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 1To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter2(7) Loving my new haircut. Had the day off and spent a great deal of it catching up on rest, it was fantastic. A bit worried about my mom, she is having a hard time emotionally.3(6) Can barely keep my eyes open as I get ready for work, super sleepy/tired! Sour stomach, bloated, bleh!4(7) Great night last night checking out my mom's new apartment and spending time with her, my bro, and BF. Only a half day at work today woo hoo!5(3) Feeling numb and sad. Watched our hamster take her last breath as my BF held her and tried to keep her comfortable. We both were very attached to her and it really hurt to watch her slip away ?6To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter
7(7) Not a bad day. Managed to pull myself out of the morning funk and am hoping to superclean my messy house after lunch. Also prepping things to set up a fish tank, super excited about that ?8(5) I knew this would happen, I made a big mistake and was given written & verbal warning at work. Very avoidable, I need to stop doing stupid $hit, I am disappointed with myself right now!
(5) Obsessing over mistakes made earlier at work. Scared of ultimately losing my job down the road. I hope not, but I worry
9(5) Day off and Slept too much, took meds way late and im super out of it. Ate a bunch of junk food. Don't feel particularly good or bad.
(5) Anxious about work tomorrow, not looking forward to it.
10(6) Gonna go with 6 for now, not doing too bad. Anxious about quite a few things. Had creepy dreams all night. Sleep paralysis while I noticed my arm was hanging off the bed, I was convinced something was
(5) Got very manic and hyper earlier, felt like I could accomplish any and everything. Got all the dishes done finally and paid bills. Feeling rather drained now, moods are shifting.
11(5) Unstable moods today. One moment im energetic and happy, the next I'm depressed and irritable. Keep flip flopping, no number rating is accurate for me today ?12(3) Spent time down town playing Pokemon Go with BF which was nice. I just wish I could stop feeling so depressed and worthless so I can enjoy things. Past couple of days have been emotional misery.13(5) Tired, heavy eyes. Wish I could sleep for a week or so. Not as emotionally down today but not feeling good either. Still fear losing my job cuz I seem to have trouble keeping my eyes open.
14(5) Anxious, tired, unsettled stomach. The day has just begun but I already look forward to a long nap with my cat after work
(4) Finally crying. Write ups for absences, I totally get it. I've been let go from jobs in the past because of missed time, and it all boils back down to severe depression, anxiety, and seemingly endless
(5) Feel grungy and Should be showering before bed but think I will hold off til tomorrow. Going to bed. Going to do my best to make tomorrow a better day
15(5) Anxious. Not particularly good or bad. Feel like things wont be okay but hopefully they should be.16(6) It's lovely to wake early when I have the day off and spend the morning dozing off on the couch snuggling my kitty ??
(7) Possibly manic. Caffeinated. Started smoking cigs again. Scrubbed bathtub and did dishes, time to finish bathroom and then tackle the kitchen.
(4) Took a shower. Feeling tired sad and super anxious. Weepy and emotional. Want to hug my mom, I need to catch up with her soon.
17(5) Could anyone give me some insight on lexapro and other anti depressants in general? I have heard that their effectiveness can dwindle over time when you take them for a long time. I've been on lexapro
(5) Not a bad day, really trying to be on my A game at work so I can hopefully salvage myself and my mistakes. Had a nice dinner with BF. Very Tired, still feeling sad off and on today
18(5) Off work early. Going to go home and rest, feeling super fatigued and sleepy. My time of month just hit. Cravings for junk food and sweets are strong19(7) Went out lastnight to see my bro's band play and had some beers with friends. Until last night I think its been weeks since I've genuinely been able to enjoy anything. Feeling calm and pretty happy20(6) Tired. Off work. Moods have improved the past couple days despite small irritations. Able to feel positive emotions instead of just sadness/anxiety. Feeling Pretty stable
(4) Fatigue, menstrual cramps, headache, cranky. Moody, I got snappy at BF, feeling a little bad about it. Time to eat and go to bed very soon.
21To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter22(6) Feeling pretty decent. The weather was super hazardous today so I decided to call off this morning. Spending time with BF watching tv. Pretty good day!23(6) Slept in a lot, it felt great! Keeping Depression at bay pretty well so far today. A little Anxious but it's not terrible. Need to clean the house24(4) Slept 2 hrs lastnight. Anxiety and sad thoughts raced through my mind all night, could not make my brain stop25(6) Much better mood lastnight when going to bed. Have been eating wayy too much junk lately, stomach isnt the happiest. At the moment really sleepy but mood isn't bad ?26(6) Day off, slept in, doing some chores and watching tv with BF. Always worried about if i messed up at work again and just haven't been addressed about it yet. Need to quit worrying about it on my days27(7) Was a good day! Spent time with my mom and BF. It eases my mind to see her doing much better in a positive living situation. Super tired, I'm definitely not getting enough sleep. Almost bed time.
28(7) Very cold and snowing. Not excited about icy roads after work but it sure is pretty ?29(4) Between 4 and 5. Feeling real self conscious and low self esteem. It started late lastnight. I don't feel attractive or confident. Looked at myself naked in front of the mirror and I almost cried
(6) I cannot describe the relief I am feeling after hearing that I am doing better at work and that my write-up will go away in 6 months.
30(7) Mood is really good right now. I Slept in a bunch, didn't get out of bed until almost 1pm, it felt good! Cleaning around the house a bit.31(6) It's pretty nice outside. Got dishes done, going to try and clean some more before BF gets home. Tired, headache and stomach trouble. Think I'm dehydrated, need to drink more water!
    1To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter2(6) Moods have been pretty good lately. Got ambitious beginning to work out and pushed it too much, pretty sure I pulled a couple ab muscles. Have to remember to take it easy.3(4) Crashing physically and mentally. Accomplished a decent bit around the house and was in a good mood but im feeling sad and unsatisfied now. Not appreciating BF's attitude today and his lack of help.
4(5) Shared some of my emotions and insecurities with my BF, I feel closer to him and a bit liberated. We've been together for a long time but it's still incredibly hard for me to open up to anyone.
(6) Ate a lot of unhealthy fattening food today. Topped it off with icecream. Stomach Prob won't feel the best tomorrow but it was delicious! Time for shower and bed.
5(7) Feeling pretty positive so far today. Good mood, just sleepy.6(7) Day off, slept in just the right amount. Feeling relaxed, positive and productive. I think i can can get a lot done today ?7(6) Constantly hungry today for some reason. It's been cold and windy, I haven't left the warmth of my blanket since I've been home from work. need to do dishes but have no energy8(6) Tired but at least work is going by fairly quickly. Half way there woooo! Feeling pretty good9(6) It's a good day. Watching Hunger Games marathon and wearing pajamas all day with BF. ?10(5) Went to bed late last night and kept waking up, got maybe an hour or 2 of solid sleep. Work is going by so slowly. I really just want to go back to bed
(4) Head hurts a lot. Very Tired and moody. Easily agitated. Should already be in bed but still need a shower. Really hoping for good sleep tonight, I need it desperately.
11(4) Hormones are shifting, feeling crappy physically and mentally
(3) Foggy brained, disconnected, severe anxiety around people and when driving,, irritable, feeling panicked in general for no particular reason, sad. I think It's time for a nap
12(5) Not too bad so far. Hope it stays that way
(6) My mood has improved from this morning, took some ibuprofen for my head but other than a headache things seem good :)
13To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter14(7) Doing good. Went shopping for fun stuff with BF last night and we found some pretty lingerie that made me feel super sexy and confident. Had a great night ?15To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter16To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter17(7) Super Sleepy and work is slow, but I'm in good mood and feeling positive ?
(6) Got a bit anxious and irritable at the grocery store earlier, it was very busy and overstimulating. Very Tired but worried about not being able to actually fall asleep so just I took some melatonin.
18(5) Snowy, icy, super cold out. Not looking forward to the roads tomorrow morning. Feeling tired, anxious and slightly sad and not totally sure why. Almost time for shower and bed19(6) Blarg I have stomach cramps and gas. Took melatonin and am sleepy. Looking forward to day off tomorrow! The snow is beautiful20To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter21(6) Planning on getting my hair cut pretty short on saturday. I hope it will look good. Regardless though I look forward to not shedding everywhere and not clogging the drain anymore! Plus it will be way22(5) Feeling slow and drained this morning. Wish i could just stay home on the couch with my kitty and be wrapped in a soft warm blanket. Feels like It's gonna be a loooong day at work today
(8) It's been a great night! BF and I Took my Mom out for dinner and then did a little shopping with her. Lots of snow, it's beautiful! Now it's time for tv and kitty snuggles before bed
23To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter24(6) Have felt fantastic mentally the past couple days. Hung out with bro and his gf and got my hair cut. I feel my mood starting to dip tonight tho. I hope it passes and doesn't get worse
(5) Grouchy and feeling a bit sad, Not totally sure why. Maybe I'm just tired, Gonna go to sleep. Hoping my moods go back up tomorrow! I've been on a happy streak for a while I want it back!
25(5) Anxious and tired. BF and I need to eat healthier and exercise. Blood test says His cholesterol and LDL levels are high and i bet mine are too. I love him and want him to be healthy. Need to make some26To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter27(5) Took melatonin and will hopefully sleep soon. Moody. Finding myself getting lost in negative thoughts and doubts. I feel bad for complaining but it's nice to have a place where I can here28(6) Between 6 and 7, I'm feeling pretty decent. I haven't eaten anything yet, need to find something healthy that won't make me feel like crap later. Need to go to grocery store
    1(6) I feel really woozy and out of it today. Mood is pretty good though. I will get off work early which is nice
(7) Had a Lovely evening with BF. We went out for dinner and binge watched Game of Thrones. Feeling cozy and relaxed. Snow storm is on the way ?
2(5) BF and I stayed in bed sleeping most of the day. It was nice. But now the day is short and I ended up my taking meds way later than usual so my brain feels weird. Def messed up my sleep schedule too
(5) 11:30pm. Grungy and need a shower but am putting it off until later tomorrow. Just finished my 2nd beer and will be off to bed soon. Work early. Feeling a little moody but okay. The snow is pretty!
3(6) Brrr 9 degrees out and Decent bit of snow. BF took me to work today so I didn't have to face the icy roads ? looking forward to getting back home in a few hours to enjoy a warm blanket and hot drink
4(8) Called off work due to really icy road conditions, glad they are flexible and understanding about the weather. BF works at school district and got a snow day ? we get to sleep in & spend day together
(6) I am tired but feeling restless like i want to do stuff, It's almost bed time though. Hoping a shower will relax me so I can sleep
5(7) Waiting for pizza and other delicious goodies to be delivered. Feeling tired but relaxed.6(4) Feeling irritable, anxious and grouchy. Had emotionally taxing dreams all night. i forgot to do something important today and my phone is malfunctioning. It's a day where issues feel extra irritating7(4) Very messed up dreams lastnight I'm still trying to shake them off. I hope work goes by quickly today and I hope I can get my moods up
(7) Moods have been up and down all day but I felt much better after BF got off work and we had a delicious dinner. He also bought some new shirts for me which was so nice of him!
8To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter9(8) Very good day! Spent time with bro and his GF and I was able to help her daughter with something Very important. Made dinner w/ BF and I was able to give away my work hrs for tomorrow I'm overjoyed!10(5) It's gonna be 1am soon and i still need to take a shower before bed. Need to be up in a few hours for work. Blahhhhh ?
11(4) Super tired and out of it. Work is dragging. Cranky, emotional, irritable and hormonal to top it off.
(5) So relieved to be home. Not feeling Very well physically or emotionally from the lack of sleep and hormones. Ordered some Jimmy John's and I plan to take a nap with my kitty
12(7) Feeling a lot better today. Its beautiful here in Colorado. Today It feels like summer! And then Tomorrow there will be a blizzard
(6) It's still calm outside right now but I'm apprehensive about tomorrow's upcoming weather. Winds of 70-80 mph with blizzard whiteout conditions expected. I'm Hoping structure damages will be minimal!
13(7) Watching X-Men with BF. Many roads and businesses closed because of blizzard with severe wind. My work will excuse absences tomorrow so I get to enjoy a snow day with BF?14(5) Hormonal, Fatigue, some anxiety and mood swings. Motivation is low. not really looking forward to going back to work tomorrow15(5) Feeling rough this morning. Rushed off to work and forgot to take my antidepressants. Foggy, tired, a bit moody, and period started along with cramps
(4) Lucky to have a job where I can offer up my hours and someone takes them sometimes. My paycheck will be crap but I am relieved to be home. took meds late, hoping moods will improve. Anxiety is high
16(7) Good relaxing day. BF and I Slept in and did some shopping. I bought a bunch of nice yarn for crochet projects. Work early tomorrow, should go to bed soon.17(4) Feeling irritable, cranky, emotional and super sensitive. Chest is tight, shortness of breath, feel like crying off and on and feels like I'm fighting off a panic attack
(3) Emotions are unstable. Irrational thoughts/worries, mind feels cloudy/disconnected. Have been insanely depressed since after work today. No good explanation for what initially triggered me but I will
18(4) Poor BF got sick in the middle of the night, must be this nasty stomach virus thing that's been going around. Mine hasn't felt good either and we both had fevers. We called off work. Moods still bad19(5) Getting around slowly this morning, stomach feeling little better but still feeling naseaus/crampy and zapped of energy from this virus thing. Leave for work soon. Mood is okay so that's nice at least20(6) Slept a lot yesterday after work and slept in a lot today. I finally have some energy and no longer feel nauseous. The weather is beautiful and so far my moods are good, it's A welcome relief!21(6) 2 hours of sleep lastnight, feeling kinda weird loopy and foggy but not terrible. Work is going by pretty quickly.22(6) Had a Short day at work. Did a couple things and then enjoyed a 3 hour nap with my kitty. Just got back from grocery store. Gonna shower soon and maybe do my nails.23To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter24(5) Had a nice Saturday night at home with bro, mom and BF. Been waiting for BFs bro to call us so we can give him a ride home from a show. He's Probably busy partying and his lack of communication is
(4) Almost 36 hours since I last slept. Bad Depression and mixed episodes all day. Finally going to bed. I hope I sleep like im dead because I could really use a break from conscious existence right now
25(5) Still tired but much better than yesterday. A bit cranky and work is dragging
(4) Im feeling pretty down right now. I can shake it off for a little while but depression just keeps coming back today. I feel like I need to cry but I can't actually get myself to cry. Its like my brain
26(5) Woke this morning super fatigued and throbbing headache so I called off work and slept. Uneventful day. Its bedtime now. Almost fell asleep but BF's snoring is making rest difficult.27(6) Holy crap it's 72 degrees today, hasnt been warm like this in a while! It's sunny and beautiful, feel like getting stuff done. Meant to start walking around the track by my house today but haven't28(5) Barely slept. Tossed and turned all night, BFs snoring was bad again. My Skin was itchy all over for some reason too, drove me nuts. Coffee please don't fail me now, almost time to leave for work.
(4) Have had really strange, unstable moods today. Anxiety was really high. Paranoia, negative thoughts and irrational assumptions about things. Easily angered/reactive. Lack of sleep makes me feel insane
29(4) I'm tired of being tired. i feel asleep during work head tilted back and mouth open totally unaware and a supervisor came and tapped me awake and asked if I was okay. So embarrassing?30To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter31(6) It was so nice to have today off work and sleep in super late. Been spending time with friends since Friday and went to a party at BF's boss's house to drink and play Cards Against Humanity. Very fun!
1To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter2(5) Stomach cramps, nausea and bloating all day. I keep hitting roadblocks with projects I want/need to get done and Im getting frustrated. Feel bad about not working as much as I could. Just Feeling off3(6) Almost have everything I need to finally start cycling my aquarium, im excited! Also doing research for building myself a gaming PC. Feels a bit daunting because im not computer savy4(5) BF's snoring kept me up, I'm not at all mad at him I know it's not his fault, we just need to find a solution. I can't keep going with so little rest, it's making me miserable.
(5) I've had Lots of stomach issues lately. Poor BF threw up lastnight and hasn't felt well either. Must be a stomach bug or something. Glad I only work a half day tomorrow, not feeling well ?
5(6) BF has day off and I got off work early ? I am tired but managed to sleep a solid 4 hours which is better than what I've been getting lately. Gonna eat lunch and start setting up my aquarium
(6) So Tired, almost bedtime. BF bought some snoring aid strips, I hope and pray that they work fingers crossed! We are taking a day trip out of town tomorrow, it will be so nice to get out for a while
6(5) Its been a good day with BF despite a couple hiccups. Went out of town for a bit today which was nice. Im really grumpy now for some reason tho. Feel super irritated and I feel bad for being like this7(5) I don't know why it is so difficult for me to open up about my feelings and to communicate with BF. It worries him and makes him think I'm hiding things from him and lying to him. I understand communi
(6) Work has become so redundant and mindnumbing. I absolutely dread it now. On a more positive note the rest of the day has been very nice, lots of laughs and bonding with BF. Ran errands together too
8(6) Always a happy relieved feeling when work is over. Probably going to order Jimmy John's and try not to fall asleep after eating. I could really go for a nap right now9(3) Weepy and sad. Naseaus, anxious, dizzy It all started lastnight. Sleep was disrupted a lot. I called off work and went back to bed because I felt so tired, depressed and like I was going to vomit.10To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter11(4) The day was fine but bedtime has become stress inducing with wondering how bad his snoring will be and how sensitive I will be to it. I just moved to the couch after laying bed for an hour. I know it
(5) Ah yes the dreaded PMS is here. Hormones are stupid ?
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15(6) Had a great weekend. Went to bed way too late so didn't sleep much. Left work early, its become so stagnant there, I can barely stand it anymore. Need to find something new! Excited to get the gaming16(6) Sleepy day, time of the month is here but at least I'm in a pretty good mood ?17(5) Feeling bored and restless, a little Anxious. I need to do something! Guess I'll do some house work18(6) Ready for work to be over, pretty tired. ended up moving to the couch lastnight because of BF's snoring. At least he doesn't seem mad or upset about it, I think he finally understands.
(5) Hopefully a nap will refresh me. Visited former coworkers at my old job and caught up with them, it was nice! Also found out one of my former coworkers passed away and even though we didn't always see
19(5) After work I Spent the rest of the day with BF's family from out of state and had a nice time walking around in nature. Forgot sunscreen tho and I'm pretty sunburnt. Super tired, happy to be home.20To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter21To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter
22(7) My friend finished building my gaming pc lastnight. He helped me set up and everything and it is amazing. Can't wait to be off work and get back into gaming ? also going fishing later, great day!23(5) Feeling super worn out no reason and totally dragging today. It's a chilly, cloudy day. Might need a nap after work
(6) Watching Big Bang Theory with BF. Sleepy, almost ready for bed. Relieved to have Day off tomorrow
24To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter25(4) Off work super early because it's so slow, I am grateful for that. I woke up Feeling grumpy,anxious and sad, stomach is messed up from eating fried foods last night. Hopefully I can get my moods up26(5) The morning is kind of meh, taking an unscheduled break at work. Shouldn't but oh well today is kind of an F it day lol27(4) Slept in too much today. I took my meds way late and don't feel well emotionally because of it. Foggy brained, sad/an moodsGoing to BF's boss's party soon and hoping to some fun.28To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter
29(6) It was a good day yesterday, got my mom hooked on Game of Thrones, it's fun to watch it again from the very beginning. Sleepy and nauseas at work this morning , but not bad.30(6) I love my home of Colorado! It's snowing pretty good now but the temperature is supposed to go up to 55 degrees today. I love spring! Also work is dead so I am off super early and have a new video ga
  1To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter2(5) Feeling meh but not too bad I guess. Didn't sleep much.3(7) Great afternoon and evening fishing with BF and mom. Mom is new to it and loves it. Caught a few fish and cooking them now. Hungry and excited!4To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter5To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter
6(5) Stomach problems, groggy but im coming out of it slowly. Work is going decently quickly atleast.7(4) Sorry guys if this is TMI, but constipation SUCKS! Stomach pain and insides feel so bound up. Really not feeling good today.8To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter9(3) Oh hi PMS, time of month is approaching again already? Stop making me feel so freaking sad and dredging up crap I don't want to think about. Feeling really down, think I need to cry but can't yet
(5) Got super lucky and someone took my work shift tomorrow. Relieved I will have it off so I can relax and hopefully get myself in a better headspace. Been irritable and depressed all today. Its bedtime
10(5) Felt a little sensitive before bed lastnight at BF's comment about eventually I should keep my hours and work more. I totally agree so why am I upset? I guess I feel like I've been letting him down or11(6) BF and I are Getting ready to meet my mom, bro and his GF for a nice lunch for early mothers day ?
(6) Went through my old room at my bro's (formerly dad's) house and it was like a time capsule of my childhood. It was bittersweet, so many warm memories, so many old things I had forgotten that brought
12(5) Head hurts, slept on my neck wrong, tossed and turned all night. Super sore Work is slow. So far it's a meh day, and I feel completely exhausted.
13To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter14(5) Dark, Messed up thoughts before I went to bed last night. Feeling okay this morning other than the wrath of taco bell I ate for dinner.
(3) BAM, grief suddenly hit me like a freight train. Was feeling fine, then I realize that tomorrow will make 4 years since my dad died. Bouncing between being okayish and crying cuz it hurts like hell.
15(3) I don't really feel okay today. Feel Extra sensitive to hormone fluctuations. I'm almost certain it's Premenstrual Disphoric Disorder, it's much worse than regular PMS and every damn month it's the16(5) Feeling a little better today, mentally stable. Got off work early and ran some errands. Very tired, going to try to nap before going to my brother's to work on his house and pull up old carpet.17To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter18To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter19To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter
20(6) Period started, some cramps but not unbearable. Have a headcold and it made sleeping tough, thank goodness for Sudafed!!! Off to work, I hope it goes quickly
(4) Moods are dipping. Trying to fight off this head cold or whatever the hell it is. Irritable. Feeling sad, fatigued. Going to try and nap. BF wants to go fishing after he's off work, I love fishing but
21(6) Head cold fun.Very grateful that someone took my shift today it snowed a lot and it is so heavy that large tree branches are breaking all over town. Lots of them in the roads. Good day to stay inside.
(5) Moods were flat most of the day. Couldn't seem to find interest or joy in anything that I usually like to do. Tired, it's time for bed
22To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter23(4) Fatigue and sleepiness are really bad today. Feeling depressed and detached. Really feel like I need to cry but it seems like my medications block my ability to actually just let it out24(6) Feeling a decent bit better today. The sun is finally out which helps. Off work early. Maybe will do some grocery shopping and chores
(2) I am in disbelief right now. My mom's apartment building caught on fire, the apartment right beneath hers is where it started. Most of her things are destroyed/damaged by smoke. But the the most awful
25To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter26(4) Staying strong for my mom, I still can't believe everything that has Happened. We are hurting but we will get through this. Breaking into tears randomly. Going fishing, it will be theraputic
27(3) I'm overwhelmingly depressed and angry about the apartment building fire that killed 2 of my mom's cats and destroyed her beautiful home. Words cannot describe how we are hurting, my heart is broken28To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter29To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter30(4) Off work early, barely slept 2 hours. Stressed, anxious, sad. Bouncing between feeling okay for a little and then unstable/depressed/enraged. It's time for a nap and then hopefully house cleaning31(5) Had B day dinner with bro, his GF, my mom, and my BF, it was nice. Finished organizing our fishing tacklebox so we can go fishing in the Beautiful mountains tomorrow. Very excited
     1To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter2(6) Overslept for work this morning, called off, feel slightly guilty bout it. Yesterday was wonderful, found a new place in the mountains to go fishing with BF and mom. We Caught 7 good sized Trout.
3(3) Going back to work after having some time off and not feeling ready for it. Feeling really sensitive and emotional. Depressed about the devastation that happened to my mom in May. Sleep deprived.4(6) Gave work hours away and enjoyed catching up on sleep. Im really not making much money right now but mental health must come first. Feeling ok today, going fishing soon so that makes me happy5To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter6(4) I feel panicky, having trouble regulating my emotions when I don't sleep well. No restful sleep last night. Stressed about current happenings. Don't know how to pull out of this state of mind today.7(2) At night my sadness and anxiety are so much worse. Laid in bed for 20 mins listening to BF snore away as my mind races and tries to process everything that has happened the past couple weeks. Crying8(5) Skeptically putting a 5 for myself. The day is going to get better, going fishing with BF and our friend, need to get myself in better state of mind9(6) Had Great time fishing yesterday ?probably going to do a fish fry today with our catches. Mom just came over and is having a hard time emotionally, hoping we can comfort her and bring her a smile
10(4) Slept all day. Always feeling tired, unmotivated, depressed, useless. Not even getting the most basic chores completed, barely working. Hard to convey this low feeling ? desperately need a shower.11To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter12(5) 5 for now. Was nice spending time outside with mom and BF yesterday. Ive been chain smoking and eating very unhealthy but tasty comfort food. Deep sadness and anxiety come and go a lot every day.13(6) I am tired but surprisingly relaxed for once. They offered early outs at work and I jumped on that so I can enjoy this beautiful morning and enjoy the unexpected positive vibes. I hope it lasts, even14(5) Moods are flat. Mind wouldn't stop racing lastnight. 3 day weekend and I should be way happier about it but i just feel super meh right now. Going to a movie with BF later so that will be nice!
(5) Went from feeling meh to grouchy as hell. Raging b!tch mode activated ?
15(4) Haven't really been feeling myself today. Moody, disconnected, stagnant, and excessively worried about pretty much everything. 2 shots if whiskey and sipping my 2nd beer, i should probably call it a16(5) Today was rough for me but It was very good to hang out with family ?. Back to work tomorrow, gonna try my best to stay the full day and hopefully keep my chin up
17(3) Im really trying, but i guess not hard enough because I really feel the need to go home so I dont break down at work even though work isnt stressing me Its just my own thoughts, anxiety and depression18(4) Time of month hit hard today. cramps, bloated, headache, major fatigue all day. Took melatonin, almost time for bed. Trying to fight this deep sadness and anxiety but I feel like I'm losing19To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter20(4) Tossing and turning in bed for over an hour. It's 2:30am and my brain wont shut up. Decided to get up and have a snack. I feel Worried, anxious, and sad all the time lately, I'm so sick of it!!
(6) Feeling okay right now, just not very motivated to be productive. Always something to be done but im really good at procrastinating.
21(5) Arrived to work early. Not really quite sure how I'm feeling today just yet. Will try and keep a decent attitude while im here. Going fishing later so that'll be nice
(5) Between 4 and 5. I have a short fuse today and am keeping a lot of words to myself because they won't be nice. BF is in a mood and I'm Tired of his passive aggressive tone and raised voice to make a
22(7) Slept pretty good! Wearing earplugs lastnight helped a lot despite a little discomfort. Enjoying the rainy weather thunderstorms. Haven't felt this relaxed and content in a long time!23To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter
24(7) Feeling good this morning. Been too long since I could say that and genuinly feel sure about it!25(6) Watching Whose Line Is It Anyway to keep my moods up. Probably shouldn't have taken the early out at work just 1 hour into my shift but the idea of nap and cat cuddles sounded wonderful. Heard somethi26(7) Good things happening. My mom found a nice place to live, I am so happy for her. BF bought a new gun and we are so excited to take it to the range. Added some new fish and red shrimp to my aquarium.27(4) Feel like crap. Stomach is very unhappy and im so tired. Forced myself to get up for a bit but Contemplating going back to bed. Im in a sad headspace right now. Anxious. Glad I don't have work today.28(5) Almost had a breakdown this morning while helping BF's family with their house. Its been building a while for many unrelated reasons but snide comments and sarcasm towards me didn't help. My mind
(4) The day improved some but it's been very bumpy. I managed to keep myself together but I came so close to completely breaking down. Tired, gonna force myself to shower soon.
29(6) I feel okay right now. Doing research on the fish i want for my next aquarium, keeping my mind busy. Need to really go back to work tomorrow.30(6) Between 5 and 6. Trying to not get irritated with things. Need to super clean the house, I can't stand the mess and clutter any longer!
(4) Moods are inconsistent and fluctuating. Im okay and energetic for a bit and then get really sad. Mom's cat will be going back with her soon now that she has found a place and I'm happy for her but
1To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter2To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter3To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter4To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter5To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter6To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter7To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter
8(8) Doing well. About to get a new project rolling, off work early. Gonna clean the house and go for a consultation with a very talented tattoo artist later.9To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter10To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter11(6) Feeling pretty good. Didn't sleep much and a bit groggy but feeling some motivation to clean the house. Some mood swings here and there and a bout of anxiety yesterday but this morning is calm12(5) Seems that Hormones are shifting and its causing me to feel a bit sensitive/emotional. Saw my mom earlier today and it was nice, and For some reason now I miss her a lot even though I just saw her.
(5) Moods are strange. Not awful, but certainly not very good. Sensitive, kind of sad off and on. I dont like it.
13(4) Mood swings, irritable, depressive tendencies, fighting off anger outbursts. I don't really want to be nice right now especially when I'm getting poked at and belittled, but if I outburst nothing14To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter
15(4) Oh Crap I forgot take my meds before leaving for work. Going to try to keep my head together. Feeling sad and on edge
(5) Completely fatigued, been insanely tired all day. Excited to go to bed soon! Hoping for recupritive sleep tonight.
16(5) Feeling okay this morning, stomach is unhappy though. Having struggles changing my diet because I always want the comfort food that's quick and easy. Always upsets my stomach17(5) Smoking cigs too much, really don't feel ready to give them up though despite how terrible they are for me. Feeling a bit down but im still getting some things done today18To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter19(3) I feel guilty about barely working, especially by choice. Pretty sure BF thinks im lazy and possibly inadequate about it. Im not being the best about communicating my feelings, I'm fcking depressed20To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter21(5) Enjoying a Beautiful thunderstorm! Have to go Back to work tomorrow, not excited about it. Worried about my mom, she's having a really hard time emotionally.
22(5) Feeling rather woozy. My eyes are so heavy. I have the overwhelming urge to lie down and sleep, energy is totally zapped for some reason. Maybe it PMS, I don't know.23(4) 2nd time I've pulled out of a parking spot at work and almost got hit by ppl going too fast. They get mad and act like it's my fault as if I didn't look before backing out. Its not even 9am yet and Im24To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter25To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter26(4) I don't know what number to rate myself because my moods keep flipping. Great mood earlier but I'm feeling sad and grouchy now. Period is 1 week late and pregnancy tests all came out negative so I27To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter28To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter
29(3) I've been really down lately. I don't know if depression and anxiety are the cause of my period being 10 days late but all the tests have been negative i don't know what's going on with me30To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter31To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter
   1To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter2To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter3(5) Have been feeling a bit better since my period finally started about 4 days ago. It was almost 2 weeks late and it was insanely worrisome. Moods more evened out but they are still shifting a lot4To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter
5(6) Despite some anxiety and getting lost while taking a different route to work, I'm feeling surprisingly okay. Im pissed at myself for being late though because of my poor sense of direction. Would have
(6) Today feels off and kind of weird, I'm super tired and anxious. Want to go to sleep so badly but trying to push through it and just focus on housework my mind is all over the place and there is so muc
6(6) Very tired but fairly relaxed. Heading home to take a nap. Thinking I should take a break from facebook for my mental health because it Seems so overstimulating and negative lately.7(5) Between 4 and 5. Anxiety is running rampant today and it's bringing me down. Too many Thoughts racing nonstop, it's overwhelming8(4) Was late to work again despite getting up early, shouldn't have stopped for coffee. Only stayed an hour before taking an offered early out. Pretty pointless... Im in a funk. Anxiety and worry consume9(6) Keeping the anxiety and sadness at bay today, gave away my work hours so I could have the day off. Slowly accomplishing things around the house. Was going to run errands but not gonna go out now10To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter11To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter
12(6) Smiling faces and strangers saying good morning to me adds positivity to the day. Especially when one of them is a super cute woman that I got to share the elevator with and have a pleasant conversati13(5) Not feeling bad but my Mood is just flat and I'm easily aggitated. Sleepy. Lacking motivation to do anything productive now. Going grocery shopping with BF after he's off work. Nap with cat until then14To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter15To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter16(6) 2 more hours to go before work is over. Decent mood. Ready to go home already!17(4) Fighting some really dark feelings off and on. I feel kind of useless and stupid in general. Feel like I'm being irritating and in the way. Have had bouts of extreme anger and sadness, constant mood s18To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter
19(5) Feel okay. My thoughts have tried pulling me into sadness today, but I have been pretty successful at redirecting most of them. Working more now and it's making me feel less useless.20To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter21To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter22(3) Feeling really down today. Feel like I'm gonna burst into tears, everything feels overwhelming. I'm gonna go home and take a depression nap. Just want to shut down for a while23(5) A bit apathetic, kinda grumpy. Going home early again, meh...24To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter25To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter
26(5) Cranky and Moody from hormones and tossing and turning all night, but I made it through my work day at least.27To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter28To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter29To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter30(6) Should walk the dog but the heat makes it difficult. Wish she was our dog, she stays over enough that she practically is. She's BF's brother's dog and if he thinks she's gained weight he wont let her31To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter
      1To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter
2To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter3(6) Not bad, a little meh. need to motivate myself to stay at work a have a productive day4To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter5To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter6(6) Pretty good mood! Got New fish for the 125 gallon aquarium yesterday, loving it. Still not walking Bfs brother's dog cuz it's too hot,She's old and can overheat. She's gained weight back which sucks.7To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter8To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter
9To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter10To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter11To view data older than 3 months, become a MoodPanda Supporter12(6) My Feelings of being useless and stupid have subsided for now. Went for a decent walk with the dog which helped. Gonna try and be productive, we'll see what happens...13(7) Feeling good so far. Have the day off, got to sleep in. Had much needed time with BF lastnight and the weather today is beautiful. Going to clean the house14(5) Between 4 and 5. Feel kind of good for nothing, useless, dumb most of the time. Just a dumb depressed meatbag walking the earth15No Reasons
16No Reasons17No Reasons18(5) Couple days ago one of my closest friends was in a bad rollover car accident. He's alive and recovering thank God, I can't believe how close to to death he came! Life can change in a blink of an eye.19(5) Moody. Laying around thinking too much. Lacking motivation for anything, just want to sit and eat junkfood. Waves of anxiety and irritability all day. Mehhh20(4) I was feeling pretty good earlier but now I'm feeling kinda down. Snowballing depressing thoughts, fears and anxieties. Back to self deprication and feeling useless21No Reasons22No Reasons
23(5) Not feeling myself (whatever my true self actually is I don't know). Moody, sensitive, sad. Weekend was great, celebrated friends Bday at his mom's. He is recovering well from the car accident.24No Reasons25(7) Time of month started yesterday and I've felt emotionally better since. Must be extra sensitive to hormone fluctuations plus the bipolar. Had a nightmare about my cat dying it was horrible. Woke up26No Reasons27No Reasons28No Reasons29No Reasons
30(6) Felt pretty good, leveled out and less brain fog
 1(6) Between 6 and 7, fairly relaxed. Took work day off and spent it with my BF2(5) Saw psychiatrist for Med renewal and was additionally prescribed Xanax for my increased anxiety as a Last Resort measure for my really bad days. Boyfriend is concerned because long ago in my past, I3(4) Tired, sad, short tempered. Compounded grief has crept into my day and it hurts a lot. I'm okay one moment but the next I just want to hide beneath a blanket and cry myself into oblivion.4No Reasons5No Reasons6No Reasons
7(6) Long day. Tired but not bad. No motivation to clean house like I should. Waiting on jimmy johns delivery, im starving!8No Reasons9No Reasons10No Reasons11(7) No work today, slept in and worries are minimal. I feel peaceful and relaxed. It's been a while since Ive felt this way, hoping to stay this way a while!12(5) After 2 hours of not being able to fall asleep because of BF's snoring I decided to sneak into the living room. I always feel like I'm abandoning him when I do this but I can't stand it anymore tonite13(7) Stomach is mad from alcohol and junk food lastnight, but it was fun! Played Cards Against Humanity with BF and mom late lastnight, great night! Going to a get together for my mom and bros Bday party
14(7) It was nice seeing extended family yesterday that I haven't seen in years. Still feeling pretty darn good and stable emotionally :) I hope it continues!15(5) Not feeling today so far. The day is early so maybe that will change but I just don't feel that great mentally. Off work early. Just gonna go home and nap with the cat.16No Reasons17No Reasons18No Reasons19No Reasons20No Reasons
21No Reasons22(5) Lacking self confidence and self love lately. Feeling sensitive. Been told things that I know are right but still hurtful and I feel talked down to. There really is a difference between being brutally23No Reasons24(6) Past 5 days were awful emotionally thanks to my body's sensitivity to shifting hormones, had no energy,headaches. PMS hell! Feeling better mentally today since period started, just bad cramps/sore.25(5) Cramps, restlessness and intrusive thoughts kept me up most of the night. Feeling paranoid and anxious as I get ready for work. Feel worried about things, like somethings gonna go wrong but I don't
(5) Work day went well! Moods are weird, up and down. Repetitive sad/anxious thoughts come randomly throughout the day. I feel like someone sucked all the energy out of me and the cramps come and go with
26No Reasons27No Reasons
28(4) Depressed and tired. It was a long Work day, I wouldn't say it was bad though. BF took something I said the wrong way and we argued. It ended pretty quickly but im not over it. It was stupid, not even29(5) Feeling a bit better today. Happy I have today off! The snow storms are beautiful but road conditions suck. Great day to stay inside and play the new videogame I just purchased :)30No Reasons31(6) My mom is moving out of her temp apartment today and into a new one. I'm excited and nervous for her. Going to help her clean up the old one later. Really hoping this will be a positive new start for
    1No Reasons2No Reasons3(6) Feeling pretty good today so far. Hoping my work day goes by quickly . I am worried about a few things but I'm trying not to let them control me
4(5) Holy crap Im so tired today! Can't stay awake at my desk. Felt super depressed this morning waking up. Feel weak/fatigued, mind is drifting.
(4) Hoping a nap will reset my mindset a bit. Feeling sad. Keep thinking up awful scenarios in my mind that are highly unlikely to happen and i feel paranoid/panic. Negative self image, little confidence
5(7) I believe sometimes the universe lines things up. I called in sick today and it was good I didn't go to work because a lost dog needed saving and I was able to reunite it with its owner. It warmed my6No Reasons7(5) Grrr late to work. Woke up late and I have the time management skills of a potato8No Reasons9No Reasons10No Reasons
11No Reasons12No Reasons13No Reasons14No Reasons15No Reasons16No Reasons17(4) Just want work to be over already. Woke up depressed and it's getting worse. Cranky, irritable
18(4) Tired. feeling sad. Woke up this morning to the poor dog puking all over the kitchen and one of my cichlid fish dead most likely from internal parasites. At least work is finally over.19No Reasons20No Reasons21No Reasons22No Reasons23(4) Kind of feeling in the way and like I'm being annoying to BF. Maybe it's just me, I don't know. Been moody and out of sorts all day. Bedtime soon, hoping I feel better and less stupid tomorrow.24No Reasons
25No Reasons26No Reasons27No Reasons28No Reasons29No Reasons30No Reasons