Help, I really don't understand! is a new site that provides a friendly, simple interface allowing you to record and track your moods as an Interactive Mood Diary.


Many psychologists and therapists suggest that keeping a mood diary can be very therapeutic. It can help towards the first steps of treating symptoms of depression, bipolar disorders and even PMS.


Keeping a mood diary will help you track and monitor your mood. A benefit of this is that over time you can become more aware of your feelings, and the things that cause them.


You simply rate your current mood (1-10), along with any reason, and the site does the rest for you.


You can view historical graphs, global comparison graphs, and even see a coloured Mood-Calendar that shows your mood over the year, as simple coloured days.


More advanced features include linking to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, allowing you to add mood ratings to every facebook status update/tweet you make, and to keep it archived in the calendar. If your Facebook friends are also on MoodPanda you can share your mood with them, to build a support network around you.


MoodPanda also has built in privacy settings so that you can choose to completely hide your mood diary from public view if you so wish.


Ok I get it, lets get started!