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    1(6) Guests, honestly want some quiet. Anxiety a little. Happy NY.I want to sleeeeeeep.Sting,, that 's not shape of my heart 'best. And Green day.relax.be healthy my friends. ?
(6) Can't find picture with samurai, and katana,my dream. I like samurai 's culture, their spirit. Read bushido ,and it was very interesting. I like words,,I don't know how to win another man,but I know h
2(5) So close no matter how far3(2) I have known very disgusting thing.i want to be here with pandas. To be or not to be ,I am tired.
4(7) Tomorrow I will meet my friends. Good meds .be healthy my friends.5(7) 3 cats now ,our friends have gone to parents they give us their cat for 2 days,met with friends, well great meeting,nice mood ,not bad.be healthy, love you. )6(7) Coffee 2pm I wake up,ready to live,need to go out.I am a coach potato. ?be healthy)good day and evening)
(10) In 2 hours our orthodox Christmas!peace in your souls,love and health to you and your families. ?
7(5) Rain in my soul .I don't feel anything. All the same.Gym today it is not what I want.good evening.8No Reasons9(5) Every day I fight for myself I don't afraid to tired of physical work,but anxiety it exhausting me,feeling like I build house for one day .be healthy my friends. Yes scream, but in the field whyyyyyy?10(4)
11(5) Tutor work starts.good.be healthy my friends)12(2) I feel like kamikaze. Tomorrow must talk with director of school. I need to go there,but I know all times hospital after school. But I don't care.empty .And my tutor and box and school
(5) Cut my hair tomorrow and dye them.ok .It's the only way to cheer me up.good night everyone.
13(3) ??? ? ????? ???????? ????????? ???????? ?? ?? ???????? 9 ??? ? ???? ?????? , ??? ??? ?? ?????,?? ????? ?????? ?????????????? )))??????? ????.???????? ??????.be healthy my friends, ILU14No Reasons15(5)
(5) Can't sleep 2.30,insomnia. Tomorrow tutor work.will be again like zombie.....Be healthy my friends)
16(5) Good day.I canceled my lessons, can't wake up,tomorrow will do it.17(6) Children give me much positive energy. They are funny ,serious and understanding. I like when they proud and respect themselves. It is important. I am in a good mood today.be healthy and glad
(6) Made a great shine mosaic it's for children but calm very good .and listen clip by Doja cat , ,,mooo,,lol,people spend money on it crazy sh***masterpiece, we have the same idiots.be healthy and smile)
18(6) Follow your dream,, go to sleep Ann,,.I am ok .tutor,housework, shopping. Good luck my friend, stay safe.19(7) Punching bag was awesome today. Exhausted ,but happy.i imagine, that it my illness and hit with pleasure, big pleasure. Be healthy my friends. ILU)20No Reasons21No Reasons22(5) Cooking, cleaning, shopping routine....music in my earphones. I am so so.be healthy my friends.23No Reasons24No Reasons
25(6) Could be better, but still,anxious...repeat the gerund, and so on oh,when- ing when -to ,why so difficult?can't remember all words, but try.first good night ,I slept well.be healthy my friends)
(5) Diamond mosaic,very good for nerves, calm super,guys try,I hope you will like.for kids perfect,I like it very much. Maybe you can calm down. As for me helps a lot.mood now so so.sleepy, good night)
26(5) Sleepy, thriller in the evening, my plans ,now preparing for tutor work.my daughter with my mom and dad now,her friends live there.she passed her exams in the university. be healthy, good luck)27(6) ,,Homer,now you have an enemy,, ,,Ok, what should I do?,,?classic other episode...,,where is your bathroom, ?I pretend, that I washed my hands,,)maybe It sounds stupid,but still. ...28(5) Bad weather, rainy,I make a big picture with lion to my brother we have a tradition in our familie to present him elephants,but let it be lion now. When his mom died,he lost the point of life29(5) Adele ,,million years ago,,good day,good evening l am ready to live.be healthy my,friends.
(4) I need Wilson)
30(5) Not so bad,gym cheer me up.good morning, have a nice day.and be healthy my friends)31(6) Good morning, I woke up with bad thoughts about myself, but,I could change them,I am not bad and not guilty. I have a parfum Gucci guilty ,at least my falt smells good?.well lemon turn into lemonade)
1(8) You know wonderful day,talk with my pupil he is 15.he said that had a few friends and it is enough, agree,but then,I said to him that he is honest, kind and very good person, and he is!I have known
(4) Soon at school I am not ready. I am the worst teacher in the world, but I have my illness there and I meet with it face to face.they are not my kind and awesome pupils .people around.I am afraid.
2(5) The medical board, didn't do it again, but must hurry. Good morning, have a nice day)
(5) I like the story from the first world war,,The attack of the dead man,,when impossible can be possible. It is very strong story from history.
(4) 16 February, attempt number four,school .let's see can I do it or hello pills and doctors I want to be optimistic, but ...tired. exhausted of bad thoughts. But I am strong. Am I? Be healthy my friends
(6) Gim.sport).good night my dear friends.good dreams. ??
3(5) Morning friends, hope you are ok.I am sleepy,no energy, but ok.be healthy and good luck.
(5) English, mosaic, housework, Elvis Presley ballads. Good evening.)
4(5) Passed a medical check ups, funny story, need it for working at school.be healthy my friends, good evening or night)!5(7) Really good day!so many people help me with my businesses,glad,I do many things about the house and hope for the better,but as our writer Bulgakov ,,Be careful what you wish,your wishes can come true,6(5) Sleepy, anxious.7(6) Shopping. New book about samurais oh yes,and clothes meh,but still so so not good not bad,????.be healthy my friends)and in a good mood.
(5) Good night, my friends.
9No Reasons10(3) 11(5) Feel better.family,my children (pupils),my coach,friends they help.plus pills can't control anxious, impossible. Shake ,hurt,hell inside me,you know. And I m so sorry ,that human knows it.be healthy.12No Reasons13(5) Lazy day ,slept a lot.be healthy my friends, good night)14(5) Good in my head good today. Not big happy but a small joy.Light peaceful smile)be healthy my friends. Good mood for everyone.
15No Reasons16(5) Good night)stay safe.17(5) Certificate is not ready,so I have to wait my job till the1 of March. If....hope everything gonna be all right. -20 C degrees oh,yes) be healthy, my friends.18No Reasons19No Reasons20(5) I wake up and I am afraid. Then better,think for the people,.cannot stand it.be healthy my friends, ILU21(5)
(6) Shopping,new boxing boots,oh yes,glad.little joy.be healthy my friends, good evening)
22No Reasons23(5) Morning, so so. Nerves.be healthy. Good day.
24(7) Simple...life is simple, why so hard?be healthy my friends)25(6) Esenin is our great poet,our soul.reading with pleasure. My range is very wide from cartoons till Russian and world classics ?it depends ofcourse. Be healthy my friends)26No Reasons27(5) Gym,headache, bad thoughts. Ok I will wait till the evening it will pass. I know.But difficult. Be healthy my friends, good evening or night)
(6) Sprint ,yyyyes!Sasha!
28(7) Good Sunday!good night already here.talked to my gym group, was funny.be healthy my dear friends)