.
4(4) Did homework all day. Stressing out about exams and future plans. Going to bed with a headache.5(5) Two midterms tonight. One went well, one not very well.6(5) Another ok day. Planning on going to the gym again tomorrow.7(5) Went to the gym and felt nauseous after.8(6) Sleepover night!9(6) Mom's birthday today. Had a nice dinner at Olive Garden.10(6) Did homework with A and played a bit of our game.
11(5) Nothing too exciting today. Went to class, did homework, talked with friends a bit. Missing A.12(5) Went to the gym, went out for dinner, and studied a bit.13(6) Got some midterms back. Didn't do very well, but a bit better than I was expecting. A came over after school and we had a nice evening together.14(3) Bad night. Girlfriend was really depressed and angry. I really want to help her but it's hard for both of us. Didn't help that I felt unfocused and out of it all day.15(6) Had a great evening with my girlfriend. Watched her favourite movie (Finding Nemo) and had some ice cream. Still felt out of it most of the day but it got better in the evening.16(5) Did some homework, then went out for grandma's birthday dinner. A came over to join us for cake. Still felt unfocused all day. Not sure why it's happening. Maybe stress?17(5) Studied for physics and math most of the day, but didn't get too much done. Relaxed and played Wii with A in the evening.
18(5) Long Monday. Got some homework done though.19(5) Ok day. Studied a bit and got homework done. Stressed about exams.20(5) Two midterms today went ok. Not the best but hopefully better than last time.21(5) Worked super late on tomorrow's physics lab after the midterms. Finally going to bed now. Tomorrow night suck.
(6) A came out to visit after school and we had a really nice evening together. Finished watching Travelers and it was really good!
22(7) Sleepover night!23(5) Did homework all day while A was at work. Watched X-men and X2 when she got back.24(6) Worked on homework most of the day, then A came over and we played our wii game and watched another X-men movie.
25(5) Had an ok day. Hung out with friends a bit and didn't do too much work.26(5) Busy day. Went out for a friend's birthday after school.27(5) Nothing too special today. Lots coming up at school though.28(5) Didn't do nearly as much as I should have today, but still got some stuff done. Did terribly on my physics midterm though.29(6) Did lots of homework, then made a fort and watched a movie in it.30(7) Did homework with A all day, then watched X-men: First Class. Went on a nice walk during the day.31(5) Did homework all day and barely finished. Stayed up until 2:30 am working.
1(4) Woke up and realized I slept through two classes. Worked late again tonight for my presentation tomorrow morning, and A is really mad because I took longer than expected.2(5) Presentation went ok. Went out for dinner with friends.3(5) Last day for some courses. Lab exam tomorrow.4(6) Lab exam went ok. There was a lot less freedom to make your own procedure than the TA made it seem though. Had a floor dinner to celebrate the end of the year.5(5) A drove me home and we did homework together. Didn't feel very productive though. Worried about all the exams coming up.6(7) Did homework at the library, had a nice little date with A. Wanted to see a movie but it was sold out so we went to her favourite bakery instead. Watched a scary movie at home and had a great night.7(5) Got a ride back to school form my parents and spent the rest of the day studying with Alex.
8(5) First exam went well! Took the bus out to lunch, then studied in the evening.9(5) A came over and we watched another movie together. Studied for math exam later in the day.10(5) Studied in the math building with friends for most of the day. Not quite feeling ready for my exam tomorrow though.11(4) Math exam went ok. Had a tough night with A. Wanted to hang out with friends as it's one of the last nights I have with them at uni but she couldn't give me up. Stressed.12(8) Had lunch with grandparents at school then came home and had a sleepover with A! A really good day.13(7) Had a great morning, and spent the entire day with A. She drove me out to get a haircut, and we stopped at White Spot after for dinner.14(5) Did a bit of homework, but not much. Grandparents came over for dinner, then got a ride from my parents back to school.
15(5) APSC exam was ok, had a few things I didn't study for though.16(5) Studied all day but still not anywhere near prepared for my exam. Worried this one will be the worst. Didn't get to talk to A tonight, she was visiting a friend at uni.17(5) Studied for 158 final all day with Alex. Hopefully I'll be ready for tomorrow.18(6) 158 exam was ok. Not great, not terrible. Seems to be a theme of this semester. Went drinking with friends after and had lots of fun.19(6) Went out for lunch with some friends to Denny's. Mom gave me a ride home, and studied until A came over after her shift.20(5) Studied a bit, then went to A's house after dinner. Decorated eggs and had a good time. Felt a little tired/unfocused today though.21(7) Had a fun Easter with A's family and her grandma. Went to the park and played frisbee. Watched a movie. Came back later and studied a little, then watched another show. A great day :)
22(5) Woke up sick :( It's just starting though so I'm going to fight it off until I can finish my exams. Always the worst timing.23(5) Still sick. Had the worst night of sleep I've maybe ever had. Woke up every 20 minutes. 8:30 am Exam went ok but I couldn't focus very well so that sucked. Took a great nap in he middle of the day.24(5) Woke up feeling a bit better, but got worse and worse as the day went on. Might be allergies on top of being sick? Studied for math and feeling good about the exam tomorrow.25(5) Math exam went really well! Last night at uni, A came out but didn't want to hang out with the guys, so we went to bed early.26(5) Took most of my stuff home from uni. Officially moved back home. Went over to A's and watched GoT. Very stressed about housing for next year and finding a summer job. Also my tooth hurts :(27(6) Finished bringing my stuff home. Baked cookies! Had a nice chat with my dad in the evening.28(6) Started a new puzzle and did a few chores. Waited all night for grades but the website crashed :(((
29(6) First few grades came back great! Went to the dentist, got a flat tire, helped my dad with some chores, then watched GoT with A.30(5) Had an interview for second year uni program today. Went ok. Sister drove me out, and A picked me up from the skytrain. Watched A's soccer game in the evening, then watched more of our show.
  1(7) Went to Starbucks with A and applied to a few places. Finished our first puzzle of the summer. Watched The classic Dumbo in the evening with her and had a great night.2(6) Applied to more places in person (A drove me), then went to the park and had a nice walk. Puzzled a bit, then finished our show, The Haunting of Hill House. Felt foggy in the morning, but A helped :)3(6) Made waffles for A and three a football around with her. Then went across the border with my parents. Had a nice dinner by the pier, then went over to A's and started a new show, the 100.4(6) Sister's birthday dinner, she missed it due to traffic. Slept over at A's house.5(5) Watched Game of Thrones with A at her house. Left a bit earlier than usual because my tooth was hurting so badly.
6(3) Bad day. Mouth hurts really bad. Have to call dentist tomorrow. Felt cloudy and out of it all day. Been very forgetful lately and just not able to focus.7(4) Didn't get out of bed until after noon. Just didn't feel like doing anything. Mouth was hurting too. Broken sleep.
(5) Went to the dentist. They told me it's likely clenching my teeth is the issue. Guess I must be stressed ?. Had a picnic in the park with A after, then puzzled a bit and watched Snow White.
8(6) Applied for more jobs, went on a bike ride, and sat in the sun for a bit. A good day.9(5) Did a bit of coding, did some chores, went to my grandparents' house. Watched Fantasia with A in the evening. Mouth really hurt late at night.10(6) Got a job interview on Monday! Nervous and excited. Bought wood for the deck stairs, and worked on a coding project for fun.11(7) Our oldest car needs a lot of work, so we might have to get a new one. Went to the beach with A, and had a great time! Came home and had burgers.12(6) Mother's Day! Went for a run with my dad, then a walk with my mom. Went to my aunt's house for dinner.
13(6) Job interview went well! I'll find out if I got the job on Wednesday. Had a sleepover at A's house after. Played soccer in the field, then watched Pinocchio.14(6) Had a nice breakfast/lunch with A. Spilled all over her car though. Didn't do too much in the afternoon. Changed my guitar strings and it sounds so much better now!15(6) Went mini golfing with A in the morning. Got home and found out I got the job! Played guitar while A was at work, then ordered pizza and started playing Super Paper Mario.16(6) Hung out with friends from uni (K, A, and Z). Played wii, went to Kristy Kreme, and showed them around. Had a fun night with A even though she had a shutdown when she got here. Played more Mario.17(5) Didn't do much today. Played Paper Mario TTYD on emulator and do some chores.18(7) Worked on the railing, went to the beach, and played paper Mario! A slept over and we had a great time.19(6) Woke up, played some more Paper Mario and finished painting the railing with A. Had pancakes for breakfast/lunch. Got a haircut with her, then came back and watched the GoT finale! It was pretty good.
20(5) Played Mario by myself all day. Watched Harry Potter 4 with my sister when she got home from work and talked.21(6) A was sick so I went to her place and kept her company. We played more Mario and a bit of Yahtzee. Got donuts too. Had a nice chat in the car on the way home. I've missed our car ride talks.22(6) Sat around by myself, then took my grandparent's dog for a walk with A and went to her soccer game. She was sick but still played.23(5) Mowed the lawn, went to A's and laid in the sun. Had dinner at home. Dad said the railing needed another coat of paint, and it made me really angry because I thought we did a good job.
(7) Watched Bambi with A and that cheered me up a lot! We talked for a long time before watching. Reminded me of the old days when we would talk for hours and hours and just have the best time :)
24(6) Went for a run, and went to Costco with my parents. Talked for a bit after, and resolved the tension between us about the rail. My dad really is a great guy, I look up to him a lot.25(5) Rainy day today. Stayed inside with A. Almost beat our Wii game. Dad asked if I was planning on visiting school and A broke down and sobbed when he left. She doesn't want me to leave again. Worried.26(6) Did some more yard work, practiced driving for my road test Wednesday, watched half of Avengers: Endgame. A came over after she got off work and we watched American Vandal (started yesterday).
27(5) Got out of bed really late. Worked out, ate, went on a walk with my mom. Came back home and watched Avengers, then went on a run around dinner time. The days all seem to meld together lately.28(5) Went to the park and played tennis with A. Had a little picnic too. Finally heard back from my new job, turns out they couldn't process my bank info for some reason. Nervous for my road test tomorrow.29(6) Got my full license! Had Japanese food with A to celebrate.30(5) Went to uni to check out my room. It was horrible. Absolute pigsty. Applied for a room transfer immediately. Had a fun day with Zak, Alex, and Sanjeev though. Didn't get to tell A about my day.31(5) Didn't do much during the day. Went for Japanese food (again) with my family, then went over to A's. Watched a Disney WWII propaganda film, then went for a quick drive to a quiet spot.
     1(8) Went for a run with A and started reading Supermarket. Went to A's friend's place and had dinner. Was really nervous before, but ended up so glad I went. Ate burgers and played games. Lots of fun!2(6) Went for a long run with my dad in the morning. Felt really good. Had to change plans for my trip with A tomorrow, but everything worked out. Grandparents came over for dinner.
3(9) First day of trip was amazing! AirBnB place was beautiful. Went to the Aquarium and had dinner downtown. Took a bath and watched a movie in the evening. A seemed to really like her gifts.4(8) Checked out of the AirBnB, had a picnic in the park, then made our way to the zoo. Spent a long time there, and saw all there was to see. A very special trip. Mouth started to hurt on the way home.5(5) Finally got schdeduled for training at my new job, almost a month after being hired, which is ridiculous. Went to A's and stayed for dinner. Played Sorry with her and her mom. Watched American Vandal.6(4) Feeling a bit down. Couldn't find the motivation to go for a run. Sat around all day. Read some more of my book.7(5) First day of training at work. Watched some videos and did other boring paperwork stuff. Watched another movie with A after dinner.8(5) Didn't do much today. Woke up earlier than usual. Started learning C++ for fun. Went to A's after she got off work and played card games with her. Going running with dad tomorrow morning.9(5) Went on another run with my dad. Even farther this time. Barbecue at grandparent's house in the evening, then watched Song of the South with A. Had a bad headache.
10(4) Couldn't fall asleep because my mouth was in so much pain. Finally had to go downstairs and get a muscle relaxant, which helped.
(5) Played tennis with A around noon, had a Slurpee, then came home and sat in the sun for a bit. Did a bit of coding in the afternoon.
11(6) More training at work. Watched some videos and took notes. Went to A's house after and went on a nice walk.12(6) Went to the lake with A and paddle boarded. Read together for a bit, then went to her soccer game. Watched Fun and Fancy Free when we got back.13(5) First day on the floor at work, shadowing manager and sister. Seems like it'll be ok, if a bit stressful. Went to A's house after and played Trouble.14(8) Went shopping with A and had a great time. Had dinner at her house and ran errands with her mom. A slept over and we watched an episode of Black Mirror. A great day.15(6) Pancakes in the morning, then played tennis with A. Read in the sun for a bit, then started playing Halo together.16(6) Went for a run with my dad, mowed the lawn, then cousins came over for a barbecue. Read with dad st the end of the day.
17(6) Read a bit before work. Had a good shift. Felt a bit more confident this time. Went to A's place after and watched Melody Time.18(7) Went downtown and walked the sea wall with A. Played more Halo after dinner at home.19(7) Went over to A's house and read together. I finished my book! (Supermarket by Logic). Was going to run with dad, but he said he didn't have time. Read with him instead.20(6) Started reading Lord of the Rings from where I left off last summer. First shift on my own was fun! Helped lots of people, and got a compliment on my service from a customer!21(6) Went for a run with A, then read for a bit and played Halo.22(6) Another good shift at work. Really liking this new job. Played Halo with A when I got home.23(5) Ran with A around noon, then puzzled for a bit. Had dinner at my aunt's house with my grandparents. My parents are at the cabin so they couldn't come. Got bored in the evening and played MineCraft.
24(5) Bit more stressful shift at work today. The store got a lot busier than before. Had dinner with my sister, then went to A's house and watched So Dear to My Heart. A surprised me with cookies :)25(6) Got a bit of a different haircut and I think it looks pretty decent! Played catch, read, watched the Twilight Zone, and played a card game with A.26(5) Woke up late for IHOP with A. Went on a nice walk with her, then she left and I played video games until almost mignight. Very quickly becoming addicted.27(5) Woke up early by accident and played some more video games. Went to A's, then got called in to work at 5:30. A came over when I got home.28(5) Started looking at courses for the fall semester. Had a busy night at work. Went to A's house after.29(6) Another super busy day at work. Huge discount event ended today so tons of people came in. Still liking the new job. Went out for dinner with A and had fish and chips at the beach. It was fun!30(5) Went for a run with A. She wasn't feeling great so we took it slow. Finished Halo 1 Read together in the sun for a while after. Had dinner at my grandparents' house with another family member, Cuz.
1(6) Work was a bit more relaxed today. Went to the fireworks with A for Canada Day and and started playing Halo 2. A slept over.2(6) Spent most of the day with A. Made pancakes, played a bit of Halo, watched another Disney movie, and started a new puzzle. Prepared for registration tomorrow after A left.3(5) Registration went well. Went to work, then A came over after and we played some more Halo, read, and talked.4(5) Ran with A just before noon. Walked my grandparents' dog, read together for a bit after; then A went to work. Played video games for most of the rest of the day.5(5) Worked 8 hours today. Went by pretty slowly, but wasn't too bad. Definitely the best job I've had so far.6(5) Work again today, parents came home in the evening.7(5) Ran with dad in the morning. Finally put together solid plans for A's birthday. Got her present too. Grandparents came over for dinner, then I went to A's and saw her for the first time in a few days.
(4) Finally told A what's been on my mind for a while now. Couldn't keep myself from feeling jealous and paranoid when A went to a music festival without me. I know there's no reason to worry but still.
8(5) Worked and finalized plans for A's birthday tomorrow. Nervous and excited because I want her to have a really good day.9(8) A's birthday was a success! We had a great day together. She loved her surprises.10(5) Worked again today.11(5) Got a free slurpie with A and played some Halo, then went to the eye doctor with Mom. Had dinner downtown with her. Came home and went to A's house. Played “Escape the _____” flash games.12(5) Played more video games before work. Went to A's house after, and played more escape games.13(6) Work, then watched a French movie with A.14(5) Ran in the afternoon. Went bowling with A in the evening. Started watching Naruto.
15(5) Worked, then went to A's after dinner.16(5) Went to my grandparent's house and talked about painting their fence. Hung out with A in the evening.17(5) Went shopping with A, then spent the rest of the day together at home. Watched Treasure Island.18(7) Read outside with A, then played mini golf and arcade games. Came home and watched more Naruto.19(5) Worked in the evening. Feeling nervous for a work party tomorrow.20(6) Worked, then went to my work party with A. It was fun! Drank way too much though ?21(6) Felt nauseous all morning. A came over and we napped in the sun for a bit, we were both so tired from last night. Played with the neighbours' dog too. Grandparents came over for dinner.
22(5) Got an offer for a room transfer! Going to look later this week/weekend. Worked again. Went to A's after and she made me a chocolate strawberry milkshake as a surprise!23(6) Painted grandparents' fence with A. She really made it a lot more enjoyable. Went to the beach with A after, then Costco.24(6) Went over at 9:00 to paint. A joined me after lunch. Went to her brother's birthday dinner after. Played lawn bowling and Mario kart with them and had lots of fun. Stomach was hurting though.25(6) Just about finished painting the fence! A joined later in the day and helped even though she wasn't feeling great. Worked on co-op application in the evening.26(5) Finished painting the fence, then went to work in the afternoon.27(5) Went to work, made tacos, played video games. Used the fire pit in the backyard with my mom.28(6) Officially transferred to another room in residence for uni. Went for a picnic with A, but had to turn around and go home. Drank tea by the fire pit in the evening.
29(4) Work was super busy. Got home and A came over to pick me up. Had pizza at her house and felt gross the rest of the night. Thinking about going back to school and worrying.30(4) Went to the water slides with A. It was fun, but felt a bit down at the same time. Worried about balancing school and our relationship again. A slept over and that was fun.31(5) Lazy day with A. Played tennis, then watched lots of Naruto. Went on a walk in the evening.
   1(4) Went on a run with A, then spent the day with her. Played Mario Kart and foosball. Talked about school starting back up and had a very sad talk. A doesn't think she make it this time. I'm worried too.2(5) Booked an appointment for co-op program interview, then got called in early for work. Super busy today at work, made it go by fast. Felt a bit better today.3(5) Worked 8 hours today. Super busy again. Tried to work on my resume when I got home but didn't get much done.4(6) Went for a really good run with Dad in the morning. Work was pretty good too, did more stuff in the back for a change. Watched Robin Hood with A in the evening.
5(5) Work, then updated my resume for the interview tomorrow. Feeling a bit less nervous than I usually would so that's good, but there's less pressure this time.6(6) Interview went well! It was more of a chance to meet with the co-op co-ordinator, but he asked typical job interview questions. Got lunch with Zak after, then came home and hung out with A.7(5) Woke up feeling sniffly. Worked, then ran over to A's house and ran with her. Spent the rest of the evening at her place.8(6) Got a really nice compliment at work today and it felt good :) Went on a bike ride with A in the evening.9(5) Work, then saw Yesterday with A. Had a good evening. Throat hurt just a bit all day though. Think I'm getting sick.10(5) Sick day. Stayed at home and relaxed. A came over and we finished Halo 2!11(5) Still sick, but went to work anyway. Made it through ok. Watched Peter Pan with A when I got home.
12(5) Still a bit sick. Worked, then walked along the beach with A. Wore pants that I bought at work today.13(4) Went for a run, then went to the beach with A [5]. Had dinner at her house, then had a long and emotional talk with her about how she can't bear to hear about my uni life [3]. Didn't help much though.14(6) Went for a hike with friends from uni. Spent the whole day with them.15(6) Read with A and planned for a bit for our camping trip. Feels much more relaxed with her after talking.16(5) Missed the bus and had to walk to work. Came home, ate, then watched lots of Naruto with A at her house. Played Sorry too.17(6) Work, then cooked dinner for A and her brother at her house. Fave masks and Naruto evening :) Working early tomorrow morning.18(5) Worked an early 8 hour shift. Very busy. Left my earbuds at work. Ran with dad in the evening, then went shopping with A to prepare for our camping trip.
19(5) Got a haircut, then worked. Packed for camping when I got home.20(6) First day of camping was great! Swam in the lake, walked around, made s'mores.21(6) Made the most of a rainy day. Paddle boarded and walked along the lake.22(7) Last day of our trip. Packed up our stuff and went to the amusement park for rides and mini golf. Stopped at the sunflower festival on the way home. A trip to remember.23(5) Talked with my mom for a bit in the morning. Decided I would tell my manager I'm quitting today, but felt very nervous about it. Didn't go super well but got it done. Finished Naruto with A after work24(6) Worked, then made dinner with A and she slept over. Watched The Living Desert and more Naruto.25(6) Worked, then went to A's for a bit. Fell asleep together watching our show.
26(5) Went to the dentist, drove around a bit, did some chores. Went on a 10 km walk with A in the evening.27(5) Worked on co-op stuff. Tried to help my coworker get through some drama that's happening at work. Went to A's after she finished her soccer practice.28(6) Had a really nice day with A at her campus. Mom picked me up from work and drove me to my dorm. Staying the night for an event tomorrow. Feeling hopeful that being apart will be easier this time.29(5) Workshop felt long. Didn't meet too many people in my program either. Started setting my room up for the semester and met with friends for dinner. Heading home now to see A. Missed her today.30(5) Worked. Hung out with A before and after.31(5) Worked. Sister came home and the whole family went to my dorm to drop off some stuff. Hung out with A late at night. She was upset because she had a bad shift.
      1(6) Worked 8 hours and it was super busy but a good shift. Went out for Japanese food with A after and had a great time. Watched a Disney movie.
2(5) Work was super busy again. Started writing my first cover letter for co-op. Spent the last summer night with A watching our show.3(5) Officially moved in to my dorm. Met up with friends and hung out. Started preparing for classes.4(5) Woke up early. Roommates blasted music at 8 am, then smoked in the unit and made my room smell. Rest of the day was good. Saw lots of friends from last year, and classes look really cool so far.5(3) Roommate blasted music again this morning. 7:22 AM this time. Classes are already looking hard and I don't need this stress. Talked with the roommate but he wasn't very understanding. Angry and upset.6(5) Roommate was quiet this morning. Hope this continues. Went down to the beach with friends after class. MoodPanda finally got an update!7(5) Didn't get much done in the morning, but roommate was quiet again. Went to the party at my program director's house. Lots of awkward conversations, not the best time. Saw A quickly after midnight.8(5) Work was long but not too bad. Spent the evening with A. It was good to see her after a long week.
9(4) Still butting heads with roommate. Talked for a long time but got nowhere. Feeling a lot lonelier than last year. Had dinner with friends and that was nice though.10(5) Long day. Played table tennis after class. New MoodPanda feature for backdating is exactly what I've been needing for a long time.11(5) Another long day. Got some homework done and applied to two more jobs.12(5) Felt tired most of the day. First lab tomorrow.13(6) Lab didn't go great. Had dinner with a big group of friends from first year and had lots of fun. Came home for the weekend. Dad switched to a new job! Fell asleep on the couch with A.14(6) Last day at work, I won the raffle for a free pair of shoes! Picked up A on the way home and did homework with her.15(5) Ran with dad in the morning. Tried to do homework all day. Didn't get much done at all. Need to be more efficient. Stressed. Had a nice dinner with my parents at home. A drove me back to uni.
16(5) Stressed and tired, but got some stuff done today. Falling behind on applying for jobs.17(5) Just barely got everything done that I needed to tonight. Deadlines are tight and never-ending.18(5) Still having roommate troubles. Got some stuff done and applied to another job. A said she's been feeling better and that made me happier at the end of that day :)19(5) Studied with Kyran, Alice, and Sayem after class. Stayed up late to finish the pre-lab for tomorrow.20(5) Met with my RA before heading home. Talked about the roommate situation. Hopefully resolved soon. Did homework with A most of the night. She slept over.21(5) Did homework with A all day again. Dad's birthday dinner was ok, mostly looked at pictures of my aunt's trip to Italy. A came over again after they left. Applied to another job.22(5) Homework day again. Got a haircut. Didn't get that much done even though I worked on it all day. Got stuck on almost every problem.
23(5) Just barely getting things done. Stressed to no end. Finally got the situation with the roommate documented. Hopefully that puts a stop to the noise.24(5) Another long day. Got some homework done but still just barely keeping up. Had a lecture on living intentionally and thought about trying time tracking. We'll see.25(5) Stayed up a bit late studying for the midterm tomorrow morning. Feeling alright about it but not great.26(5) Midterm was pretty bad, but somehow didn't bring down the rest of my day. Felt exhausted and unfocused though. Met with the residence person about the documentation. That went ok. Dinner with friends.27(4) Felt tired all day. Roommates kept me up late and woke me up early. Mixed up the time for my lab and showed up late. Went swimming with friends after class then came home with A. Been a tough week.28(5) Worked on homework all day with A but didn't finish anything. Keep getting stuck on problems. Watched a Disney movie.29(5) Homework again.
30(5) Stayed in bed late but wasn't asleep. Roommate blasted music again. Homework day again. Studied a bit for the midterm Wednesday.
 1(5) Studied for my midterm tomorrow. Hope it goes better than the last one.2(5) Midterm went pretty well!3(4) Stayed up super late to finish homework for tomorrow morning. 8 am class is gonna suck tomorrow.
(5) Didn't feel as tired as I thought I would. Skipped my 8 am to sleep in though. My life is entirely dominated by homework at this point. Haven't been applying to enough jobs. Studying late again.
4(5) Wrote a very long email to housing about my roommate when I was woken up at 7:30. Meeting with my mentors was a nice break. Coming home was nice too, but I'm wondering if I can keep it up.5(5) A is sick this weekend. Spent the day taking care of her and doing homework together.6(4) Struggling to stay on top of everything. Worked all day doing a bit of everything and just barely finished one of my assignments due at midnight. Stressed and worried.
7(4) Worked all afternoon on my homework and still didn't finish it before the deadline. So many things due so quickly.8(5) Finished two more assignments minutes before their deadlines. Ready to do it again tomorrow then study for my midterms. Got my first midterm back and it went really well!9(5) Got my other midterm back and did alright, not great. Barely finished another assignment on time then started studying for the next midterm tomorrow morning.10(5) Feeling unproductive. Midterm didn't go very well but I feel a bit less concerned somehow. Too many other things to worry about. Can't seem to get anything done in my breaks between classes.11(5) Programming midterm went pretty well.12(5) Studied all day but didn't get much done. Slept over at A's house.13(5) Thanksgiving dinner was nice. A came over for dessert.
14(5) Did homework and went to A's thanksgiving dinner. Stayed up late to finish homework.15(5) No loud music this morning, felt good. Severe pain from my jaw all day though. Felt a bit more efficient on homework today. Finished what I needed to by 11:15 tonight, much better than before.16(5) Got some studying done. Midterm tomorrow. Jaw still hurts a lot, but it's a little better.17(5) Math midterm went pretty well. Got some other stuff done today too. Feeling meh. Another test tomorrow.18(4) Lab wasn't great. Programming test was bad. Not a great day.19(5) Did homework. Having to teach myself how to do the homework for my mech course every weekend is getting frustrating.20(5) Spent most of the day with A at her house. Her grandma was visiting and brought me some chocolate. Went out for dinner with her family at a cool restaurant. Studied with Andrew when I got back.
21(5) Did better than I thought on a midterm but not great by any means. Studied for my midterm tomorrow.22(5) Midterm went well! Feels like the work load is lessening a bit for now. Worked on coding and math homework all night.23(5) Still feeling a little less stressed. Got some good work done. Feels like this won't last long though.24(5) Ok day. Missed my first lecture of the day, not good as I'm already behind in that class. Felt a bit more anxious than usual and uneasy around friends for some reason.25(5) Need to get a lot done this weekend, not sure it's going to happen though. Finished homework for the night a big early to spend time with A.26(5) Barely got any homework done all day. Went to my grandpa's 85th birthday party and has an ok time. Not a fan of crowds or meeting new people but I think I did ok.27(5)
28(5) Think housing might finally tell my roommate to stop blasting his music.29(5) 30(5) No music from roommate this morning. Feeling behind and more free at the same time.31(5) Did some work on an old coding project and finally finished it.
    1(5) Lab was fun this week. Started building our final circuit project. Went out for pizza after school with A.2(5) Did homework again. Partner hasn't done anything for the group project yet.3(5) Finally starting to figure out the course that I've been struggling a bit with (Mech).
4(5) Worked pretty much all day on a coding problem I've been stuck on.5(5) Worked pretty much all day on a coding problem I've been stuck on.
(5) Worked hard to finish coding project on time and start studying for my midterms tomorrow. Ended the night a bit early to talk to A. She had a really bad day.
6(5) Math midterm was good, programming test wasn't. Applied for some more jobs in the evening.7(5) Didn't do any homework all day for the first time since the term started. Not that I don't have homework to do, but decided to take the night off. Started new coding projects instead.8(5) Didn't do much homework today. Feeling less motivated than usual. Maybe I'm starting to burn out?9(5) Went to A's and studied. Didn't get too much done. Watched another Disney movie, which we haven't done in a long time.10(5) Watched A play soccer for the first time this season. It was cold, but nice.
11(5) Didn't get much done this long weekend, which I might pay for later. Had a nice family dinner.12(5) Feeling so behind on so many things. Two midterms tomorrow. Got my first job interview though! Next Monday. Got my calculus test back and did well on that too!13(5) Got 100% on my math midterm! Programming test this morning was bad, mech test was ok. Too many things to do, not enough time to prepare for my midterms tomorrow and Friday.14(5) Long day. Midterm this morning was pretty hard. Had a hard time focusing and felt less motivated, almost indifferent. Got another 100% on a midterm though and that was good. Not ready for tomorrow.15(5) Had a really bad stomach ache this morning. Left the lab early. Failed room inspection, not surprised since roommates are so filthy. Coding midterm was really hard. Came home late tonight.16(5) Did a bit of homework but ended the night early to spend time with A.17(5) Went to A's to do homework. Her mom cooked a nice dinner for us.
18(5) Job interview went alright. Didn't do much homework today. Talked with friends over dinner and relaxed a bit.19(6) I got the job! Felt good to have that weight off my shoulders. Worked on homework all afternoon and night and still didn't finish anything.20(5) Worrying about my presentation tomorrow. Didn't finish math homework, no time. Programming test was good this time! And got 100% on my mech midterm! A is really stressed about school too.21(4) Presentation wasn't good. I was so nervous. Deadlines just keep coming. So many things due, and finals just around the corner. Going to fail room inspection tomorrow because roommates suck.22(5) Feels like I'm falling behind on all my classes just at the final stretch. Lots of work to do this weekend. Failed room inspection again. Really hoping I won't have to pay.23(5) Didn't get as much done as I needed to. Got up super late because I was up late. A came over and we studied together.24(5) Did homework at A's then had dinner at home with grandparents.
25(4) So much homework. Don't think I'm going to finish it all. Went to the lab to work on our circuit and made some progress. Feeling like I need a break from all the stress.26(5) Worked all night to finish my homework. Same thing planned for tomorrow.27(5) Hoping I can finish my homework on time to start studying for my exams next week. Didn't get enough sleep last night so I felt super tired all day.28(4) Late night doing homework. Didn't get to talk to A tonight.29(5) Last day of classes. Mentorship meeting was good. Did ok on my math midterm. Had a nice night with A. Watched a Dismey movie and did homework after.30(5) Got a bit of studying done with a couple breaks throughout the day.