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(7) Hi!)
12(7) Hello!I claened my flat,and I ate okroshka .It was wonderful!)
(7) Happy Easter to you and your families!
13(7) I am Sleepy.,,To be or not to be ,that is the question.,, I'll paint my doors, ok,I'm strong,or I am not)???14(7) Learn English idioms the funniest thing.,,as cool as a cucumber,,why cucumber,not carrot or potato))) or ,,a couch potato,,you know all the world now a couch potato)))or,, big cheese,,so funny15(7) Insomnia,sorry,but I think that,, an apple a day keep the doctor away,, so if I will eat 2 apples a day can I become immortal???paint 2 doors no wonder about my thoughts, smells awful .good night)
(7) What is your favourite english tense? As for me present continuous, so much time I lived in past simple,it was horrible time. I was crying all days long,now i live in present continuous. Here, now.)
16(7) One more painted door and I will see a green dog...)
(7) ,,No reservations,, 2007good film I think )can you advice interesting light films?
17(6) Before think bad I try to think good.Good luck .be healthy.18(6) I have long therapy for many years,and my doctor use to say that the point not only in your pills,but also in your willpower. Clean your house,walk,be active and it will be your win.simple things19(9) Today our Easter, connecting with family and friends all day.great.)
20(7) Digress from bad thoughts,can we control it ?change them?sometimes I can.spongebob ,the Simpsons help me.my secret pills.its tru.i like cartoons.) I have no thoughts in my head,when I watch them.
(9) Robbie Williams is online Instagram, cool.positive super.
21No Reasons22(7) Have an insomnia. my brother bought me melatonin. he is an angel from another planet.)love him .he is always with me,like all my family.be healthy, good luck to all .23(6) My,, dear,,neighbor yelling all days long.it piss me off. His son afraid of hin I afraid ,when he is yelling, so if you hear somewhere in GB,in France,in America, Africa etc. loud screams you should24(1) Sorry I won't hurt anyone.25(6) Baked cake .delicious.26(4)
27(7) Can you smile through your tears?,I Can.good night!funny clown Ann.) Be healthy.and I'll try.28No Reasons29(1)
(2) You know everything new very difficult to me,people,this site,stress.bad mood,pills.i have two cats and they fight with each other,but when they want to eat ,they like this cat from Shrek.look at me
30(5) Not bad.want to know the names of plants .have special program now.can recognize them from my photos. friends give this advice.
    1No Reasons2(5) Not bad,you say ,,break a leg,,mean good,but why ,,break a leg,,???idioms, )be healthy)
(6) I have very low pressure and tone,now take shower hot, cold ,warm alternate for about 3 minutes. much better.good for vessels.
3(5) Could be better,but I am ready to live.one our woman ,she tied from quarantine and decided to walk,she takes a packet or( bag )of litter,and walk with rubbish for two hours around the city
4No Reasons5(7) Sewed yesterday, nothing special, some bad thoughts,but they gone.day with a family) and friends online(((good luck, be healthy)6(6) Didn't sleep all night, all day like in fog,better in the evening.be healthy everyone. )7No Reasons8(7) Ok,about 4 am,let's talk people of the world. What is love?what the point of life?,etc.?can't sleep.at 1p.m tomorrow,,good morning friends,,they'll laugh .
(5) Didn't sleep,ready to live.
9(10) Victory Day!wish you all :peace in your countries, in your families, in your souls.10No Reasons
11(7) Good morning!today I won't be like zombie, I slept well.usually people ask you,,how are you?,,we say norm.(normal,), .and everybody knows you have some problems, but won't talk about it.
(7) Ok someone likes to cook...) for these guys recipe of borsch our favourite soup,by the way princess Diana liked it too,interesting fact. Every housewife make it her own way,this is mine) share with
12(6) Feeling of guilt, hate this feeling,the worst in the world.13(6) Rain ,insomnia, teddy bear with me,fairy tales Andersen, they are sad,but,I like them...
(6) Today is world dandelion day!yellow mood to all of you!be healthy)
14(6) One smile,one man,one sentence can cheer me up.kindness of people,it's great.be healthy)?15(7) You know,we have one famous writer Michael Zozhenko.he wrote many funny stories for kids and adults.i laugh so much when read his books,and not so long I knew that he had a depression. Once he came to16(5) Sometimes I can be so stupid17(6) Rustam Nabiev helps me today. His words in vk they help me a lot.ready to live.
18(5) Insomnia
(5) ??? ???? ?????? ???????? ??? ????? ? ??????.? ????? ??? ???????.??? ?????? ? ????? ?? ????? ???????? ?????? ? ?????? ??????.? ???????? ?????? ? ????? ???????,?? ??? ?? ?????.??? ??????? ?? ???????
19(6) 20(7) Good day.busy and relaxed.be healthy) my hug for everyone)21No Reasons22(7) Learn English, interesting language, sea- see, meat -meet, night knight.ok,I will continue . Day was good,hope night will be the same.good(k) night )be healthy)23(6) It's all the same to me today.wach cartoons, tomorrow will be better anyway. Be healthy my friends)24(7)
(7) Once our woman wrote massage in vk that she is grown up woman,but she would like to ride a motorbike, and people support her .bikers offer her their help,little stupid, as she wrote, dream,but cool.
25(6) Every year we have the last bell for our graduates on the 25 of may, but this year my daughter can't celebrate it.she is 17 .this year she graduates from school .we make little party for her26(8) Today my brother present me a trainer.he gives me a fairy tale in my life.we can make fairy tales for our families, friens.be healthy)27(6) I m just thinking, how is Tohe2,?how is he,where is he...silly may be,be healthy my friends)28No Reasons29(6) 30No Reasons31(6) You know,today I translate Bob's Marley song ,,no woman -no cry,,and amazing, I thought, that if he had no woman he wouldn't cry,but the song has another meaning, he supported this woman,
1(7) Today the first day of summer.and in Russia and in the world it is the children 's day.let your children be happy have much joy and stay safe)Good day, my friends ,and good mood to everyone .2(7)
(7) Watching ,,the knick,,rude,but interesting. Good night)
3(6) Ready to live)be healthy my friends)good day for everyone.
(7) Puma Messi, super cute ,you Tube,adore him,very positive moments?
4(7) Bought a couch, checked, slept well all day)calm.be healthy my friends, good evening for everyone)5No Reasons6(7) First part of a day I was like Red from ,,angry birds,, and song,, limp dizkit,,behind blue eyes,, than things changed and I did many useful things.now I am singing,, fly me to the Moon,,
(5) ??? ?????? ???,??? ??????? ?? ?????,??????? ????? ??????? ????.(the meaning too much is bad.)can't translate it into English its Shakespeare. Feel it inside me sometimes. bad.
7(7) Clean territory around the house.,,run Forrest ,run,,be healthy my friends)
8(7) My mood is about 5,but I don't feel anxious and my body and soul they don't shake. I haven't panic attach And this is happiness for me.13 years in hell now peace,thanks God it Christmas)))9(8) Today is the day of friendship. I wish to all of you tru, faithful friends.Be healthy my friends ?10(5) Obtrusiveness....be healthy my friends.
(6) Better, it is evening,clean my kitchen, wash my windows.wish the bottom, which switch off my brains)good night everyone)
11(10) Hey guys, miracles happened in this life.i told you absolutely serious. Be healthy my friends )l love you all???12(6) Sitting on the bench,evening,warm,old injuries.tired.be healthy, my friends) good evening)13(4)
14(5) I am a real fool .REAL simple fool!be healthy my friends.
(6) I plant a plant, now I have a new friend?and my neighbor he painted his windows and throw all his litter under it,he throw bottles under our windows, ok I don't give up to him.
15No Reasons16(7) 17(6) 18(6) Last week I visited a psychologist. I want to restore my inner balance.wonderful woman.it works.be healthy my friends,support and love to you.)
(3) Sad the end of the day,one news from newspaper and I can't sleep.light people, like candles in the dark they invisible, but they blessed...
19(5) Ready to live.be healthy my friends)20No Reasons21(7) I m in a good mood,just low pressure, be healthy my friends, good day)
22No Reasons23(7) Met my daughter, she came from my mom today,glad.Be healthy my friends )24(7) Our friends give us some fish,today we will have fish for dinner) not useless day today.be healthy my friends )25(5) Irritants they destroy my health .I am hypochondriac. Fight with it,but now I just lose weight, try don't give up.be healthy my friends, good night)26(6) Mood up and down. No anxiety. Afraid it can back. like method of Alakaeva,it helps me with balance. Yesterday was awful day,but today is better. Recrudescence is not as it was many years ago.27No Reasons28No Reasons
29(6) Parks open,walked yesterday, translated the text,talked to my friends and family, work with my psychologist, be healthy my friends)30No Reasons
  1No Reasons2(6) I and my family help my daughter to enter to the university, documents, exams, God help us!nerves,worries .so on...be healthy my friends have a good day,evening)3No Reasons4No Reasons5No Reasons
6No Reasons7No Reasons8(8) Ok,but very ,very hot,like on the Sun.calm.be healthy my friends)9No Reasons10(8) My daughter passes exams. She worries very much,how to help?I remembered our student's tradition for luck.we put 5 rubles a coin under the left heel .she was glad that I remembered it?passed 2 exams,11(8) 12No Reasons
13No Reasons14No Reasons15(7) Insomnia again, but mood is fine,can't visit my native town ,miss my relatives, be healthy my friends?16No Reasons17(6) Insomnia again .I do all my housework at the evening. And all my life begins at 6 p.m.oh,must change it somehow.good day or evening guys. Be healthy)18(8) 1 am Can't sleep, but I have a really good day,I helped my neighbors. They are ill.I cleaned my flat.bought 2 toy mice to my cats,did the grammar test in English.be healthy my friends)19No Reasons
20(8) Tomorrow will hang wallpaper, today did many useful things about the house, tired ,but I am glad.watching ,,despicable me,,awesome cartoon ,adore it.be healthy my dear friends.)21(6) Try to find a job,no luck yet.but I like the quote,,when you get what you want that's God's direction, when you don't get what you want that God's protection,,be healthy, my friends)22No Reasons23(5) Sleepless nights. Exhausted, be healthy my friends, good day for everyone)
(5) I work as a teacher all my life,school it's my place,but since I have been ill I can't work at big schools ,(my pain,) I love children, but with adults always hard,this is not because colleagues
24No Reasons25No Reasons26No Reasons
27(7) I am fine.but light sad.I know and I am glad,that people here understand each other. Be healthy my friends, good week for everyone)28(10) Today I and my daughter go to my parents. Change the town change my mood.be healthy my dear friends. )29No Reasons30No Reasons31(10) With mom) good day for everyone)be strong and healthy my friends.
     1No Reasons2No Reasons
3(7) 4No Reasons5No Reasons6No Reasons7(7) Good morning pandas!Daughter pass her exams, waiting for answers from the universities,hope she will be a student soon.worry very much.but I am very busy these days and it helps not to think too much8No Reasons9(7) So tired yesterday, relax today, tea on my balcony and English , you know in Russia we have one word for clock and watch, then toddler, infant, baby,child,kid,and in Russian just child and baby
(7) Today Whitney 's Houston birthday, my favourite singer.She would have been 57.her soul sang in her songs.I really relax ,when listen to her songs,my inside peace .love her.I look to you ...
10No Reasons11(7) I bought some furniture,home accessories, feel it is nessesary to change something ,good for my mental health.be healthy my friends, be patient, be strong??12(10) I found a job in children's center as a teacher.And yesterday my niece came to visit us.glad,no happy, hooray?love you pandas,stay safe?13No Reasons14(8) Good Morning pandas.yesterday I bought a picture with 2 pandas ,so cute.)I did a lot of housework. Be healthy my friends. )15No Reasons16No Reasons
17(7) Can't be too happy, can't be too sad,need pills to calm down. Busy at home,don't analyse myself,and others, glad...be healthy my friends, good night)))18No Reasons19No Reasons20No Reasons21(7) I have a chance to have a job at school but too much hours, health is not for so much work,so just children 's center and I don't leave my pupils ,I am a tutor and have been learning them for10 years22(7) 23No Reasons
24No Reasons25No Reasons26No Reasons27No Reasons28No Reasons29(10) First day at a new work.great.my daughter is a student now,awesome. First of September our pupils have their first day at school, hope,they are glad,it was a biiiiig break .be healthy my friends)
(7) sleep bad,but mood is ok.Be healthy my dear friends, good evening or, good night.
30No Reasons
31No Reasons
 1No Reasons2No Reasons3(8) Good morning!hope today will be a good day.sleep with pills..., but sleep, worry about future,I know what must be must be,but still...good day for everyone, be healthy,with love Ann.)
(6) Get used to work,tired,worry about stupid things,watching,,the Simpsons,,now ,they are rest for my mind.be healthy, good night)
4No Reasons5No Reasons6No Reasons
7(6) I am fine,but there is no peace inside, I wish I have it.I wish to be always wise and don't care about words others people.I am very positive person in real life, but my illness doesn't think so...
(2) I have no job.lost.that's it.crying all day.no mood at all.be healthy.
8(4) I call to organisations,hoping to find a job, maybe I have some luck,but I am so disappointed, when people betray me,God forgives them,I try,but too hard.good luck to all of you, good morning
(5) It was better, than yesterday, l went to church,my family support me.but tears all day...can't stop.i think that people know everything about me,my illness, hope my mind plays with me.never agree with
9No Reasons10(5) So I lost my job after few days of working.cery unfair director changed her mind and took her friend instead of me.and she didn't pay to me for my work.and my friend she was my colleague said11(4) The most awful of this illness, that i believe in stupid thoughts in my brains.everyone says white, I replied black,and nobody can convince me,that it is all right in my life.oh yes,sure I know much12No Reasons13(4) Shopping... it didn't help .low mood.that is all.be healthy, and love yourself....
14No Reasons15No Reasons16(5) Good morning beautiful souls.be kind to yourself. Hope this day bring us luck .be healthy,my friends ??17(5) All sixes ,antidepressants, but I know it is not forever and waiting positive effect, my family and friends with me ,they support me,be healthy, don't give up)18(5) Good thoughts comes more often,want to go to my boxing gym,afraid... I left it,when I was ill.study English. It's good for me,my daughter learns French at the university, it is interesting for her
(4) Low mood...I try to do something useful, but no....it wasn't my day,well tomorrow will be another chance a clean slate. be healthy,my dear friends. Stay safe.
19No Reasons20No Reasons
21(4) Not bad,not good.so- so...stay safe,good morning.22(5) Hope day will be fine.my cats my joy.glad ,that I have them .morning coffee perfect. Waiting for remission. .. Be healthy and good mood for everyone.23(5) Not bad yesterday .it is very hard to change my stupid thoughts. Fake ,ugly thoughts I try to think positive, talk to family,they always tell me what is wrong, what is right.24No Reasons25No Reasons26No Reasons27(5) My gym, I came back,met with friends,but mood so -so,still tutor, no job at all.love my children, they are awesome.change pills, may be it will help.waiting for remission. be healthy my friends love u
28No Reasons29(5) Yesterday I send to my friends online card with grapes ,,good morning,,in the everything one of them brought me much grapes it was awesome. Good morning ,and be healthy.30No Reasons